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Are you up for writing some season 7 fluff? Because I know I could use some of that in my life. A first "date" perhaps?

I… I tried, my friend. 


It was cancer.

He’d been mentally preparing himself for what felt like the entire day, ever since Scully had been admitted to the hospital. He’d been scared out in the Oregon woods when he’d found her on the ground, sure, but when she had collapsed yet again in Skinner’s office, his mind had skipped all its usual stages of ‘it’s Scully, she’ll be ok’ and went straight to full-out cancer panic. She was sick again, he was going to lose her again, after everything, after taking so many precautions and coming this far. It had taken them seven goddamn fucking years for him to just to get over himself and finally kiss her, only for this …

He’d almost gone back to Oregon with Skinner. He’d been so close to going, but holding Scully in the hallway outside his office, something inside his brain had snapped. He couldn’t explain the sudden sinking feeling in his gut, but it was a powerful one. He’d had dreams before that had come true, thoughts that had become reality more than once, so it had only taken a second for him to change his mind.

“I won’t let you go alone,” she had told him fiercely as she clung to him.

“You don’t have to,” he’d whispered back. “I’m not going.”

She was more important than any x-file.

He didn’t even know what the fate of their office would be in the future, and quite honestly, he couldn’t bring himself to care very much about it. If he was honest with himself, his dedication to the X-files had been waning probably ever since he’d discovered the truth about his sister. The frustrating bureaucracy of the FBI, the lack of resolutions, the danger, the cover-ups and paranoia … none of it was worth it anymore. And as it became more and more likely that they would be shut down, Mulder knew that now all Scully had to do was ask him, and he’d walk away in an instant. He wouldn’t risk their lives for anything. 

He certainly wouldn’t risk hers.

He tried to not let the cashier notice that his hands were probably shaking as he handed over a five for their water. He’d almost bought flowers on his way back to the hospital, but wasn’t quite ready to resign himself yet. Just wait until you know what’s happening. She’ll be ok. She has to be ok.

The only reason he’d left her side at all was because Scully had practically begged him to. She’d asked him to go home and pack some things for her and what was no doubt turning into another overnight stay. He’d wanted to stubbornly refuse until the doctor came back with her blood test results and had argued, but Scully had looked him in the eye and pleaded. He’d seen it then in her face, the worry and the tension. She had the same fears that he did, and he’d quickly felt like an idiot for refusing her anything. He’d agreed to swing by her apartment and collect the things she’d scribbled down for him on a hospital note pad. The only comforting thought he’d had on his drive was that she’d asked him to go ‘home’, rather than to ‘her apartment ’.

At least any news would be broken by her, and not another faceless doctor.

He braced himself outside the entrance to her room. A deep breath. Maybe two more. Whatever happened, they were going to survive, they had to. Walking inside, he spotted her sitting upright in bed and staring out the window. There was no way he could read her expression.

“Hey. I got what you needed,” He struggled to keep his voice even. He lowered the bag over his shoulder to the floor at the foot of the bed, placing the bottles of water down on the bedside table. There was never a moment she looked less than beautiful, but it was certainly possible to look like beautiful hell. The last time he’d seen her that pale had been …

“Thank you,” she said, softly.

“Did … did you speak to the doctor?” he asked, not really knowing what answer he wanted.

Suddenly and with literally no warning, Scully burst into tears.

“Oh, hell,” he muttered, lurching forward and sitting on the edge of her bed, curling his fingers around the hand that wasn’t attached to the IV drip. Scully sobbed uncontrollably, hiding her face with her free hand as he gently stroked the edge of her hair back, fingers definitely trembling now. “What is it?” he asked, desperately. “Please, please say it’s not–”

She shook her head frantically.

Scully,” he pressed.

“I’m sorry,” she gasped through her tears. “I’m sorry, I – I didn’t mean to – I just–”

She sniffed loudly, slowly trying to pull herself together. It took him a long time to realise that behind her hand and the choked weeping, he thought Scully was … wait, was she laughing?

That was it. The cancer was at such a stage that it was already affecting her brain.

