EXO-Ls mistreated at “Star 360″ and filming is delayed indefinitely aka WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

I am disgusted and sick of this behavior towards EXO and EXO-ls. This is not the first time variety shows have treated us like we’re scum on the bottom of their shoes, they clearly have zero respect for EXO who despite everything, humiliation and unwarranted mockery, remain professional at all times and EXO-ls who bear the shame of being called “sasaengs” and “useless, brainless” girls and ridiculed both verbally and physically by so called adults who think that they are above a group of people who only sincerely want to support their favorite artist. This is appalling and it needs to stop. Bot EXO and EXO-L deserve an apology, we won’t stand for this type of treatment. 

You say one thing abt getting EXO as your first guest, all giddy abt using them for ratings

But don’t even bother to fix your schedule for them or at the very least let them know so they won’t waste an entire day waiting?? EXO are NOT idols you can simply use for ratings, they ARE ARTISTS AND INDIVIDUALS THAT DESERVE RESPECT. They have a fanmeeting in China tomorrow, they are busy making money, they DON’T NEED YOUR SHITTY VARIETY SHOWS. YOU NEED THEM. So get off your high horse and for once treat them with the respect they deserve. I am so tired of this bullshit. Both EXO and EXO-ls deserve better.

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How would the S and M react ir during a fight they accidentaly hit ther lover?

Shu- He would be shocked that he actually did that, but would immediately try and calm her down and help her. He doesn’t like fighting with her. 

Reiji- Reiji, though appalled by what he did, wouldn’t make a move to hep her until necessary and would not apologize.

Ayato- He would try and figure out what he had done before trying to quickly end the fight and make it up to her.

Laito- If he got angry enough to hit her, he won’t help her or say sorry.

Kanato- He wouldn’t care.

Subaru- Subaru would be horrified and leave quickly, not to be seen again for the whole week, but all the while leaving gifts for his lover to help forgive him.

Kino- He wouldn’t care, she stepped out of line, so-

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i was watching the olympics at work and they're talking about Michelle Carter who won gold in shot put and a coworker said to me "oh they shouldn't let them play these games. they weren't made for them" and i was like "made for who?" and he said "all these women and n*****s! the games were made for whites and only men" and i was just too appalled to say anything and then he walked away.

Szóval a Microsoft úgy dönöttt, menjek a faszba a google-fiókommal, majd akkor használjam a szaros telefonjukon, ha hozzáférnek. Ha nem csatlakozom, mobilneten egyszerűen nem megy a netkapcsolat. Úgyhogy ezennel mobileszközökön szakítok a winnel, ugyanitt 

-milyen telefont vegyek, ami androidos (nem, nem ájfón, nem kérem továbbra sem, köszönöm), ami gyors, erős, meglehetős tárhelye van és bővíthető is, kurva jó a fifje, a fotóapparátja (mind a két kamera!) és nincs telebaszva gyári appal (vagy lepucolható). Ja, meg ha akarom, holnap meg tudjam venni akárhol, ne netről rendelgetve 3 hét után kapjam kézhez.

Esetleg ha valaki tudna olyat, hogy lehet-e androidosítani a 930 Lumiát, de ez valszeg halott ötlet.


The North American Premiere of In Dubious Battle will take place on Monday, September 12th @ 9:15am during the Toronto International Film Festival (x)

Set in the orchards of California Valley in the dirty ‘30s, Steinbeck’s tale follows two young idealists from “The Party” who are appalled by the orchards’ terrible working conditions and set out to organize the fruit pickers. Having arrived from out of town, Mac McLeod (Franco) and Jim Nolan (Nat Wolff ) are met with skepticism and some outright hostility when they first suggest unionizing. Most of the pickers simply want to work and get paid, even if they are being mercilessly exploited. Mac and Jim realize that their progress depends on convincing local elder Al Anderson (Vincent D'Onofrio). He’s a hard nut, but could be won over after Mac helps his daughter-in-law, Lisa (Selena Gomez), when she goes into labour. Surrounding the two activists is a cast of eclectic characters with varying loyalties, among them the ruthless orchard owner (Robert Duvall), who is determined to crack down on any strike action.

Franco goes right to the heart of Steinbeck’s novel. He captures the intense strife between embattled workers and their entrenched opposition, while placing personal relationships against the larger picture of Depression-era politics. This is a meticulously detailed film, fuelled by righteous outrage.

As of right now, Josh is NOT on the released list of scheduled guests attending the premiere.

