apparently he is rly cute in the anime

As if Love Stage and DMMd weren’t enough to get excited over this Summer, I just learned about Shounen Hollywood. o_o

It’s about a group of idol boys!!!!  In a novel that came out a couple years ago, the protagonist was a 32-year-old guy that looks much younger than he is, and is recruited to join an idol group with a bunch of 17-year-olds (while he’s pretending to be 17 himself, omfg).  The cast of characters for the upcoming anime is different than those in the novel, though, so it sounds like it may be about different idols involved in a completely different plot, who knows?


The five boys up there are:
Ryota Ousaka as Kakeru Kazami
Daiki Yamashita as Kira Saeki
Tetsuya Kakihara as Ikuma Amaki
Shota Aoi as Daiki Tomii
Kensho Ono as Shun Maiyama

Ryouta Ohsaka is p cute (I always remember him as Maou from Hataraku Maou-sama), Tetsuya Kakihara is ok, I have no idea who Daiki Yamashita is (apparently the main character in Yowamushi Pedal though!!), but




Shouta Aoi has one of the prettiest voices I have EVER HEARD and he is an AMAZING SINGER HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHU and Kenshou Ono oh my god.  I have been hoping to hear him in more and more anime, after how adorable he has been as Kuroko and Hakuryuu.  AND HERE HE IS.  AS A SINGING IDOL.  WITH PINK HAIR AND WEARING CUTE GLASSES.

[the entire rest of this post is just muffled screams]