But she was tugging on his hand, dragging him closer, towards her, and her lips were suddenly pressed against his. He felt tears raining on his cheeks and her fingers clench around his, but she was euphoric, smiling through her kiss. “Mulder,” he whispered against him. “Oh my god, Mulder …”

His body betrayed him as he twisted his hand in her hair, breathing her in, but he needed to know.

“Scully, what–” He pulled back gently. “What in the hell is going on?”

“I’m pregnant,” she cried. “That’s why – oh my god, Mulder, I’m pregnant.”

He rather thought if there was ever a time for the world to crash around his ears, this would be it.

He stared at her cry in front of him, his brain jumping from how to why to shit to damn, I love her in rapid fire succession. So many months of torture, so many months of hormone treatment and periods and disappointment, that they had eventually given up on the dream. What she was saying didn’t make sense, but it had to be true from the look on her face. And if it was true …

That was about when he started crying too.

“Mulder,” she laughed at him.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I–” He didn’t know what to say. Perhaps there wasn’t really anything that could be said. Instead of struggling for words, he leaned and stifled his own tears into her shoulder. If anyone walked in at this moment, they would no doubt be witnessing an utter mess, but he couldn’t have cared less. She gripped the back of his shirt and he wrapped his arms around her as tightly as he could, disbelieving and yet still feeling himself grin. 

It’d been one hell of a year, but she wasn’t dying, she was just pregnant, and that felt like the best reason he thought he’d ever had to cry in his whole life. 

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Hi, Newt! I was just wondering... Will you really come back to see Tina? I hope so, bye!

Well I think, that is the plan isn’t?  And it would be very nice to see, or that is to visit, and maybe… yes.  I would definitely like to go back to New York some day, and see, ah, the people who want to see me, and I do have that book I promised her so I would definitely think that I would very much probably come to her.  To New York. That.  

I wasn’t sure what to draw for my birthday, December 4th, so I just drew the book characters that were the most fun to draw this year: Iko, Wylan Van Eck, Lady Fire, Ululenia, Penny Bunce, and Briar Moss.

Iko is gossiping with Wylan.

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Wow I clicked on Smug Vegan Overlord™ chat and instantly aged 60 years. I need to hire caregivers. Where are my rutabagas???? Gotta have 'em handy for the famine.

I was so taken aback by how alien it was. Like I get why a hardcore vegan might object to pet ownership, but I’m shocked by how cold and outright repulsed they are by the thought of an actual animal,  and who’s veiws on them are that they are disgusting evil creatures who they only tolerate existing cause they are smart moral intellects™, unlike awful person who likes ham

this is just a post to ask if anyone would like to be a part of a hq group chat?? 

where we can all talk about our hcs and characters in general and episodes/chapters and meet new friends!

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I'm not mad that Harry got good things. I want Harry to have all the good things. I want him to be happy and I want to fangirl and explode from pride when he releases music or when Dunkirk comes out. But I am mad for the way Louis is treated. And I am mad because if Harry was treated that way, people would have pulled out the pitchforks. Actually, I've been one of those fans defending Harry when he was trashed by the media. And I will do the same for Louis. So no, we're not anti Harry.

thank u 

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is it usually more on the colder climate in oslo/norway? because most of the time we see the characters wearing hats, scarvs and like thicker jackets

“In winter much of Norway is usually transformed into a snow-clad paradise, but harsh winters can be both dark and cold in places, especially in areas higher up or farther north. Not all of Norway gets covered in snow, however. In the lower areas along the coast, the temperature only rarely sinks below freezing, and winter might seem like an extension of the autumn rather than a season of its own. Winter nights are long and dark in all of Norway, and in midwinter even well south of the Arctic Circle, the sun may not rise high enough to clear the surrounding mountains. However, from the middle of November until the end of January, the sun does not rise at all in parts of Northern Norway, north of the Arctic Circle.” (source)

Let me just add this Meteogram for the weather tomorrow in Oslo:

@ashleystlawrence totally ruined a potential hot RvB dream last night. There was kissing and things were escalating, and i was just getting to make my move and then she was there, saying “Nope, this is an intervention.” Then she grabbed the back of my collar and hauled me off, the wench.

Okay, so it was Grif and I am secretly thanking her but STILL. It’s the principle of the thing.