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Little Witch

(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 011
summary : Reader (a witch) and Kai work together on a spell and Kai is in love with the reader but he doesn’t understand his feelings.
*gif by christopherwooddaily

The sun was shining brightly , sun rays dancing between the trees in the woods and the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds here and there. Birds were chirping and a couple of times Y/N saw a rabbit hop by. She was headed for the Quary to meet with Kai to work on a spell and they had agreed to meet out of the way so none of her friends would find out they were working together and also so no one gets hurt. At least thats what Kai had told her. The truth was a little different.
Kai had wanted to have a private moment to talk with her without any chance of them getting interrupted. He wanted to spend the day alone with her and maybe figure out for sure what those emotions he got around her meant.
As he neared the woods , he saw her car parked at the far end of the small clearing and listened to figure out where she was. Then he heard it - Y/N was humming some song as she walked towards the Quary , crunching dried leafs as she did. Kai ran in vampire speed for a few seconds , stopping and slowing down when he saw her a few hundred meters ahead of him , semi dancing instead of walking as she continued humming the same song.
“Hey. Wait for me.” he called out after her.
Y/N turned around seeing Kai running towards her.  How hadn’t she heard the footsteps before ?  She couldn’t help but smile seeing Kai. He was wearing a blue denim jacket , jeans and dark blue t-shirt. His blue eyes had a mischievous spark in them and his smile took her breath away for the millionth time since they had met.
“Run faster.” she teased until Kai flashed right in front of her.
“Y/N , I am a vampire. You do know I am running slower so I don’t scare you right ?” he laughed. Kai reached his hands towards her messenger back. “Here , give me this. I’ll carry it for you. It looks heavy.”
Y/N blinked a few times confused all of the sudden. Not because she didn’t trust Kai or anything , but because he was being extra nice. Never before he had offered to carry her bag for her.
“Don’t you trust me ?”
“If I didn’t trust you , we wouldn’t be here. All alone in the woods.” she smiled , handing him the bag. “Careful tho .. There is vervain in there.”
“Vervain ? Why ? You are a witch.” said Kai , swinging her bag across his shoulders and continued walking with Y/N by his side. “A very powerful one I might add. You can easily drop a vampire with one look. What do you need vervain for ?”
Y/N laughed nervously , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. Kai was always curious about everything she does. Sometimes it was a little annoying but it was also one of the many things she loved about him. He was like a little kid around her , far from the dangerous sociopath her friends saw him as.
“I know , but it works as a surprise. Also I don’t like vampires knowing I am a witch.” she explained. “They always go looking for favours later…  Making threats if they don’t get what they want.”
Kai laughed under his breath. He hadn’t had many dealings with vampires as a witch before he had turned into a hybrid but from what he had - he knew Y/N had a point.  
“Look at you , thinking ahead and being all smart.” he teased seeing the corners of her mouth twitch at his comment.
They walked in silence for a few minutes , the only sounds coming from the leafs crunching under their feet as they made their way to the Quary. Kai kept stealing glances at  her -  looking at her curls dance around her shoulders as she walked , the sunshine reflecting off them. Y/N was wearing ripped in the knees black skinny jeans , a black and white plaid shirt and a white top. The corners of his mouth twitched thinking how without even realising she somehow always took his breath away. If they had met before he had been sent to the Prison World , he probably would’ve spent 18 years thinking about her. Wishing he had done something.
“Wait.” she said quietly , stretching her hand in front of him , making him stop. “Shhh…”
Kai was confused as to what had happened , what she could’ve possibly heard or seen that he had missed with his vampire senses. Y/N pulled out her phone , opening the camera app. Kai followed her gaze seeing a deer less than a hundred meters away. She took a few pictures before the wild animal noticed them and ran away. Kai noticed the disappointed look on her face before her gaze dropped to the ground.
“I can chase after it if you want to see it up close.” he offered.
“No. Don’t want to scare it any more than we already had with our presence.” she smiled. “I still took a few nice pictures. Wanna see ?”
“Um yeah sure.” Kai leaned in to look at Y/N’s phone screen from behind her shoulder , not really looking at the pictures but thinking about how nice it feels to have her this close to him. Her hair smelled like wild strawberries.
Probably her shampoo. he thought.
Kai cleared his throat and a small smile spread on his face seeing the pictures. “Wow those came out really good.”
“You think ?”
Y/N felt her heart racing , having Kai stand this close to her.  It made her feel both excited and nervous at the same time. She could feel his breath on her cheek and his chest pressing lightly against her back. She wished he’d wrap his strong arms around her and never let her go. “Hmm…”
