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any suggestion on apps to use to learn Korean?? love your page btw x

Thank you so much!

I will only be recommending free apps or apps that at not point forces you to pay. You should know that apps where you pay often have an edge plus the people who put hours into making the material deserve to be rewarded for their work, if they want it. 

Usually we recommend LingoDeer it’s easy to use for new users, and has bits where you have to listen and do nothing else and they have to option to unlock higher levels as well for more experienced learners. 

There’s also Duolingo which has previously been a favourite platform of mine but I was severely disappointed when they first published their Korean course though they did revise it. It’s not incorrect, and it’s not bad, but it’s very stiff. The advantage to Duolingo is that they show you, that you memory of the words is fading and that you should refresh a certain topic, which is annoying but true. they also have explanations to grammar.  

And of course there’s the Memrise app where you can use all of our lists amongst many others! Memrise is mostly useful for learning vocabulary words, not for grammar.  

There are many Korean learning apps, but I find them to be pretty much the same and the interfaces are usually not something to write home about..   

To anyone other than the anon: Please remember that this is only my opinion and experience if you have an app that you like and works for you then don’t let this affect you - and maybe let us know about it? Sharing is caring ^^

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any suggestions on apps to use to learn korean?? :))))

Hello Anon! 
I actually love this questions. I love apps. Mostly because if I’m on a long bus ride, or sitting waiting for something - and it’s going to take a couple hours - I love taking out my phone and learning. 

Here are some apps I recommend:

  • LingoDeer (on both Apple and Android)
  • Korean Grammar - Haja (Android)
  • Learn Korean (Both)
  • KoKo (Android)
  • Naver Dictionary (Both)
  • Memrise (Both) - involves money
  • TTMIK (Both)
  • Learn Korean Vocabulary (both)
    • there’s two versions of this one, six thousand and nine thousand
    • it doesn’t matter which one, but if you don’t want to take up that much space I recommend the six thousand one
  • Eggbun (both) - involves money

Apps I Recommend with Native Speakers:

  • HelloTalk
  • Tandem
  • iTalki

Once you learn some vocab and grammar, it’s great to start talking to a native.

Apps I don’t recommend for Korean:

  • Dulingo
    • why? because the guy who created the lessons wasn’t a native speaker, and when Korean natives called him out, instead of being aware of his mistakes, he got mad and blamed everyone else around him.
    • since then I’ve heard they’re working on it, but I don’t recommend it for the time being. I’m not fluent yet myself, otherwise, I would try it out myself and tell you guys

I would like to make a disclaimer - don’t rely on apps. As much as I love using them, I don’t use them as a foundation for my self-studying Korean journey. 

I hope this was useful! If you want to know what the apps look like, you can send me a private message and I’ll send you pictures! I just didn’t want to make the post too long.

Best in your studies!

~ SK101

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LMAO I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am. If anyone else wants to try it and message me what your personality type is click here for the site/app Im curious to see what you all get!!

Toying with a quick sketch style for ladybug characters! Feel free to send me drawing prompts, I am practicing. :)

EDIT - better quality picture!

Mr. Min - Chapter 05

Description:  It wasn’t long after you started your new job that your boss caught your attention. Young, platinum blonde, a fan of basketball and hip hop, he was quite the outlier for someone with his title. It was hard to deny your attraction and when he suggested a casual sexual agreement it was clear the feeling was mutual. What wasn’t apparent at the start was the dark reality he lived in and how he would pull you into that abyss.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 23,243

A/N: Eternal thanks to my number one cheerleader and motivator, @avveh, for constantly rooting for me even when I felt like banging my head on the keyboard.  Not to mention for beta reading this monster.  For anyone who can’t read this on the tumblr app I suggest checking out the AO3 link or opening it on a browser/computer.

Playlist - Prologue - Ch 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 - Ch 06 - Ch 07 - Ch 08

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When you find out your boyfriend is texting another girl and have to decide to either invite her over to cause more drama and expose him for the cheating son of an asswipe he is to said girl, or smash his phone, therefore causing drama between you and him to have more control over him and make him never want to talk to, text, or even look at another girl without the fear of you chopping his nuts off with shears

Every day, Words With Friends shows me a “match of the day” person they say they hand-picked *just for me*, and want me to play against.

The suggestions are priceless.

First of all, roughly 50% are grandmas.

Another 20% are middleaged guys with sunglasses who reeeaaally like to take selfies in their cars.

#1 looks to be in a driver’s seat, whereas #2 is in a passenger sea– … wait, are they in the same car? 

Are they double-car-sunglasses-selfie buddies?!

I’m not entirely sure what’s happening in this photo… which one’s Jolene? Is she the too-bright one in the foreground with no face?

…also, where on earth are they? Tile floor, some kind of seating, floor-mounted computer kiosk… I’m so confused.

At least this shot makes sense.

These nice people just wanted to take a selfie with the damp pavement outside their house. I mean, hey, we’ve all been there.

At first, I thought the app was just suggesting some guy named Steve, but then I looked at the photo, and – plot twist – it appears Steve might actually be his last name.

This also raises the question of what mother decided to name their kid Tyler Steve.

…and the same goes for the mother that named her son Zyngawf 34260864.

Poor, poor Pippifuzz. They’re just a ghostly outline, doomed forever to haunt the halls of Words With Friends suggestions.

Brandon doesn’t have it much better, seeing as he’s a cloud of mist next to a bridge. At least he has a semi-corporeal body, unlike poor Pippifuzz.

Fred… Fred’s seen some hard times.

…also, yes, the Bumble wants to play Words With Friends with me. I’m flattered.

As does this dog.

As does–…

…wait… Gandalf?




For those of you who like to use white noise to either relax, sleep, or help you concentrate during work, I highly recommend an app called RelaxMelodies. I’m using it right now and have been for the past couple hours while studying and it’s so easy and calming to use. Just a heads up for y’all!

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Just an fyi for people who have trouble with public transportation, there's an app called Moovit that's really helped me - it's a global app that tells you which buses to get on and how many stops to go and when to get off, and you can track it on your phone, and you can set it up to buzz or send you a notification when you're two stops away and when it's time to get off. That way you don't necessarily have to interact with the bus driver or ask people on the bus for directions or whatever.

That’s awesome!! Thank you for sharing!


Kanji teacher app - free and ad-free on iOS!

This is a really nifty little thing that I use a lot. I am going to try to take the N4 test this December, so this is proving to be a really useful tool - plus, even if I won’t pass, I still get ahead of my classmates and improve my Japanese, whee!

As you can see from the top left, there are several modes to practice, all of which test you in the grid-game pictured bottom left.

  • The grey column show you the amount of kanji/vocabulary you have yet to review for the first time.
  • The red column shows you how many of those you’ve gotten wrong.
  • The blue column shows you how many of those you’ve gotten right the first time.
  • The green column shows you how many of those you got right the second time in a row!

All of the above apply to the stroke order practice too. When you draw, the app tries to guess what you were aiming for. As you can (maybe) see, I was trying to write 子, which could, indeed, as the app suggests, be a very poor attempt at ケ. Had I written it a little nicer, a little green circle containing 子 would have appeared rather than the blue one. And with all the games, you can see how well you’re doing right at the top of the screen!

Overall, this is really super useful to review on the go, though it does not have any fancy mechanics like SRS.

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How to know what job is best for me?

First you need to know more about your personality and Good&Co app can help you to know it quickly, through their quizzes. After that you can check what companies the app has suggested for you and apply for the ones that you like the most (such as Apple, Google, Starbucks etc). 

It’s free for iOS and Android!