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Darkside of Dimensions Review

Since I’ve seen it twice now and gotten a few asks, I figured I’d share my thoughts on the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie with ye.

Spoiler-free summary: I really enjoyed this movie, especially Kaiba’s and Yugi’s characterisation, but the duels dragged. The antagonist was an interesting person but an uninteresting duelist so the big duels against him were repetitive and lacking flair. The animation was mostly gorgeous but did suffer from “eh that character is in the background in this shot, it’s fine if they’re just a misshapen blob” syndrome. The plot made as much sense as YGO ever does: it’s supposed to be in manga canon but there are still inconsistencies and the plot could have used more structure. It’s definitely only welcoming to people who already like YGO, I can’t imagine getting much out of it if you’re not a YGO fan! But if you are, it’s excellent fun!

Now for details!

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During the filming of Jimmy Reardon, all the female cast members were very attracted to River. Since his character was to be a promiscuous, sex-anywhereanytime person, “they took artistic advantage of the situation,” admits Louanne. “You’ve got a sixteen-year-old kid who apparently is very hot. He must (have been) because women were just throwing themselves all over him. They were attracted like he was a magnet for women. Just imagine being a sixteen-year-old kid in Chicago, and you’re shooting a movie with all these women, and all of them want to rehearse the sex scenes with you. Rehearse them! Do you know what I mean? ‘Let’s go somewhere and rehearse the sex scene.’ But, it was all professional; nothing happened.”

- In Search of River Phoenix (2004)

Guys, if Baby Groot can’t remember his former life (apparently Gunn said so) does that mean he couldn’t recognize Rocket, either? Because that would mean Rocket probably freaked out in happiness when Groot “came back” - only to get a metaphorical punch to the gut when he realized that Groot doesn’t know him anymore.
(Rocket seriously gets too many sad things in these two movies, ouch.)


On this day 34 years ago, someone quite special was born. Now, let me just start out saying that I would never have thought that I would stan (yep gotta use the new hip thing to say now >~< lol) someone so hard before.

Okay, correction. Never thought that Orlando Bloom, first celebrity crush, would be replaced. He was replaced by Russell Crowe. Who was replaced by Richard Armitage. Who was replaced by Tom Hiddleston quite recently.

This man I’m about to talk about is a very close second. Tom is still first but this dork (I’m calling him a dork in a good way cause it is, trust me) is really REALLY close to taking over.

I’ve had a rough patch over these last couple of months. I have told some, very few actually. Others I haven’t, though you can make some guesses and even then it would only be a little bit of what I have gone through. Some I have solved. Others will be solved in the future.

I’m also sure a lot of you don’t even read these birthday wishes (which I’m totally cool with cause they’re my quote-unquote therapy and my way of showing the person that they mean something to me without putting it deep into their faces).

Anyway, 34 years ago, Henry Cavill was born on this day. This guy has played a part in the show The Tudors, is the Man of Steel (real life and in the movies, if you catch my drift), and a huge dork. I mean, he’s a huge dork. His little, not so little, American Akita is named after the Man of Steel himself, Kal-El. Kal for short of course. He apparently “adopted” a bat a while back and named him Ben, after his friend Ben Affleck. At least I won’t be the only person in this world who names animals after real life people ;) coughcough Totally not gonna name a corgi Hiddles >~< coughcough

Henry is mostly known for his Man of Steel part and I will not deny that he fits the part as the Man of Steel for his already kind and gentle heart, but his part in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was pretty dang good. If he was one of the runners for James Bond against Tom Hiddleston, I don’t know who I would want more. It would be quite the hard decision. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. or The Night Manager???

What I like about him more is he tries his best to avoid drama at all costs. He tries to get along with other actors. On National Superhero Day, he posted on Instagram a picture of him in his Superman costume/shirt (idk on which, honestly looks like the costume but he’s filming MI6 at the moment, don’t ask how I know that okay). Anyway, he posted that picture with the caption:

“Fly your colors today brothers and sisters. It’s National Superhero Day! I personally just want to thank all of you guys and gals for keeping us so entertained and setting such a fantastic example for superhero fans, young and old, around the world.” and tags so many different actors from both the DC world and Marvel world. (Side rant he didn’t tag Tom, but that’s okay).

I have the feeling he didn’t want us or any one else to just wear their favorite superhero shirts, but to also wear the pride of our country. Those soldiers who risk their lives out there to protect us. Now that could just be me feeling things, but he does believe in a cause like that. He runs in marathons to raise money for all kinds of causes. For pete’s sake, he’s a well-known (fairly) actor and doesn’t have an assistant. He takes care of his own social media accounts. He does train with someone, but that was only before his incident. He hurt his knee a few months back. He’s recovered, but even after he as recovered, he’s still training. Still working on movies. He’s trying to show people that if you want to chase your dreams, chase them.

Happy birthday, Henry Cavill!!! Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a beautiful day! Give Kal a big hug! Go get a drink or something! Take a break! It’s your day! ❤ Can’t wait to see Kal-El come back from the dead!!

halloween starters

“I made us matching costumes. Now we can be married zombies.”
“I made some drinks for us all. What’ll it be? Virgin’s blood or scraped slime?”
“Look at that intestine cake!”
“You call that a costume? You wouldn’t even pass as a failed attempt at hanging up the sheets in stormy weather.”
“Trick or treat!”
“That’s a little bit too realistic for my liking.”
“I don’t care how scared of horror movies you are, we’re watching them.”
“They say this is the scariest haunted house in the entire country… Apparently they do all these things to the people who go in there. Like taking them into cellars and hanging them up in chains. You wanna go in?”
“I know it’s silly, but Halloween freaks me out. I mean, what if there are demons and ghosts who come out to kill people and don’t get noticed because everyone looks scary as hell?”
“Oh my god, you scared the life out of me…”
“I’m going to eat you…”
“Give me candy or I’m going to kill you.”
“I’ve had so many sweets I’m going to be sick.”
“Whoever said that trick or treating was for kids is wrong. I’m never going to stop doing this.”
“You can see that I take Halloween very seriously. These decorations have been up for weeks.”
“I’m a real vampire.”
“Oh my god, is that a real spider?!”
“I think I heard something coming from the basement…”
“Do you think stuff really happens on Halloween? Supernatural stuff, I mean.”
“Have you ever seen a ghost?”
“I think I just saw something move outside your window… Is someone watching us?”
“Don’t blame me! It was your idea to go in here!”
“This is the scariest shit I’ve ever seen.”
“Don’t fucking scream. You might wake up more than just your neighbours.”
“Let’s watch a horror movie.”
“I feel like we just walked into a scary movie.”
“What’s that knocking?”
“Did you leave a window open? It’s getting cold in here.”
“Why did all the candles just go out? This can’t be a coincidence, right?”
“No, no, no, I’m not touching a Ouija board ever again.”
“Guys, let’s be reasonable. It’s probably just somebody playing a trick on us.”
“Happy Halloween!”

