apparent corporation

Call me a terrorist and threaten my pay? Enjoy your nuked careers, yuh heathens.

(long story. tl;dr is at the end)

I used to work in hospitality in a metro known for it’s obscenely huge tourist population, you know, the city built around the Mouse. I was a manager for the recreational division of the hotel. So one day, my boss (who we’ll call Mary for the purpose of the story) comes into the shared managers office and starts rummaging around for something, and strikes up a small conversation about work related minutiae with me. It’s important to note she is actually 2 tiers above me, but was acting as head of the department while searching to replace my previous boss who recently quit (great guy by the way, huge loss to the company).

As we’re talking, she abruptly stops and says “By the way, you need to shave your beard, you look like a terrorist and I don’t employ terrorists”. Haha, funny joke between colleagues, right? Nope. I am half Indian and I do look middle-eastern, and have been taking this kind of shit since middle school. Plus, we’re not close, at all. So I reply as calmly as I can muster, “Hey, I get you’re trying to be funny, but on my end it comes off as pretty ignorant, so I’d appreciate it if you chilled out with the terrorist stuff” to which Mary retorts “Oh, I’m ignorant? We’ll see how ignorant I am during your annual review”, and proceeds to walk out of the room in a huff. My jaw dropped so low I could taste the floor.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (9)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 9 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15 Part 16   Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,333 (ish)

Second post of the day because that’s how much I love you all, consider yourselves lucky, hehe.

For a moment Junmyeon stood their dazed staring at the man, then quickly recollecting himself he bowed clumsily and offered him his seat at the table. However the man refused it.

“I don’t have time for formalities Myeon. I need to speak to you.” He looked around the table that you were all sat at.
“To all of you.”
You developed an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you knew it was not because of the broccoli.
“I’d rather do it down at my conference room, the security is higher.” You all sat there looking at him.
“Now Junmyeon!” He shouted, turning on his heel and gliding outside in a couple of strides, whoever this man was he meant business.

Junmyeon’s face had changed; he went from being a confident and composed leader to looking like a scared little boy. This man clearly had authority and it was affecting Junmyeon greatly. He hurried you all out of the house. You filled into the van one by one finding yourself squashed between Chanyeol and Yixing. You felt uneasy as all you could smell was broccoli, someone’s aftershave and Yuna’s perfume. What was happening now?

“Who is that man?” You whispered at no one in particular.

“Remember when I was telling you about Junmyeon’s brother running Genesis after his father was killed?” Yixing mumbled from beside you. “Well that’s him. And he never comes around so God only knows what is happening right now.” You felt Yixing’s body shiver slightly next to you making you more frightened than you initially were.

“His name’s Senior?” You whispered again.

Chanyeol shook his head next to you.

“That’s not his real name; it’s just a form of respect.” He looked up at Junmyeon and brought his mouth back to your ear, whispering. “They’re not your typical brothers. It’s more like a Boss and Employee rapport, strictly business. It’s a stagnant relationship.” He cleared his throat looking back up at Junmyeon.

“I mean it’s not like I just heard everything you said or anything.” Junmyeon scowled at Chanyeol, looking down at his palms. He began fiddling with his fingers. It was very rare for you to see Junmyeon anxious but right now it looked as though his heart was about to beat through his chest. Yuna held his hand and gave him a quick peck on the lips, in order to try and calm him down causing Jongdae to roll his eyes.

Not too long after and you had reached your destination. You were extremely relieved as Kyungsoo’s chair was taking up a lot of space and was beginning to make you feel claustrophobic. You stared up at the magnificent building ahead of you, huge glass panels were brightly lit on every floor.


It was definitely grand. If only the general public knew exactly what went on in the pits of the corporation. Fighting for a good cause had turned into a bloody mess, lots of lives were lost and tears shed. And now you were being summoned here by the boss himself, who didn’t even bother calling but instead took it upon himself to pay you a visit. This only meant trouble.

