Appalachian State University stands with Emma. If you don’t know who Emma is, you should get educated here

We, the (un)official App State Feminist Student Union took part in #CarryThatWeight on campus to raise awareness of not only Emma’s story, but to show support for people on our campus who are victims of sexual assault! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in this successful event to raise awareness on our campus! A lot of people may not have stopped but we definitely caught a lot of attention (I saw those side eyes, people)!!! Good job to all!

The third installment of our Honoring Black Women series!

Claudette Colvin, a young activist in Montgomery, AL, was the FIRST to refuse to give up her seat on a bus. She defended her actions saying she paid her fare just like everybody else.

Rosa Parks was deemed a more “appropriate” symbol for the boycott because Colvin did not have the preferred skin and hair texture, as well as becoming an unwed mother shortly after.

Colvin is getting credit where credit is long overdue now. Phillip Hoose is writing a book, Claudette Colvin: Twice Towards Justiceabout the woman who was miles ahead of us all.

There’s an interview with Colvin at NPR, here!


This is the 1st Annual Appalachian Hunger Games. Tributes were required to donate 5 cans in order to be entered into the Reaping. The more cans you donated, the more times your name went in. Each tribute was equipped with a flag football belt, balloon, and white shirt. In order to “die” a tribute’s balloon must be popped, belt ripped off, and shirt marked on with a marker. The cornucopia was littered with markers, shields, water, snacks, and lots of other surprises. After the initial bloodbath, several tributes decided to hide in the crowd, so we had Gamemakers run after them with markers in order to force them back into the fray. At the end of the Games, when there were only two competitors left, we announced that all dead tributes had been genetically modified into muttations. All the dead tributes rushed the field and the crowd went crazy. The muttations made quick work of the remaining tributes, so we decided to name them both winners of the 1st Annual Hunger Games. We filled an entire van with cans of food for Hospitality House and it was actually the greatest thing ever. I CAN’T WAIT TO DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR!!!


The (un)official App State Feminist Union also took part in a silent demonstration that was held in Roess Dining Hall. The signs covered everything from race issues on our campus to gender issues. This protest was for anyone who is the “other” at App State, hence why the hashtag is #OtherAppState. The purpose of the demonstration was to catch the attention of our school administration to show them we are tired of false claims. Every year they say they are working to increase diversity but if you look at the statistics from the past 15 years, the numbers are saying something different! 

Good Job to the Minority Mens Group and ROCA (RAs of Color and Allies) for putting this protest together and thank you to those from the feminist student union for joining in!

Our voices need to be heard!