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Not So Simple (Part One)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader


“There would need to be rules,” you finally said. He raised his eyebrows at you.

“Do we need to have a cabinet meeting to determine the proceedings of our booty calls?”

(AKA the friends with benefits fic that literally no one asked for)

Note: I wrote this instead of studying for finals. so i totally meant to write a one shot with this premise but it’s gonna take a few chapters to make this happen apparently because i’m gaRBAGE.

ALSO: shoutout to @letsgiggletogether for being the literal best and for reading through this for me oh my goodness go follow her right now immediately and join my fan club

Word Count: 2,141

PS. who wants to tally the number of times I’ve written fuck into this?

You were never drinking again.

It was the first thing you decided that morning, before you even opened your eyes. You and alcohol? Done. Finished. No more.

You cracked your eyelids open slightly and immediately regretted it, opting instead to shut them as tight as you could and audibly groan into your pillow. Although you could barely remember the night before, you sure were pissed with past you (I can’t believe I let those idiots get me drunk again).

You stayed there, trying to push away thoughts of vomiting for a few minutes before you were startled by movement on the other side of your mattress. Your eyes shot open, staring at the wall of your bedroom, trying to wrack your brain for a reason there would be another person in your bed. It was only then that you realized you were naked. (You were not at peak intelligence this morning by any means.)

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Drew some Porls
I really love the outfit and hairstyle Pearl has in the pilot, but she didn’t have The Nose ™ so obviously something had to be done about this
I also remembered in Steven The Sword Fighter she cycled through her previous forms before taking form and the first one was her pilot design. I like to think she actually looked like that before rebelling, so I made a few tiny changes to fit that.
Also got to play with a new, Rebecca Sugar-inspired coloring style! Even though once again this was just going to be uncolored sketches and I have no self-control!

Basically capitalism isn’t fucked just because workers will be angry at it, but because the system as a whole has collapse built into it. Capital accumulation is a buggy algorithm. When it works, it works well, but after working well for several years, contradictions become apparent, and those contradictions ultimately lead to a crisis that only resolves once sufficient capital has been destroyed.

“Countervailing factors” exist, of course. Since the great depression, Western governments have done everything in their power to prevent crises from happening, and to extend periods of economic growth indefinitely. These attempts, lately, have hit a wall. Greater fiscal spending and quantitative easing failed to produce high rates of economic growth following the last recession, and private sector investment has been on the decline. While most academic economists have no explanation, Marxist economists point to a single problem: declining profitability.

The issue isn’t the availability of capital - corporations like Apple are sitting on trillions of dollars - but the lack of opportunities for profitable investment. The result is that capitalists are simply sitting on that money, or otherwise investing it in the financial sector. The latter is, according to Andrew Kliman, the major reason for the financial crisis in 2008. Companies with excess capital were looking for investment opportunities, and since profitable investment was more difficult in the productive sector than in the financial sector, the latter is where investment began to take place. Instability within the financial sector led to debt defaults that threatened the system itself. The declining rate of profit, then, was the underlying factor that led to the financial crisis, rather than the crisis simply being the result of unstable financial markets.

Why does the rate of profit fall over time? The simplest explanation is that capitalists, in order to stay competitive, have to introduce constant capital (machines, i.e., automation) into the production process, a process which tends to reduce the ratio of constant capital to variable capital (wages), a.k.a. the organic composition of capital. When, in the ratio (constant capital / variable capital), constant capital grows faster than variable capital, the rate of profit declines. This is because only variable capital, exploited labor-power, generates surplus value.

This is overlooking a lot and explaining things in simplistic terms, but this is the gist of it. Marx doesn’t decry capitalism because it’s evil, but because crisis is written into capitalism’s DNA. Capitalism will do the heavy lifting for communists by creating the material conditions necessary for communism to become a reality. Whether or not the capitalist “deserves” profit, the capitalist system has a shelf life.

A/N: for some reason I was unable to add my watermark for the overlapped part

When I was your Man - Shawn Mendes Imagine


Shawn’s POV

“C’mon Shawn, you won’t see her, I promise. It’s really just us and some of the guys.”

My feet moved before I could even think. They were walking towards the house, my mind barely being able to keep up with their movements.

They all said she wouldn’t be there, that her and Damon wouldn’t make any surprise appearances tonight. But as soon as I walked in and that was the first thing I saw, I knew I should’ve listened to my gut.

I decide that I wouldn’t let them get to me, I wouldn’t let her doing all the things we’ve done with another man, get to me. She was someone I had to get over, otherwise I would break with the amount of pain I’ve been holding on to.