“Smiillee..!” she said leaning in closer to him and taking a selfie of them together - Y/N sticking out her tongue while Kai was looking at her. There was something different about his eyes.
Kai was a little surprised at first. Somehow he had missed Y/N open  the camera app and switching to front. He had been too distracted by her leaning closer towards him.
“No , no , no … that’s not how you do that sweetheart.” he snatched her phone smiling , moving her hair away from her neck , his fingers glazing across her skin sending waves of electricity through her body.  Kai snapped a picture of them together with her looking shocked as if he is about to bite her, purple black veins showing under his eyes and his fangs hovering over her neck. “Now that’s a nice selfie.” he laughed.
“Love it.” she laughed too. “Alright , break over. We have to keep going. There are like 5 miles until the Quary and -”
Kai wrapped his hands around her and in vampire speed ran towards the Quary. Y/N felt every fibre in her body waking up the moment Kai’s arms had wrapped around her , pulling her towards him so tightly. It felt so nice being in his arms , even if it was for a few seconds.
“Or .. you can do that.” she laughed turning around to face him. “Wow. That was amazing !”
Kai took a step away from her clearing his throat. A moment ago he hadn’t been thinking , wrapping his hands around her and now the feeling of holding her tight was drowning his thoughts. Kai wanted to hold her in his arms every day and never ever spend a second away from her. Y/N’s eyes sparkled a little differently in that moment and he wondered why. She ran her fingers roughly through her hair , looking around , taking a step towards the edge and glancing down.
“Whoa we are so high up…” she gulped starting to slip off the edge.
Kai was fast enough to catch her. He felt his heart stop at the though of her falling to her death and him not being able to do anything to stop it. He held her close to him , one hand around her waist the other on her back. Their eyes met and Y/N felt her heart racing faster than ever , not because she had almost fallen but because of the way Kai was holding her and gazing into her eyes. He was leaning in towards her and she could feel his breath on her face intoxicating her , turning her legs into jelly. If Kai let go off her in that moment , she’d definitely slip again and fall to her death. Her eyes darted between his smoky blue eyes and his rosey lips. Kai took a few steps away from the edge before letting go of her.
“Careful sweetheart.” he said clearing his throat. “If you wanted me to hold you in my arms you should’ve just asked. No need to almost-fall to your death for that to happen.”
Kai winked at her and Y/N laughed nervously at his comment. Heights made her feel dizzy and that had been the real reason she had slipped. Tho Kai catching her and holding her in his arms , almost kissing her had made her head spin way more.
“Thank you .. for not letting me fall to my death.” she said still feeling a little out of breath.
What is happening to me? wondered Kai. A second ago he had almost kissed her and now he couldn’t stop thinking about it , wishing he had. Being around her while having all those emotions running through him was driving him nuts , specially the part where he wanted to be with her , kiss her and hold her in his arms forever.
Y/N reached for her bag , pulling out her family’s grimoar. She opened it in her hands while Kai left her bag on the ground and leaned in behind her looking at the spell. It wasn’t the most complex one but they had to be careful.
“Where is our test subject?” he asked curious. “I hope you are not planing on practicing  on yourself like a mad scientist .. That’s not why I am here right ? To keep you from dying?”
“Isn’t it ?” she teased.
“That’s not funny.”
“Don’t worry. Our test subject is …” she looked up noticing a starling in the sky. “… just flying by.”
Y/N winked at Kai who stared at her in confusion before following her gaze. She stretched her hand , caging the bird in the air.
“Cool.” said Kai amazed , watching her pull her hand back bringing the bird to them. “Now what ?”
“Open your hands.”
In a moment the bird landed in Kai’s palms and he held onto it , preventing it from flying away. The little starling chirped nervously , trying to find a way out of his hands. Y/N closed her eyes hovering her palm over the bird , muttering a spell to stop the bird’s heart.
“We will bring you back little one. Promise.” she said softly , touching the birds head with her finger.
Kai watched her in amazement - the way she closed her eyes in concentration , her hand hovering barely an centimetre over his. There it was again that strange desire to kiss her. Less than a minute later , the bird stopped fighting and he let it down on the ground.
“OK , so if we do the resuscitation spell right , this little bird here will wake up.”
“That’s pretty advanced you know.” said Kai amazed. Y/N was still very young to do spells like that. “Even older witches had trouble with resuscitation spells. Are you sure you want to do this ? If things go awry ,you might end up dead …”
“No. I won’t.” said Y/N with a note of confidence in her voice , looking up at him. “You won’t let that happen.”
Kai smiled. “That’s true little witch.” he teased.
“HEY !  I am only half a year younger than you … sort of.” she said punching him playfully in the shoulder , making him laugh.
