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I finally participated in my first horse show yesterday at the age of 41😀. I had so much fun spending time with my girl Bella! It’s never to late to start doing something you love! This show strikes one item off my bucket list. I might do one more show this summer. May 31, 2015

unexpected gift | | [ e-2 barry allen ]

a/n: okay, I got inspired by a csi miami episode while trying to figure out ideas when I decided to write this although I can see e-2! Barr being so clumsy but is trying to show off to reader. I apologize if you have never have gone horseback riding as it is something that I know of and love. I think I made it pretty basic for those whom never ridden, if not please message me and I will try to do my best to explain also the horses are named after some horses I have known. I’m sorry for it not being really romantic because I had no idea what you wanted. For those curious about my tattoo, it went surprisingly well, it felt a bit tingly while the tattoo artist ( michelle ) who did it. But I sat through the whole thing and it took a hour and less than a half hour so thumbs up for me. Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless state otherwise by me!

nonnie requested: Romantic imagine with Earth 2 Barry? please

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                   Relationship(s): Earth-2! Barry Allen/Reader (married)

You were confused on the attire Bartholomew told you to wear for your one year wedding anniversary, you knew he’d try to be romantic but this was kind of opposite of what you thought he was doing. You walked downstairs as your E/C eyes met the green ones behind glasses of your husband while you made a confused look on your face at him, “Say Barr? This isn’t what I really thought of wearing when it was our one year anniversary.” You say as you gesture to your shirt, pants, and almost knee length heeled boots while he rocks his heels back and forth.

“Well, I-I was hoping to make it a surprise but it seems a little more obvious right?” The brown-haired male says in hoping you get it but notices that you still are looking at him blankly as he fixes his solid red tie, “Oh, you still don’t get it?” He licks his lips before biting his bottom one nervously, “I’m going to taking riding- well more specifically horseback riding because you told me how much you have missed it and I thought well it would be a good lil something plus I have never gone so,” He pushes up his glasses as you stared at him in disbelief for a moment before you hugged him tightly.

Horseback riding was your utmost favorite thing as a young child when your grandparents still owned a farm and spending summers there, they owned a few riding horses as your grandfather was the first to let you ride. Even though your mother and father protested about it while the old man just laughed and said you were fine on Cookie, the appaloosa mare that you’d ride until she retired from riding. Sure you had fallen a few times here and there with some bruises from that but you would always get back up to ride until your grandparents had passed on when you were in your first year in college and your parents sold the farm. You were of course upset when it happened but you moved onto becoming a lab analyst for police since you that was another thing you were passionate about. That was how you and Barr met was when you transferred over to the CCPD almost five years ago, and dated for three of those years before he popped the question. Back to you as you released the other from your hold as you gave him a quick peck, “Oh, thank you, thank you Barr! That’s so thoughtful of you, I can’t believe you remembered something from what I did as a child.”


You couldn’t believe it as you smiled while on Hart’s, the horse’s back while you began walking on her while the brown-haired male was trying his hardest to get on. You weren’t as clumsy as Barr was, the poor guy was an almost walking disaster sometimes although he always tries to play it cool. You looked back at him as he weakly smiles while he pushes up his glasses up before you cough, “Um Barry? You’re holding the reins with the wrong hands,” You point as his right was on the left and vice versa and tried not to giggle as he hurries to fix it.

“S-sorry, this is all new to me Y/N. Maybe you can teach me some pointers about riding uh, a horse.” He gulps nervously as his horse neighed, “W-what does that mean? D-did I-I do something?” His eyebrows crease in worry as you made Hart walk over so you could rub his shoulder to calm him down.

You told him that it was normal as you went over very simple basics of riding a horse to him such as moving the reins to which direction he’d want to go or stop while you smiled at the nervous male. “Relax Barr, you can do it. Show the horse who is boss and that is you, don’t be afraid.” You try to reassure him as you began riding around so if the male needed help, he can just call you over.

This was a little harder than the forensic scientist thought while he tried to repeat all the things you told him but he couldn’t help but watch you while you cantered around and did jumps like no problem. He was in complete awe as you looked so happy and that was all he wanted for you on your one year anniversary as a married couple. Sometime later as Bartholomew tries to get your attention, “Hey Y/N! I think I got it!” while you look over before your face turned into fear as he fell off.

“Barry!” You got off your saddle and ran towards him as he gets up while you picked up the frames that fell off his face, “Oh my god, are you alright?” You ask as you pull him up, helping brushing him off as his green eyes look at you.

He nods with a hesitant grin, “Y-Yeah. I mean, that was so bad minus the whole falling off part. I-I think I did pretty good don’t you think?” Barry’s eyes flick down to his glasses, “Oh and thank you for saving my glasses.”

You let him take them from you as he slips them on again, “Hey Barr? You wanna go home and watch some science fiction movies, maybe order take out because I think I have had enough adventure for one day out here,” You say with a smile on your face as he looks bobs his head back and forth.

“If that is what my significant other wants for this occasion, then yes let’s do that since least I won’t be falling off things. Can we watch Commander Carl?” Barry asks you as you nod before you both went to get your horses so you could head home. You didn’t need no fancy dinner or show to celebrate your anniversary together, you just need each other.


Last week I turned 42! My wife and kids got me a fantastic present. They bought me a weekend lesson with Bella! I jumped 2'6" for the first time and had a great session. Despite the hard rain Bella was fantastic. I am lucky to have a cool family that lets me keep my crazy hobby!