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You run for the borders where epistles burn in the arms of man

Finally, an app for students who hate math (No, it’s not a calculator) 

An app called PhotoMath will solve all your (math) problems with the push of a button. 

Just open the app, snap a picture of the problem you’re trying to solve and you’ll get the result instantly. PhotoMath will even show its work so you can learn how to solve the equations for yourself.

There are a few catches though | Follow micdotcom


Appe Plan (Sweden)

Appe Plan is a photographer from Sweden. Since his young age, he always imagines a world with changing colours: pink snowfall in the winter, purple eyecolours, golden water in the lakes, red bark of the trees in the forest… The ever changing landscape with diffrent colours encourages him to achieve when he takes photos. He likes to twist the world up in his digital making, to experiment with the whitebalance settings in the camera and to develope his images in photoshop, lightroom, photomatrix, startrails.

© All images courtesy of the artist

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iOS social messaging app lets users encrypt photos with a custom glitch feature, which can only be seen by the receiver:

Inspired by celebrity hacks, 2014 hacks, and in general, how little control we have over privacy, we wanted to create a solution that would make it impossible to get remotely hacked.

glitchi is the only social network that gives you space to keep everything between you and your friends. No one including us, hackers and other curious eyes, is able to see your content in glitchi, because it’s only available on your device and the device of the friend that you’re sharing with. We’ve completely eliminated the passwords, because they suck in protecting you from unwanted snooping. Passwords are the easiest way for someone else to get into your account.

You can find out more at the Glitchi blog here or at their website here