Voltron: Legendary Defender & Avatar: The Last Airbender - An Important Comparison

Lance & Sokka

- blue oni

- puns

- 90% drama


Keith & Zuko

- red oni

- angry

- needs to chill


Shiro & Katara

- leader

- mom friend

- trademark hair

- beautiful

Pidge & Toph

- smol

- green

- sarcastic

- will fight you

Hunk & Suki

- pragmatic

- sensible

- trademark headband

- *long-suffering sigh*

Allura & Aang

- last of their people 

- frozen in time

- cinnamon roll

- tattoos

Coran & Appa

- the best friend

- luxurious facial hair

- comic relief

- transportation

The signs as characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Aries: Uncle Iroh

Taurus: Katara

Gemini: Appa

Cancer: Toph

Leo: Azula

Virgo: Aang

Libra: Suki

Scorpio: Jet

Sagittarius: Sokka

Capricorn: Momo

Aquarius: The cabbage guy

Pisces: Zuko


Some of the amazing ATLA & LOK fan artwork that will be debuting at the Gallery Nucleus event in Los Angeles on March 7th!

Yes There Is Egg Custard In These Tarts by Sarah Arakaki
Yangchen by Abigail Dela Cruz
Leafie by Amy Thomas
Dancing Dragon by Charlene Kelley
Heroes Of The Nations by Erik Ly
Legacy by Ishmaiah Dado
Avatar Wan by Leslie Strock
Welcome To Republic City by Leslie Strock

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