Y/N held out her hands waiting for Kai to take them. He felt a little nervous , realising his palms had gotten a little sweaty just like every time he was around her.
“You have really nice palms.”
“Um t-thanks.”
Kai took her hands feeling a spark of electricity flow between them as he did. Y/N looked up from their hands held together to his eyes. He looked nervous and kept starring at her , studying her face.
They began the spell and Kai couldn’t stop thinking about what he’d do if something bad happened to her and he is unable to stop it. He didn’t think he’d survive that. All those emotions he felt towards Y/N had gotten magnified and confused the hell out of him. Specially the ones he had felt the past hour around her.
Y/N let go off his hands kneeling down next to the little bird on the ground. “Wake up pretty feathers.” she said softly. “Come on…”
Kai knelt down next to her patting her on the back. “He’s gone.”
“We can bring him back.” she said smiling , getting up. “Lets try again.”
“Oh-kay.” said Kai taking her hands again. Both of them were powerful witches but he still didn’t think they could bring the bird back. Those kinds of spells required a lot, specially concentration which he seemed to lack severely at the moment. They tried and tried again and again with no result. Y/N wasn’t giving up , she wasn’t even frustrated  , all she radiated was hope and confidence. Kai found himself drawn to her even more because of it. Usually being around someone so positive would annoy him but instead of being annoyed he felt even more confused as to why he wanted to be around her even more. Kai had to tell her , maybe this way all the confusion and frustration would go away.
“Y/N?” said Kai , suddenly making her look up. “Can I tell you something ?”
“Yeah , of course.”
Kai laughed nervously.
“Um .. I don’t know how to say this.” he said rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger. “There are all these emotions I feel .. and I never even knew there were so many emotions to be had in the first place… Around you I get this warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach which spreads through my body …  and back there , when you almost fell - I felt as if I might die if something happens to you. Then when I caught you , my heart … did this weird flip , I don’t even know how to explain it.”
Kai’s eyes were fixed on her , he took a step to the left then a few to the right , walking around but his eyes never moving away from her as he talked. Y/N could barely catch up with everything he was saying.
“And I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s annoying really but in a way I like how you are in my head constantly. I am thinking about you even when I don’t want to be thinking about you. Dreaming about you every night… and my palms get all sweaty when you are around me.” he said smiling nervously. “I can’t concentrate on anything else besides wanting to hold you in my arms forever and -”
Kai stopped talking seeing Y/N’s eyes had widened to the point where they were about to jump out of their sockets. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled to find the words to say. Kai’s confession had taken her by surprise , a surprise so big she forgot completely how to function. Her heart was racing , threatening to leap out of her chest at any moment and her breathing had turned so shallow it wasn’t even there.
“Y/N ? Are you - are you okay ?”
He waved his hand in front of her face trying to get her attention. At first nothing happened then she blinked fast a couple of times returning to reality.
“Yeah… yeah I’m fine.” she cleared her throat. “Wh-what were you g-going to say before I -”
“I … ahh … Feelings are .. hard.”
Feelings .. ? Kai has feelings for me ? thought Y/N , her mind spinning like crazy and she smiled nervously at him. Kai was looking at her with a mix of confusion , hope and desire in his eyes. He was waiting for her to say something but she seemed to have forgotten the entire english language. Not that words would do her any good. Y/N was much better at doing than saying things so she jumped into his arms , her hands cupping his face as she kissed him. Kai was taken by surprise and for a second he didn’t know what to do. Her hands moved towards his neck , burring her fingers in his hair feeling Kai’s arms pulling her closer to him at the same time. Kai kissed her back , not letting her pull away from his lips. The warm fuzzy feeling he always got around her , spreading through his body with a force like never before. He scooped her up as she hooked her hands around his neck. Kai slowly backed her against one of the trees near by ,his lips hungrily attacking hers the entire time. Kai didn’t want to pull away but he was worried he might suffocate her.
“Now I know for sure.” he whispered smiling , his fingers brushing against her cheek. Her eyes sparkled and Y/N was out of breath , her eyes darting between his lips and his eyes. All this time everything had been right in front of his eyes and somehow he had missed it. Kai could hear her heart beating so fast all beats blurred into one , her cheeks were flushed and she was smiling ear to ear.
“I love you.” he said softly pressing his lips against hers again.
“I love you too.” she smiled , looking behind Kai’s back seeing the bird fly away. He followed her gaze , laughing nervously. “Weird… It appears we are getting the entire day to ourselves now.“ 
MASTERLIST March / April 2017

