appalachian trail

Sitting by the warmth of the fire, the sleeping bags in the cozy tent waiting for you to snuggle into them, warm food in your belly, mountain ranges surrounding you from all sides, and the expanse of the universe above your head; couldn’t have asked for more! It was really cold and windy on the night this was taken and I had to warm up my hands in between shooting to keep them going!

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram

where my heart feels most content- surrounded by mountains with my hand in yours

some things of note:

🍃17 miles + 4900 feet elevation gain (16:30/mile)

🍃my legs didn’t want to work, especially the first 2 miles uphill and some days are just like that but ya get it done anyway

🍃bear sighting during which i nearly shit my pants

🍃the most quiet forest i’ve ever been in