“Realization” - Requested Oneshot

“Realization” - Requested Oneshot

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Victor Zsasz x Reader

Word Count: 1,260

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Violence, Cursing, Cuteness

Summary: @dontphunkwithmylove

Author’s Note: This is my first time writing from not the reader’s point of view. So I hope I did okay. Also, I apologize to everyone who has requested prompts to me. Things have been more difficult than I thought recently and caused me to have a delay in all of my writing.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Victor’s P.o.V

I never intended to be in this position, but I’m not necessarily upset by it. For once, I saved someone.

I was watching a target from a fire escape. He was some low life that Don Falcone had a bone to pick with. I didn’t question it. If Don wanted him dead, he was going to be dead within the hour. Nothing about this guy seemed to be dangerous or aggravating until she came by.

An attractive woman was heading through the alleyway to probably get home quicker. But this scumbag saw her and took his chance. I watched him walk up to her. They were talking and she obviously didn’t want anything to do with him. He pinned her against the wall and got too close to her; his hand traveling up her thigh while the other pushed her hip against the brick of the building. She screamed for help, and I pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Usually things don’t bother me in Gotham. But if a woman gets harmed or objectified in any way, I interject with no questions asked.

As the douchebag’s body fell, I made my way to her, holstering my gun and trying my best to look decent. She was obviously shaken, so I fully expected her to say no to my offer to walk her home. But she surprised me. Once she put together that I was the one that shot him, she actually felt safer walking with me.

She led the way and started conversation. Her name was (Y/N), a name that fit her perfectly. She told me about herself and how she was new to Gotham. I didn’t think I would talk much, but there was something about her that made me want to talk to her. I didn’t share too much, but I was myself.

I was myself and she wasn’t scared of me.

When we did finally get to her place, I did yet another thing that was new for me: I asked her out. I never thought I would even consider a female figure in my life. But I wanted her.

And that brings me to today.

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anonymous asked:

what are some good shows/movies of the actors/actresses i can watch??

please keep in mind that i have only watched a few of these! a (*) means i super recommend it! :-)) I’ve linked the trailers to each of the movies/shows below, if I was able to find a trailer! All of these are pretty easy to find online to stream. *I only included movies where they have a more prominent role, and are more recent and easily accessible. 

    - Winter in the Blood (BONUS: Julia Jones is his co-star in this!)
       I haven’t watched this personally, but according to a friend of mine, it’s pretty good! (2013)
    - Fishing Naked* (BONUS: Tinsel Korey is his co-star in this!)  
       This is a comedic movie! All about this guy named David and his friends pulling pranks to scare off fishing tourists and media. (2015)
    - Never Back Down 2 
      This is also a pretty good movie. Alex plays this guy called Zach Gold and he joins this underground fighting ring to prove something to himself. If you want to see him dancing, shirtless, and fighting in a ring, this is the movie for you! ;;))) (2011)
    - Mine Games 
      I haven’t watched this personally, but another friend who likes the wolf pack said she really likes this movie! It’s a horror movie, and that’s all I really know about it! (2012)
      HOLY FUCK.. I’M SO PROUD OF ALEX FOR LANDING A ROLE IN THIS EVEN IF IT’S SORTA SMOL!! As much as we can see in the trailer, he plays a soldier that accompanies Harley Quinn when she ventures off to do her thing! (You can see Alex in the background of the scene where Harley Quinn is talking about the voices to the soldiers, and the last scene where Harley Quinn breaks the glass of a shop display to grab a purse! He’s also in one frame of the trailer fist-bumping Scott Eastwood! ((listen 2 me that scene slayed my fucking life i was dead i was like yas alex slay me bitch)) He’s sporting a pretty gnarly beard and moustache, so he might be a little hard to spot. Nothing a quick rewind and pause can’t find, though!) I’m so fucking hyped for this movie y’all don’t even know omg… He was also rumored to play a Jason Todd/Robin or smth,, and his role is pretty ambiguous/no-one gives a shit ab his role so who knows?? Maybe his character sneaks up on ya in the film! 
    - the Red Road* (BONUS: Jason Momoa is the main character!)
      This is such a good TV show. It fucks with your mind and Kiowa is pretty bad-ass in this. Here’s a link to an interview about the show where he mentions the Twilight cast and the wolf-pack! :-)) It’s available to watch on Netflix!
      Kiowa plays this kid named Junior who lives on a reservation. This show is AWESOME. It really just reveals what reservation life is, touches on police brutality and power manipulation, racism, etc.. I really recommend you to watch it if you enjoy crime/mystery shows! (2014-2015) 
    - the Lesser Blessed 
      I haven’t personally seen this, but again, a friend watched it and she really enjoyed it! It’s based off a book, I believe. Kiowa really seems to like playing more angsty roles. (2012)
    - Wind Walkers
      This looks like an interesting movie that I haven’t gotten around to watching! I’ve been meaning to. It’s apparently a horror film about Native American monsters. (sorry if I worded that wrong!) (2015)
    - Feed the Devil 
      I wasn’t able to find a stream for this movie, unfortunately. I don’t know much about it, either, so watch the trailer!! (2014)
    - The Ridiculous Six: (BONUS: Taylor Lautner is a main star in this!) 
      This is a comedic movie that stars Adam Sandler and other pretty big names. This was fun to watch! However, the movie has stirred up some controversy over the representation of Native Americans. It’s up to you to watch. It’s available to stream on Netflix. When watching the movie, I think you’ll be able to see why many people argue that it’s controversial– again, up to you to watch. (2015)
    - Longmire: 

