apparently done on the first take

apparently you can bring a werewolf back to human form if you truly love and trust each other

or if you throw its clothes at it

11x18 v 13x02

So these are both Bucklemming episodes, these “heart v head” scenes are intentionally contrasted, it’s fantastic. Kudos really. I don’t want to, but I’ll give them the kudos here.

Good Ideas v Bad Ideas. Heart choice v Head choice.


- Dean might be emotionally compromised over Cas? Never!

- Sam: but Cas might be our only shot at defeating Lucifer! He’s more emotionally removed from Cas and he wants to focus on defeating Lucifer because of his own issues and motives. Cas/Jack are a way to potentially get what he is focusing on. He is not emotionally removed from everything and logical. His emotional focus is just elsewhere and he frames it as him being more logical and Dean being more emotional because of the immediacy of the conversation.

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Sam claims Dean is making the heart choice whilst he is the poster boy for the head choice. But his choice is also from the heart, it’s just different and less obvious because it’s more internal, about himself, and it also aligns with a general big picture view, whereas Dean’s is more obviously open worry about Cas first and foremost.

The key thing here is that before they start arguing both Dean and Sam are 100% on the same page versus Crowley. They both agree that they need Lucifer to take out Amara. 

HOWEVER that is where it ends. Why? Cas.

Sam: “DEAN’S RIGHT. Priority is to set the horn of Amara into Lucifer’s hands to take out Amara”.
Dean, nodding: “After we exorcise Lucifer out of Cas and put him into a new vessel.”
Sam (now the conflict arises): “What? Really?”
Dean: “Yes really, I’m not gonna send Lucifer into battle inside of Cas, what if he doesn’t make it?”
Sam: “Dean, it’s a strong vessel, it’s held Cas for years and we know what he’s been through, I’m guessing it can hold Lucifer”.
Dean: “It’s not an IT, Sam, it’s Cas!”

This is the only thing where their priority is not the same in this whole narrative, as emphasised by this conversation where they start off 100% on the same page, using worlds like “Dean’s Right” and “Priority” then shifting completely into an argument about CAS.

Cas IS what Dean is focusing on, Cas IS Dean’s motivation. Sam is focusing on something else, his motivation is to defeat Lucifer and Cas comes second to this (Lucifer is key to his own story). 

Sam: Defeating Lucifer comes first to saving Cas.
Dean: Defeating Lucifer comes second to saving Cas. 

Dean’s focus is to get Cas back, then defeat Lucifer and Sam’s is to end Lucifer regardless of Cas. Yes he wants to do this to save the world but it’s also so he can forgive himself for everything he’s ever done regarding Lucifer, the demon blood arc, letting him out in s4, everything. His motivations aren’t 100% selfless even if they are good, he needs to do this for the world but for himself too. 

Their motivations are not the same so their focus is not the same. Neither is emotionally removed and neither is 100% right or wrong.

13x02: I can’t gif it so here’s some screen caps:

The first shot it of Jack (in Cas’ spot, sleeping in precisely the same place Cas did the one time Dean watched him do it and commented on it. Cas again is all over this scene. Not to make a point of it really as Cas is all over every scene in 13x01-02 and particularly scenes with Dean but yeah, they made it clear again). 

Sam: “Look, losing mom and Cas, it’s a lot to process Dean, especially on no sleep and the kid”.
Dean: “The kid? Come on man you know how this plays out, when we try to bend the rules, pretend that the bad guys aren’t that bad or that things will get fixed, thats when people that we care about get hurt. Then we end up doing what we should have done in the first place which is end the problem. So this time let’s start with the obvious. As soon as i find a way to take care of … it”.
Sam: “Dean, the problem might be our only shot at saving mom”.
Dean: “Moms gone. There’s no fixing that”.

Bucklemming purposefully mirrored this conversation with the whole “IT” thing and making Dean pause before saying it for emphasis.

So Sam is emotionally removed from the Cas situation and apparently focusing on the bigger picture. However he is completely emotionally compromised about Jack specifically because his motivation to save Jack and him not be evil is a reflection of himself. This is the same as his motivation of self forgiveness re: Lucifer in 11x18. 

Neither is 100% right or wrong in either scene, it’s just all about showing their individual focus and how they come to a loggerheads sometimes because they are different people with different motivations and priorities.

Later Sam tells Dean (and us) he thinks they’ve been this far down before, thinks they have experienced this before. Thinks they are experiencing this in the same way.

Sam keeps using “we” to describe their feelings. But this is just not accurate. He and Dean are not experiencing this in the same way. Sam keeps talking about Mom then Cas then Jack. Dean is heart wrenchingly focused on Cas then Mom then Jack, that was clear all throughout 13x01. They are not in the same place here, they are not experiencing the losses in the same way. 

Dean is right. They are not on the same page.

At all.

I am 100% done with the discourse about who is right and wrong in 13x02. Neither is. They are both human and making their own choices, they both have their own motivations which are GOOD even if they don’t always make the right choices and sometimes make mistakes. Neither is 100% a perfect cinnamon roll whilst the other is a mean nastie poopooh head. They are human, they have their own stories, motivations and choices to make and just because sometimes they’re not 100% right doesn’t make them bad people worthy of vilification. 

That is the key message of the show!

Dean and Sam are not the same, they are not one coherent ball of “Winchester”. They are their own individual people with their own individual motivations, making their own choices and with their own individual endgames. 

Even if they are close, living/working together every day, generally having the same, best intentions for the world and the big picture, they are still their own separate people with their separate wants and needs and lives and I am so here for that.

trick shot, part ii (final) (m.)

;pairing — jimin/reader

;summary — you finally meet your match in a game of 9-ball and you’re pissed about it, so you ask your hot bartender boyfriend to fuck your anger out of you 

;warnings — language | alcohol use | dom/sub roleplay | possessive roleplay | praise kink | mild choking | unprotected sex | oral sex | jimin being soft

;word count — 8k

;a/n — this is gross. thank you to the anon who requested this for helping me explore my mildly kinky side!

part i | part i.v | part ii | drabbles

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Every Waking Hour

@voltronwhumpweek2017 - Day 5: Insomnia/Mental illness.

I see your insomnia and raise you some induced insomnia. A Lance fic for my IRL awesome friend

Hunk felt his heart break a little as he found an utterly lost Lance wandering down the hallway that lead to the kitchen.

“Lance?” he asked.

Lance turned to face him and Hunk felt his heart break even more as he got a good look at his best friend’s face. The circles under his eyes had darkened so much so that they resembled bruises, and they stood out starkly against Lance’s skin, which was much paler than usual. If Hunk was honest, Lance looked more like a walking corpse than anything else. Not that he was going to mention that to Lance. Definitely not.

Lance blinked blearily at Hunk for a long moment before recognition flashed across his mostly blank features, “Hunk?”

“Yeah, man, it’s me.” Hunk replied, reaching out to steady Lance when he wobbled.

“Hunk, I… Wh-where are we? I don’t - shouldn’t we be in class? Or… something? I don’t know.”

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So I was trying to imagine what the rest of the Apprentice’s shop/house looked like and then uh

(^Rough sketch of what I imagine the exterior is like.)

 … yeah, I might’ve gone a bit overboard, so putting the rest under a cut because this is going to get a bit long.

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So I’ve probably said this before, but I’ll say it again.

The reason Dragon Age Inquisition feels so much like a misfire is because it missed a lot of the point of the previous games in the series. Where Inquisition was a story about a Chosen One figure being the only one who can fight and stop this threat, the kind of story we’ve seen repeatedly and constantly in the fantasy genre, Dragon Age Origins and especially Dragon Age 2 were designed to deconstruct the familiar tropes of the genre.

