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GOT7 Reaction - Having To Reassure You Because You Were Worried About Your Zodiac Signs Were Apparently Extremely Incompatible

Thanks for my amazing girl, @justgot7reactionsandsenarios0 for helping me out! Means loads <3

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Youngjae - *He’d be so sweet and would try his best to make you stop worrying about it and would tell you stars wont stop him loving you*

JB - *He’d sigh and let out a little scoff, thinking how stupid could you be if you have read that and he’s there right in front of you*

BamBam - *He’d be in uncontrollable fits of laughter after you tried explaining to him why you got to upset over this and would flick you in the head before telling you straight that the horoscopes are just useless and things like this*

Jinyoung - *He’d pretend like its the end of the world and would pretend like it couldnt work between you but he wouldn’t be able to carry on from laughing to much and would tell you not to worry*

Yugyeom - *He’d be so confused about what you meant by incompatible stars and would be so lost throughout your explanation*

Mark - *He’d laugh at how silly you were being and he’d tell you that there was no way that some stars were going to get in the way of you being together*

Jackson - *He’d look at you so stupidly and would roll his eyes so many times that it’ll actually hurt before he pulls you close to him and cuddles you so hard*


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Did I made it?? OwO I would like to ask for Midorima falling hard for someone who's apparently incompatible with him, and it just drives him crazy. Thank you!

No, thank you, anon, for requesting! Enjoy! -Admin Red

It was impossible.

You were completely different from him.

He was proper, neat, he had everything in control.

You were loud, rambunctious, and couldn’t even remember what your next class was.

And yet, Midorima was worrying for you, caring for you, falling for you.

Man proposes, God disposes?

It seemed like even Oha-Asa wasn’t on his side anymore.

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if you're still taking prompts, how about witch!dipper get a mail order demon (bill) to act as his familiar?

Interesting. Here’s a thing! Not actually a mail order demon, but I hope this is an acceptable plot replacement. (Still really need to learn how to write shorter fics. This ended up longer than I expected. D:)


It’s not terribly unusual for a witch not to have a familiar, but that’s typically reserved for people as old as Grunkle Stan, whose familiars have died, either due to natural causes, or in some duel or battle. They’re only animals, after all, and as useful and comforting as they are, they aren’t immortal. By the time most people reach middle age, their first familiars have already passed, and they’ve moved on to another one. 

They say that you never forget the first, that the combination of your magic influences you for the rest of your life.

Dipper’s eighteen, and he still doesn’t have a familiar. He’s never found anything that felt right.

A practitioner without one at Dipper’s age is, at best, weird, or at worst- Well, Dipper’s heard worse things said about him. At least in Gravity Falls, it’s more out of pity for his lack of companion, not that he’s shunned for being a freak with magic. 

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