You all stood in the lift silently waiting to arrive on the floor that you were expected at. The elevator finally pinged open. You were fifteen floors high and to say you felt scared was not a big enough word to describe your emotions. Regardless you still ran over to the huge glass panel window in front of you and looked down. It was scary albeit beautiful, the city lights shone and it felt as though you were on top of the world. You were just about to reach for your phone to snap a picture, when you felt a hand grab onto your wrist delicately.

“Come on babe, we don’t have time to muck about this is serious.” Minseok looked down at you. He was right, you were clearly here for some urgent and serious business, sighing you let him drag you through a tall heavy door that Tao was standing in front of to keep open for you. You nodded at him and walked inside the conference room. You eyes widened as you marvelled at the sight in front of you. If you thought your board room was a “board” then you were sadly mistaken, this room was huge. The interior was plain; white with bit of navy and black around, but it was beautiful nonetheless.
Junmyeon’s brother already sat at the head of the table, waiting expectantly for all to sit down with arms crossed on the table, his face painted with a frown. You realised that each seat at the table had a small microphone and set of earphones, since the room was so big you were guessing it aided in hearing what other people were trying to say. Although you didn’t necessarily need it because you had all squashed together near the far end of the table, you put the earphones in regardless. Minseok frowned at you, swatting your hand but you didn’t care you continued to be playful anyway. Clearly whatever was happening here wasn’t good and you were going to leave here with bad news so why not have your cake and eat it too.

“So.” Junmyeon’s brother cleared his throat staring around the table, He brought a yellow coloured folder out from underneath the table and passed it around to Tao who was sat next to him. “All of a sudden Red’s statistics have been rocketing up again in the past 2 months or so. At first me and my private team thought it was a glitch on our half with calculations but no, it’s true. Maybe they’ve been doing private trades with other underground squads, I really have no clue. But Red Corp is as healthy as ever. Which begs the question Junmyeon, how the fuck is that possible?”
His brother slammed his hand down on the table, making you jump as the sound was amplified through the earphones. He was breathing in and out, his chest was heaving up and down heavily.
Junmyeon looked like a deer caught in headlights, he was beginning to panic and you could see it on his face. You could only imagine the amount of stress he faced trying to keep his brother pleased.

“I- I don’t know. We killed Red.” He was playing nervously with his fingers again, keeping his eyes on the table ahead of him; it was as though he was too scared to look up at his brother.

“Could it be Luhan then? He mentioned something when he kidnapped me, but I don’t even remember clearly now.” Minseok said, frowning heavily.

Junmyeon’s brother rolled his eyes, leaning back in his seat.

“Great, so we have a gaping loophole in all of this. Shit! You need to do a better job Myeon.”

“We’re doing all we can Senior I –”

“WELL ALL YOU CAN IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH JUNMYEON!” His brother roared across the table, slamming his hands down, making you and Yuna jump in your seats. She quickly grabbed for Junmyeon’s hand in an attempt to comfort him, you had noticed his eyes glazed over. But he refused to let the tears drop. You felt awful for him, His brother was cold-hearted and he was humiliating him in front of his whole squad. How did he expect the boys to respect Junmyeon when he was treating him this way?
“You know how dangerous those substances are Junmyeon! You fucking know this! Look what it did to our family, to everyone sitting around this table! Get your act together boy!” He scolded Junmyeon as if he was a 5 year old child making him feel smaller. He sighed running a hand through his hair in frustration and turned his attention to Minseok who was now in possession of the folder.
“Apparently The Red Corporation company name is being rebranded to Hanul. That’s all we’ve managed to obtain so far.” He pointed at the sheets laid out ahead of Minseok. You watched Minseok’s face intently as he began to squint at the papers.

“Oh shit. It is Luhan. Hanul has to be an anagram of his name. He’s picked up Red again.”
Your eyes widened, not exactly out of shock because you were sure that you were expecting it to be Luhan in the first place, but just at the fact that now this situation was actually becoming real. The room was silent for a moment eyes darting around the room. The sheets were continuously being passed around the large rectangular table, until they had reached Kyungsoo.