I mean, Dragon Age 2 is pretty much explicit in that fact. The point and purpose of the ‘Varric as narrator’ device is that Cassandra has heard the tale of the Champion of Kirkwall and now wants to know the truth, wants to know about the person behind that myth. What she ends up getting is a tale of an ordinary person dragged into situations beyond their control and, by virtue of a little luck and some faithful companions, ends up being the one still standing at the end of it. Hawke is no Chosen One. S/he’s just a person who was in the wrong place at the right time and got to be remembered as a hero.

And even the Warden has this trait - the Warden, by virtue of the origins mechanic, could not be ‘the Chosen One’ either. We get plenty of information on the other origins that indicate that, regardless of whether we chose to play as that character, those origins still occurred. Howe still invades Highever and kills much of the Cousland family. Endrin’s middle child is blamed for the death of his eldest and sentenced to the Deep Roads. Brosca entered the Provings and ends up dying in Jarvia’s prison cells. All the origins happen, it’s just your decision tells Duncan where to go to recruit.

Origins itself was meant to deconstruct a lot of the standard tropes in fantasy. Here, the elves were beaten and down-trodden, long past the days of their ancient, glorious empire, where any arrogance on their part was purely meant as the only way they really can fight back with humanity - ‘we may have little, but we will take pride in that little.’ Mages are not the wise and respected advisors to some noble, but instead are locked up and shackled in a tower because the abilities they have are dangerous and deadly if they’re allowed to run free. The dwarves, often considered ‘as constant as the stone’ are a stagnant and dying culture, and the one dwarf we ever really meet who embodies the stereotypes is Oghren, who is a pariah among his fellow dwarves. Hell, in many ways, the qunari are orc-analogs, and instead of being the simple bruisers whose first instinct is to crush and smash and destroy, they’re highly intelligent, to the point that they have technology far beyond what the humans have.

Dragon Age started as a deconstruction and even examination of old fantasy tropes. On a personal note, that’s what made the series so interesting to me - instead of just taking a Tolkien-style world at face value, Dragon Age took those tropes and turned them on their head. In some ways, it was asking the genre to evolve, because as influential as Tolkien has been, we’re at a point where the fantasy genre isn’t really moving outside of these narrowly defined categories of what fantasy has been. And fantasy that doesn’t imagine moving beyond that? That’s a waste of the genre and ideas.

But Inquisition… Inquisition wants to play those Tolkien style tropes far straighter than they’ve been in the past. And it doesn’t reconstruct them first. It just acts like that classic interpretation of things has been in play since the beginning, even though it hasn’t, and, in multiple cases, actively set out to go against them.

Dragon Age began with a lot of deconstruction of the fantasy genre, in some ways asking ‘is fantasy going to stay where it is or grow and evolve?’ And if Inquisition is an indication, the answer is apparently ‘stay where it is.’ Which if you ask me, that’s a damn shame, because there’s a lot that can be done with fantasy, if someone would just take the chance. I hope future games will.


Ground control to Captain Andor, AKA the Rebelcaptain Astronaut AU no one ever asked me to make

The year is 2032. It’s the end of construction to extend the International Space Station with a top-of-the-line rotating habitat, bringing the old station into the new age of space travel. Captain Cassian Andor has been on a solo mission to the ISS to install the Key To Station Operations, an AI more commonly known as K-2SO, whose job it is to manage the newly expanded station, as well as assist the crew when necessary, enabling the entire station to be run by only one crew-member at a time. 

To put the new features to the test, Cassian is to leave the station in the hands of Jyn Erso, a British astronaut send in from the ESA. She arrives two days before Cassian’s planned departure to earth, and the widely different pair take an immediate dislike to each other.

Unfortunately for them both (or perhaps fortunately), due to a critical error in K’s programming, he accidentally ejects Cassian’s return pod five hours too soon. The capsule is sent floating off into space unmanned, and Cassian is stuck on the ISS with Jyn. His only option is to wait out Jyn’s two-month mission and take the planned descend back down with her. Suddenly, they need to somehow find a way to get along for a total of 64 days.

There’s room enough on the station for them to avoid each other most of the time, but for some reason they never do; instead they get in each other’s space, his hand on her elbow when he drifts by her, her eyes always finding his as the first thing when she enters a room. Cassian isn’t sure when the feel of her loose hair tickling his throat as she floats by stopped bothering him. Sometimes he’s not even sure if it ever really bothered him at all. Jyn doesn’t remember when she started thinking of Cassian’s discarded jackets left in her workspace as an annoyance and started seeing them as signs of the kind of life she tried to leave behind on earth, but now longs for.

Without realising it, they’ve both started closely orbiting each other as surely as the station itself is orbiting the earth.

By day 17, they’ve both privately begun to understand that maybe they aren’t as different from the other as they first thought. By day 34 nothing’s been done about it, but even two people as repressed as Jyn and Cassian will have to snap at some point when pushed together in such close quarters…

tetsuroupapi  asked:

Hey Nina. This is kinda a depressing question, but my prompto cosplay is not going how I want and I have to wear it in two days to my school. But I'm really questioning that because 1. it just looks funky and 2. I don't want people making fun of me. Though it is only the 3rd cosplay I've made, I'm losing my confidence in all of my cosplay plans for the future. I'm a perfectionist and I compare myself to others so much. Since you seem like a really helpful & nice person, how do I deal with this?

First off: I’m very sorry for likely replying after the fact. It’s extremely difficult for me to keep up with my inbox on this site (especially for messages that need a lengthier answer like this), so I don’t always get to respond to inquiries with a quick turn-around. I hope your event at school ended up going well, though!

Secondly: I’m so proud of you for tackling a project outside of your comfort zone to push your skills! It’s important for artists to do that; it’s what helps us grow and learn and most of all, improve. The worst thing you can do as an artist is never push yourself or try new things. It’ll make you stagnate and cause your progress to plateau. So good job for attempting such a difficult costume so early in your cosplay journey!

Thirdly: Yes, Prompto is an extremely challenging costume. It involves a ton of little techniques and details that aren’t apparent at a first glance, and as a result, it’s a project that can get easily overwhelming. (Trust me: been there, done that!) So it’s no wonder you’re feeling frustrated, especially as a novice cosplayer! In which case, my recommendation from here on out would be that the next time you feel frustrated with your progress, take a step back. Evaluate what you don’t like and assess what you need to change in order to be happier with the final results. Don’t like the plaid you chose? Rip it off and find something else. Not happy with the paint job on the shirt? Start over. Take your time and use a different method. Unhappy with your wig styling? Wash out all the hair product and try again. There is no shame in remaking something two, three, four, or more times. Keep remaking it until you’re happy with it, even if it takes 10+ attempts. You will have so much more fun wearing something you’re proud of rather than something you just “settled” for or finished half-heartedly. (Also, on the note of budgeting: budget for this. Set money aside as a “back-up” fund in case things go wrong and you need more materials. That money should always be included in your original estimations! And if you end up not needing it? Cool, treat yourself in the Artist Alley.)

Lastly, and perhaps the most importantly: be more forgiving and let yourself make mistakes. You’re still learning. You’re still teaching yourself these skills. You have just started making costumes. Yaya’s first costumes were not perfect. Kamui’s first armor build was not flawless. Jessica started out with a Pikachu bikini and now she’s making stuff like this. Heck, look, here’s my first real cosplay that I made versus my most recent:

It’s taken me ten years to get this far. Why? Because for a lot of those years, I didn’t push myself. I stayed in my comfort zone. I chose projects that didn’t teach me new skills or force me to work with new materials. It wasn’t until the last 4 years that I’ve really been focused on my craftsmanship and improving my skills, and that is what has allowed me to finish costumes like Sheik, Rapidash, and yes, Prompto too.