bettysjuggie  asked:

2, 3, 26! ☺️

Thanks @bettysjuggie

Hope you enjoy these fills.

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

She lives for these moments, when it is calm, when there isn’t a murder investigation or a civil war occurring between two fractions of the same town, this. His head laid gently on her lap, his eyes closed, a small smile on his face as he dreams of who knows what. The movie is still playing on the TV in her lounge room, his Serpent’s jacket laid over a dining room chair. She takes in a deep breath and sighs sinking further into the couch, as his breath hitches and she thinks that she has disturbed him. She brushes his forehead gently, her fingers moving through the dark waves the fall just over his eyes and she swears his smile gets a little wider.

She feels lucky that he is able to feel comfortable enough with her to allow himself to be vulnerable asleep in her arms and she makes a vow to always be his safe place to land. With whatever may come their way, she will keep him safe.

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

“It’s hot,” she exclaims as her mouth forms a pout as she looks up at him from her reclined position on the couch as he rolls his eyes at her. She’s not wrong it is hot, hottest summer in 20 years, if you were to believe what they were saying in the news. She was reclined on their couch in just her underwear, a bowl of ice-cream in her hands while she read her magazine. He had already told her a number of times to put some clothes on that week but it was just the two of them in their small New York apartment and she couldn’t work out why he was being so difficult about this.

“You don’t see me walking around here in just my boxers, do you?” He was leaning with his hands braced against the back of the couch. She re-adjusted her pout into a smile that was much more seductive in it’s intention.

“I wouldn’t mind.” She raised an eyebrow at him, before bringing her spoon to her lips and taking a very deliberate lick. Savouring the taste of strawberry ice cream on her tongue. He stood there his mouth slightly open, his eyes following her movements. She placed the spoon in her mouth, sucking on the cool metal, until she was satisfied and let it slip from her mouth before her tongue swiped her bottom lip, at which he couldn’t help but groan, his hands gripping the couch tighter, his fingers digging into the soft material.

“I need to work on my assignment,” he mumbled, as she was bringing up another spoonful to her lips. She nodded passively at him, as he watched some of the ice-cream fall from her spoon, dripping down the curve of her breast, his eyes watching as it disappeared between the valley of her breasts leaving a pink trail behind. His tongue darted out to wet his lips subconsciously.

