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Hi Sam, why does Nick Spencer still have a job? I may be naive, but I just don't get it...

Because most of the guys he works with are Just Like Him, I suspect. I mean, I don’t work at Marvel so I can’t say, but comics and especially the two big houses are very much an Old Boys Network. 

Nick Spencer isn’t producing his reeking shit in a vacuum – he hands it to other people who approve it, package it, and come up with ways to market it to you as if it’s not a rancid pile of garbage. So while he’s the face of Comic Book Assholes right now, you have to remember that there are a bunch of guys standing behind him, telling each other they definitely aren’t white supremacists, that their entire readership is just super sensitive, and diversity is certainly what’s killing their sales, not the fact that they’re appalling sacks of shit masquerading as human beings. 

I mean, TLDR institutionalized white supremacy, I’m afraid. :/

god, ok, you know what the really fucking ironic thing is? before this whole shitshow went down, if you’d asked me whether aphobia existed, i probably would’ve said no. i would’ve said that yes, a-spec ppl face stigma, stereotyping, erasure, invalidation, and a lot of genuinely really hurtful stuff, but applying -phobia might be a bit hyperbolic given the pure vitriol you’d expect from someone labeled as -phobic. i rarely ever saw a-spec ppl faced with stuff of that caliber.

and then, of course… the universe just had to come and prove me wrong. the things i’ve seen thrown at aros & aces ever since the start of the Discourse Disaster™ have been fucking appalling. like, holy shit, no, people actually do hate us. i’m suddenly fully, horribly aware of this fact. and i never know what benign-looking blog i’m following is going to be the next to spin around on its heel and start spitting hatred and anger at us.

so… thanks, i guess, to the group furiously screaming “aphobia isn’t real!!!!”, for convincing me that it is.
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Here’s some tender ryuji/yusuke because these boys care about each other

Long rant about the absolute deletion of aboriginal australian history and culture from this nation's historiography

The other day i was talking with someone and they told me about how aboriginal australians used to farm things like yams, native wheat, crocodiles and fish. That those who were nomadic moved around to have full access to all the types of food across the country, but they always liked to return back to their traditional area. But not all aboriginals were even strictly nomadic - ones on the south east coast had permanent towns, etc, because the climate and food was more constant there. I asked why then, are most of today’s aboriginal population situated in the north, west, and central parts of australia, and the answer was that it’s because those parts were what was left after white settlers took all the arable land.

I like history, and I’ve lived in australia my whole life. I’ve been in australian schools my whole life, and i didn’t know any of this. 

In school, we had to do indigenous history every year for about ten years, and all we got, every year, was one page in a textbook that told us about these Noble Savages who didn’t build houses and stood on the beach throwing sticks at fish. After white contact, every piece of information about aboriginal australians was told in relation to the european colonialist narrative. It was like suddenly the main character had arrived, and every single thing aboriginal australians had ever done was equivalent to that bit with Marcellus and Bernardo at the start of Hamlet - they sit there and panic, tell Horatio to tell Hamlet that something weird’s happening, and then are never seen again. 

Like, these people had this country 800% sorted out - it was theirs and they knew all about it - and some dickhole turns up with boatloads of starving, violent, english criminals who brought shitty diseases and guns and that was the “birth of our nation”. 

I hate that this country was built on that, and i hate that the government is too fucking wussy to tell its students the truth of what happened. I hate that it’s too racist to acknowledge that there was any worthy or interesting activity here pre-white contact. I hate that almost every student groans at the thought of learning aboriginal australian history because it’s taught like a boring afterthought that everyone would rather ignore, and I hate that i know more about the 1917 Russian revolution than i do about what happened in the country that i’m supposed to call mine. 

Every time I see someone (incorrectly) calling someone else a pedophile for shipping Yuri with an older teenager, I think to myself, “Woah, I wonder what these people would assume about me when they find out my favorite manga of all time is Kaze to Ki no Uta.”  If being interested in something means you condone the bad things about it, then damn.  Damn.  I must be a terrible person for finding a manga so achingly beautiful when it covers such dark themes.

Sit down, honey child, and let me tell you the story of Gilbert Cocteau, another green eyed 15 year old with pretty blond hair hanging in his face.  If you are horrified by the thought of Yuri Plisetsky being shipped with another character, your head’s probably going to explode when you see all the appalling shit that happened to Gilbert before he even reached the age of 15.   A warning, though. If you assume this manga and the people who love it are in support of any of the terrible things that occur within it, I will personally kick your ass, because you will have missed the entire point.

in all seriousness tho lads im not here for smug mockery of people who have trumpgrets like gods know it is tempting to go I TOLD YOU SO, MADE THAT BED NOW YOU GOTTA LIE IN IT but forreals we need every helping hand we can get in fighting back against this shit so I’m gonna be over here like - if you voted for the evil tangerine cus you really believed he was gonna be the cure for government corruption and how hard it is to get a job; and you’ve now realised that his priorities were a)not that and b)literally the worst, here’s how we’re fighting it. Join in. (and look to the probably unconscious racism that had you ignoring the appalling shit he dribbled on the campaign trail cus you can do better)


In lieu of Deaf Awareness Week, I want to post this. This is the type of shit that perpetuates audism and ableism. Insensitivity. This is what tells hearing people it’s okay to mock us, to make fun of us, to bully us. “Jokes”. No. This stuff is not harmless. It is ignorant and it is abhorrent.