I’ve never been a Jenelle fan, but her tweet about how she loves to watch the drama surrounding Nathan’s DV arrest is actually pretty appalling. If the reports are true, then Jessica could have been murdered, and Jenelle is sitting back and enjoying the drama? What a terrible, terrible person. 

Even though it’s well known that she hates Jessica, I can’t imagine what kind of mindset someone has to be in to make light of a situation like this. Did Jenelle forget that she was assaulted (or at least filmed a scene where she acted like she was) by Nathan as well? I’m not expecting her suddenly start reaching out to Jessica or make some public statement about domestic violence, but Jesus H. Christ, wouldn’t you think this would hit kinda close to home? Also: anyone want to remind her that her current soulmate was arrested for DV as well? For, like, the same exact thing - choking his ex girlfriend?? How much room do you really have to sit back and eat your popcorn? If Jenelle had any shred of human decency or sense, I feel like she should have kept her mouth shut about this whole ordeal. Maybe worry more about the implications of Nathan’s arrest in regards to her custody battle over Kaiser. Rant over. Sending good thoughts to Jessica. Based on the reports, the attack sounded absolutely horrifying, and I sincerely hope she’s getting all the help and support she needs.


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This rant is everything! Thank you SO much for it! She’s truly a horrible, horrible person. No matter how much I don’t like someone I would never in my life wish DV on anyone or “enjoy” watching the drama after it unfolds. That’s disgusting and it shows you just how horrible of a human Jenelle is. If she was really the victim of DV she should be more sympathetic (no matter how much she hates Jessica.) She’s so delusional to the fact that her own “soul mate” has committed DV before on his pregnant ex. She better hope and pray David doesn’t do the same to her like he did his ex. 

Rich kept hurting her. He grabbed her arm, squeezing it hard. Pushed her into the refrigerator several times, poked her as hard as he could, all the while saying appalling things to her, calling her horrible things, told her he was going to do horrific things to her. Sophia screamed the whole time.

(tw: domestic violence, tw: violence, TW: abuse (Under the cut))

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Chapter 4

Liz stepped out of the car, bag of McDonald’s in hand, tossing the sack of grease to Ressler.

“This stuff is disgusting,” she had gotten him his usual. Big mac extra cheese. Large fry. Bottled water. Red was appalled when she rattled off his regular order without pause.

“What? We run around all over, we don’t all have time to eat on our private jet.” She had chastised Red on the way over.

“Have you talked to the family yet?” Liz pulled her jacket straight, approaching the large black SUV her partners had taken.

“Waited on you,” Ressler’s eyes cast over to Red looking with disapproval.

“What the hell took you so long? You left at least an hour before us.” Samar ended the call she was on and tucked her phone away. She wasn’t in a mood for play. Neither of them were. Liz had never been late before, suddenly she felt guilty.

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How do you handle the problem (i.e., despair) of finding any kind of critical mass of people who share your values? I'm continually appalled by how even most supposedly progressive/leftist/"counterculture" people turn out to be SWERFs, r*pe apologists, crypto-eugenicists, police apologists, grotesquely hateful toward homeless people, etc., etc. I don't know what to do anymore other than just not talk to humans.

Idk bud. I don’t have a critical mass of people who share my values, and I try not to hope for that. I focus on what @sw-or-gtfo said once, that she read that there are no true friends in organising and also no true enemies. I’ve found that keeps it in perspective for me, and keeps me from turning to “communities” now for that loving feeling, which too often is disappointing. The best we can hope for is to meet a fair amount of individuals who share some one or other of our values and they won’t share them all so connecting on other levels is necessary. It does feel hard and disappointing, and isolating, but you have to keep doing good work anyway on your own. And yk know the even if someone doesn’t share all your values, they still do good work on their own too, if that makes sense. But I’m out here and you’re out there and @optimistic-red-velvet-walrus and @marginalutilite and thousands of other people are out there doing the best we can, maybe think about us when you feel isolated? It isn’t the same as an in person community, but we’re here!

There’s something that I sort of want to get off of my mind.

What happened to Finn wasn’t Seth’s fault. I think most logical prople can come to that conclusion, that wrestling is very physical and trying, that human beings are putting themselves into something that could jeopardize their health for the sake of atheticism and entertainment; it’s why we, as wrestling fans, are appalled when people dismiss our interest as being “fake”. It’s also safe to assume that there was no malice in what occured, nor animosity between these two men. They are competitors that consented to the risk, and they are friends in real life.

With that being said, our favorites and the media that we consume are not exempt from criticism. Criticism is how we now have a Women’s, instead of a Diva’s, division. Criticism is why The Rock can no longer casually spout homophobic and transphobic slurs on live TV. Criticism is why the segment where Ric Flair told Natalya to go kill herself was edited. 