“Well he couldn’t have been acting alone. These figures are way too huge; he must’ve gotten some inside help. Especially since he’s levelled with our figures so perfectly.” He frowned looking at the charts and statistics. You all began to look up and turn your heads slowly.

“I’m telling you now, if any of you turn around to look at me, I won’t be responsible for my own actions.” Tao huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. You looked down at the table quickly again because admittedly he was who you were going to look at.
Why was Luhan going through all of this trouble? Fair enough he wanted you dead, but why was he so hungry for money and power.

Junmyeon’s brother got up from where he was sat at the table staring down at Junmyeon in what seemed to be disgust. Why was he so hard on him?

“Wow, even your men are doing a better job than you are. You can’t even stay on top of things. Maybe I should put him in charge.” He pointed at Minseok with his index finger. Your heart began beating rapidly, you squeezed Minseok’s thigh under the table. You didn’t want Minseok to be the leader of the pack; life was already stressful as it was. But he lowered his hand again.

“Do a better job Myeon! Otherwise I’ll be forced to take action and God knows I don’t want to treat you in a way that isn’t fit for one sibling to treat another. Do you understand?”

Junmyeon nodded his head, keeping his eyes on his hands that were shaking in front of him on the table.

“You were born with a tongue Junmyeon, learn to fucking use it! Do you understand!?” He walked up to Junmyeon and slapped him hard across the face, leaving a bright red hand print behind. Junmyeon winced at the pain, but finally looked up at his brother’s face for the first time in the room that night.

“I understand Senior Kim.”

His brother scoffed rolling his eyes he shook his head.

“Get out of my building.” He turned on his heel walking out of the room, the door banging loudly behind him. You looked at Junmyeon with concern who was being cradled by Yuna.

“It’s okay sweetie, he’s just angry. Just ignore him okay.” She mumbled, rubbing his cheek.

Poor Junmyeon.

Minseok’s P.O.V

He was sitting with Junmyeon in the living room; just the two of them and admittedly it was quite awkward.

“So how’s married life?” Minseok coughed, clearing his throat.

“Mmm you know, the usual. A few arguments here and there, but overall I’m just trying to keep her loved. She means the world to me, but you know how wives are.” He looked down at Minseok’s ring on his left hand and smiled subtly. It was silent for a second or two more, still a little bit awkward despite the conversation which Minseok was trying to spark. Minseok let out a breath and rested his arm on the younger males shoulder.

“Look, Junmyeon. What Senior said was not true you know that don’t you? You’re a great leader. You always have been.”

Junmyeon scoffed sarcastically, stirring in his seat.

“No I’m not. I’m crap, absolutely lousy. You don’t have to sugar coat any of this Minseok, I know I’m not particularly your cup of tea anyway.” It was silent for a beat. Minseok rolled his eyes finally and began to speak up.

“You brought this up before I ‘died’ and then you hesitated to say something at my ‘funeral’ because you convinced yourself I wouldn’t appreciate it. You need to clear this up for me, where has this come from? You thinking I’m not fond of you.”

“That’s because you don’t like me Minseok! At least…you’ve never really shown it. I don’t boss you about because I want to. I hate what I do; I don’t find my life fun. But I have no choice.” He pointed at the red mark on his cheek.
Minseok frowned, shaking his head still confused at what Junmyeon had to say.