I thought she’d take time, but apparently I wasn’t someone hard to move on from.

The guy was holding her, kissing her, laughing with her, everything I’d once done with her. A feeling of nausea hit me as soon as they connected lips. I couldn’t stop watching them, my eyes not being able to move away from their figures. Its like my body wanted me to feel the pain, the utter heartbreak of watching the one I love be with someone else.

She broke away quickly, and her eyes landed on me. She seemed shocked, and almost sympathetic. She grabbed Damon’s hand and pulled him with her out the back door, not even looking back once.

It all reminded me of what I did do make her hate me so much.

Flashback (where she’s talking with the guy)

“Why did he do that Damon? Does he not love me? W-What did I-I do wrong?” I could hear them, they were only downstairs, after being forced to spend the next 24 hours with me for a school excursion. I made my way down the steps, making sure to skip the sixth step as it was broken. I saw her on the floor, cradling her knees, shaking back and forth. Damon was next to her, ready to pick her up when she’d fall apart.

Her  bottom lip was quivering, she looked so fragile, so weak, as if you were to touch her, she’d break. What had I done to her? I was the reason she’s this hurt, I broke her.

“Shh, you did nothing wrong Y/n, he’s a jerk. He didn’t give you a reason because he was selfish, and you out of everyone don’t deserve to be with someone like that. You deserve someone who cares, who would never hurt you.”

I felt the anger, the jealousy, roar in me. I wanted to walk in there, pick her up and hold her, yelling at Damon to back off. But I couldn’t, because right now, that’s something she needs to hear, that I was selfish. Because I am, my career was part of the reason I’d left, but not the real reason.

Flashback over

I walked out of the house, making my way to the park nearby. I decided that parties weren’t my thing anymore. I needed to breathe, I needed to think. I walked close to the edge of the lake, sitting down in the dirt, picking up stones and throwing them across the water.

Suddenly I hear voices, laughter, her laughter, in the distance. I look up and see her and Damon, holding hands waking to the edge of the small pier. My stomach drops and I’m thankful that it’s getting dark. The lights hung around them added a dream-like vibe to the whole pier.

She was smiling, her head thrown back to laugh at him. Then it started to rain, at first barely, but then it began to pour. I could barely make out their figures anymore, the rain clouding my vision.

The rain cleared up enough for me to see the moment my heart shattered. He leaned in and kissed her, it wasn’t a peck, but a passionate kiss. He was holding her waist, pulling her to him, her hands were cupping his face.

I stared for a moment longer, before turning away, moving up the dirt path to the house.

I couldn’t breathe, or talk. My brain was blurred with the scene that happened. I couldn’t get it out of my head. The pain hit, it hit me harder than ever, causing my knees to buck and fall beneath me. My hands hung on my sides, slightly scraping the ground. Even with the rain, I knew there were tears falling down my cheeks. I just sat there, the rain pouring heavily down on me, thinking,

How could I fuck up the best thing in my life?

A whole year!

Apparently this blog turned 1 year old today, according to the message sent to my e-mail!

I’m really excited that it has been a full year. I wish I could have done something to properly celebrate it, if I had known beforehand.

But first and foremost, I want to thank all of you for taking this journey with them with me (and those who have joined along the way). It was a turn I wasn’t expecting to make on the highway of art after doing just fanart for so long, but I don’t regret a second of it. RO has been a passion of mine since I started playing it in 2003 and these characters of mine were brainstormed and created a mere year later in 2004. I’m so happy that I went back to them after all this time. This blog, your questions, and just exploring their characters and stories have given me a lot of surprising joy over the past year. And I hope that continues over this next year.

Thanks again for all your support! I’m honestly pretty astonished that things have gotten this far with my own original characters, as I tend to lose confidence in them and in my ideas really fast, generally. But you have helped me keep them and this alive, to keep pushing on even when I struggle through inspiration-less times, and I really cannot thank you enough.

I look forward to another year and taking this story and characters further down this path. I hope you’ll stick with me for the ride and again, your questions and comments are absolutely welcome anytime!

Much love,

Miss Mod Manda

YOOO SO APPARENTLY it’s Magic Week with something in the Check Please fandom? What?!? I was not informed. Because I don’t pay attention. This is my fault. But as I will be gone the rest of the week with no Internet I wanted to write something quick regarding @midnitedancer​ and mine’s shitty Monster AU so here it is. Written during breaks at work on loose pieces of paper and unedited, the first actual writing done for MONSTER HAUS. Featuring terrible Kitchen Witch Bitty and his Jötunn boyfriend, Jack. 