      She is a recurring, guest star on this TV show. 
    - She has quite a few upcoming projects to watch out for as well!
    - Descendants:
      This is a popular original Disney Channel movie that came out last year! Booboo is a main star, and plays the character “Jay”, son of Jafar. Keep in mind that this is a Disney movie, and it probably won’t appeal to older audiences. I personally didn’t like it just because it was very cliche, but that isn’t to say that the film isn’t good! It’s just not my taste. (2015)
    - White Frog:*
      Can I just say: Booboo’s performance in this is INCREDIBLE. He plays a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome, who struggles with his social and personal life after his older brother passes away. There are some awesome stars in this like Gregg Sulkin, and Tyler Posey. This is a wonderful movie to watch with a lovely moral and awesome POC and LGBTQ representation! (2012)
    - X-Men: Days of Future Past: 
      Booboo has a small role in this film as a superhero called “Warpath”.
    - Honestly, this kid has so many movies and projects to his name, so trust me, you’ll be able to keep up with him. (2014)
    -  Fishing Naked: 
      see above in Bronson Pelletier’s section! (2015)
     - Arctic Air:
    This is an old Canadian TV series that I believe got cancelled? Anyways, it’s not a bad TV show, and all the full episodes are available on the CBC website, which will be linked HERE. It’s about an airplane hangar facility, and it’s got some interesting drama surrounding it. I think Tanaya is pretty good in this, and is a central character, especially in later seasons! If you ever need screencaps of her, this is the place you want to go. (2012-2014)
    - Words and Pictures: 
      This is an old rom-com movie. Tanaya, based on the trailer, seems to be a central student in the movie– which I haven’t seen! 
    - the Night Shift: (premiering June 1st, 2016) 
      This is a Canadian medical drama TV series! Tanaya will be playing a central doctor in pretty much every episode. I’m super excited because I love medical dramas and it’s coming out really soon!! :’’) 
    - Tanaya has guest-starred on the hit TV show, “the 100″ as Mel, in the episodes “Many Happy Returns” and “Human Trials”. She’s also appeared frequently in the TV shows “Continuum” and “True Justice”. 
    - Tanaya has quite a few projects that will be coming out in the next few years! She will be a main character in a short film called “The Hunt”, which is currently in pre-production starring Matt Daddario (mega heart eye emoji omg), and is also portraying Sacagawea, a national icon and hero Lemhi Shoshone woman who was a vital guide to the Lewis and Clark expedition, in an upcoming TV mini-series currently in post-production. 

**Please keep in mind that most of these movies are low-budget, or indie movies. Don’t expect brilliant, Oscar-worthy pieces of art– and take the projects for what they are. If you don’t like them, don’t leave nasty reviews and discredit all these incredibly hard-working individuals’ efforts and talents. If you’re thinking: “Why do many of these actors mainly have small, indie roles in lower-end productions?”, remember that it’s all a part of a bigger problem surrounding Native American talent and content.  Be reasonable y’all, and respect all the hard work put into the performances, production, and years of effort it took to get these actors and actresses to where they are today. 

**Also keep in mind that these are all based off what I could find on the Internet! Some of this info may be outdated, or wrong, but it’s unlikely it is. HAPPY WATCHING!

***EDIT: for Alex Meraz, if u can handle a sad story, pls watch his episode of “New Worlds”!!! It’s super easy to find on YouTube (literally just search “New Worlds Alex Meraz”) and it should be there in pretty good quality!!! I just reblogged an old ask where I link the episode!!!

idontbelieveinfear  asked:

Good time of day! I've read quite a lot of your metas, and I really love how deeply you analize characters, relationships, songs, moments from either movies and TV-shows, how you find parallels. It's great that your blog exists, thank you. I had a Great time ruffling through it and I mean to carry on. There's a hell lot of cool stuff. Now to the ask itself. I'd be great to hear your pov and opinion on this formless thoughts of mine (and maybe convert them into another awesome analysis post :)

Several HTTYD rewatches ago, I have thought about those dragons the teens fight on the ring as exactly the ‘individuals’ that will later become the Riders’ trustful companions - for the first time. I must have matured since the first coupl'a rewatches, or became more perceptive, but I noticed how distressed they all were. How scared of dying on that very arena they must have been. But nevertheless didn’t let it show and even let their personality slip through the feral aggressiveness (like when Stormfly laughed at Snotlout, or Meatlug’s cute face as she was mercilessly brought down by dragon nip, or Hookfang’s entire daring demeanour and the smirk he gave Hiccup after pinning him down) 

Since I’ve been thinking a lot bout it, I’ve put together a logical chain, for it all to feel even worse. These dragons must have been young since they were captured. Young, unexperienced and reckless. We’ve been proved that Hiccup and Toothless are of same age, so it’s not too crazy to assume that other dragons in out team and their humans are peers. More or less. Their childish\playful behaviour (after the war ended) speaks for them. 

What tipped me off, what threw me on this train of thought in the first place, was Hookfang’s reaction to the loud BANG that Stoick made when demanding to stop the fight. That he, having seemingly calmed down a second ago, went to bite, wreck, fire at everybody. Kill. I mean, how tense, desperate, s c a r e d was he? That he’ll be killed this very day? And then apparently won’t?? What the hell?? So, after all, he will???? WHAT. 

Imagine teens - CHILDREN - the age the gang was in the first movie, having to fight like gladiators every day and facing death every. damn. day. Life was hell for them, and who knows how long they were kept in cages before the revolution happened. Sorry. This.. wasn’t supposed to be this long. I just get a lot of feels and I have nowhere to put them and no one to spill them to. TY 

Thank you for spilling your feels! It really is fascinating to consider the first movie from the dragons’ perspective. As you point out, these dragons experienced a rather unpleasant time with the Vikings during dragon training. They were used as tools to teach children how to fight and kill dragons. The end goal of training was to even have Hiccup kill Hookfang in the ring!

The Hairy Hooligans would have had to hunt these dragons down, capture them, and contain them. My guess is that the Hooligans would have had the sense to take dragons young. They did not know about the hatching grounds until Gift of the Night Fury, nor had access to the dragons’ main island until Toothless showed them the way, but the Hairy Hooligans could have captured young dragons that were not yet fully grown. It’d be far easier to trap, take, and transport smaller juvenile dragons, after all.