“Junmyeon I don’t hate you and I never have done! You’ve looked after all of us so well. Do you think we’d all be alive if you hadn’t? Goodness me Myeon we would never have made it this far if you hadn’t. Yeah I’ve been angry with you in the past, but we’ve all been angry with each other Junmyeon. That’s how a family works! Brothers fight don’t they? I admire your strength Junmyeon, pretending everything is okay when it never is and now you have to be strong for your wife. It amazing, if I had just half the amount of courage as you do, then I would be a great man. Come here Junmyeon.” Minseok sighed, pulling Junmyeon’s head into his chest.
Junmyeon began crying silent tears now, allowing all of the pent up anger and emotions to flow down his cheeks, his breathing was erratic and heavy.
“We’re all here for you Junmyeon and not just us men but you have Yuna and Y/N. Y/N never stops talking about what a great man you are. I love you like a brother Junmyeon okay?” He kissed the top of his forehead.

“And don’t worry we’ll catch out this traitor even if it’s the last thing we do.”

Need some advice.

I need some advice for my brother. He is disabled and his current job is giving him shit about it.

So a little back story. My little brother had his legs crushed by a drunk driver a couple years ago. My family is still reeling from all of that(we had been homeless at the time as well). He was in a chair for a while, and now he mostly avoids using a cane because he gets nasty comments from people saying he’s too young or some other shit.

He had been working with our two other brothers at theatre A. They were shut down because of some sketchy bullshit with the landowners. The management and all of their coworkers were super accommodating. He hated asking for help, but he could always get his shifts covered or swapped if he was in too much pain. He was allowed to read and keep his own pain pills. He was given a chair, and managers always made sure someone was bringing him drinks and making sure he was okay.

They also only scheduled him in box office. So he could sit, and not move around. After they closed, he got a job at theatre B.

Now I used to work at a different location for theatre B. They’re awful. At theatre A, my brothers made better money and received overtime and holiday pay. Theatre B detests that idea. Really its mostly corporate but apparently I had a decent management team. The one where he is working decided to schedule him as an usher for his first shift.

Ushering is running around theatres to clean them. You know, theatres with stairs. My brother slept for 16 hours after that shift, and has switched things around with other people so he’s only in box office.

The managers are irritated with him using a chair. They’re pissed he asks for pain pills so often, and has used their entire supply of painkillers in just a handful of shifts. They will not let him read in the box, even if its a morning shift and dead for eight hours. And they keep insisting that he’s gonna have to ‘buck up’ and work concessions and ushering at some point.

He is not physically capable of doing so. Its just not possible. So we are trying to think of places where he would be better suited to working.

I’m thinking maybe game stores, or a book shop. Something where they’re going to be accommodating or the work itself doesn’t require too much physical effort. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you guys!

-Did you hear about the new Atlas Corporation? Apparently it’s run by some kid who was mentored by Handsome Jack’s AI before the Fall of Hyperion.

-Yeah? What’s so special about him?

-Well for starters, he single handedly resurrected Atlas within six months, and apparently he has some connection with a Bandit king on Pandora.

-What’s a CEO doing with bandits?

-No one knows, but when that CEO says “jump”, the Bandit king asks “how high?”

-So he has muscle on Pandora, that’s nothing new.

-Yeah? Then how about the fact that he’s demolished Jakobs and Torgue from the inside out?


-Rumor has it there’s women applying to weapons manufacturing companies, transferring from Atlas, and wherever they go, the company crumbles afterwords. I think it’s just one woman though, the Chameleon of Atlas.

-She’s a myth.

-Tell that to Jakobs.

Explanations under the cut. Long post ahead.

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So I made a website on Foodfight! for class.







Horrible Animation!

Witness the shocking visuals!

Corporate Espionage!

Unlikely theft, or scandalous lie?


Experience one man’s shortcomings!


The disaster of a movie, Foodfight!, has developed a following as one of the worst animated movies to have existed.

Not only did it take more than a whole ten years to make, it had a 45,000,000 budget, and only made $73,706 at the box office.

The film was a massive failure, with a lot riding on it during production. The studio planned on making toys, lots of merch, a cereal brand based off of the characters, and even a Foodfight! on ice show.

Now, the animators who worked on this won’t even put it on their resumes.

Explore the rest of the site to discover just what the hell this movie is.

