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My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)


a few people have been tagging me to do this thing where you post your lockscreen, home screen, the last song you listened to, and the last selfie you took so… ya go!
(technically it’s not a selfie it’s from a modelling shoot but i don’t have many selfies recently 😬 but at least it’s still #aesthetic)


FAQ: Where do I edit my photos? 

Have you ever spend hours just editing one particular photo? Are you being too OC when it comes to your instagram feed and it frustates you whenever your photos do not look cohesive together? Do you aim for that #FeedGoals but always end up revamping your IG feed every once in awhile? If you answer yes to these questions then we’re on the same page! 

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