And there could even be evidence for that. You suggest that Stormfly, Hookfang, Barf and Belch, and Meatlug are all fairly young - and I agree, but I’m going to propose they’re even younger than your guess! There’s a suggestion in one of the comics that Stormfly might be far younger than Toothless… approximately two years old - that is, if Arngrim Dammen is to be believed. So that means that the Hairy Hooligans could be taking very young dragons for their training.

Regardless, it’s sad to think about the conditions that Barf and Belch, Stormfly, Meatlug, and Hookfang would have endured. These dragons would have been scared, upset, and miserable. The enclosures for the dragons are not very large. They hardly would have been able to get exercise or social interaction (and dragons are rather social creatures, as we have seen). These dragons would have been kept healthy enough for teens to fight them in training, but it would still be miserable conditions.

For as you point out, the dragons would be constantly scared that humans were going to kill them. Meatlug wouldn’t understand that this is battle practice and the kids are going to just fight her, not slaughter her. These dragons are going on the defensive and protect themselves from aggressive humans as they have done for generations. It would be extremely frightening to re-enter fight after fight after fight, incapable of escaping this small ring, and fighting humans. It’s no wonder that these dragons appeared far more dangerous and aggressive to the teenagers… these dragons were not in the correct conditions to express their gentler behavior.

As you point out, Hiccup is capable of bringing out their gentler sides, though. Lots of their responses are to immediate physiological sensations, that said. Stormfly collapses under the amazing sensation of being scratched in the right spot - it’s almost a reflex she falls down so hard. XD Meatlug gets high from dragon nip right away - that is a substance affecting her mind and causing her to become docile. But where we really see the cool thing happening…

…is Hiccup with Hookfang in the Kill Ring. 

It’s to note that Hookfang is wary of Hiccup. Hiccup demonstrates peaceful behavior but the dragon is still noticeably cautious. Hookfang only approaches slowly after Hiccup has demonstrated enough that he is not harmful.

But Hookfang has also been in such a bad place that, as soon as he hears Stoick protest, he immediately goes on the defensive and starts fighting again.

Ultimately both humans and dragons are capable of overcoming their fear to one another. The humans have a lot of personal blocks they have to overcome, too. Together, human and dragon forged bond in HTTYD… learning how to interact with gentleness and peace rather than aggression and war.

Zutara + Grease

Way back when I was 14 and Zutara was life, I saw the movie Grease for the first time and freaked out. You see, the main dude is named Danny Zuko. So this happened.

But like…
what is Zuko’s arm doing? I mean, I always dance with my fist clenched in fury and my arm bent at a 90 degree angle, but is this really the time or place?

Also I figured out why I put weird, jagged holes all over his jacket. Apparently I was attempting to make it look shiny. Ya know, like Mai’s hair? Cry.

Cyrus Lupo / Miracles

As requested by @no-shortage-of-faults:

An love/after story for Cyrus Lupo

This ended up being way longer than I thought it would be, but that’s what happens when you stay up until 3 AM writing…. Anyway, I love Lupo and although I did slightly ship him with Connie, he deserves to be happy in anyway possible, so this gives him a bit of afterstory after the original L&O ends. Enjoy!

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So I have a theory about the captain’s constant wheezing in the movie, and why no other ghost seems to be having the same problem. I mean it’s pretty apparant that they don’t have to breath and they probably even can’t as their lungs are kinda dead.

But maybe the captain, still clinging to the remains of his old life didn’t want to give up this basic sign of being alive, and he’s the only one of the crew with enough strenght to make his lungs work again somehow, but it must be difficult to keep them going so his breath comes out so wheezy.

xosgni  asked:

Hello. Do you have any advice on how to create genuine surprises in a story? To give you an example of what I want to avoid, I'll use Captain America: The Winter Soldier as an example. In it, the mysterious title character shows up and, surprising almost no one, it is Captain America's believed-to-be-dead friend, Bucky Barnes. How can you avoid making a reveals like this predictable?

Real surprise in a story is awesome, and like all awesome things, pretty hard to do. I’ve got two tips that might help but I think either way it’ll take some working.

One, is the use unreliable narrator. This is a narrator that either intentionally or unintentionally tells the story in a way the deceives the reader. Let’s take the narrator of Shutter Island (spoilers ahead). Throughout the story we know that something is off but we don’t know what it is exactly. The story we are told makes it seem like the island and its insane asylum is what’s wrong and that Teddy is the victim of something somewhat supernatural or at least eerie. You start to put your faith in what the narrator says about Teddy because that’s the side of the story that you’re “seeing” so it seems to be the truth. Along the way, of course, you get indications that maybe Teddy isn’t so reliable but then you get other indications that maybe it’s because someone is messing with him. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie this might not make sense to you but the point is that creating that bond between reader and narrator and then slowly sowing the seed of doubt can lead to some real unexpected endings. 

The trick, which is my second tip, is that you don’t want to give away the surprise but you have to leave clues at the same time. In Winter Soldier’s case, as much as I loved that movie, I see what you meant about the not-so-surprise twist. I think it’s because we saw those flash backs of Bucky and Steve that were kind of just inserted into the movie for “no apparent reason”. Here’s the thing, readers are pretty smart. They know that anything included in the book (or movie) should have some meaning to the overall plot of the story. Talking about Bucky’s relationship to Steve could just be nostalgia for Steve’s old life. But they push it a bit too much, with the flashbacks, the memorial-type thing for Bucky at the museum exhibit and having Steve talk about his friendship. There’s just too much attention on Bucky. Plus, not too many people stay dead in the MCU anyway ;). So the clues have to be carefully and inconspicuously woven into the story. Make it some detail that could technically be explained away or seems common enough at the time, but when linked with other pieces of the puzzle it seems super obvious. Mention it, but don’t linger on it. At the end when the surprise is revealed the reader will think back on those little details they basically skimmed over and go, “Damn it, I should have thought of that.”

Because a good surprise isn’t just throwing in a twist for the sake of a twist that the reader had no chance of figuring out. Giving them everything they need to figure it out but giving them no reason to look at the clues is what I think makes for a good surprise.