“Ooops,” she said coyly, her eyes full of mischief as she pulled the corner of her bottom lip in between her teeth. He practically leapt over the back of the couch leaning over her, his hands braced on either side of her shoulders up against the arm of the couch as he bent down to run his tongue along the sticky trail which had been left, she moaned at the sensation, his eyes meeting hers as he finished just below her collar bone, pressing an open mouthed kiss on her skin, and she leant further back in response.

“You know strawberry is my favourite, Betts.”

She did.

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

She delicately tried to move her hand to her jeans pocket, slipping it inside and pulling out her phone in a move that was precise and controlled as to not wake her sleeping boyfriend. They had been reading over the submitted articles for the Blue and Gold, when he had drifted off. They had been reading for hours now, in his father’s trailer, hoping to find something that would be worth publishing for their latest edition. She had noticed the change of his breathing as she read out loud one of the articles on the latest football game, the slow steady breaths against her neck sending a tingle down her spine.

She didn’t have a nice picture of Jughead on her phone, he wouldn’t let her take one, she had plenty of ones of him scowling at the camera, and a few where he had pulled a face, but none where she could capture the true essence of her Jughead Jones. She pulled up the camera app on her phone, switching the camera to selfie mode, and directing it at herself and the sleeping Jughead on her shoulder, smiling slightly she took the picture. The sound of the ‘shutter’ filled the room, and she cursed the noise, the phone slipping from her hand as Jughead woke looking around the room, still groggy from waking. He looked towards Betty who just smiled back at him as she slipped her phone back into her pocket. He apologised for falling asleep, before pressing a quick kiss to her lips, gathering the pages that were still on his lap and starting to read the one on the top of the pile.

Back in her bedroom, after he had dropped her off, she opened her phone and smiled at the picture she had taken, her favourite one so far.

Is It Arranged Love? Chanyeol x Reader [Requested] Pt. 1

By: Gen

Word Count: 3344

Genre: Fluff

Request: Female reader x Chanyeol or Baekhyun where in you are an international idol and you were paired to them in We Got Married and ends up falling for you. A little fluffy in the end if it’s okay. Thanks!

A/N: I got you fam!! Sorry for the long wait. Lots of research and switch up of writers… Here it is!! Part 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Originally posted by chanshine

Chanyeol POV:

My legs shivered as they came in contact with the cold bench. I made sure to have a content look on my face at all times. It would be on broadcast soon, many fans are already angry when they found out I was gonna be on the show, We Got Married.

I fiddled my fingers, thinking of the mystery girl I am supposed to be married to. Well, at least in the show.

“I hope she’s nice…and beautiful,” I remember admitting in the interview, “I hope she can take care of herself, but at times I can be the one to care for her,” I shared.

Waiting for the camera crew to get ready, a man brought me a box. I muttered a quick ‘thank you’ and curled my linen-covered fingers around the edge of the box cap. As I started to pull it up, a makeup artist almost screamed. I look up with panic, she bows and apologizes, realizing that she had caused a scene in the small park.

“You can’t open it until we film, Chanyeol,” she voiced.

“O-ok…” damn, why am I so awkward, I think to myself. I let the box go and put it to the side of me. I clasped my hands together, attempting to avoid looking in the box.

“Okay,” the director says, “let’s get this started.” I stand up. I brush the imaginary dust off of my coat.

“ACTION,” yells the director. A big grin shines on my face. I have to present myself well to my fans.

“Oh, I’m so nervous,” I say, honestly. I hear my stomach growl faintly, but it seems like the entire film crew could tell I was hungry.

“Maybe once I meet my wife, we can go get something to eat,” I anticipated.

I shuffled around quietly, trying to figure out what to do.

“Chanyeol-shi,” whispered the same makeup artist, “get the box.”