“It needs to be 30% better.”~Lawrence Kasanoff, Director

  • $45,000,000 Budget
  • 10+ years
  • 1.7 on IMDb
  • $73,706 at the box office


One day, producer at Threshold: Lawrence Kasanoff, or Larry, saw Toy Story and were inspired. “What if, instead of familiar toys, we made a film with familiar brand names that you’d find in the grocery store?” he pondered. Well, he expected the Wreck-It Ralph of grocery products (or rather, Casablanca, seeing as how there are numerous references in the film), but instead, we got an apparent case of “corporate espionage” in 2002 (which I personally think is a coverup for Larry spilling his drink on the hard drives), and then, “Foodfight!”.

Those working under Kasanoff, found him very… peculiar in his directing. Animators would get orders from him like “make this more awesome,” or “make this 30% better,” and often treated scenes as if they were live action, telling the animators to do “another take,” implying he didn’t exactly know how animation even worked.

A lot can be said about the director and his role in how bad the film is. It was his desicion to use motion-capture animation, while still trying to keep the Loony-Toons-esk “squash and stretch” style, even though that’s comparable to using a philips-head screwdriver for a flat-head screw. This is also why everyone emotes like C-3PO, and has a near-dead, lifeless stare.

God help me, I researched all this

Screened capped cause it’ll be gone by the end of the semester

markhamillz  asked:

Apparently, if my limited research into the topic is anything to go by, Disney itself doesn't exert much control on the comics overall beyond standard corporate stuff. Apparently, the one responsible for the F4 being treated so badly is Ike Purlmutter, who is in charge of Marvel Entertainment ie the comics/tv shows/cartoons, which is separate from Marvel Studios, who does the movies. Purlmutter is rumored to have a personal vendetta against Fox, because they own the rights to F4

As a person who has spent many hours researching this extensively, let me tell you that until 2015 – i.e., the year the Fantastic Four comics were canceled, the decision being made, according to Hickman, in 2014 – Marvel Studios was a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment, which has been a subsidiary of the Disney Company since 2009. Feige reported to Perlmutter, who reported to Disney, at the time the F4 comic was canceled. It’s only been since 2015 that Marvel Studios, like Marvel Entertainment, became a direct subsidiary of the Disney Company. But still, let’s not kid ourselves, Disney retains full control of both of their subsidiary companies. Nothing happens that they don’t okay or order.

There’s an article where Marv Wolfman explains that Disney got immediate and full control of the comics the moment they bought Marvel Entertainment:

What does Disney actually get for their $4 billion right now? Maybe television and comics? Former Marvel editor-in-chief and Disney Adventures creator Marv Wolfman thinks so, even if he’s not too hopeful about that whole “comics” thing:

Publishing. Well, that’s the big one, isn’t it? At least for us. Actually, only for us.

And, after Marvel Studios moved to the Disney Company, another article said:

Indeed, this new structure puts Feige much closer to Disney’s corporate inner-circle, so it’s possible he leaves Marvel sometime in the future for another big position under the Mouse House’s insanely large banner.

And, also, this article points out that Disney ordered that no new X-Men characters be created in the comics to prevent Fox from owning the film rights and ordered the cancellation of Fantastic Four for similar reasons – the films make more money than the comics ever could:

Disney doesn’t want Fox to develop its own MCU because it wants to profit from those properties, and it doesn’t want moviegoers to be confused by two rival MCUs that are expanding at the same time. Therefore, Marvel believes axing the Fantastic Four comic book and eliminating new characters in the X-Men could disrupt Fox’s long-term plans and possibly force Fox back to the negotiating table.

So, yes, Disney DOES have the power to make decisions for Marvel comics, films, television shows, etc. They own Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, Marvel everything. Disney is definitely responsible for the cancellation of the F4′s comic, regardless of Perlmutter’s “vendetta,” which I frankly think is a convenient way of shifting blame off of Disney for an unpopular decision in the press. This smells to me of a deliberate plot cooked up by Disney/Marvel execs (yes, including Perlmutter) to get the rights to the F4 back for next to nothing. And, yes, Disney’s avaricious business policies have proven repeatedly that they are fully capable of exactly that.

