apparently good

I had such a good day! 

- Got free chocolate sample in a very fancy chocolate store (if I some day can eat chocolate freely I will definitely become a chocolate snob)
- Found new stickers
- Randomly walked around and I actually found all the places I wanted to go to haha

- AND THE BEST THING; MET A GIRL IN ELEVATOR WITH FINLAND BAG AND I TOLD HER I’M FINNISH AND WE BOTH WERE SUPER KIDDY AND EXCITED FOR THAT 15 SECOND WE MET <3 I will never forget her - I hope she’ll remember the random encounter with a toddler level Japanese Finn too haha.  

apparently theres a pretty good chance the next overwatch hero is an unmanned spider tank and boy let me tell you what i think that’s just good


Character Aesthetic: Soos Ramirez 

I know who my family is now, and it’s you dudes.

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good news, apparently following the pedophilia stuff Milo Yiannopolous has lost a book deal, speaking roles at conventions, and has left his job



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ASOUE as Stock Photos pt 1




Count Olaf:



it’s amazing how the dghda fandom is really rapidly expanding and yet i still feel like it comprises of a total of 42 people screaming into the void, and that already including the whole cast & crew, the slightly confused ghost of douglas adams, and everyone’s dog

shoutout to the survivors who are not forgiving, who do not believe that what happened to them was ‘for a reason’, who know they did not deserve it, who are angry at what happened to them, and who do not show the typical 'good victim’ trope. You all get so much shit from people about how you should act from your trauma because only 'good victims’ are deserving of empathy and support. You deserve so much more than that.