I know it’s hard. I know it’s frustrating. But you’re doing the right thing by attempting more difficult projects. Just remember that the frustration is part of the learning process. It’s good to get frustrated because it means you care and want to push yourself harder. It’s good to have high standards for your work because it means you’ll always strive to do your best.

However: it’s important to not let this frustration stunt your growth. Acknowledge your frustration, accept it, and learn to manage it. Take breaks while working. Don’t be afraid to revisit the drawing board. Set the costume aside and practice the skills you need to finish it before making another attempt. And again: forgive yourself for making mistakes. Yaya, Kamui, and Jess make them all the time. And you can bet your patootie I do, too. (Anyone who’s watched my livestreams knows that I mess up quite a bit, haha!)

Whether or not you ended up wearing it to school, I hope your Prompto cosplay turns out in a way that makes you happy! Don’t give up; work smarter, not harder. You’ve got this! <3

Okay so I saw someone make an interesting observation on twitter. Daehyun posted a video yesterday of pre-debut ot6 dancing, along with the hashtag “lets not forget our roots”. Then this morning Himchan posts an ot6 photo back from Warrior era. Also if you wanna go super far, the security warning, remember back in ta-dah when Zelo was a robot and would shut down randomly? So anyway the op of this thread suggested that maybe B.A.P is doing a throwback era. Like at first I was like…but we think the boys filmed on jeju how would that tie in…but then I was like…wait. I mean B.A.P could definitely go back to their roots without doing the same exact concept. 

Jeju is also apparently known as the “island of the gods”, taking after a legend about demi-gods who lived on the island. What if the concept is B.A.P being demi Gods? This could easily relate well with Warrior, and Power concepts, but done in its own way. I mean….what if they go super throw back and we get another group dance break!? 

It really ticks me off when people don’t realize that artists and writers have a life outside of tumblr. We don’t sit down and draw or write all the live long day, 365 days a year in front of our computers and tablets. For some of us, yes it’s a job, but we don’t do it on such a constant basis that we have no life outside of it all and it pisses me off when people just say, “Well, it shouldn’t be too hard, right? You do it all the time!”

Yes. Let me whip out my magic pen that will create a story or an image for you in 5 seconds flat with everything exactly the way you want it.

Art takes time. Writing takes time. It takes practice and thinking and references and researching to do what we do. If we get it all done in an hour - full blown story/picture/mini-comic/webcomic - then holy shit we were on a role and we must actually be magic. But not everything works out that way. Life gets in the way and our priorities make certain projects be put on the back burner and it just irks me that there are people out there who just don’t get it.

I’ve had my fair share of people getting mad at me for having to put shit on the back burner because I had things in my life to prioritize and apparently apologizing yet confirming it will be done no matter what isn’t enough. And then there are the people who bug the shit out of you day in and day out and what kills me is that you get so pressured you go, “Do I really want to finish this? Do I really want to even do this? Do I even have the drive to do it anymore?”

Don’t be the people who make an artist or a writer feel like unappreciated or pressured like this. It’s awful, especially when life hands them something they need to take care of first.

About a Girl [4]

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Was this a mistake?

You dragged your packed bags to the front door before the sun had even begun to rise. Only Miss Choi was there at your departure. She pulled you into a tight hug, “I’m sorry about this.”

You embraced the older woman back. “No, I should be the one apologizing. You now have to pull double duty again,” you chuckled.

“Right,” she snorted as you pulled away. “You did the right thing though, that man needs a wake up call. That little girl is going to realize his absence isn’t normal.” To you confronting Mr. Kim was the right thing to do, even though it did cost you your job. You couldn’t help but feel considerably guilty. An unforeseen consequence that Mrs. Choi had to put up with. “Now you better get going, just keep your chin up. We’ll be alright here.”

“Thank you.” Your mind wandered to the little girl sleeping peacefully in her room, blissfully unaware of your departure. It broke your heart knowing it might break hers. “Are you sure I shouldn’t say goodbye to her?”

“She’s a sensitive girl,” Mrs. Choi warned. “It’s best you leave while she sleeps or else you’ll never be able to leave. That might make the rest of the day rather difficult for all of us.”

“Of course, I understand.” You picked up your bags as you stepped out the door. You took one last glance at Mrs. Choi, “Take care of yourself. And that wonderful little girl.”

“Of course.”

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Cute Dates With NCT Dream

AN: I hope I did this justice. I already feel so nervous about completing requests, but thank you so much for sending me this! I did specific date ideas for each individual member, so I hope that’s what you wanted! Also, these are sort of like first/second dates/early on in the relationship dates. Hope you enjoy!

And thank you SO SO much, it really means a lot to me!


Ice Cream Date. Mark is a nervous little fluff. He would have completely over-thought this. He wouldn’t want to be too formal with a dinner date-type setting and make everything seem too serious. He also wouldn’t want to do something too cliche like going to the movies because he does want to be able to actually sit and talk with you. So, he’d settle on the happy medium of an ice cream date. And he would sit there with this huge smile on his face, looking at you so happy because you’re smiling just as brightly. You start to feel a bit guilty though because Mark apparently has no idea that he’s had ice cream on the side of his mouth for a while now and you’re really trying to hold back a giggle. He just looks so cute and sweet and you can’t think of the best way to let him know without making him feel embarrassed. Eventually, you just take it upon yourself to wipe it off with your thumb without saying anything about it. He’s so overwhelmed by you touching his face that he doesn’t even process why you would have done it in the first place. You just continue smiling happily at his blushing cheeks.


Amusement Park. Renjun is so sweet, but also seems like just a really fun and spontaneous person. He would just love running around an amusement park with you all day. You would go on all the rides together and it first he would make it seem like you could hold onto him during the rides in case you got scared, but it actually turns out that he’s the one holding onto you the entire time, which you don’t mind. ( “Please just don’t tell Chenle about this, Y/N. He’ll never let me live it down.” ) During the middle of the day when you both got a bit tired, you’d go to one of the little cafe/restaurant type places and snack for a bit and it would feel like just a normal date. But pretty soon, it’s back to exploring the rest of the park. You take really cute couple pictures together and play all of the arcade/carnival type games. Renjun wins a stuffed bear holding a heart for you at one of the booths and he tells you it’s to make up for holding onto you during every ride. But everything is just really cute and sweet. And then when it starts to get dark, you go on some of the rides again because they’re even more terrifying in the dark (and you really don’t mind Renjun holding onto your arm). And then you two watch the parade that they hold at night sharing some cotton candy and leaning on each other from exhaustion.


Bowling. Listen, bowling dates are so cute and so is Jeno, so this just had to happen; I don’t make the rules. It could be just the two of you or maybe you decide to go with a group. If you weren’t dating yet, it’d definitely be a group thing, but otherwise, I think he’d want it to just be the two of you. The two of you would just wear cute bowling shoes and share a plate of fries and a milkshake like a cliché American teen movie. What could be better? One of their songs would likely start playing and you’d just look at him with a big smile on your face. He’d try so hard to keep a stone cold expression, but when you’re standing beside him jumping up and down and singing the song purposely off-key, he just can’t maintain composure.  There would probably be a bet between the two of you where whoever loses has to buy ice cream afterward or something.  And you know how some bowling alleys have arcades in them too? You’d probably spend more of your time there. Get ready for 50+ games of skeeball and an air hockey tournament. Even though you lost the bowling, you one in every arcade game, so you both agree to split the cost of the ice cream. And you’d sit side by side with your ice cream trying to stay warm all bundled in your jackets until you both give in and run into a coffee shop to get some hot chocolate to warm up.


