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Lochte flat out lied about a crime. Hope solo was accused of something and she complied with authorities/courts. ☕️🐸

^^^ but it comes down to the type of crime and unfortunately pissing/vandalizing a foreign gas station in the Olympic host country, lying about it, creating a fake story, and causing international news is not as ‘bad’ as a pending gross misdemeanor of d.v…..

Don’t worry- there are assorted colors.

The product’s website lists 3 ways to ‘enjoy your new fashion accessory’:

1. Surprise your friends by casually pulling it out of your hair and remarking with surprise, “Oh my goodness, panties!” … (wtf???)

2. Slip one around your thigh while basking in the warm glow of the summer sun and boys’ stares … (again, wtf???)

3. Secretly leave one on the desk of a boss you hate and watch as he/she becomes a source of laughter around the office … (might try this one. But WTF???)

The site also has a few catch phrases, like “Panties are the universe,” and “Yo, world!!! This is Cool Japan!”


“I just want to be happy,” Regina begs.
Cora cups her daughter’s cheek. “Power is happiness,” she says. “You have a destiny, Regina. You will be queen.”
Regina jerks her head away from Cora’s hand. “I make my own destiny, mother.”

This is 1000000% the fault of these people on this post.

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