The fact of the matter is that a single F4 film produced by Marvel Studios – between box office and merchandising – will net more money for Disney than the comics could earn in YEARS. Maybe decades. The cancellation of the F4′s comic is all about film revenue for Disney, and it always has been.

So, yes, personally I blame Disney for all of this. Disney, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, it’s literally all the same company. They’re not separate entities at all. I don’t think we can or should think of them as such.

Batman #444 (1990)

Tim appears in this comic still pre-Robin, learning some Detective skills from Bruce. They then start training and Bruce asks a pretty important question.

The Loneliest Rich Boy: 2

We get a glimpse at the marital problems of Tim’s parents. Mr. Drake is apparently a corporate man, and it’s normal for him and Mrs. Drake to not call for a while.

After this Bruce gives Tim a research assignment and sends him back to school.

Mr. and Mrs. Hood

Word Count: 1,150

Request:  “…Could there be a Assassin!Cal & Assassin!Y/N imagine based of of the move Mr. & Mrs. Smith?”

To those around you, your life seemed pretty mundane. Your husband was an executive for some company, well-paid and made it so you didn’t have to work. You just stayed at home with the dog, occasionally going out to spend your husband’s hard-earned money while he worked hard to support you. At least, that was what the neighbors thought.

In all actuality, you were busy doing your own thing- making your own money in ways that they never would’ve been able to accomplish. You had spent your whole life being trained to do what you do, and you made it a point to do your predecessors proud by being the best you could be at what you did. To be anything less than the best would be a waste of your training and a waste of their time.

Not even your husband knew this little secret about you. The money from your separate job went into a separate account and those funds were used to keep yourself well stocked in supplies. Supplies that you had hidden in the basement since your husband was never down there. The basement was your sanctuary; your husband thought it was just your in-home gym and, while he wasn’t entirely wrong, it was for the best that he didn’t find out what was really down in the basement.

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Everything that is Canon

I wanted to make a little reference list for myself of all the things we canonically know about the mercenaries.

Grew up in Boston, had 7 older brothers. He was the 8th and the youngest.

He’s at least 23 (the Track Terrorizer tells us this, but given the game and comic take place in different times, he could very well have been younger when the gravel wars first started.)

This means Scout grew up in the 60’s.

Scout claims to have never met his dad.

He wears dog-tags, which implies some sort of military service. (They definitely did not belong to a deceased brother or friend, though he could be wearing them as a fashion statement. However, his hat is also military style– not a baseball cap!)

He’s the fastest runner on the team.

It’s strongly implied Spy is his dad.

Had been arrested multiple times. One time a lamp was his defender.

Grew up in AMERICA.

Calls himself Jane Doe, which is the name used for unidentified deceased females. It is probably not his real name.

He was REJECTED from every branch of the U.S military on undisclosed grounds. He never served as a soldier for the U.S or any other nation.

Toured in Poland until 1949 on a Nazi killing spree. The war ended in 1945.

He made himself medals after his tour.

He owns several pet raccoons. Some are rabid and he loves them all. (Lt. Bites)

He roomed with Merasmus for a while.

He had been naked and covered in honey more than once.


Suit is filled with asbestos. Probably has awful asbestos poisoning.

Sees the world differently from reality (Pyrovision).


Loves fire. Loves setting things on fire. Capable enough to run a major corporate business, apparently.

His real name is Tavish Degroot.

Grew up in Scotland. Abandoned by his parents.

Killed his foster parents while looking for the Loch Ness Monster. Lost his eye to Merasmus.

Real parents adopted him after he killed his foster parents. It was part of becoming a demolitions expert.

His family lives in a castle. They’re famous for their (root)beer.

