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New Beginnings #ShuttaMission

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Yahoo Sports Fantasy App: Get a snapshot of your lineup and smack talk to your league

By Will Lu, Manager Fantasy Sports iOS

Daytime baseball is here and there’s nothing like it.  But when you have a full-time job or are stuck in class, it makes it hard to check on how your fantasy team is doing.  Enter the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on Apple Watch.

With a completely re-imagined look and feel for the Apple Watch, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App is designed to focus on the heart of the fantasy experience.  With Glances, you can now get a snapshot of your lineup, check injury status, view matchup stats, and see how badly you’re dominating your friends, all within a few seconds.

Did you notice that you’re about to crush your old college buddy?  It’s time to talk smack.  Using the Apple Watch dictation feature, you can smack talk with your league without ever having to type a word.  And if they also have the Apple Watch, they’ll receive a notification right to their wrist and realize their demise in real-time. 

Finally, the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App on the Apple Watch is the perfect complement to the iPhone app. While viewing any league on the watch you can simultaneously swipe up on your iPhone lock screen to view that particular league in detail.

Looks like games are about to start, time to go set your lineup and talk some smack.  Just download the Yahoo Sports Fantasy App for free in the App Store. Play ball!!