Like. What in the actual fuck is this trash. 

I shouldn’t be surprised but I am absolutely appalled that this shit exists in books that are sold by the dozens in bookstores.

The “jokes” are categorized. I can’t remember the other categories (and quite honestly I don’t want to) but after flipping through those, and seeing some blind jokes, out of morbid curiosity, I checked the table of contents to see if there were any about deaf people. OF COURSE THERE ARE. And here they are. Disgusting. Fucking. Garbage.

I mean, not only is this ENTIRE book just outright offensive and by a large sum ableist – and a fair bet, racist too – every single page I flipped through had jokes with misogynistic punchlines. I didn’t go through the entire book but out of every random page that I did, .. EVERY PAGE. And not just one “joke”. Of course. Why just be [insert]-ist when you can be [insert]-ist AND misogynistic at the same time?!

“… that just shouldn’t be told” ……….. right. So why is it being PRINTED AND SOLD? If you have to be offensive to be “funny”, here’s a hint: YOU AREN’T FUNNY.

lifeanddeaf rikkipoynter
Tagging you two because I know you do videos (but if anyone else does, feel free to respond) –
I was wondering if you’ve ever done any videos or segments on deaf jokes like these? Either why they’re terrible and/or “the right way vs wrong way” to make a deaf joke? If not, that’d be a great idea and I would love to share it on my other social media sites!

Have you read the transcript of the whole Associated Press interview with Trump? I’ve heard him speak many times, and yet I’m still shocked and appalled seeing the shit he says written down. I can’t believe our president has the speaking skills and vocabulary of a kindergarten student.

Best part…

Trump: The opponents are talking $25 billion for the wall. It’s not going to cost anywhere near that.

AP: You think $10 billion or less.

TRUMP: I think $10 billion or less. And if I do a super-duper, higher, better, better security, everything else, maybe it goes a little bit more.

What the actual fuck

Submission: Trump is honestly so wild that sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s real. 

The 45 years Sigma spent with Akane had to be a friggin’ hoot.  She used all the same puzzles in the 2nd Nonary Game as in the 1st, but ten bucks says she really wanted to make up some new ones.  Sigma is a giant nerd and the two of them come up with the most bizarre, ridiculous puzzles to solve.  It had to be Akane who burst into Sigma’s study and was like, “I’VE GOT IT.  THEY MUST RETRIEVE A ROBOT JELLYFISH.”  Sigma just dropping his tools and whispering, “Yes, it’s perfect.  Why didn’t I see it before?

“Akane!  I’ve got just the thing!  They’ll have to ride one of those ugly-ass robotic mini-carousel things you see outside supermarkets in order to get the next clue!”
“Fingers crossed that Dio will have to do it.”
“Agreed, but I’d want to immortalize that forever.”
“Then have the thing take a photo and the clue’s on the back!”

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Honestly it's incredible just how violent and dehumanizing and overbearing and generally vile these people are being, yet they still think they're better than you. They're literally taunting you with a guy who wants gay people dead, but when you say straight people should stay away from us and out stuff, suddenly YOU'RE the terrible person? I'm sickened. I'm hope the rest of the week goes better for you, you deserve it after dealing with all of those appalling pieces of shit.

Awwww thanks! I’m really stunned tbh. Like how do you talk about wanting to kill gay people and expect us to be nice? I really hope these people stay away from any gay people irl because they sound potentially dangerous to them


So do Arima and Akoya immediately know what’s going on in Episode 11 or not?

It looks very much as if they don’t. Arima says “that’s where our office is”, not “Kinshirou wtf man”, so chances are good that darking out acts as a powerup, and this is something they really haven’t seen before, and didn’t expect.

Akoya puts it together because Akoya is smart as hell, but let’s be real, something like that blowing up in the council office can only be Aurite losing control for some reason. It’s also interesting that Aurite’s signature attack, which tells Akoya it is Kinshirou and not someone else, is dark and not bright. It’s not just the Dark Aurite thing, after which all bets are off - he’s throwing black fire around before that’s ever in play. Compare Argent and Perlite’s energies, which are blue/silver and pink as you’d expect.

Alternatively, all three of them can do the dark talk-to-the-hand move, and if Aurite were to pull the lightning sword trick ordinarily, it would be all glowy and bright. But somehow I doubt it.

Alternatively again, Kinshirou is in chaos and running on hate and fury, because of the whole situation with Atsushi. So Aurite’s energies - just like his transformation, which is usually blue and glowy gold - are warped. This might be closest.

All this brings me to the point: guys, when did you learn all this stuff, and what have you been doing off camera? We know how the Battle Lovers learned their shit; we’ve seen them at it. But Caerula Adamas have just been standing in belltowers, drinking tea, and throwing zundar needles around for ten weeks.

Tell that story already. Is Season 2 confirmed yet?

6289) Being MTF means I truly have seen the best (worst) of both worlds. Back in my guy days, I realized that it's truly appalling some of the shit men will say about women behind their backs. Even the ones that seem sweet at first said some shit that makes me shudder when I think about it. When I called it out, they'd call me a faggot/pussy for having the audacity to... respect women as human beings? That's why I only date women even though I'm bi. I've seen men at their worst and it disgusts me.