It’s alarming to see some sectors of fans call for Seth’s head, as it is alarming to see other sectors of fans vocalize that Seth is exempt from critical observation. 

If two people have have been seriously injured by a move in such a short span of time, one of which had to be retired as a result, it may simply be time to re-evaluate said move. I don’t think it’s too drastic to make such a suggestion, nor is it a criminal offense to be like “hey maybe that isn’t a great thing”. The health and safety of these athletes that work hard for us is significantly more paramount over our preferences for certain people, and I believe that we can all agree on that; I also believe that civil conversation can be had, or at least some sort of understanding in the fandom can be reached about this factor. 

u kno i can’t believe cis ppl have the nerve to be appalled at transphobia/transmisogyny as if their very existence doesn’t support an oppressive system of power that results in our deaths. as if we don’t see you being cissexist on a daily (and i do mean daily) basis. there is no sparing yourself and you do not get chocolate chip cookie points for holding our hands while silently and slowly marching us to our deaths. you don’t get to laugh with us and you don’t get to sit with us and claim solidarity when other cis ppl express how much they hate us.

they’re spitting out acidic rhetoric that hurts us and the worst of your problems is that you have to figure out the right way to empathize with us as we clean our blood off of these streets w/ our bare hands. for once i wish ppl would shut up and listen when topics don’t concern nor hurt them instead of speaking up so that they can seem like a good, obedient, militant ally. leave me alone

To the Guest that left me a review in I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It:

I don’t know what it is like to suffer prejudice like a gay person constantly does, but i try my best to put myself in others’s shoes, that’s why I was so appalled when I received the first ask about it (the first comment I didn’t give in much consideration because I’ve received reviews saying they were not comfortable reading sex scenes for example an I thought it was about that, my fault) and I asked three bisexual friends I have to read, like I said I would.

The previous asks and comments didn’t make angry until my story was called disgusting. And that comment today was rude and attacked me and my friends in a personal way.

The fact that you said they were straight because they had “girl phases” is offensive and yes, I’m the one offended now. You were right, I could’ve done it better and I owned that. I changed what my friends pointed out because I didn’t want to offend anyone, but the truth is that an author can’t always please everyone. But for you to just assume my friends don’t know what they are talking about and saying they are straight just because they didn’t agree or pointed out what you thought was a bit too much? How dare you? Call ME names, the story is mine but don’t pretend to be the owner of the truth and insult my friends because some of them act differently about their sexuality.

I never intended to be rude, I never intended to make anyone uncomfortable, just have a firm hand about my position and I fixed what I could and just like I said, I like the story and people can choose not to read it.

The story was edited and it will stay up. Juvia and Lucy kissed because they felt like it, not because of their boyfriends. Juvia “asks” permission to Natsu because wanting or not both girls are in serious relationships and as far as she knew, Natsu could feel insulted and no one wanted to cheat. Natsu gets an erection because he likes what he sees, apparently it is one of his fetiches. In no moment neither Natsu nor Gray asked for the girls to watch the kiss, they happened to be there. It was between two consenting adults and unlike some stupid people who don’t know the girls, Juvia and Lucy both like them obviously and they were fine with it. There was NO pressure to please no one else other than the girls themselves. 

I won’t be answering any other thing related to the topic because it’s quite enough and I’ve explained myself way more that I should’ve for a simple fanfiction.

earlier today I was walking around the town, & I OVERHEARD this couple arguing.& the guy told his girlfriend to, in these ( exact ) words, shut her pretty little mouth & sit pretty because that’s all girls are supposed to do. slightly appalled & even a B I T distraught, I waited for her reaction. & to my very satisfaction, she dumped her smoothie on his head & dumped him in front of the whole crowd of people. serves him right, never limit a girl’s capability. I was thoroughly proud of her, although I don’t think he was even worth the waste of a delicious smoothie 

I called sausage party stupid and a waste of the art that is animation and my friend was like “no it’s not! It’s funny and has positive representation of homosexual relationships!” and I haven’t been more appalled

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Im finally reporting my rapist 4 years later after no longer caring about putting a black man in jail. Im trying to find an old conversation of him admitting what he did. Do you think some guys are repeat offenders? Im hoping I find this evidence. Im worried i might look like a whore.

Wow:) I hope you find the evidence too. It’s unfortunate that you’re scared of looking like a “whore.” This is another reason why you didn’t report him before; it’s appalling how people victim-blame and make the victim look like the victimizer then sympathize with the perpetrator. He could be a repeat offender, IDK. Whether he is or not, he can’t be trusted.