The Truth Will Set You Free (part 1)

Anonymous said:

Can I request an imagine where the reader is Liam’s best friend but Hayden doesn’t like her and is super rude to her but Liam has no idea and stiles is really protective of her about it and makes an elaborate plan to make sure Liam knows how mean Hayden is and some cute stuff and Liam and the reader end up together in the end? If it isn’t too much maybe??

Warning: this imagine contains some curse words because I was feeling extra saucy.

Y/N pov:


Liam: Y/N why do you hate Hayden?

Y/N: What?! Liam I don’t hate her she hates me. This entire time I’ve been trying to tell you but clearly she has you wrapped around her little finger.

Liam: How can you say that about her? Y/N why are you trying to ruin this for me; Hayden is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and if you can’t accept her then maybe we should just each other a little space for a while.

Y/N: I’m not trying to ruin this for you, I’m trying to protect you from getting your heart broken by that evil conniving bitch but if you’re going to be too blind and stupid to see her true face then maybe we should give each other space!

~Flashback over~


Y/n’s inner monologue:

I don’t know how it got this bad one minute it was just me and Liam, best friends till the end and next thing you know he goes and gets himself a self-absorbed bitch of a girlfriend, who also despises mean for some unknown reason. Ever since they started dating it’s like she’s had it out for me.

In the beginning of their relationship Hayden an I got along just fine, we actually talked to each other but now that I think about it she did most of the talking (red flag #1) but it all changed after that day.

Literally my life has been a living hell, it feels like I’m stuck in one of those typical high school movies where the mean girl aka Hayden is out to get me the quote unquote new kid for no apparent reason at all.

The only person who’s kept me in check through all of this bullshit is my hella protective and amazing kinda brother Stiles (he’s not actually my brother he’s kind of like the brother I never had).

The only downside to him being there for me is that he keeps trying to come up with these crazy schemes so Liam could finally catch Hayden in her natural bitch mode. The problem with that is Hayden always finds a way to reapply her fake “make Liam hate Y/N and love Hayden more” mode before he gets there to see the real her.

The worst part is that Liam still doesn’t know how I really feel about him…I’m completely and utterly in love with him…omg I told you my life is like an old high school movie but sadly it won’t end like one because this is real life.

Let me tell you what happened on what I like to call the worst day of my life.

~End of inner monologue~


The day started out like any other except it was Friday and on the third Friday of every month Liam and I usually have our annual Movie Pizza Marathon Bonanza Weekend (it’s literally the only thing that puts a little pep in my step in the morning). Little did I know that little miss bitch-a-lot was going to ruin everything. Per usual I picked up Liam so we could get to school of course Liam has to look “perfect” for his girlfriend.

Y/N: “HONK, Liam come on or we’re gonna be late, I’m sure you look amazing as always.” Liam got in the car swiftly closing the door I waited till he put his seat belt on before I opened my mouth to speak.

Y/N: “Are you as excited about our MPMBW as I am, which is kind of impossible because I’m literally bursting with excitement right now.”

Liam: “Yeah, totally excited but not as excited as you are. You’re so excited I can literally taste the excitement rubbing off of you.”

Y/N: “Ok, overly dramatic much?” I said as I rolled my eyes. “It’s just we haven’t hung out together as much ever since you and Hayden started dating. We haven’t had a MPMBW in two months.”

Liam: “Now look who’s being over dramatic, I distinctly remember a MPMBW last month.”

Y/N: “No we didn’t. Liam you’ve been spending all of your time with Hayden, leaving my ass high and dry. I’ve been hanging out with Stiles for two months now and you know I’ve seen the Star Wars trilogy at least 15 times. I’m pretty sure I know about 40% of the words from each of the movies by now.”

Liam: “Y/N I’m sorry. I promise this weekend it’ll be just you and me, no Hayden or Stiles or Star Wars.”

Y/N: “Oh thank god, don’t get me wrong I love Stiles but if I have to sit through another screening of Star Wars again I just might die.”


It was finally the end of the school day “thank god” I thought to myself. I was waiting by Liam’s locker when she witch showed up (I only tolerate her for Liam’s sake).

Hayden: “Why are you here?”

Y/N: “If you must know I’m waiting for Liam…obviously or I wouldn’t be standing at his locker.”

Hayden: “Why?”

Y/N: “We’re hanging out at my house this weekend.” I replied slightly annoyed.

Hayden: “There is no way he’s hanging out we you all weekend; I won’t allow it.”

Y/N: “What! Hayden you can’t just tell Liam not to hang out with me, he’s my best friend. Besides you’ve hung out with him for the last two months, I will not let you ruin this weekend for me!”

Hayden: “Why, because you’re in love with him?”

Y/N: “No because I know your true face, because I know that you’re just a self- absorbed controlling bitch! I know that the only reason your with Liam is because his popular and his “status” helps boost your ego. I know that you’re insecure because you think I’m going to take him away from you but I’m not because I would never do anything to hurt him and I’m not a heartless bitch like you. You’re too blind to see that Liam actually loves you and because of that reason I let you have him. I let you have our annual hang out weekends so he could spend time with you.”

Hayden: “Whatever bitch you think you let me have him but the truth is I can have Liam anytime I want and that’s something you’ll never have. I don’t need Liam to up my status because I’ve always been at the top he’s just collateral damage, a sex machine, a boy toy. You’re just mad because I have him wrapped around my little finger, all I have to do is bat my eyelashes and pout my lip and he’s all mine.”

That was it, the last straw was sitting in the cup and she just tipped it over. I don’t know what happened or how but something inside of me clicked. It’s like she knew just how to flip the switch the right way. My arms reacted before my brain, I wrapped my hands around her throat but before I could say anything I was pulled away from her.

Liam: “Y/N what are you doing!”

Y/N: “I…I-I uh…”

Hayden: “What does it look like she was doing, she was choking me!”

Y/N: “Liam… it’s not what you think or maybe it is, I don’t actually know how to explain it but believe me when I say that I’m truly sorry.”

Hayden: “Sorry…sorry, that’s all you have to say for nearly killing me.”

I knew Liam was never going to believe me now because out of nowhere Hayden just started crying, “Oh she’s good”, I thought. Next thing I knew Liam wrapped his arms around her waist as she nuzzled her head into his shoulder.