Is drunk often, but is intelligent enough to know how to mix volatile chemicals effectively and efficiently.

Was, at one point, great friends with Soldier. See the WAR update.


His real name is Misha, which is short for Mikhail.

He spent two months in a Siberian Gulag. He escaped by killing and torturing all the guards. His father was killed as a counter-revolutionary.

He loves to shoot his gun.

He and Medic are good friends, implied by Meet the Medic.
He has a Ph. D in Russian literature. This implies any lack of wit he has in English is due to a language barrier.

He has three sisters (Yana, Bronislava, Zhanna), and his mother is still alive.

His real name is Dell Conagher.

He has 11 Ph.D’s.

He’s from Beecave, Texas.

His family has worked for the Mann. Co company for three generations.

He’s close with Pyro, and he and Medic seem to work with each-other on experiments (implied by expiration date).

His real name is Mundee Mundy
Grew up in Australia with his adoptive parents. He was born in New Zealand, but thanks to a complicated string of events (see Blood in the Water), he was sent to Australia.

He was a big game hunter and guide in the Australian Outback for years before joining Mann. Co.

He’s currently 30 years old in canon (see blood in the water).

Owns a van.

Unable to grow facial hair.

May be good friends with Scout, given the fist-bump in the Sound of Medicine.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany. Lived through WWII.

Was once a licensed doctor, but lost his license after REMOVING SOMEONES ENTIRE SKELETON.

Stole a catering van full of doves from the Prime Minister’s wedding. This is how he got Archimedes, one of his many pet doves.

Speaking of which, he has a lot of pet doves.

He may have a wife. This is only implied by one of Demo’s domination lines.

The medi-gun was his own design.

He would much rather hurt than heal.

It’s implied he’s good friends with Heavy in Meet the Medic.

Was NOT a Nazi. (Given the historical implications of this (all professionals HAD to be registered Nazi’s) , he would have either had to have left Germany during this time, faced imprisonment, or been a victim of the social purges).

A mystery wrapped in an enigma.
In some languages, he’s French. In others, his accent is English.

Had an affair with Scout’s Mom at some point. Heavily implied to be Scout’s missing father.

Is kind and caring towards children and others; see a Smissmas Story and Expiration Date.

Is generally a gentleman.

He spent five months in prison with Scout because of Scout.

Is one of the most well known and dangerous men in the world. The police in Teufort knew he was dangerous on sight.

Annnnd that’s all we know for SURE.

I’ve been listening to this youtube algorithm-generated playlist of japanese pop from the 70s & 80s and I gotta say theres some spectacular musicianship on them. Its a style called ‘City Pop’ which was apparently like, very corporate pop music like J-Pop, but aimed at adults, with songs primarily about leisure & nightlife, but it seems to be very self-aware about its corporate-ness & its kind of special. The ‘seed’ song of the playlist is one by Maria Takeuchi and it gives this self-awareness a fairly blatant expression, bearing the title: Plastic Love

The Revival of A Star

Title: The Revival of A Star

Work Type: Fanwork

Fandom: Undertale, Fantasytale AU by @theatomicpumpkin

Characters: Frisk, Sans, Papyrus, Alphys, Undyne, Napstablook, Mettaton

Pairings: Somewhat hinted Alphdyne (Is that the name for it?)

Words: 1,638

Warnings: None


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‘But apparently our little corporate-image Santa Claus is not descended from a Turkish saint, he is a shadow of San D'Klass, the third king of the Frond Elfin dynasty. He is known as San the Deluded.’
‘Not a great title, as titles go.’
'Admittedly. D'Klass thought that the greed of the Mud People in his kingdom could be assuaged by distributing lavish gifts. He would marshal all the great wizards once a year and have them throw up a great timestop over vast regions. Flocks of sprites would be sent out to deliver the presents while the humans were asleep. Of course, it didn’t work. Human greed can never be assuaged, especially not by gifts.’
—  Artemis Fowl, Ace in the Hole
Angels Will Fall (w/ princessnoxfleuret)


“So I’ll come by and see you again
I’ll be such a very good friend
Have mercy on my soul
I will never let you know
Where my mind has been
Angels never came down

There’s no one here they want to hang around
But if they knew
If they knew you at all
Then one by one the angels
Angels would fall”

Angels wore black and bore black wings, that was his reality. He had always had a small chuckle at humanity’s attempt to depict what they didn’t know or understand. They were imaginative creatures that way.