Rollerblading. We’ve already seen Jaemin on a hoverboard, just take it a step forward (or back?) and imagine him on roller blades. In all actuality, this would turn into him becoming an expert in the first five minutes and you holding tightly onto him to stay standing up, which is just adorable. (Unless you yourself are an expert rollerblader, which is totally possible.) But either way, you’d hold hands and skate together for a while. He might get a bit excited and try to do some tricks to impress you. But you know, he’s not invincible, so he probably ends up falling in the middle of a turn. Being Jaemin, he laughs it off, but there’s no disguising how red his cheeks are. He feels okay about it though because once you’d checked to make sure he was alright, you started laughing so hard that you had to sit down next to him. Not wanting to get run over, you helped him up and went to find some tables to sit at. You decide it’s time for both of you to sit out for a bit and while Jaemin’s still pouting, you go grab some food and drinks. And it turns out that you might both enjoy just sitting and talking together more than you did being out on the rink anyway. You actually get to know each other (or just sit and laugh at his bad jokes). 


People Watching. Okay, so this would start as any normal coffee date, but it would slowly evolve into a people-watching session because of Haechan’s sense of humor and it would be sO FUNNY OK. Haechan can be equally sweet as he is sassy so the date would start off with the two of you just getting to know each other over coffee, or any other drink you prefer. Coffee shops just have some of the best energy and with both of you having more energetic personalities, you’d really feed off of that. But of course, since this is early on in your time knowing each other, there eventually is an awkward pause. You’re both slurping at whatever is left of your drink and then Haechan slaps his hand over his mouth in an attempt to not burst out laughing. You’d turn to look at whatever has caught his attention and muffle a laugh as well as you watch the frantic aftermath of a child bringing a small display of coffee down to try to keep from slipping. From that point on, the two of you are merciless. You use the funniest voices you can think of to act out the conversation between couples who will obviously not be having a second date. You judge the fashion choices of customers who act awful to the employees and you try to determine who the mom friend is in each group of people that walk in. In the end, you’d probably be asked to leave because you haven’t ordered anything else since your drinks you got two hours ago and you’re “making customers uncomfortable,” though you swear you were just trying to have some wholesome fun. 


Serenading. Chenle has such a beautiful voice and a very outward personality, so I feel like this would be the perfect date for him. The way I imagine this is that it doesn’t actually start out as a date. You’ve been working on a lot lately and you find yourself stressed out and purposely isolating yourself from everyone. And Chenle just won’t have it. He knows something’s wrong between the look on your face and his unanswered texts. He spends an hour or so trying to cheer you up and bring back the smile that he knows and loves. Despite all of his efforts, you still can’t find the energy to laugh at a joke or even give a complete response to anything he’s saying to you. Eventually, he just sits beside you and lets you lay your head on his shoulder, figuring that his support alone may be more effective than anything else right now. He softly starts singing and you can feel your worries start to wash away. Once he stops, you ask him if he can sing another song and he looks down to see you smiling, so of course he sings whatever you want and sometimes you join in and sing too, but in the end, it’s just you swaying along to his voice. With your spirits officially lifted, you both decide to go grab something to eat but not before asking him to sing just one more song. And then another. And okay, maybe just four more. 


Stargazing. Or anywhere where he wouldn’t have to face the ruthless teasing of his hyungs. ooooOOOOOOOHH I love this tiny sweetie, listen,,, Jisung would be so persistent on making sure you didn’t know where he was taking you. It wasn’t even that huge of a deal, but he still wanted it to be a surprise if only to make you feel special. You would have to go far from the city to actually see any stars so it would start with a car ride accompanied by purposely off-tune singing along to the radio and fast food that could be eaten in the car. About ten minutes before you arrive, he has you close your eyes. You don’t see the point since it’s already dark outside, but… have to keep the bean happy. “Okay! Stay here and don’t open your eyes.” Now you’re just confused because where is he going? It’s not long before he comes back and gets you, but he still makes you keep your eyes shut as he walks you over to somewhere you can sit. When he has you open your eyes, you really are amazed. Having lived in a city for most of your life, you’d never seen so many stars so clearly. “If you look really closely, you can actually see Jupiter. I’m not sure where, but apparently you can.” You giggle because the whole thing is just so cute. You lay on the blanket for a long time pointing out the constellations and enjoying quiet moments away from all the noise and bustle of the city.

As They Get Older Voltron Headcannons

Lance having a calendar of all the national and religious holidays named or set after them and sending greetings to his “people”. Everyone else thinks it’s stupid until their Alliance booms due to Lance’s charismatic and respectful attention to other species’ culture and religion.

Pidge and Hulk and Lance having a board that they tally anytime they catch Shiro saying “I’m too old for this shit” or some equivalent. The only time Keith contributes to the tally is when Keith and Shiro were exercising and Shiro’s entire back cracked with a stretch, forcing the black paladin to lay immobile until Keith got Coran. It is still considered the greatest tally on the board.

Coran ages beautifully. His first birthday they throw includes him insisting that they add the 10,000 years they were asleep into the tally. Technically he’s 10,098 years old and he never fails to mention that when they’re on a new planet. It’s done a lot to confuse historians that specialize in Altean history.

Apparently traditional Altean birthdays include being surprise attacked from all your friends and family. Luckily Keith is the first to have a birthday and very adeptly destroys Coran in hand to hand combat, but he then refuses to let Coran up from the death blow until Allura describes the tradition in great detail and proves that Coran isn’t a spy.

Hulk takes one of the larger unused rooms and turns it into a giant garden. Pidge at first avoids the room like the plague, complaining about the dirt smell, but as she grows older and her bond with Green grows she begins to discover the science and precision behind horticulture and becomes obsessed with gardening.

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Hoshi hybrid au smut? Maybe he's a cat or fox or wolf idk lol thank you! And I love your blog!

this is my first hybrid au 😭 thank you for the request and i hope you enjoy the fox soonyoung ;)

“Done,” Soonyoung mumbled to himself as he put down the brown cardboard box he was carrying. He had successfully moved in with you, two months after meeting you for the first time.

You got along with him immediately and offered to take care of him as he explained he was having trouble with ‘fitting in’ with his roommates. Soonyoung didn’t seem to mind the fact that they weren’t that accepting of him anymore but you could tell he wanted to get out from the toxic environment and move in with someone who understood him.

Sure, he was energetic and loud and apparently, his nocturnal tendencies especially annoyed his roommates which you didn’t find bothersome at all.

He brushed his red tail with his hands and groomed his ears slightly, swiping the sweat off of his skin as well. “Hey, where do I -“ He was about to ask you a question but suddenly, he came to smell something that left him very confused and feeling weird.

At first, he thought you were having your morning shower and that is where the scent came from but when he sniffled the air some more, he couldn’t connect it to a soap or anything like that.

You weren’t in the room but he could clearly recognise the scent coming off from you - the new scent mixing in with yours. He mindlessly sniffled at the fragrant air and jolted when he realised what the scent was. It was your arousal.

He was surprised to find himself already rock-hard between his thighs when he took a few steps closer to the bedroom where you were. He cursed to himself that he had to be on his heat right now as he was moving in with you. The way his body reacted to yours in times like these was inevitable and nothing could help his needs.

Soonyoung had admitted to himself a long time ago that he had a crush on you, or more. He found you funny and he loved the way you cared for him and treated him well. But also, he could not lie that you were absolutely breathtaking and the times he had accidentally walked in on you changing because he had stayed over at your place had been countless. And every time - he had to fight the urge to taste you.