Y/N: “Liam…omg are you seriously believing this bullshit right now. She was literally saying all these terrible things about you a second ago that’s the only reason I just did what I did.”

Hayden: “There is no way I would say anything bad about you, Liam I love you.”

Y/N: “OMG, you have to be fucking kidding me right now! Liam that is complete and utter bullshit. If you believe her, your girlfriend of three months, instead of me, your best friend of ten years, then you’re not really my best friend.

Liam: “ENOUGH! Y/N why do you hate Hayden?”

Y/N: “What?! Liam I don’t hate her she hates me. This entire time I’ve been trying to tell you but she clearly she has you wrapped around her little finger pretty tight. The worst part is that you don’t even realize that she’s just playing you.”

Liam: “How can you say that about her? She loves me and I love her. Why are you trying to ruin this for me; Hayden is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and if you can’t accept her then maybe we should just each other a little space for a while.”

Y/N: “How do you even know you love her, you’ve know her for three months I’ve known you all my life, you know I wouldn’t do something like this unless it was to protect you. I’m not trying to ruin this for you, I’m trying to protect you from getting your heart broken by that evil conniving bitch but if you’re going to be too blind and stupid to see her true intentions then maybe we should give each other space but don’t come crying to me when she breaks your heart!

Look y’all Judi Dench is a great actress and everything…

But every promo I see for Victoria and Abdul makes me more uncomfortable.

“You’re no long a servant”

*emotional music swells over a shot of a teary-eyed brown man who never should have been her fucking servant in the first place*

It’s very clearly going to completely excuse Victoria’s part in the horrific manner in which the British Empire treated India and Indian people.  Like, poor Victoria, everyone she’s loved has died, thank God she has this Indian man who exists only to serve and comfort her and be her emotional crutch, it’s not like he had a life back home or anything.  Apparently, the movie includes a scene of Abdul Karim kissing Victoria’s good and talking about the “glorious people” of England.

It really doesn’t matter that Victoria was, at the end of her reign, little more than a puppet.  The Windsors today are still puppets; that doesn’t mean I’m not going to side-eye the fuck out of Elizabeth II for possessing jewels wrongfully taken from India, with no plans on giving them back.  Sure, she didn’t personally colonize, but she’s letting the remnants of the empire’s colonization of India continue just… sitting there.  Without even the decency of a proper apology, i.e., giving back the shit the English stole.

Victoria was even worse because she was a part of it, she was The Propaganda Piece of that time and though she was ignorant and a woman of her time, that doesn’t mean I want to see her in a movie like “I want to learn about India” as if she’s some cute granny making friends with an exchange student and deciding she wants to try Indian food~.

Like, nah movie, I’m not buying Victoria as this benevolent grandma, I’m not buying Abdul Karim as a guy who was so happy to walk alongside this lady in a garden or whatever, his outfit pleasingly contrasting with hers because he’s Foreign.

Furthermore, let’s totally ignore the fact that Abdul was and still is vilified by historians.  Unlike John Brown, the real Faithful Servant, Abdul is often painted with the Scheming Brown Man stereotype, taking from Victoria when he was supposed to give.  Like he owed her shit.  Honestly, I hope he scammed his way into whatever he needed out of that lady, because she owed him.

Stark's Identity Revealed
  • Terra: You're a major crime-boss's captain?! And all this time, you've been keeping this secret? Are we just a cover for you? I mean, were you ever really our teammate? Well, apparently not, considering you didn't even trust us enough to tell us! Anyone else around here leading some bizarre double-life?
  • Amethyst: (quietly raises his hand behind Terra's back)
  • Terra: (without looking back) Put your hand down, Amy.

anonymous asked:

Guys, I thought we established he is actually a wizard and can apparate anywhere anytime? I mean, there are literally 8 movies to prove it.... jking. I think enough evidence stacks up that's he's back in LA, which is kind of disappointing tbh - I was hoping he'd get some decent detox-LA-family time in. But hey, he's an adult and can live his life however he pleases, obviously (duh).

Well, he spent a week in UK and was clearly enjoying his time there. Not really surprising that he probably wants to have a birthday party with friends. Anyway, it’s like you said, it’s his life and his choice :)

Hot For Teacher - Ian Thomas/Alison Crush (Master Theory)

Some of you were unsure of our Hot For Teacher being about Ian Thomas so here’s what we’ve gathered that indicates he is the one she wrote about in her diary entry and that he could be the starting point of the whole ordeal/master plan of A.

Ali wrote ‘Hot for Teacher’ when she spotted Ian interviewing for a teaching position at Rosewood High. In the 4.24 'A is for Answers’ we spotted his resume in the top right hand corner of Ian’s laptop.

This also goes with another clue that we mentioned in our 4.15 recap post:

Alison wanted to learn to use the field hockey stick to preferably get Ian’s attention. The one thing we aren’t sure about is if the flashback was before or after the Ian and Spencer kiss. We are thinking that since she saw him interviewing then she possibly had some idea of what position he was applying for. Which could have sparked her sudden interest in field hockey, meaning the above scene could have taken place before the Ian and Spencer kiss.

If that is the case, then this would explain why Ali was a bit pissed when she spotted her crush kissing her BFF. Also, it clears up what Ian meant when he told Spencer 'see you on the field.’ He could’ve received the coach position during this time since Spencer mentioned that she and Ian “had a moment, early in the summer before Ali went missing” (1.10). Meaning, if Ali hadn’t disappeared he would have started his new job at Rosewood High the beginning of their Sophmore year.

After spotting the kiss, Ali would by any means taunt Spencer until she tell Melissa about the kiss. But sadly it didn’t go down that way. Spencer threatened Ali that she would 'tell everyone the truth about the Jenna Thing’ which is what pissed Ali off even more. Not only did her BFF steal her crush, but she also heard her crush say “she doesn’t mean anything to me” when she and Ian were at Hilton head.

I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the Alicia Silverstone movie The Crush (1993), I think the Ali, Ian, Spencer, and Melissa thing is pretty similar to that movie.

External image

A journalist becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl whom proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances. Read More about the movie HERE. I also posted the video link for you guys to view the trailer.

