@thetoymakers sent me a headcanon request that didn’t show up as an ask:

Bunter, favorite possession headcanon

The favorite possession of this man, who has fairly few of them, is a camera. Not his latest acquisition, though it is a thing of beauty, nor even the first instrument purchased from his wages (though the old Leica still has a spot on his shelves.) His favorite possession is the Zeiss-Ikon custom model, imported, he knows, at no little trouble and expense – he’s still not entirely sure how it was kept secret from him – and given to him on the occasion of Lord Peter’s marriage.

Don't be ridiculous
  • Harry: We'll never find a partner for the Yule Ball.
  • Ron: What about Lavender?
  • Harry: Sprained her ankle. Apparently she tripped over something.
  • Ron: Oh. What about Parvati?
  • Harry: She hasn't come out of the girls' dormitory since the Potions accident yesterday. Hermione said the blemishes will fade though.
  • Ron: Huh. Okay, what about her sister Padma?
  • Harry: Nope. Somebody hexed her hair short. She's been crying for days.
  • Ron: What is going on? It's like somebody's trying to prevent us from getting a date to this thing!
  • Draco: Don't be ridiculous, Weasley!
  • Ron: Oh?
  • Draco: I couldn't care less about YOUR date!

i fucked up as DM again

early on in the campaign, i had a joke item available in the shop that would instantly succeed on all seduction rolls on robots, called the Baton of Robotica. i figured robots would never show up in the campaign, so it really wouldn’t be relevant and they’d forget they had it

well, way later on, i forgot they had it, and planned a whole story arc around a city full of aggressive robots, and didn’t realize my mistake until halfway through the arc when they were being chased by a horde of bots through the factory that was making them

one of the players pulled out the baton and just fuckin strutted up and down through the crowd with it, seducing an entire crowd of robots in seconds with his incredible charms and good looks

 i don’t even know what to do about this. they’re halfway through the arc, this potentially removes the challenge from the rest of it, and i fcukign love it

I love how in the first Avengers, Steve basically asks Tony what would he be without ‘suit’. Tony’s response is, of course, “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.”

Essentially, under the armor, he had more armor. Things to hide behind long before he was ever trapped in a cave with a box of scraps. He hid behind his intellect, his money, his intimacy issues, and his need to be useful to hide that broken little boy from the big bad world. 

this explained A LOT.

(second pic is the list of stuff Tyler wants to have Backstage)