He inched closer to the bedroom door to feast on your wonderful scent for longer and gently, as to not disturb you, he opened the door to find you laying on the bed, still sleeping. Oh.

It all made sense now - you were having a wet dream. And you had fallen back asleep after your alarm that woke you up in time an hour ago when Soonyoung came by to bring some of his belongings already. He had told you to just stay in bed longer and that he would be fine carrying them in by himself which led to this.

Suddenly, your lips parted as a small moan escaped, making him realise the reality of the situation and the heat pooling in his stomach. Soonyoung couldn’t hold himself back any longer and jumped his way onto the bed lightly. If he didn’t wake you up there would be no harm if he smelt you closer, right?

“So beautiful,” he whispered to himself and brushed some of your hair away from your face and let his hand slide off of your face slowly. He knew what he was about to do was a bad idea and he could wake you up any time but he decided to inch his face closer to your neck, breathing in your delicious scent and enjoying your warmth.

Soonyoung’s heart flipped in his chest when all of the sudden he felt his shoulders being grabbed onto and just then, your lips met his. You were startled when you woke up from your dream but caught on the situation quite fast and took your chance.

You had wanted him for a while but was always too scared to take the first step into making your fantasies real, scared that he would find your company uncomfortable. And you couldn’t do that to him, he had lived in an uncomfortable place for too long.

He pulled away only to kiss and pull away again and again, driving you crazy, so you pulled him close enough so he couldn’t pull away anymore. At least that easily. He laughed an airy laugh against your mouth and let his tongue lick your lips to test how you’d react. “I’ve been wanting this for so long,” he mumbled into the kiss and you confessed that you had as well, sighing when you felt his tongue on your lips.

He took the initiative when you were continuing your kissing and moved his hand under the sheets until he found your stomach, and then he began moving his hand downwards - past your bellybutton and over your mound. He stopped once he felt an intense heat and then he lowered his hand down, until he met with your wetness.

When he dipped his fingers through your folds, your legs shifted and you took a deep breath, separating from the kiss immediately. “What did you dream of?” Soonyoung asked when he swirled his fingers in your wetness, enjoying you mewling against his neck. “Y-You.”

He then practically jerked his hand out from under the covers, bringing it up to his mouth where he immediately began licking his fingers clean. It was like a glorious explosion just happened in his mouth when you hit his tastebuds, making his heartbeat increase and an uncontrollable whimper to emit in the back of his throat.

“You should’ve told me earlier…” he hummed and almost impulsively, he lifted the sheets up and disappeared under them, feeling himself slipping into a mild frenzy as he situated himself between your legs.

You whined when you felt his breath against your skin, unable to answer him but instead finding his locks to grab onto and being careful not to touch harm his fluffy ears. He was moving so fast and swiftly you barely had time to breathe

“Can I?” He asked, and fiddled with your underwear, his tail wagging underneath the sheets, as he was impatient to hear your answer. You nodded with your lower lip between your teeth and looked at him spreading your thighs further apart and pushing your underwear to the side.

He looked so satisfied by the sight the new position offered, his eyes gleaming in the darkness under the sheets. Your folds were now spread apart and he watched as a drop of your juices leaked down your slit and before it could drip on the bed, he darted his head down and caught it with the tip of his tongue.

His ears twitched when he heard your moan louder than before as your thighs trembled beneath his touch. He pressed the flat of his tongue onto your slit and licked upwards and then back down, to get all the wonderful juices to coat his tongue.

The sounds his tongue was making were sloppy and wet, the heat hugging his tongue as he moved it all around, greedily trying to consume the entirety of your juices. The realisation that he couldn’t do so in the end almost made him upset and he let out a frustrated groan. He pulled his tongue out of your slit and licked up to your clit instead, circling it a few times and the motions made you tug on his hair more roughly as your hips rolled up to meet his mouth.

“Soonyoung,” you mewled softly, sounding helpless because of the intense pleasure.  “I’m going to-“ you begged, your grip tightening in his hair and your back raising off the bed. You released yourself when he finally pressed his tongue flat on your clit, his name escaping your lips dozens of times.

Soonyoung found the sight of you beautiful. He would never get over how absolutely beautiful you were when you came like this and he made the decision that he wanted to see more of it.

“Come here,” you sighed after you came down from your high, shifting your hand upwards to scratch at his ear. The pleasure shot down his spine and made his tail twitch. He loved whenever you scratched his ears.

“Sorry for not helping you move in, I was so tired,” you apologised with a smile and kept scratching his ears. He nuzzled closer to you and left a light kiss on your shoulder. “Oh, don’t worry about it. I needed this,” he said, enjoying the feeling of calmness he got from both you scratching his ears and finally getting his sweet release.

“And I feel like you did too,” he suddenly continued, making you blush a little.

“You need to tell me all about your dream someday,” he asked and his tail wagged a little from excitement underneath him. “We’ll see,” you said with a giggle, teasing him.

You weren’t sure yet how you’d tell him that you saw a dream of him taking you from behind and growling in your ear.

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Hello! I was wondering if you could write headcannons for MC ignoring the RFA+V+Saeran (separately) because they did something stupid, and they get MC's attention by kissing her out of the blue? Thank you!! I love your blog (:

Thank you!
Honestly ignoring people when they’re being stupid can be really satisfying (but I would give in so easily to Zen tbh).
I couldn’t think of how to start a couple of them off because I couldn’t think of what they would do that would be annoying, so I’m sorry about that! This took way too long for me to finish writing…

-He requires constant attention from you to function.
-All of the sudden, you stopped communicating with him.
-No eye contact, no words, nothing.
-He gets very lonely very fast.
-What could he have done to make you this upset and how can he fix it?
-“Hey, _____? Why are you ignoring me?”
-His voice sounds so sad you almost give in right then and there to comfort him.
-But you persevere.
-“Did I do something wrong…?”
-You still avoid his eyes and he frowns. He’s getting really, really lonely now.
-He wraps his arms around your shoulders from behind and nuzzles his head into yours.
-“_____~~” he whines.
-dang it stay strong
-“What’s wrong~? Please talk to me~…”
-*internally screaming*
-He gives up after whining in your ear for a solid five minutes.
-An idea hits him.
-He moves in front of you and notices you staring at your feet to keep from looking at him. He frowns before brushing some hair out of your face. You still don’t budge.
-So, as his last resort, he lifts your chin and kisses you deeper than he ever has before.
-You almost choke because you were not expecting that.
-He pulls away and takes a deep breath.
-“Are you gonna stop ignoring me and tell me what’s wrong?”
-Yes definitely

-Zen needs lots of attention 24/7.
-But he has been only talking in lines from his script and at first it was charming but it’s just gotten annoying.
-He notices you starting to get annoyed with him and he finds it cute so he doesn’t get the message at first to shut up.
-He tries to apologize and he’s super dramatic and pouty when you ignore him.
-“But, ___, do you not love me anymore?”
-“Come on, dear. I miss your voice~”
-He tries to charm his way into making you pay attention to him but alas it does not work.
-So he just pouts and leans his head against your shoulder, nuzzling into you while groaning.
-“_____~” he says in a whiny tone. “Stop ignoring me~”
-Honestly he’s making to difficult to ignore him but you keep reminding yourself about  how annoying he was.
-Zen becomes impatient and stands in front of you with a serious thinking face. You stare blankly of to the side to avoid eye contact.
-He swiftly grabs your cheek and dives in for a very deep kiss. You can feel this son of a bitch smirking into the kiss too when he feels you tense up because he knows it means he has your attention now.
-Zen pulls away with a grin while you stare at him with wide eyes. “Oh, I have your attention?”
-Embarrassed, you swipe his hand from your face and turn away.
-“Aw~ don’t be embarrassed~” he cooed in your ear and kisses your cheek. “I’m sorry for annoying you earlier. Forgive me?”