And thats why he cared so much for them.

Noctis Lucis Caelum was an Angel of Death, and a Comforter Angel at that and head of his division. A prized rank earned by hard work and the fact that he had a 100% guidance rate and had never let a ‘client’ become an earth bound ghost.

He was the one who found a client’s long lost relatives, that held their hand as they gasped their last breaths. It wasn’t a glamorous calling like some other Angels had as he didn’t fight in Angel wars, or cause horrendous accidents or natural disasters that called many humans to heaven. More often then not he was the only creature there for a client as their bodies failed them and no other human cared. He took corporeal form to hold their hands, or if they were too scared of him he’d stay hidden and use his wings to shelter them. He’d become beloved animals

Some Angels mocked him for being meek and kind. Centuries of work had left him quiet and sullen, only able to express compassion and care when he was on earth. And other Angels were jealous of his rank and stature.

That day, everything happened in a blur. There was a pain to the back of his head, a throbbing persistent pain, the world was black, and he struggled to keep his eyes open. But finally he pried his lids wide,

He was on earth. That much was apparent. And he was corporeal. He shuddered trying to turn himself back into his spirit form and failed. No what if someone saw him? What if someone touched him?

He tried to move but pain followed. He rolled over and looked at his torso which was bare, no vestments. And there was a gaping wound in his belly.

Why wasn’t he healing?

He tried to move his arm to see if maybe he could heal himself but doing so brought more pain and he cried out loud.

What was happening to him?

The belly wound- something had stolen his grace… he was… human?

(fic) words are trivial

warnings: confusing attempts to make a relationship work, and some kissing.


The word spins around in Eren’s head, back and forth, over and over, and though it is only two syllables, he can’t seem to make any sense of it. Corporal Levi’s face remains as calm as it’s been since the moment he’d been approached, and Eren is tempted to ask him to repeat himself.

Someone sent me a prompt (that I accidentally deleted ;A;) about Levi and Eren getting into a relationship, and Levi being stoic because he thinks that’s what Eren wants/expects. Naturally it got long and probably ended up deviating from what the person had in mind, but well…

Happy birthday Eren♥! I’m sure it’s still your birthday in some parts of the world!

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Shooting Stars and Airplanes (1/1)

AN:  I regret nothing.  While waiting in an airport, Alex has a conversation with two familiar faces that gets him thinking…

Alex Knightley sighed, stretching a little, as he attempted to find a comfortable position.  Why was it that the chairs in airports were so uncomfortable?  Everyone had layovers.  It would make a lot more sense to have squashy armchairs that could recline.  A little bored, he mentally calculated the price to upgrade those chairs and quickly came to the conclusion that while airports weren’t known for their luxury, they were cost efficient.

His flight had been delayed another hour.  He was getting increasingly more crabby as he glared at the announcement board with its hateful red letters.  He could really use a coffee but couldn’t seem to muster the motivation to hunt down a Starbucks.  Besides, his bag was heavy.

He’d attempted to stave of his growling stomach by purchasing a candy bar from the vending machine, but it was out of order.  Probably for the best.  A candy bar now with no coffee to supplement was just asking for a sugar crash.  

Knightley’s phone buzzed but he ignored it.  He had gotten good at ignoring his phone, shutting off the temptation, knowing that any careless texts or tweets would threaten his resolve.  Alex Knightley knew his limits.  If he read even one text from her, his resolve would crumble and he’d return to Highbury.  

God, he missed her.

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