Edit: HUGE shoutout to @gayforlardo for telling me all these Magic AUs are coming from @omgcp-tropechallenge!

Read on AO3. 

“Should we tell him?”

“I don’t know…”

“Like, I would wanna know.”

“I mean, for sure, but he’s totally gonna bug out.”

“Yeah, but it’s gonna happen sooner or later.”

“Yeah, but he’s like, so adorable sleeping like that.”

“I was sleeping.” 

When Bitty had first heard the voices, floating from somewhere above his head, he had assumed he was dreaming. Or maybe he had fallen asleep somewhere other than his own bed. It had taken a minute to place the unfamiliar accent, the breezy female tones, but he eventually got there. There were really only two people it could have possibly been anyway, given that he was, in fact, still in his own bed. Or two former people, really. 

Giving up any attempts at ignoring them, Bitty cracked open one eye, just enough to glare up at the two semi-transparent girls currently waving down at him. It wasn’t every day that the Haus ghosts made their presence known, it wasn’t even every week that he heard from them. Something was up. 

Or maybe the afterlife was just horribly boring and they liked to mess with him. That was Ransom’s theory anyway. 

Bitty reached over for his phone, slapping at the space for a moment before he found it. He groaned. 

It was 7 AM on a Saturday and two dead girls from the 90’s were trying to talk to him. 

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anonymous asked:

What's the plot of the thing you’re writing? :)

Wow, I’m kinda surprised someone actually asked! I really appreciate that :)

It’s J2 non-au (because I can’t fucking stop), and it’s a future fic, established relationship (even though I adore first time fics). Takes place over the course of season 14 (the last season) and then continues on for a few years.

Basically it’s partly hurt/comfort, then moves on to fluff.

(Also, it’s very very non-au, like the boys got together in season 1 and the wives were always beards, etc etc)

Jensen gets a divorce between seasons 13 and 14. It was supposed to be Jared first, but things came up and they had to push Jared’s divorce back. Jared gets depressed again and it all culminates in a very bad way at the 300th episode/wrap party.

Afterwards, they go back to Texas and take some time out to sort through everything. Then they get the call that Supernatural: The Movie is happening…

I tried to think of a somewhat decent (though not particularly eloquent) summary without giving too much away, because I like a little suspense when I’m reading fics. But just fyi, it’s a happy ending. I HATE when fics don’t have happy endings. Like, tear my hair out hate it. Also, there is angst (obviously) but it’s more in regards to mental health and that kind of thing. It’s not breakup angst or cheating angst or anything like that.

Let me know if you want to know more, and thanks again, bby!

In my rewatch of early "Buffy," I'm remembering how much of a tool Xander was

Mainly with his hositility and anger towards Angel. His problem with Angel isn’t the horrible things he’s done in the past–Angel himself would agree that he deserves scorn on that point–it’s pure jealousy that Buffy likes him instead.

Xander is possessive of Buffy and resentful that Angel ‘got in his way’. When he was first crushing on her in season one, it was Angel that she chose over him as the Nice Guy. Even after Xander has 'moved on’ and begun dating other women, he feels that Angel wronged him by taking the woman that should have been his.

It’s creepy and obsessive, and is apparent in all of their interactions. Other characters are able to treat Angel with at least civility–even those that were personally harmed and tormented when he was Angelus–because they recognize the difference between the beings. Xander never does, because his problem was never with Angelus, it was always Angel that he hated.

Sharon Carter: *does not tell anyone about her being Peggy’s niece to make her own path*

Sharon carter: *takes her job very seriously*

Sharon Carter: *is one of the first few people who questions Sitwell when he orders the CA manhunt*

Sharon Carter: *threatens to kill Rumlow at the risk to her life*

Sharon Carter: *joins the CIA when SHIELD dismantles*

Sharon Carter: *is an absolute badass in CA:CW and helps out Steve as much as she can*

But apparently kissing Steve Rogers reduces her into a terrible character and negates everything else she has done earlier. Wow.

