Princeless Royalty

This is the Royal Family Ashe (plus their ally Kira the end of image 2)

Starting with top Image:  King Ashe, Queen Ashe, Princess Alize Ashe, Princess Angelica Ashe, Princess Angoisse Ashe

Bottom Image:  Princess Adrienne Ashe, Prince Devin Ashe, Princesses Antonia and Andrea Ashe, Princess Appalonia Ashe (and Kira)


Our most popular tumblr posts of 2015!

We may not have made @yearinreview, but just in case you missed them before, here are the most liked and reblogged posts from the Palace of the Governors Photo Archives ( @pogphotoarchives ) this past year.

Honorable mentions:

Women on circular swing, circa 1929

Navajo silversmith ”Slim” Bae-ie-schluch-aichin

Oldest woman on Mescalero Apache Reservation

Sims Auto Salvage 

Young Navajo girl near Gallup

Navajo woman, man, and baby

Cochiti Pueblo artist Tonita Pena (Quah Ah)

Siblings Jose La Cruz Herrera and Appalonia Herrera of Tesuque Pueblo

Raising Zozobra

Man bicycling through the rain with dog and garden tools

Lukachukai, Navajo medicine man

and finally

Georgia O'Keeffe with Siamese cat

Our most popular facebook posts of 2015 (on tumblr, on facebook)
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Our most popular facebook posts of 2014