“30 Foot Tall Icicles”

I wasn’t allowed to hike down to that platform to look at Blackwater River Waterfalls up close. So crossed to the other side of the river, found a spot at the top of a ridge way up high, and zoomed in to take a shot. Do you see the SIZE of those icicles??? It was 11 degrees out.


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or the one where sansa decides to take to the appalachian trail alone after the death of her brother robb. somewhere down the trail, she winds up crossing paths with a far more seasoned hiker.

Thunderstruck Coffee Porter

This delicious porter is brewed by Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina using roasted coffee beans by Dynamite Roasting Company. I’ve always thought that porters and coffee were made to be with each other and this beer didn’t let me down one bit. I found it to be very chocolatey with a pleasant coffee flavor on the backend. 

Fun fact: As a hiker I thought it was cool to learn that this beer is named after a protected mountain top in Western North Carolina. To learn more about how the brewery works with a local non-profit to raise awareness about the importance of land and water conservation, visit their page “For the Love of Beer & Mountains.” C-ya on the trails!

Paralyzed woman hikes Appalachian Trail

“There were some people that were definitely didn’t have a lot of hope. But I’ve always had hope. I think you should always have hope. If you don’t give up you just never know what you are, you know, what could happen. I mean, who would think that someone paralyzed would be hiking right now so anything is possible,” Kozel explained.

She is now reaching her goal of hiking the almost 2,200 mile trail. She uses leg braces called C-braces, which are computer generated, to help her walk.

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I want one