For the Love of Molly with Loo

- Her first scene back this year was with “everyone” (whatever the fuck “everyone” exactly means) which was different because usually she just shoots with Ben

- She joined Twitter after the first series to see what people thought of it

- About her morgue outfit in TAB – she loved the mustache and didn’t want to take it off, it wasn’t required but she put rolled socks down her knickers to help add to the look (LOO), wearing Daniel Radcliffe’s old suit was fun, apparently when she was done up in this specific look she looked a lot like one of her ex’s and her friend Helen pointed it out to her

- She doesn’t actually know much about science – she just comes in, faffs about with some test tubes, and leaves

- At one point she very happily and very obviously jokingly called Una a bitch and it was super adorable

- In regard to whether she does any actual scientific research – she just pretends

- The filmed in the morgue in the winter and it was cold which is one of the reasons why they don’t film there anymore

- It then moved on to audience Q&A and various sherlollies started to ask questions and all I have in my notes are snarky comments about how I don’t care.  I would just like to take a moment to note that I went to several panels over the weekend and this was the only time I saw a cast or crew member blatantly bombarded with multiple ship questions (Rupert got maybe three total, but he was much more obviously comfortable with it).  Just throwing that out there.

- Amanda’s previous comment about how she and Loo are working on something together was them getting drunk and joking around, they have no actual ideas and told us to tweet them stuff

- Molly’s description of series 4 in three words was ‘pretty worrying,’ Loo went on to say that it’s very dramatic and brilliant plus the best one yet and the scripts are brilliant and quite dark

- When asked which of the guys she most wishes she could dress up (like they put Andrew in the wedding dress), she said she’d quite like putting Martin in a dress

- She usually only watches each episode once, but she enjoys watching them dubbed in other languages

- If Molly didn’t have a one track mind, Loo thinks Molly would find Lestrade devilishly handsome – said that she would count them as friends in series 4

- She said a lot of really deep and beautiful things about unrequited love in regard to how Molly and Sherlock’s relationship is – said that what Molly feels toward Sherlock is obviously not felt back but that it makes her a stronger and better person as she comes to realize that (I’m not relaying what she expressed very well, but it was truly gorgeous, she understands Molly’s character so well, it’s fantastic)

- The scarf that Molly wears during the crime scene with Sherlock is actually Loo’s and Sarah still has it (and Loo would like it back at some point)

- There is apparently a really beautiful scene between Molly and Sherlock in series 4 that Loo really loves

- She said that they all had a list of things that they couldn’t say about series 4 (LISTEN I NEED THAT LIST THANKS)


It’s been a couple of days since I actually put somethin’ up, I wanted to mess around with more urban and baggy clothing

Name: Benjamin, he’s an android though it’s not very apparent.
Age: “21” in physically, though he’s been programmed quite recently within the story.
He works as a security guard with Luciel, Missy, and Phillip.
He’s known as a very geeky guy, likes to play games and takes sarcasm as a highlight of his personality.

Even then he’s a sweet soul. ;-;


My Ryder is badass. I like that they take the twins’ appearances into account for Daddums Ryder.

I am still not done with the first mission because I wasn’t clear on the autosave part? But apparently it autosaves. If it doesn’t, I might cry, because it wouldn’t let me save… which made me not want to explore as much because I was like “Well, maybe it just doesn’t let you save during the ‘tutorial’ mission???” And then it got late and I was like “Bitch, please, you can Google the save situation on your phone.”

But I hate autosave in general, especially if I can’t have my own save. So that’s a minus. But the world so far is really pretty? So that’s a big plus.

book club: Gloria Scott
I listened to the audiobook the other day and have been meaning to write up my notes. I love the beginning, with Holmes and Watson sitting by the fire, and Holmes getting out the old papers to share with his friend.
As in STUD, the back story (not as long this time, more story in fewer words) fills in a much more complex picture of Mr Trevor than first met the eye. He robbed a bank, and was a mutineer on a convict ship, very shady! On the other, he had intended to somehow replace the stolen funds, or at least he says so, perhaps to spare his son’s feelings? And on the ship, once the initial struggle to take control was done, he balked at killing in cold blood. He apparently lived the rest of his life on the right side of the law, but his past caught up with him. In the end, he did spill his secrets to his son, difficult as that was.
Victor Trevor “was as friendless as I” at uni, and it sounds like each of them was the other’s only friend during that time. Victor does set the stage then for Watson, who also knows hardly anyone in London, till he is introduced to Holmes.

oh, i only just remembered that vaizel did NOT take place the day after jericho got her powers, and it did not take place the day after guila’s first sidestory. there was an undetermined amount of time between the night of guila’s sidestory, the ritual, and vaizel. it had apparently been awhile since jericho had seen ban, and guila had seen meliodas. thats why guila had new abilities, and thats also why guila and jericho were so close by vaizel… they had presumably done a lot of training and had become close friends during all the time we skipped over. that makes more sense. i feel like i knew this at one point, and then forgot. but either way, thats cute… guila and jericho are friends. theyre close and its good. they had just enough time to bond together before vaizel happened, and they only got closer from then on, lol

Puppy raising rant

My dad wants to use physical force to correct my puppy’s behavior. All because Ajax had one accident today… like most 9 week old puppies do after week 1 of potty training. 

