Scattered throughout Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons are vistas, benches, and cliff-sides that the two titular characters can rest on. In addition to providing an easy, optional break to gameplay, these benches can also often present a form of foreshadowing, indicating the next location the brothers will go, or where they’ve just come from and the effect they’ve had there.

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Has Kate ever done the Cape look? I think she'd look fabulous. Her style is pretty bland, most times the Queen looks more youthful as far as her attire goes. But I think Kate has a great height, beautiful body, she'd look stunning in a few other styles. I guess when Kate is home in England she just likes to be comfortable, Because when she's over seas, then she goes all out as far as fashion. Could you image her wordrobe for an Engagement in Africa 😍🌍 . Her stylists are amazing

I can think of two capes she’s worn and they wore both pretty fierce.