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So these are special ticket illustrations for the Kuroko no Basuke: Last Game movie, and you can either buy a single ticket for 1500 yen (it’s not stated if you can choose which one you want or if it’s random) or buy the double ticket for 2800 yen (good for two people).


So if you want both Akashi and Kuroko, you might have to drag a friend with you or pay for the double ticket even if you’re alone. (Or keep watching until you hopefully get both illustrations.) (Edit: According to Fye, these are pre-sale tickets and will be sold on March 4th. GOOD LUCK.)



Infinite List of Movies: [32/??] Ratatouille (2007)
↳ “This is me. I think it’s apparent that I need to rethink my life a little bit. What’s my problem? First of all, I’m a rat. Which means, life is hard. Second, I have a highly developed sense of taste and smell.”

Off Stage

To continue my recent Megamind rambling spate, I wonder a lot about Wayne and Roxanne’s friendship? We never really get to see it in the movie, but… apparently they were close enough for everyone to think they were dating?

I am kind of curious about Roxanne seeming a bit starstruck (his heart is like an ocean inside another ocean???) but not by him rescuing her. His “on stage” persona seems to annoy her just as much as Megamind’s does (she’s fond of them, these stupid aliens that somehow entered into her life, but still irritated). So what is she seeing that gets that reaction?

Megamind never talks to either of them “off stage” until he’s being Bernard, which might be the problem. I mean, the kidnappings are pretty clearly mostly about getting both of their attention, but he doesn’t really have a way to socialise with them.

(At what point did Wayne start thinking of Megs as his “little buddy”? Would Megs be less okay with that appellation when he’s not kind of in shock from finding Wayne alive?)

Roxanne and Megs seem to be the only ones that mourn personally, rather than for a distant hero, and Wayne does say they both deserve to know the truth when they catch him. As if that wouldn’t necessarily have applied to anyone else catching him.

(Also, Roxanne knew about the schoolhouse. Had he taken her there before?)

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after tvd ian will just become one of those washed up actors who people will only hear about again from 10 year reunion specials. he is a HORRIBLE actor. he can show about 2 emotions and thats it. not to mention he was horrible to his fans, so no one will care about him anymore in about a year or 2 LOL.

apparently he was right when he said “i do a better job with nina than i do with the rest of you” because he. is. so. cringey. to watch sometimes omg even if i wanted to watch tvd’s season 8 i would have such a hard time watching him lmao he totally will end up like that. i mean add to his bad acting skills the fact that he can’t pick a good movie to star in to save his life and he’s doomed

so i’m reading this biography of thomas cochrane (i mean i’ve been a HUGE FAN for like, three years, but i finally started reading about him only now) and holy shit what a man

a maniac who disregarded every convention of civilised warfare and apparently set as little value on his own life as on those of his enemies


ah yes, i’ve seen this in ‘master and commander’


and finally, my favourite by far:

i am so in love.

Keystone Motel - Episode Notes
  • Greg confirms “Keystone” is a state, meaning “Delmarva” as mentioned in keepbeachcityweird​ is likely the name of the state Beach City is in, and not just a colloquialism for the geographic region. [this has actually been confirmed by crew]
  • Steven talks about the brushes not feeling good on your fur- from when he went through the carwash as a cat-monster in Cat Fingers (Ep 6).
  • Garnet appears to be wearing a seat belt in the back seat of the van. Also, her hair is smooshed against the roof because of how tall she is.
  • Greg checks for bed bugs because this freaking cartoon is more true to life than most television shows and movies and Greg is the best dad ever thankyouthankyouthankyou
  • Greg put on a shirt to go meet the internet man.
  • Ruby confirms that Pearl’s apparent disregard of what fusion means to them was a bigger issue than her lying and tricking/using them
  • “You’re not as above this as you think you are!” “Yes, I am.” Sapphire’s refusal to admit her own anger to even herself, is equally upsetting to Ruby as their issues with Pearl. (Also, very punny Ruby, her line is said as Sapphire floats up and out of frame, smh)
  • Ruby actually openly tells both Sapphire and Steven what she’s upset about, which contrasts to… well, all the other Crystal Gems.
  • Steven already understood that Future Vision was a Sapphire power.
  • Sapphire readily attributes the frozen toilet to fate… instead of her own lack of control over her ice powers.
  • Despite Sapphire’s prediction and his momentary outburst, Steven’s cool with squares, he likes all basic shapes. Re: Joy Ride, Ep 52. 
  • “SHE’s pacing around in what used to be the pool.”
  • Greg has seen Ruby and Sapphire before. He says “Something pretty serious must be going on if it made Garnet split up.” Meaning that the last time they split was probably over something really bad… possibly Rose’s decision to have Steven.
  • Greg references breakfast’s power to bring people together. Re: Together Breakfast (Ep. 4)
  • Ruby’s weapon appears to be … just a smaller gauntlet? Without the knuckle studs though.
  • After literally flipping the table, Ruby can be heard screaming “you don’t know me!” to Sapphire (which is hilarious and ironic and very meme-y)
  • Empathy, Honesty, Communication, and cheesy puns (and kisses) save the day.
  • Despite mentioning getting free Ice, the bag of ice they return with is in a labelled bag, instead of in a bucket like free motel ice typically is, meaning its probably store-bought ice. But that’s beside the point because Sapphire has freakin ice powers. I can’t even. type this. omg
  • Steven’s line “It all worked out!” directly referencing the end of last episode - “It sure would be nice if things worked out the way they do in cartoons.” Re: Cry for Help (Ep. 63)
  • After paying the hotel and diner damages (and for the bagged ice!), this trip / deal on brushes was probably not the bargain Greg had hoped for… 

Hi. So, apparently Tuesday’s a thing. :)  How’s it going? I hit 6000 followers yesterday. Thank you so much for following me and being part of my everlark journey and even my life. I’ve had two babies, celebrated anniversaries and watched three THG movies with you and endured/fangirled/loved/hated the promo for all of that.

One of my most favorite sections of text is in the next two chapters. Katniss reveals her heart and shows how much her relationship to Peeta means to her. That they had these quiet moments of intimacy together. That she truly loved him…and it hurts her so much that she can’t love him in the same way. But she turns a corner in these chapters.

So, the prompts for Chapters 19 & 20: 

  • War. Destruction. Hate. Casualties. Sacrifice. There are the realities of war and the consequences of it. What was something you learned about yourself in regards to your perception or opinion of war after reading The Hunger Games series?
  • You’re a painter. You’re a baker. In these two chapters, we feel some serious confusion in the Everlark realm. It’s probably because Katniss feels this way. Peeta wants us to kill him. Peeta kills someone. Katniss finally agrees to help him. Then, this moment. What are some of the other facts you would have added to Katniss’s outburst of emotion toward him. She let out the things “she knows” about him. The things that are real. Make a post about what you’d add? Mine might be, “You make the best cheese buns.” Be creative.
  • Everlarked survey. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a survey about how you are Everlarked. Reblog with your answers and tag rethg. Easy.

Hope you are having an amazing week! We are ALMOST there! We end our reread with a rewatch and then PROMPTS IN PANEM! (@promptsinpanem) Then they announce The Peeta Chronicles! ;)

As always, tag with rethg and we’ll queue to post. Thanks to my partners-in-crime @safeinpeetasarms, @gentlemama & @lovelizziekins! They’ve breathed new life into this blog and given me the motivation to get this done! Heart you all!!!!!!!