-She’s been watching a new DVD all day long.
-When you tried to join her or ask her about something, she would shoo you away.
-Fine, be that way.
-You resort to just ignoring her like she’s neglecting you.
-You sit in another room and decide to occupy yourself with something just like she’s occupied with that damned DVD (like reading, playing video games, etc.).
-After she finished her DVD, she came to you and started talking to you about it.
-“So whoever casted them for that role made a poor decision because the character seemed so useless- …Are you even listening to me, _____?”
-You didn’t look up from what you were doing and continued to ignore her.
-“_____…? Hello?”
-No response.
-“Why are you ignoring me? Is it because of the DVD?”
-She sighed but then devised a bold plan to get your attention.
-Jaehee gently grabbed your cheek and quickly brought your face to hers, capturing your lips in a very deep kiss.
-When she pulled away, you were breathless and staring at her with giant eyes.
-“Hi, _____.”
-“…Hello, Jaehee.”
-She smiled. “Good to have you back. I’m sorry for paying more attention to my DVD than to you. Next time, let’s watch it together.”
-You don’t even mind if you lost the page in your book or died in your video game because wow

-Whatever it was that he was doing must’ve been really annoying because you have stopped communicating with him completely.
-You coldly sit on the couch petting Elizabeth while ignoring Jumin as he tries to talk to you. He catches on quickly that you’re ignoring him on purpose.
-“Stop acting like a child, _____. If there’s an issue we should discuss it like adults.”
-This boy lectures you for being childish.
-But when he’s through with his speech, you’re still ignoring him.
-That’s when he too becomes a pouty little puppy.
-“Love? Please talk to me…”
-He’s playing the cute and desperate card oh no
-You keep strong and remain composed despite his whining.
-“I miss you… I need you…”
-Jumin Han I swear to god
-This is more difficult than you thought it would be. He’s acting so needy you almost cave. Almost.
-“Please, dearest, talk to me.”
-He’s quickly becoming depressed but he’s not giving up, especially when he got the idea to be bold to get your attention.
-“_____, stop ignoring me.” he said before holding the back of your neck and bringing you into a deep, deep kiss.
-He pulled away with a serious expression. “Are you through being childish yet?”
-“Uh-huh, yep, definitely,” you nodded with surprise.
-Jumin chuckled. “Good. Now, tell me what’s wrong.”

-Payback motherfucker
-All day he has just been picking on you. He wasn’t necessarily being mean to you, but he kept making fun of you.
-It was all in good fun but it got old real quick.
-He just wouldn’t stop. It got on your last nerve.
-You avoided his eyes and didn’t respond to anything he was saying. Needless to say, he picked up on your mood very quick.
-“Aw, c'mon _____, you know I’m just messing with you!”
-You just stared to the side.
-“I’m sorry, do you forgive me~?”
-…Okay now he’s starting to get sad.
-“_____, stop ignoring me~… Please? I didn’t mean anything I said.”
-Plz don’t be sad omg no
-“I’m sorry for joking around like that, just please forgive me.”
-“I’ll try to make it up to you if you just say the words.”
-After a few minutes of no results, he gets a bold idea he’s sure cannot fail.
-He stands in front of you and cups your cheeks. Your eyes dart up to meet his before he dives in to kiss you passionately.
-You honestly felt your knees getting weak.
-Saeyoung pulled back, breathing heavier than before. Your eyes were on him.
-“Oh~ Finally got your attention now~?”
-“Yeah, yeah,” you mutter and pull his hands off your face.
-He kisses your cheek before adding with a smile, “I’m sorry for picking on you. I’ll be nicer. Just tell me when you want me to stop and I’ll stop, okay?”

-In your defense, he was ignoring you first.
-Well, he wasn’t purposely ignoring you, but whenever you tried to talk to him, he was busy with something else.
-Even if he was in the middle of some mundane everyday task, he would tell you we was too busy.
-You decide that you’ll just ignore him and see how he likes it because you’re that frustrated.
-He is so hurt and sad.
-how could you ignore such a ray of sunshine you’re hurting him have you no heart
-He takes it personally.
-“Are you ignoring me? …Why are you ignoring me? Did I do something?”
-“Whatever I did, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for upsetting you.”
-oh my god stop it my heart hurts
-“If you just tell me what I did, I’ll never do it again. I promise.”
-why are you so precious
-“Please talk to me…?”
-He sighs when he realizes his words weren’t helping. There’s only one more thing he can think of that’ll get your attention.
-He smiles before stroking your cheek and planting a deep kiss your lips.
-The light “hmph!” noise you make as his lips contact yours makes V smile because it was cute, plus it means you’re finally paying attention.
-When V pulls away, you’re staring right into his eyes.
-“I’m sorry for whatever upset you, dear. Are you done ignoring me now?”

-again how could you ignore such a sweet little boy he needs love you heartless mistress
-He yelled at you because you were being too loud.
-His definition of “too loud” is apparently eating a bag of chips. (Which you may or may not have stolen from Saeyoung)
-“Sorry, I’ll make sure to breathe quieter.” Those were the last words you said to him before giving him the silent treatment.
-Saeran is stubborn too, however. This is gonna take a while.
-When he sees that you won’t even look at him, he’s sad at first, but he only sees it as a challenge. In his mind, it’s like “well if you’re gonna ignore me, I’ll just ignore you too!”
-So neither of you speak or look at the other for a few days.
-Saeyoung obviously notices and asks Saeran what happened. He just told him to mind his own business.
-So instead, he asks you, and you tell him that Saeran was being stupid.
-After a fourth day passes of not seeing or talking to you, Saeran calms down and realizes “okay I really cannot survive like this I’m sad and I need _____”
-He asks Saeyoung how to get you to forgive him and he smirks.
-Saeran wasn’t sure how this would work, but I guess he trusts Saeyoung about this.
-He marched up to you. “_____.”
-He sucked his teeth. “_____, would you stop ignoring me already?”
-In a split second, Saeran’s hand was tangled in your hair and he was kissing you deeply and passionately.
-who the fuck are you and where is Saeran
-He pulled away and caught his breath, staring at you with nervous eyes that contrasted his confident behavior from seconds ago. “Okay, _____?”
-there he is
-“…I’m sorry, Saeran.”
-Saeran nudges you. “Don’t ignore me again, got it?”

When they said they were sending you back to your people, sending you home, you thought they meant Earth. But then you hear the Commander’s voice. You see the Hephaestus coming to fetch you. And you realise almost all of your people are on that ship. Maybe Minkowski and Hera and Lovelace are the closest thing you know to ‘home’ anyway.

You need to get back to them, to tell them what you’ve seen and heard. Your mind is buzzing with things you don’t understand. But soon you’ll see the smartest people you know again. Maybe they’ll be able to make sense of it.

You can’t wait to laugh with them about how absurd it all is, that you’re the first human ever to speak with these aliens. Somehow Douglas Eiffel, certified screw-up, became ambassador of mankind. Minkowski will love that.

