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Hey! Do you have any suggestions for digital bullet journals (apps or websites) that are free?

Hello Megan @organizing-aes :)
here are some suggestions for you.
-Bamboo Paper
-Notes Lite (this one is like the one I’m using right now. Only one disadvantage, it doesn’t have a tool to let you draw straight line.)
-Awesome Notebook

Hope this helps you!

in case someone is in need; here are some mental health/self care/productivity apps i use on a daily basis:

- habitica: a motivator in the form of a rpg where you earn exp and gear and pets by doing daily tasks/keeping up good habits you set for yourself. literally the best thing to have ever happened to me. now i take my meds, drink fluids, brush my teeth and floss, and feel proud when i do even ‘simple’ things like read a book or make a journal page. it’s so fun and there’s so much cool stuff like all the cool gear and pets and classes!!!
- booster buddy: sometimes i need someone to walk me through self care steps and this one’s rly good for that. a wide variety of healthy coping methods to choose from, or if you can’t, the app’s pretty good at suggesting things that might make you feel better!! also helps w keeping track of how your mood has developed over time.
- stop, breathe & think: my fave meditation app, it has rly good tapes and a nice look (complete w pretty virtual stickers you earn). the check in feature asks you to rate your emotional and physical (dis)comfort and choose up to 5 positive/negative emotions and is pretty good at suggesting meditations based on that!
- forest (stay focused): you grow cute trees whenever you don’t look at your phone/use the websites you have listed as distracting!
- viridi: you grow cute succulents (that you get to name), you gotta check them every day to keep them strong (but they won’t ever die even if you don’t so no anx!) and you get a new seed once a week (for when you need smth extra to get you through another work week)!

Toying with a quick sketch style for ladybug characters! Feel free to send me drawing prompts, I am practicing. :)

EDIT - better quality picture!

My Favorite FREE Apps! Very minimal and sleek designs! I use all of these apps on my Iphone, so some of them may not be available on android. Enjoy! If anyone has any apps they can suggest to me feel free to send me a message!(:

#1 // 24 Me 

Calendar / Todo List. Super easy to use with a very clean design. NO SIGN UP NECESSARY!! Im so sick of calendar apps that act more like a social media platform! 

#2 // Phonto

Photography / Typography. I used this app to make the banner above! Great for editing photos and placing text over images/backgrounds! Wide Variety of fonts and shapes! Honestly perfect for posts/blog headers!

#3 // MinimaList

List / Study Timer. Minimal and clean look. Perfect, simple to use study timer that yells at you to put your phone down! Keeps me on task and keeps track of everything I need to get done!

#4 // WeatherJams

Music. Don’t know what Pandora or Spotify playlist to choose? This app lets you listen to music based off the weather! Pick a temperature or type precipitation and it will create a playlist based off of it! Super clean, cute design and very simple to use!

#5 // Padlock

Security / Passwords. Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat….the list of social media accounts goes on and on! Keep track of your passwords with this functional app that allows you to write all your passwords in one spot! Very secure, a password must be entered to access the app! (lol just make sure you remember it.)

#6 // Pop the Lock

Game. Phenomenally simple game, all you have to do is tap the screen! If I’m stressed or anxious this is the perfect app to take my mind off of things. Very addictive though, be careful! 

#7 // iHydrate or My Water

Fitness / Water intake tracker. Both great apps for someone (like me) who does not drink enough water throughout the day! Set a goal and enter what you drink throughout the day! “My Water” has a much more sleek design, however “iHydrate” has many more free options!


If you don’t use the Golden Thread Tarot app I highly suggest you do!

It’s amazing! There art for the cards is awesome, the information is great, the whole thing is just so helpful!

I use it to pull a card everyday (that I remember haha) and use it when I’m out and about and don’t have access to my actual physical decks 🔮✨👌🏼

New earbuds that let you turn up or down the sounds around you. 

But is not just about volume, you can also raise or lower the bass or adjust specific frequencies.

They also have preset filters that you can use to cancel out crowd noise or enhance the sound a concert venue.

“Riding on a bus? Just tap the “Bus” profile to drown out the low frequency hum. Walking around in a city? Tap the “City” or “Crowd” filters to tune out the murmurs and shouts. (There are also some crazier effects like “Echo” and “Fuzz.”)”

These have been created for the mass market but will have specific benefits to disabled people who want to block out sounds or for those who have hearing impairments.

“When you show up for a flight at an airport, the Here app could automatically suggest you switch to that profile. If you always set it to office mode at a certain location, the earbuds could start suggesting that filter when you arrive. Kraft’s ideas for Here go even farther than that, and they start to sound almost sinister. “I sometimes sit here with [the decibel setting at] +6 with just the door open and eavesdrop on the office, it’s kind of amazing,” Kraft jokes. “You can hear, like, the little conversations that you’re not supposed to hear."The Here earbuds seem ready to tackle these everyday situations, but Kraft says they’re meant for more aggressive settings like live concerts, or the hustle and bustle of a big city.”

