app fails

(Note: The GM uses an app for criticals; especially for magical effects)

So, the party triggers a giant, haunted, sentient furnace. Roll initiative, Furnace is third in the round. It’s first attack is to shoot fire at the party. However, it rolls a Nat1, so it forgot to open the grating, thereby spitting fire without reaching the party. Basically, it threw a little fit. Additionally, since this was a magic-based attack, the DM used an app for the “Crit Fail”, coming up with the consequence of spacial shift. The Furnace ended up basically teleporting itself into the next room, which was structurally unable to hold it.

The Furnace crashed into the basement of the large prison we were in and basically self-destructed. The party won the day through no action of their own.

Immediately following, the Cleric casts Water Walk on the party and they basically waterslide down through the hole made by the Furnace, thanks to a stream of water from a broken pipe.

Cue stupefied, yet impressed, GM and much laughter around the table.

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So I downloaded Club Penguin Island just because I was curious and you can’t even get 5 minutes into the game if you don’t pay the membership.

This is the shit Club Penguin has become. Delete a world renowned website that had over 200 million accounts for this shit phone app (where the controls while trying to walk around are HORRENDOUS). I hope this app fails miserably.

The hardest part of tinder so far (besides me not knowing how to speak in a way that sounds interesting and not matching with people who are super extra) has been trying to explain to people that no, I can’t just up and leave my kid to go hang out with you. I have that I’m a single mom on there for a reason my god.

11-12-13/05/17 || Didn’t plan on making another three days in one post update but apparently my Tumblr app failed me in the last two days and didn’t post my two posts, so here I am. I’ve been studying my semiotics notes since my exam is in about a week. I’m a little bit anxious and worried but I hope I’ll pass really.

need help flirting? had a dreadful first kiss? scared to ask your crush out? us too. but we talked about it anyways!

listen here for a mildly misguided discussion of the relationship in’s and out’s featuring mattymcg, gyan the o.g. kreon, and oriana: everyone’s favorite gay

tune in next week for some riveting tales of dating app triumphs and fails… and answer the question of the week ((most recent/ current crush)) before it’s too late!

much love, my dudes.
live your best lives, jules.

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