You Know...

It says a lot about the capitalist system that “I need a job to buy food and shelter” isn’t considered a ‘good enough’ response to the question “why do you want this job?”

It feels like the employer (especially in a below-living-wage situation) is basically saying, “lick my boot if you want to survive.”

Oh ye gods.

So (while I wait for another load of laundry to finish) I called home to Scotland and for once got my wee old dad instead of my mum, and he was over joyed to inform me that he’d been going through my book cases and found The Republic of Thieves by scottlynch78 on one of the shelves as he hadn’t realized it was out yet. (In my defense I did tell him at the time!)

This discovery also happened to co-inside with him finding his old wine making kit, the one which mum banned him from using in the house ever again after he tried to make banana wine in the basement and it exploded. (I’m told I was five at the time but have clearly blocked out the memory of foamy banana wine coming up through the floorboards like a sci-fi B movie monster. In retrospect, perhaps this explains my aversion to the smell of bananas?)

Even without being able to see the glimmer in his eyes I could hear the mischief in his voice and asked “Dad, what have you done?”

Following on in the footsteps of his bootlegging smuggler/vagabond grandfather, my father has started a Bastards Brewery and is currently fermenting his first batch of Anjani Orange Wine in the shed out back, and wants me to design a suitable label for him

I’ll let you know if it explodes.



“That’s not even how it works. That means YOU go back to start oh my god Yugi you said he’d be better, you said it wouldn’t happen again”

AU where the gang has game night every week, but Yami takes it WAY too seriously and ruins it for everyone else.




After a 26 hours of work, the Anders dress up game is finally complete. With your suggestions and whatever crap I came up with, you can finally dress Anders in over 200 articles of clothing. Some of the highlights include:

- high-waisted jorts
- crocs
- a t-shirt saying “Blooming Rose VIP member”. (Possibly a gag gift. Or not.)
- an ugly Christmas sweater
- a cat that changes to 8 different colors
- ugly DA:O mage cowls
- plenty of other stuff I forgot; there’s a lot of stuff here. I think I got everyone’s suggestions. Some of the outfits will take a little searching.

Note: I’m using an old username since I’ve had that accout since balls B.C. Also I probably won’t update this ever.