Called the Here Active Listening System by Doppler Labs, there is currently a waiting list to buy them.

read more here

Pocket: Schedule 

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by any company to market their product. I simply state my opinions based on my own experience utilizing apps. Certain applications may not be recommended or available for everyone. 

As a new school rolls around, new apps and gadgets come along as well. As a college student, I understand the need to always be on the go, and maximize my productivity while on my feet. Meaning, no one has time to sit down and write out their assignments and tasks in a planner. So, if you have no planner, how will you keep track of everything? Pocket: Schedule solves this problem for students who want to maximize their day and keep track of everything! Some of it’s neat features include organizing courses/classes/exams, managing assignments, and filled with alerts. Wanna learn more about this app? Keep reading under the cut~

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Ok first of all if you live in america you’re already on winning position and you can skip to the step number 6.
If you live anywhere else tho and have an android, here’s some stuff you’re gonna need to do first

1. Download TunnelBear and make an account for it.

2. On TunnelBear set your location to America (just click on that yellow tunnel in usa)

3. Go to you’r phone’s Settings –> Aplications and find Google Play app

4. Click “Clean Data” and “Force Stop” (i know it sounds scary but trust me you won’t break anything with it)

5. Open the Google Play app. (If you did everything correctly to this point it should ask you to confirm terms and conditions of use.)

6. Download Youtube Music app.

7. Open it and log in with your youtube account. The app will immiedietly suggest to you to try therr “14 days free Youtube Red trial” without having to give away any card/paypal information wHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT U WANT.

8. DONE. You can from now on watch Youtube Red on that account (for 14 days) which means you can watch tatinof/documentary on either your mobile youtube app or on your computer

EDIT. Turns out that if you have an ios this whole thing is a little bit more complicated, BUT thanks to @daidy527 here’s alternative first 5 steps if you have an iphone and don’t live in america!!!

1. Go into settings > General > Languge & Region 

2. Change region to Untied States 

3. Open App Store go into featured scroll to the bottom and sign out 

4. Go into top charts and pick out a random FREE app to download (you’re not actually downloading it) 

5. Click create new account (you will need a new email) It will give the option of ‘none’ when it comes to card details. After making the account verify it with your email 

6. Download YouTube Music app.



Hello everyone!
I saw this awesome app I use for stimming if I goof and don’t have my stim toys

It’s called Thisissand (this is sand)
I have it on my android and most people are fascinated and nobody says anything negative about it, it’s awesome
(I’ve been scolded several times for stimming in public)

Anyway, I don’t know if it’s avaliable on Apple devices or not (sorry ;x;)

Is really awesome and cool

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My best friend/surrogate consience and impulse control moved away so now I have to face my deep seated destructive instincts and learn to control myself before I actually do something dumb enough to have consequences beyond "I put my whole hand on a cactus and now my hand kind hurts and I feel stupid"

I suggest an app,or a stim toy of some kind. Something that you can either play with or squeeze every time you get a destructive impulse. You can also try using sound or temperature to sort of shake the thought loose. Like, if you can, shoving your hand in a freezer instead, or playing an unpleasant noise on your phone, if you have one.

-Lou the Lobster

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Do you have any recommendations for 3ds games?

Fam, you just opened Pandora’s Box

I’m a visual novel, puzzle game, RPG kind of gal, so I Hope that’s what you’re into

-The Ace Attorney series. The original trilogy and Dual Destinies can all be bought on the Nintendo eStore. The game is about a lawyer, which sounds dumb, but I promise it’s really funny and has a super interesting story. Honestly, I think the protagonist is one of my favorite characters in video game history.

-the Zero Escape series - The first game (9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors) is available for purchase on the DS and as a mobile app. I suggest playing the cartridge game, though. Essentially, nine people are kidnapped and stranded on a ship. They’re told that if they don’t escape in nine hours, the ship will sink, and they will die. You okay through Escape room puzzle, and the story is REALLY good. The next game (Virtue’s Last Reward) is similar. The difference is that these people are stranded in a warehouse, and they’re told only one person can escape. There’s also the added element of the Nonary Game, where players choose to ally or betray the other people playing. Lastly, there’s Zero Time Delay, which I admittedly hate. The gameplay is so terrible, but the story is so amazing. I can’t stand how much I hate the gameplay of this game, but I still want people to play it??

-Hotel Dusk: Room 215 - An ex-detective stops by a roadside motel. He’s placed in room 215, the famous Wish Room. While there, he meets the other guests, who are also there for specific, mysterious reasons. I don’t do the description justice, but it’s a really great visual novel.

-Fire Emblem - A turn-based RPG about war. I like Awakening best, but I’m biased. Chrom is my video game husband, but Birthright and Conquest are both fantastic games.

Blind Date ❤ H2OVanoss

Writing inps.

Evan absolutely hated blind dates. It’s not like he went on them often, but when he did? They always went inevitably wrong. But, the asian figured with online dating, this would be a problem time and time again. Yet, here he was, at a table for two waiting for his date. He had to admit, it had been awhile since he’d given it a try, so he figured it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and try it again. Ever perseverance though, the man was determined to not give up. Who knew? Maybe out of all these busts, he’d actually find someone.

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