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Draco Meets Teddy
  • -It takes Harry months to convince Draco to finally see Teddy and his aunt Andromeda, but with mothers urging and his insistent whining he gets it done
  • -The first attempt saw Draco running away as soon as Harry tried to pull him out the door
  • -The second time Draco got as far as getting into the village they lived in, but ultimately running again
  • -And just when Harry thought he finally got Draco to go. When the door was opening and he can see Andromeda’s face, Draco apparated the fuck out of there
  • -He doesn’t think he can face his aunt after the war and whatever bullshit he might have to the family
  • -Everyone has lost too much on both sides and he thinks his mere presence will make everything worse  
  • -The next time they come, his mother with them
  • -With the addition of azkaban guards behind them but let’s just ignore that little hump
  • -Harry knocks and smushes Draco against him so he doesn’t run again
  • -the door opens and Andromeda face comes to view lighting up when she see’s Harry
  • -But when she see’s Draco and Narcissa that light understandably slips away. She does look somewhat amused when her eyes land on Draco though
  • -And Draco wants to run, but Harry’s grip isn’t letting him  
  • -She lets them in and Harry, god bless his heart, tries to keep up a conversation
  • -But the air is thick and tense, both women look like they’ve swallowed a lemon, and Harry isn’t looking so chipper anymore. Draco still wants to run
  • -Harry is trying, but everything is so awkward and weird and he just needs to breath
  • -He ignores the worried glances sent his way and asks for the bathroom
  • -This is best alternative for running so he will fucking do it
  • -He’s too distracted to realize that the room he walks into has a child in it
  • -“ oh fuck me” he mutters

The small child looking at him has bright blue hair and smiling as if the sun is shining out if Draco’s ass.

“ up! Up!” the thing says. It’s bouncing up and down in his crib, drool running down it’s lip

“ Oh Merlin no’ Draco says. He wants to escape. He needs to escape. So he does the best thing he can do, which is to slowly back away and hope to the gods that the child will forget him.

But that doesn’t work. Merlin it doesn’t work because as soon as he took one step back, he child let out a terrible wail and started screaming bloody murder.

Startled and scared by the child’s sudden mood change,he stalks back up to the child trying to comfort it by awkwardly patting his head

  • But the kid has other ideas, still crying,he grabs onto Draco’s robes and tugs him down
  • The little devil grabs onto his neck and hangs on for dear life. So Draco finally coincides with the child wishes and carries the demon
  • And it isn’t so bad. Holding him that is. He’s warm and actually kinda cute when he’s not screaming his lungs out
  • -Draco might have even smiled and called him cute aloud, but when the blue demon went for his hair,all bet’s were off.
  • -They both went down in heap with Draco landing on his ass and the child sitting perfectly comfortable on his chest
  • -Teddy yelling in delight and laughter in the new turn of events while Draco yelled in agony
  • -The child pulling at his face and and hair with sticky fingers
  • -And that’s how Harry, Andromeda, and Narcissa finds them. With Draco on his back screaming, “get off me!” and Teddy having the time of his life

“ He attacked me! He attacked me” Draco yells as his mother comes to dote on him.

  • -Narcissa hides her laughter better than Andromeda and Harry doesn’t even attempt to hide
  • -And no matter what Harry says, Draco most certainly did not cry

Camping Trip - Finn Balor

Originally posted by finnfuckingbalor

Camping Trip – Finn Balor

Summary: Camping with Finn Balor and your 3-year-old daughter

Word Count: 450+

Warnings: none

“Daddy’s home!” Y|D|N, your three-year-old daughter chimed as Finn pulled into the driveway. You smiled. Finn had a few days off and you were using those days as camping days. This was your and Y|D|N’s first-time camping. Finn has done it before. You were currently packing for the road trip. Apparently, it takes an hour to get to the destination.
Y|D|N ran to greet Finn as he walked through the front door.  “Daddy!” Y|D|N squealed as Finn scooped her up in his arms.
“Hey, princess.” Finn said, tickling her sides, making her laugh. You smiled at the two. Finn then set Y|D|N down before walking over to you.
“How’s my queen?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your cheek. A smile spreads across your face. 

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Suits: Part 4

“Some people don’t change…they just find new ways to lie.”

Genre: romance, mystery, crime, thriller

Warning: Contains smut, violence, and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

The glint in Jaebum’s eyes was evident upon seeing you, lighting up as if you were the one he had been meaning to meet in the first place. You exchanged glances for a moment before tending back to your waffles once more, not daring to look again.

And now BamBam held a nervous expression, biting his inner cheek while his eyes darted back and forth between you and Jaebum. “Tell me I’m wrong all you want, but I’d say Jackson better watch out.”

“And why is that?” You asked.

BamBam didn’t bother to look at you, but instead gazed at the man that was walking towards you as he said,

“Because the new guy is coming for his girl right now.”

As the words left his mouth you found yourself nearly choking on your food. You brought a napkin to your mouth – coughing into it while reaching for your drink nearby as Jaebum stalked closer.

“You okay there?” Jaebum asked, tilting his head in amusement as you failed to get a grip of yourself. “Yeah. I’m f-fine.” You answered with a cough before taking a sip of your drink.

BamBam looked at Jaebum as he sat down beside you, watching the fascinating interaction like a movie as he stood a few feet away and leaned on the counter. Finally catching your breath, you sat your drink down and ran a hand through your hair – regaining your composure before Jaebum spoke. “So is this like a daily thing for you?” He merely asked.

“What – coming here? Yeah.” You answered while glancing at the man for a quick second. “The food is great.”

“I have yet to try the food,” Jaebum casually responded as he opened up a menu. “What do you recommend?”

Quickly cutting up a chunk of waffle from your plate, you rubbed it in syrup before messily plopping it into your mouth. “Definitely the waffles-” You began while looking up once more – stopping as you caught Jaebum’s eyes yet again. His lips curved into a small smirk, almost as if he wanted to laugh. “You got a little something,” he commented while motioning towards your lips.

Your eyes widened. “Oh,” you mumbled – quickly grabbing a napkin and moving it up to the corner of your lip before Jaebum shook his head. “Your left,” he instructed.

Not being able to hear him over the loud background noise of the diner – you continued to dab at your right side, quickly trying to get rid of whatever was on your face before a much humored Jaebum leaned in closer.

“Your other left,” the man said with a chuckle before running the curve of his thumb against your outer lip. You nearly flinched from his sudden touch, taken back in that moment until Jaebum spoke up. “Perfect,” he muttered – keeping his eyes on your lips for a few seconds more before trailing back up to meet your eyes.

You blinked a few times, awkwardly muttering thanks in response while you turned away.

Jaebum didn’t bother to take a look at the menu and instead held a calm look on his face as he eyed BamBam in the corner spying. “Excuse me,” he called. “I’ll take whatever she’s having.”

BamBam’s soul nearly jumped out of his body as he noisily jolted up – face turning slightly red from embarrassment as he just got caught.  “Yeah sure.” He blurted out before rushing back into the kitchen. You could hear him blabbering to Youngjae about getting caught, causing you to cover your mouth as you held in a few laughs.

Hearing the commotion himself, Jaebum chuckled in response. “Friend of yours?” He asked and you nodded. “Yeah, kind of.” You answered before feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket. Jaebum stayed silent as you pulled it out and answered it, soon realizing it was your fiancée by the cheerfulness in your tone.

“…I’m good, just eating breakfast. How’s work going so far?” You said while holding the phone to your ear and taking another bite of your waffle.

“Good, just busy.” Jackson sighed on the other end of the line. “I’m swamped with reporters trying to get an interview with you on this murder case.”

“That’s an automatic no,” you shrugged. “No interviews until the next hearing. I still have some investigating to do before I release anything to the press.”

“Alright, I’ll hold them off until then.” He assured and you smiled. “Good, I’ll see you at the cake tasting later then…I love you.”

“Love you too baby,” Jackson cooed before you mutually ended the call.

“So I assume that’s the fiancée,” Jaebum stated, looking at you while you shoved your phone back in your pocket. “Yeah, he’s great.” You gushed at just the thought of him.

“Must be to have you smiling like that,” Jaebum added as you took a sip of your drink.

“…Yeah you know him actually,” you confessed.