A box? Oh! The box!! I remember. I pick it up and finally get to lift the red covering off. In the box was an iPhone, a red scarf, and a tiny note with a poem:

'Use the tech
to find me
as I am the one with the freezing neck’

Keep reading

Princess (Jimin Smut)

Word count: 1,710 (2 pgs-ish)

Features: Giving Jimin oral and you sitting on his face

Your phone chimes and a text from Jimin lights up across your screen while showering. Seeing that it was from Jimin and because you knew that he would be home soon, you reach for your phone careful not to get it wet in the shower. His innocent text reads, “What’s for dinner?”. Since It’s been a while since you and Jimin would have the entire night to yourselves without him having any schedules the following day, you decide to play with him a bit. After all, he does this to you all the time. You swipe your phone to open the camera app and switched it to front facing mode. You teasingly snap a shot of your inner thighs with your running hot shower creating a misty, seductive scene. You attach the picture to your text message as you teasingly type “Me” followed by a row of kitten emojis. Chuckling proudly to yourself, you lay your phone back down on the bathroom counter as you finish your shower thinking about how hard Jimin must be trying to not get a hard one while practicing with the members. Shortly after that thought, your phone chimes again while wrapping yourself in your towel. Of course its Jimin. “My favorite” he responds followed by the tongue emoji. You see the speech bubble indicating that he’s still typing as the separate messages “coming” “home” “NOW” arrive on your phone. “Hurrrrry” you respond, attaching another cropped picture of the tops of your nuzzled breasts and pouting lips.

You knew it would take him at least 45 minutes to come home so you used this time to prepare. You quickly dried your hair and began looking through your dresser for a cute matching lingerie set. Remembering how he often likes to call you his princess, you decide to wear a pastel pink lacey bra and matching lacey boy shorts to create a “princess” vibe. To finish the look off, you put on a pair similar colored light pink thigh-high and a mini-tiara that he once jokingly bought for “his princess”, as he would say. At this point, 30 minutes have gone by so you use the remaining time you have left until his return to strategize what you’re going to do to him. You’re entrance is already moistening and tingling at the thought of Jimin’s member inside of you. You spread yourself out on the bed and decide to just let him do whatever he wants to do to you.

You hear keys fiddling in the lock to the front door of your apartment while you wait in your bedroom. “(Y/N)~, I’m hungry~”, Jimin whines as you hear his foot steps approaching your bedroom door. “Dinners ready~”, you call out to him teasingly knowing how good you look in your little pink outfit. “Good cause I’m—“ his cuts himself off as he swings your bedroom door open. The hand that he used to seductively stroke his fiery hair back while making his entrance fell straight down to his hips. His lips parted in the astonishment of your beauty. He stands there for a moment to take in the sight. You can see his eyes outlining your figure in detail. You can also see his little member begin to make his appearance through his jeans. You roll over onto your tummy and arch your back so the bottom of your ass peeks through your lacey shorts. “I made it specially for you”, you say in flirty tone as you raise your feet behind you in a scissoring motion to teasingly appear somewhat innocent.

