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Alright so tumblr mobile won't let me reply to the post about photographing the reference books, but I've had to do that before and it's a pain in the ass, but Apple has an app called Tiny Scanner which is really similar to photographing the books but the settings are such that it's a lot easier to read what you've scanned. Just in case you ever have to do this again :]

Ohmygod that looks amazing. I will DEFINITELY give this a go, because I have to be a 1-man Google Books Project all the goddamn time.

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Jfc. Congrats but like…why? Are they just really hard to get through a library or…? Kudos on the commitment anyway, I def would’ve given up after the first one.

I wish these books were easier to find. We’re talking books published by foreign governments, with five copies in library circulation in the entirety of the United States. In order to even look at this book, I have to:

  • Go to Library A (where I’m a member), which doesn’t have the book.
  • Find a specific high-level librarian (who is very busy and hard to pin down).
  • Get them to write me a referral that will allow me into Library B for 24 hours.
  • Call Library B (where I am not a member and cannot become a member - it’s a university).
  • Ask them to get said book out of the archives.
  • Go to Library B.
  • Use the 24 hour window in which I can stay at Library B to look at said book. Ideally, several books in one go.
  • (repeat as needed for multiple Library Bs)

I have been to around 30 different libraries all across the US in the process of writing book one and two. I’ve combed through microfiche. I have read through an unpublished manuscript which only has two copies in existence. I have stood there with an iPad and photographed, page-by-page, around a hundred different books.

There’s 300-odd citations for book one. That didn’t come easy. The subjects I cover are often extremely obscure.

I’m not perfect with my research - I’m not a historian, and there’s absolutely stuff I goof up on - but I try really goddamn hard.

“Even in his weakened state, he can muster enough arcane energies to decimate his foes!”

A more dramatized version of a critical moment in the “Bundle of Joof” episode of ProJared’s Final Fantasy LP. I really enjoyed the whole journey. Jared can turn a Let’s Play into a story. He definitely needs more YouTube love.

  • Inks done with a Zebra brush pen; fire (if you can call it that) messily done with a ruined Kuretake no. 8 fountain brush pen.
  • Gray Copic markers.
  • Touched up in the Procreate app after the scanner washed out the lighter grays.