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Why can't Tom and Star be together ifbhe spies in her if Star spies on Marco but you think they should be together?

Well sure, spying is a bad thing, and at the same time doing something bad doesn’t automatically mean that you’re a horrible person who doesn’t care for others. I mean, 

but in my previous post, Tom spying on Star was just the tip of the iceberg of the reasons behind their apparent incompatibility -again, I can’t stress it enough: I’m just writing about what the episodes have shown us, I’m not speculating on what the characters motivations might be in the future, what might happen, just what we have seen so far. They are cartoon characters, not real people, so their interactions are limited to what the writers decide to tell us.

Also, if we reeeeally want to get technical (I don’t think it’s needed, though, nor healthy), Star, in Bon Bon The Birthday Clown, spied on Marco to know what he was up to, to try to stop feeling as weird as she had been feeling all the night. Not cool, but this doesn’t make her a monster.
Tom repeatedly spied on Star to gather intelligence on her, to manipulate her into getting back to him in Mr. Candle Cares. This doesn’t make him a monster either, just someone who needed a metaphorical punch from Marco, and a literal one from Star.

GOT7 Reaction - Having To Reassure You Because You Were Worried About Your Zodiac Signs Were Apparently Extremely Incompatible

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Youngjae - *He’d be so sweet and would try his best to make you stop worrying about it and would tell you stars wont stop him loving you*

JB - *He’d sigh and let out a little scoff, thinking how stupid could you be if you have read that and he’s there right in front of you*

BamBam - *He’d be in uncontrollable fits of laughter after you tried explaining to him why you got to upset over this and would flick you in the head before telling you straight that the horoscopes are just useless and things like this*

Jinyoung - *He’d pretend like its the end of the world and would pretend like it couldnt work between you but he wouldn’t be able to carry on from laughing to much and would tell you not to worry*

Yugyeom - *He’d be so confused about what you meant by incompatible stars and would be so lost throughout your explanation*

Mark - *He’d laugh at how silly you were being and he’d tell you that there was no way that some stars were going to get in the way of you being together*

Jackson - *He’d look at you so stupidly and would roll his eyes so many times that it’ll actually hurt before he pulls you close to him and cuddles you so hard*


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