I believe that Ian’s remark pushed her over the deep end and she basically snapped in the worst way, seeking revenge in the cruelest way possible. Ali was in love with an older guy and apparently she wanted to be loved back. If you guys remember in (1.18), Ian told Spencer that “Ali was a psycho stalker, who wouldn’t take no for an answer.” Meaning he was telling the truth. Also, this lead to the newspaper the girls found in 2.23, Labor Day Events for Philadelphia, Brookhaven, and Rosewood…a trail of Ali’s events after she left Ian in Hilton Head.

  1. Her first stop was to make sure Spencer’s threat never surface (the truth about the Jenna Thing), and that was to keep Jenna Marshall quiet with the blackmail. (Philadelphia - Jenna)

  2. Meeting with -A (Mona) her tormentor and possibly settling on a deal that will make both girls happy. I want to point out one more thing with this flashback, a lot of you claim that Mona was lying, I don’t think she was, Mona even told Spencer in 2.25 that Ali was “spying on a guy she had a crush on.” Spencer confirmed she was seeing Ian that summer. If so, when Mona saw Ali in Brookhaven Ali was indeed spying on someone, my guess is it was Ian and Spencer.  (Brookhaven - Mona

  3. Hiding the videos in a storage unit in Rosewood as a way to make sure her two new BFF's  (Jenna and Mona) stay on her team. (More on this towards the end) Ali also wanted to give Spencer one last chance to tell Melissa about her and Ian but Spencer wasn’t backing down which meant Ali had reason to give up on her friends because evidently the girls were on Spencer’s side as stated by Spence during the argument. (Rosewood - Spencer, Ian, & Melissa)

AlI was calling Beach Hottie or Board Shorts obsessively all summer, I seriously think the guy she was calling was Beach Hottie, who I believe was Ian Thomas.

I recall episode 4.02, Spencer told Hanna and Aria that “I’m guessing Ali called Beach Hottie-” Hanna quickly corrected her saying “Board Shorts” Review the trailer I posted above and you will see how Alicia Silverstone, who played Dorian, called Nick obsessively. We believe this is exactly how Ali was calling Ian from Georgia that summer.

The summer in Cape May, also unlocks even more secrets from that summer.

Alison’s obsession with Ian possibly traveled to the shores of Cape May where Melissa (who CeCe claimed to have took the picture) and possibly Ian spent their last moments before she finally broke it off . The Cape May visit took place before Ian and Ali were in Hilton Head, as it was earlier in the summer. Therefore, when Ali told CeCe that she was pregnant (3.17) she could have been lying all along to get some sort of sympathy from CeCe and make it seem as though the guy would kill her. Melissa broke up with Ian after finding out he could have gotten some other girl pregnant.

There’s a strong possibility that Ali has had a trail of crushes with older guys and the mysterious deaths of Ian, Garret, and Wilden were all crushes ending in a gruesome way.

Ever notice how all of the liars boyfriend’s were involved with Ali first.

Notice the tweet from Bryan Holdman. Now with Paige, we aren’t sure of a crush with her but if Ali did have one she was possibly unsure of her sexuality and therefore hated Paige because she was into Emily. We all know how Emily is Ali’s favorite. She could have plotted to expose Paige as a way for her to stop looking at Emily with “goo goo eyes”. W e posted the blog entry here.

Therefore, we are not backing off our Ali killed Ian theory, because we seriously believe she killed him. Our original theories below :

Retracing the Events at the Bell Tower - Did Ali Kill Ian?

We’ve been trying to figure out what exactly happened to Ian Thomas as well as, why Noel Kahn was in the finale.

The Bell Tower:

1. She hit her head and never woke up …

During the struggle between Spencer and Ian at the Bell Tower, Ian recites a possible suicide note for Spencer as he proceeds to unsuccessfully push her from the tower. He also mention this:

And the letter, the one I wrote on your computer won’t answer all of the questions but, it’ll answer enough.

At this moment we learn that Ian had Spencer’s suicide planned out.

2. What are you doing here …

As Spencer was dangling from the tower, a black hoodie walks up and Ian instantly recognizes this person. His shocking response was none other than “What are you doing here?” The widening of his eyes showed that he was shocked/surprised to see this person. In the 4B finale this hooded person was revealed as being Alison DiLaurentis.

The girl thought to be dead during this particular scene but, Ian’s reaction wasn’t that of a person seeing a ghost but more of a person he hadn’t seen in a while (if that makes sense). His reaction wasn’t shocking enough for a person who was seeing someone who was presumed dead, which made us wonder if he knew Ali wasn’t dead.

As hooded Ali knocked Ian off the tower, she quickly walks away to get out of sight.

3. You did what you had to do …

As the liars try to comfort Spencer, Ian is left dangling in the ropes; a rope around his neck and one underneath his arm. You have to wonder how he managed to untangle himself when he could have easily been hung to death from the ropes. This is impossible to do for a person hanging at the feet he was, also we reviewed the screen cap of his body hanging and noticed that the ropes were carefully knotted in certain spots and there was a main rope leading out and away from where he was hanging. We believe this is how he was pulled down and we question Ali’s story.

Ali said that she was waiting in the back and that she saw him, “he was still alive.” If Ian wasn’t dead and was just unconscious, then who pulled him down? Besides the Liars, Ali confirmed she was there at the scene, Mona claimed in 4.01 that “I didn’t push Ian from the Bell Tower. I wish I knew who did,” and Noel Kahn was in the crowd. Therefore, we figured that Ali and Noel Kahn could have worked together during this time to pull Ian down from the ropes and put him in a car out back.

We’re suspecting Ali and Noel because he had to have served some sort of purpose to what happened at the Bell Tower especially since he was seen standing in the crowd that night. In the finale he was the one who was helping her so it’s possible he knew about her being alive for some time. Also, Ali had a few reasons to kill Ian; a broken heart from Hilton Head, the risk of him telling others that she’s alive.

4. He’s been dead over a week …

Ian was dead longer than a week, this was mentioned by Melissa. If Ian was dead longer than a week than we assume that after his body was taken from the Bell Tower Ali and Noel decided to make it look like a suicide. We also suspect Ali because she wore the black hoodie that night at the Bell Tower and Ian could have very well been dead after falling into the ropes, but he was shot in the head to make it seem like a suicide.