“Shit baby…” he half pants under his breath as makes his way towards you. He sits on the edge of your bed as he humms “Mmmm….sit on my lap princess” while sucking in his bottom lip. You make your way to his lap, facing him with your parted  knees hugging his hips. He softly grabs hold of the back of your neck guiding your head closer to kiss him. You can feel the strong exhales of desire from his nose brush against your face. His tongue then slithers its way through your lips to meet with yours. Your tongues rub against each other passionately causing his member to become hard. You can feel Jimin’s bulge growing from beneath you through the thin material of your shorts. Getting turned on, you rub your core against his bulge to tease him a little as you wrap your arms around his neck. You can feel the smile on his lips as he hums in pure satisfaction. While his tongue dominates the inside of your mouth, his hands busily unclasp your bra and you hear them hit a wall in your room. In exchange you rid him of his hoodie and shirt. He slides his hands through the back of your panties, stopping to cup a cheek in each hand as squeezes them. His grip on your ass tightens as you begin rubbing your core on his member again. The friction between your panties and his light wash jeans make your core tighten in pleasure, releasing waterfalls of arousal in return. Unable to take the tease any longer, you prop yourself off of his lap, give him a lustful dark glare before you push his back flush against the bed. Before he even has time to think, you get on your knees in front of him and begin cupping and palming against the length of his member. He props himself up on his muscular arms to get a better view of you in action. You catch him smiling at the noticeably darker spot on his jeans from your wet juices. “You see what you do to me Jimin” you comment in return. You begin pecking small kisses at the faint reminiscences of Jimin’s abs as your hands begin unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. He helps you out by raising himself slightly to make the removal easier. You pull his jeans down along with his boxers because you were tired of waiting; you wanted him already. You kiss the tip of his member while looking up at him. His eyes are looking directly at you, mouth parted in pleasure. You lick up and down his shaft with the tip of your tongue as he strokes his fiery orange hair back in complete disbelief of how good it feels. You engulf his member into your wet, warm mouth causing him to cry out “fuuuuckkk that feels so good baby” in return. You begin sucking and rubbing your tongue simultaneously as you see his face crinkle in pleasure as he moans helplessly. His brows furrow as his mouth maintains its O shape. He lets out an orchestrated array of loud moans, grunts, and suctioning sounds through his teeth. You begin sucking harder causing him to moan louder and more frequent. Incredibly turned on, you push his member deeper into your mouth so it goes in whole. He’s moaning nothing but curses at this point as he grips the sheets, knuckles turning white, in response to the wonders being done by your mouth. “F-f-fu-uuuu…..kkkkkkk” he weeps as he begins thrusting himself into your mouth. He grabs you by the back of your neck, slightly tugging on your hair as he pushes his member in and out of your suctioning mouth making eye contact with you the whole time. You begin moaning on his member to show how much you want him to cum. “s-sh-shiiii…TTTTT” he grunts as he quickly  pulls his member from your mouth and pumps his seed all over your breasts. You hum in pleasure as his warm seed trickles down between your breasts. You naturally wipe his release off of you with the tissues on your night stand before accompanying him on the bed.

“It’s time for princess to sit on her throne”, he smirks. “And where’s that?” you ask intrigued. “On my face” he says seductively while licking his lips. You hover over him in no time. He looked so beautiful underneath you as his puppy eyes looked up at you. Once in position, his hands spread your outer lips open. He teases you by kissing directly on your clit. You shudder from the sensitivity and you can feel his mouth smiling on you in response. He uses the tip of his tongue to circle your clit repeatedly before sucking on it. Circling. And sucking. Circling. And sucking. You can feel your core dripping onto his chin as you tighten from the arousal. He gently nips at your inner lips with his teeth causing you to weep “Ohhh fuuuuckk….Park Jiminnnn” as you grip the head board with one head, and your breast in the other. He helps you out by grabbing hold of your other breast, rolling and tugging on your hard nipples. He began running laps around your entrance with his tongue flat. “Ahhh….yes, yes, yes” you moan unconsciously. You can feel his tongue enter you and you squirm from the sensation of it circling your walls. “Jimin….ah…..Jiminnn” you pant helplessly as you feel him rub his tongue to and from your clit to your entrance. He sucks and flicks your clit with the tip of his tongue simultaneously as he inserts  two fingers into your entrance. You whimper a mixture of curses and Jimin’s name. Your breathing turns into panting as you begin to bounce and grind yourself onto his face from the euphoric pleasure of his tongue and fingers in perfect harmony. His moans match yours as he tries to encourage you to cum all over his anticipating mouth. His sucking becomes harder, his fingers penetrate deeper and you’re driven insane. He switches to his palm as he rubs your core whole, sounds of the gushing suction of your hole filling the room. Your mouth fixed open as you become overwhelmed from the pleasure. “Cum for me (Y/N)……Cum my princess” he begs desperately from beneath you. Your knees tremble as you let out your loudest moan yet “Ahhh, Jimin I…I-I’m cu–” you moan helplessly as you came onto his hands. You look down at him with euphoria in your eyes as his chin and lips glisten from eating you out. He winks and sucks his two fingers deliciously before smirking, “Thanks for the meal”.