Jaebum cocked an eyebrow, suddenly becoming amused. “Do I?” He repeated and you nodded your

head, “Jackson Wang. He did his internship with you on the West coast.”

Jaebum pursed his lips as soon as he heard the name. “Him?” He asked with a quizzical expression. “Yes,” you proudly answered before flashing your engagement ring to him. The man barely had time to glance at the ring before BamBam came over with a plate of waffles in his hand. “Here you go,” BamBam announced, setting the plate down in front of a bothered Jaebum.

Not caring much about the food anymore, Jaebum quickly thanked the man before bringing his attention back to you. “I guess it really is a small world after all.” He commented before opening up his arrangement of silverware. “So is Jackson still working at that small county firm?”

“No, he’s the head of a major firm in the city. Worked his way up to the top through hard work.” You bragged, slightly throwing shade at Jaebum as you were well-aware of his affluent upbringing.

While cutting into his food, Jaebum stopped all movement – catching the message beneath your tone as he narrowed his brows. His jaw tightened and he stayed silent for a second longer before looking at you with a forced smile. “Good for him.” Jaebum commented. “…He’s always been a hard worker.”

For once you agreed with him, showing approval as you nodded your head in response before he continued.

“-But judging by the way you’re talking to me, I assume you’ve done your research.” Jaebum stated in a condescending manner.

“I like to get to know who I’m going up against in court.” You simply commented, earning a sly smile from him.

“Fair enough,” he admitted. “But what exactly have you found?”

You watched as started to eat, precisely cutting into his food and taking mannerly bites as if he was eating at the finest restaurant in the city. “Well first you took over your father’s firm,” you declared and he readily agreed. “You’ve set a record with the most cases won.” You added, earning another nod from him.

“…And apparently you moved back from the West coast because of a breakup.”

You were eagerly awaiting for another one of his content nods but instead he abruptly stopped eating and set his silverware down.

“Be careful sweetheart,” Jaebum warned as his voice lowered. “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

You had a confused look, wondering exactly what he meant. He had this superior aura that you weren’t too fond of – almost as if he knew something you didn’t and figured you were too stupid to understand. “And what about you?” You angrily demanded. “As many cases as you’ve done, you have to be doing some kind of research on your opponents.”

“I don’t,” he defended and you rolled your eyes. “Oh – I’m sorry. You don’t but you have your secretary do it for your right?” You started before he finally looked at you.

And it was at that moment you stopped talking before you could say anymore. His gaze was strong and intimidating, similar to the way he looked at the courthouse earlier. “I don’t do online research. That’s for rookies,” Jaebum declared before leaning his arm on the counter and moving in towards you as he said, “…I take the time to get to know all my opponents personally.”

“Really now?” You hissed. “Is that why you’re here with me?”

With a dull look on his face, Jaebum returned back to his food. “Could be,” he stated. “-Could be something else.”

With a sarcastic huff you grinned as you couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “So that’s your strategic plan! Your way of getting to know your opponent is taking them out on a date.” You announced with a laugh before BamBam rushed over, nearly scaring you from the worried look on his face. “Y/N,” he called. “There’s some people saying they want to speak with you outside.”

Your eyes shot wide as you looked towards the entrance. There was a small crowd of reporters waiting outside, ready with their cameramen as they awaited your presence. “They found me,” you groaned while Jaebum turned to see the crowd. “Of course they found you. They want to interview the attorney who’s defending a murderer.”

“Jinyoung didn’t kill his wife,” you snapped and Jaebum raised up his hands in surrender. “This really isn’t the time and place to argue that, but I think it’s pretty clear what kind of case we got here.” He simply said.

And that’s where you’re wrong,” you huffed.

Jaebum narrowed his brows, watching as you got out of your seat and opened your wallet. “Since your kindness last time wasn’t genuine and just your way of doing ‘research’ – I’ll take the liberty of making it even this time.” You declared as you slammed enough cash down onto the counter in front of him to pay for his meal.

And before Jaebum could argue or say another word, you followed BamBam out through the back door in a fleeing attempt to escape reporters.

“What the hell was all that about? Who’s that man – and why are reporters looking for you?” Your friend asked as the two of you rushed down the concrete steps. “You haven’t heard? Apparently it’s all over the news.” You answered in a rush and BamBam rolled his eyes, “In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t watch the news. It’s boring.”

With a quick glance back towards the door, a sigh of relief left your lips as you realized you weren’t being followed. “Well the reporters are here to interview me about the client I’m defending. As for that man, he’s the prosecutor I’m going against in court.” You explained and BamBam’s mouth dropped.

“So then what’s he doing here, fraternizing with you for?” He asked, looking confused as ever while further leading you down an alley.

Suddenly you stopped in your tracks, catching your breath as you looked at your friend. “You know that saying, ‘keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer’?”

“…Yeah,” BamBam answered.

“That’s what he’s doing.” You said – a frown appearing on your face as the thought of his true intentions aggravated you. He was sneaky, the kind of sneaky that left you feeling belittled as you felt like an idiot for actually thinking you had him all figured out.

But you wouldn’t be fooled again, no. You were going to have a wall built up for your own protection. This man was the type to have a sleeve full of tricks and you weren’t going to let him get the better of you.

The sweet smell of cakes and delicate pastries encompassed your senses as soon as you walked into the small bakery. Right when you entered, you were quickly greeted by a young woman, presumably the owner as she was dressed far more elegantly than the other workers. “How can I help you?” She asked with a wide smile.

“I had a wedding appointment for 7:00,” you responded just as eagerly.

“Ah, right on time,” the owner added as she clasped her hands together and signaled one of the workers from behind the counter. “You can have a seat and my assistant will be right with you.”

“Thank you,” you smiled before the woman took a second look – eyes darting outside before looking back to you. “Will anyone be accompanying you today?”

Setting your purse on an empty table, you took the liberty to sit down by a large window. “Yes, my fiancée will be here shortly.” You gushed.

“Perfect! Would you like us to bring the cakes out when he arrives then?”

“Yes please,” you answered before the smiling lady walked off to the back, leaving you alone to wait for Jackson. You had arrived at the bakery at precisely 7pm, eager to pick a cake for your special day.

An excited smile covered your face as you gazed out the window – excitedly awaiting your fiancée to walk in any time soon. Maybe he’ll want all chocolate. You thought. Or vanilla…or maybe even half and half. These types of ideas began to invade your mind and each waning minute you felt yourself growing more and more impatient.  

…But five minutes soon turned into ten minutes. Ten minutes turned into thirty minutes and next thing you knew an hour had passed by.

The evening sky had turned completely dark now, looking gloomy as you kept your sight on the window in front of you. The sound of brooms sweeping across the checkered floor filled your ears as staff were beginning to clean up the small bakery as it was almost closing time.

That once eager smile had faded long ago and now a dull look consumed your face as you continued to stare out the window before you felt a gentle pat on your shoulder. “Ma’am, are you sure he’s still coming?” The owner politely asked.

Bringing your eyes down to your phone beside you, you glanced at the call history on screen. Within that hour you had called Jackson ten times, leaving voicemails and text messages asking if he was on his way.

But each time he had failed to answer.

BamBam and Youngjae’s words from earlier flooded your mind as you looked at the call log upsettingly. The more you stared at it, the more you could feel yourself start to crumble. It felt like a hard lump was forming in your throat as you struggled to hold back tears. “U-um…I’m sorry, is it okay if I reschedule?” You asked the woman.

“Of course,” she nodded and you shot her a kind smile before grabbing your bag and leaving.

And as you walked down that lonely sidewalk, you could feel a single tear slide down your cheek as your fiancée had once again, broken his promise…