The person who murdered him was seen in 2.04 putting Ian’s phone into Spencer’s bag. Remember this is the same person who was texting Melissa and asking for drugs. We still believe this to be Ali because who would want to see Melissa hurt more than Ali.

  1. Melissa was threatening Ali during the summer of her disappearance and she followed Ali and Ian to Hilton Head.
  2. Melissa told Ian that “if he saw Ali again someone would get hurt.” That sounded like fighting words to me, so “game on b-tch!”
  3. Ian said he was just “killing time until something better came along” - she was young and this was probably her first crush so to hear those words was very upsetting.

5. I killed Alison …

The suicide note. We decided to review Ian’s suicide note:

I killed Alison. I lost my temper because she knew too much. But there’s only so much you can bury. It won’t be that easy, but I know how to get rid of the pain. I can’t run from the law. Com and find me.

After reading this letter we matched it up with some things from what we saw in the season finale and this is what helped us with this theory that Ali could have possibly killed Ian (please click the link above for the photos). Because she didn’t deny or say if she did or didn’t, no one bothered to ask.

A list of things to think about as to why Ali is the number one suspect:

  • Ali wore the black hoodie
  • Ali’s stories doesn’t match up with Mona’s, they share some of the same events but are slightly different. Who do you believe?
  • Ali told Hanna “the four of them combined remember more about that night than they think they do.” Meaning the girls memory from that night is still gone and have yet to surface. Therefore, could Ali’s story be the truth are a lie?

Ali is Black Veil

Did Ali kill Ian - Part 2 (Better Explanation)

To break down our Bell Tower theory so that it is not confusing for you guys because I know a lot of you said you were confused :)

The story Ali told the liars in the finale could have been half truth and half lies. Remember Ali told Hanna that they “remember more about that night than they think they do.”

What we were implying with the Bell Tower theory was that Ali was setting up Spencer and the other liars because they can’t seem to remember what exactly happened the night of her disappearance. The four liars can’t remember that they were the ones who tried to kill Ali and buried her alive. They only have bits and pieces from what actually happened that night.

Ali only told the liars in the 4B finale ‘A is for Answers’ that her own mother did it because she realize that the girls still don’t remember. 

Noel have been helping Ali this whole time and the night of the Bell Tower incident the ropes were set up for Spencer (probably) but Ali realizes she does not want Spencer dead but perhaps to continue torturing her that’s when she emerges to knock Ian from the Bell Tower.

She and Noel pulled Ian’s body down from the ropes and placed his body in the trunk of a car out back. That is why we see Noel appear out of the blue in the crowd the night of the incident.

After Spencer pawned Melissa’s wedding ring, Ali/A paid to get it back out and gave the guy a horse shoe which was missing from the barn that Ian’s body was found in. The horse shoe was a symbolization of Spencer and all of her races won from horseback riding.

Ali shot Ian in the head in that barn to make it look like it was a suicide but she composed the letter out of the texts and messages that she’d sent the liars. The messages were clues relating to the night that she disappeared.

Also, Ian’s suicide note were all texts from - -A, meaning that - -A was Ali and the other -A was Mona.

Ali was setting the girls up and torturing them because they tried to kill her. We broke down Ian’s suicide note here but we will explain what it means:

I killed Alison - meant that the four liars attempted to kill Alison that night, either by shovel, or rock, or field hockey stick.

I lost  my temper because she knew too much - This meant that Ali knew too many secrets about the liars and were using these secrets against them. The liars were fed up with her bullying them so they decided to take action the night of the slumber party.

But there’s only so much you can bury - Meant that although the liars thought that by killing Ali (who isn’t dead) would free them of her and exposing their secrets they were wrong because although you buried the secrets, they will eventually emerge.

It won’t be that easy, - This meant that although Ali was young and manipulative she wasn’t dumb, she knew that one day the girls would turn on her, so she planned for Grunwald to show up that night and rescue her.

But I know how to get rid of the pain. - Meant that Ali had a plan of revenge and although and she would use an unexpected person (Mona) to help plan out her revenge against the girls.

I can’t run from the law - This meant that Ali knew that one day she will be discovered as not dead, and she will face the consequences.

Come and find me - This meant that Ali was still in charge of the liars and although their secrets were thought to be buried with the she-devil, she was more alive than ever. Therefore, seek me out.


Back to the theory:

Ali was texting Melissa from Ian’s phone because she was the one with his body, and this was a way for her to get back at Melissa for what she said at Hilton Head.

She decided that after they discovered Ian’s body that she would frame Spencer by placing the phone into Spencer’s bag and call when she and Melissa were together.

This goes into play with Ali telling Spencer to tell Melissa about her and Ian but Spencer couldn’t/wouldn’t do it.

We don’t know if this is the route the writers are taking but we love making theories and we really enjoy piecing together plot holes, so this theory was really fun to work on :)

Ali wAs sleeping at the KAhn’s!!!!!

Ali was sleeping at the Kahn’s during the same time that Maya was. Also, this would explain the whole “Maya Knew” thing. Maya knew about Ali being alive, not that Nate was in town like we were told.

Therefore, if Maya knew Ali was alive Maya perhaps, knew that Ali was the one who was torturing the girls.

Another thing to justify that Ali was involved is that we believe she was the one who was looking through Maya’s bag and took the pills from Maya’s bag. We believe she has been drugging the liars which explains their prolonged memory  loss. This is why the girls can’t seem to remember what exactly happened the night of Ali’s disappearance.

This also explains why A was seen looking at Emily’s picture as she was.

I have so much more to add to this, . . but first I need sleep, I’ve been working on this since yesterday.


     “My opinion might be a deadly sin in the goth subculture, so forgive me for my trespasses in advance, but: Do you ever wonder why some people prefer Gary Oldman to Bela Lugosi for Dracula? Because I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I mean, if someone told me they like Christopher Lee better, or Max Schreck, that I get, but Gary Oldman? Really? Literally all I can see is Lt. Gordon when I look at that man anymore.“

     She takes a bite of brownie, and gestures to the T.V screen in front of them where the silent version of Nosferatu is currently playing. 

     “Max Schreck was one of a kind though. Can’t be spookier than the silent Nosferatu.”