apparent transparent


I know it probably doesn’t look like it, but this post is me officially declaring a lawsuit against @zefive for unfairly dragging me into this ship with her friggin’ adorable headcanons/ideas for these two nerds because honestly that was just Uncalled For x,3

Radarrell?? Darrad???? we needa settle on a name for them lol~

I actually spent time on this

[til hamingju með afmælið ísland!](


Wanted to do some tests with coloring
I used @rolling-flash ’s Boulder Opal cause seriously I love his design/palette and I always wanted to draw him

Raffle prize for @bookwyrm00


Trying to make AC look black/white and kinda like Boggly Woods since I remember that I wanted to try editing the textures after they messed up in e+.

Maybe I can make new textures instead later but who knows how that’ll go.