One accident a day is honestly better than I was hoping for since potty training takes time, for some puppies more than others. But apparently Dad knows More About It™ than I do since this is just the first dog I’ve trained. 

Not like the research I’ve done on raising a puppy is more recent than his knowledge or anything /s (since he’s stuck using awful methods he learned in the 80s). 

I told my dad we’re doing it my way. I mean I wanted to cry and run away to my room because I felt so disrespected, but I stood my ground. He said he’ll be patient with Ajax and I hope that’s true. 

All research shows that dogs don’t understand when you “rub their nose in it” or hurt them for doing something wrong. And I will not let him do that to my dog.

I just hope Dad continues to respect my wishes. If not, I’ll have to find another place for Ajax, my fiancé, and I to live safely. I mean it seems dramatic but that’s how strongly I feel about this.

Sorry for the rant. I’m just feeling so helpless and angry and I love my pupper so much.

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Turning myself in. On a whim my two friends and I got matching Hylian Crest tattoos, it was on such a whim that we decided against making an appointment at one of the higher end shops and just going to a place that takes walk ins. That place is Buddah’s in Erie Pennsylvania.

As you can see, the tattoos are misaligned, wonky and missing areas of color. While I will always love my tattoo because of my friends, there is no doubt that it was done badly. And painfully. The artist is very heavy handed ( though the one was done by his apprentice-who was apparently not as heavy handed but his lines are still super wonky and blocky) 

The Chinese character tattoo was done at the same place, by the same artist ( my first tattoo) and while I will admit that the stupid design is my doing, when the artist put the stencil on it came out crooked and is also missing areas of color.

The artist once looked at my chest piece ( which took two sessions for a total of 6 hours) and claimed he could have done it in two hours. Nope don’t think so.

Tattoos done by Mario at Buddah’s in Erie PA

Submitted by RogueSareth

If You Build It

6x13 reaction fic
Klaine, 1600 words, A03.
Read the series of Season 6 reaction fics here: A03.

Burt’s prediction comes true.


May, 2016

Blaine finished getting dressed and grabbed his bag, stopping for a moment to gaze at a still sleeping Kurt and brush a soft kiss against his forehead before heading off to school. Kurt was finally done – a NYADA graduate – and was apparently taking advantage of his accomplishment to catch up on some much needed rest.

At least that’s what Blaine assumed for the first few days. Then he started to wonder. Sure, the flurry of activity that accompanied graduation and Burt and Carole’s visit to the city had been tiring, but it wasn’t exactly enough to justify a week of hibernation. Kurt managed to rouse himself in the evenings, helping Blaine proofread a final paper and rehearse for his end of term vocal evaluation. But something was definitely off.

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As far as One Direction’s tattoo tally goes, it’s practically a full-time job trying to keep up with the guys’ ever-growing collection of ink (except for sweet, fresh-skinned Niall Horan, of course).

And in the case of Liam Payne, it’s safe to say his boldest, most instantly recognizable ink has always been the huge chevron pattern that takes up most of his right forearm.

That is, until now. Because the 1D lad has apparently decided to celebrate his recent 22nd birthday with a pair of even MORE prominent tattoos… and it looks like he’s not done inking up yet.

Liam first debuted a new tattoo on his hand last week, which eagle-eyed Directioners noted during the band’s On The Road Again tour stop in Detroit. Upon close inspection, the tat appears to show a silhouette of an eagle flying in front of the sun. But in an interesting twist, there are also two empty banners on either side of the eagle.

Then, Liam was spotted leaving Rising Dragon Tattoos in New York City this week with his right forearm all bandaged up. We’ve since seen that he opted for a skull and roses design on his right forearm, with a banner that reads “we are the quiet ones.”

Hmm… could this be the start of a sleeve?!

Both new tattoos were all healed up by the time 1D hit the stage in Philadelphia on Tuesday night (Sep. 1).

And Liam also showed off the still-fresh ink when he attended the U.S. Open in New York on Wednesday.

Clearly, Liam needs our help in figuring out what words of phrases he should put inside those frustratingly empty banners, so please comment below with your suggestions!

M TV x