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Hey Voltage fans!

Remember that “something big” we mentioned? Well, it’s our new pay-to-play app, Love 365: Find Your Story!

We’re sure some super sleuth fans are already curiously eyeing the Japanese version, so we’re here to answer your burning questions about the English release and what it means for you and your beautiful ikemen!

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Jeremy Renner Launches App to Connect Directly With Fans
Of the launch, the actor noted: "I'm always looking for new ways to connect directly with my fans all over the world in our own shared environment."

Jeremy now has a new official app that will offer “exclusive clips, photographs, original music, contests, behind-the-scenes live streams” and more! Get the app right now to hear an exclusive demo clip of Jeremy’s studio recording of “House of the Rising Sun,” and according to a post in the app, “stay tuned for an exciting announcement” later today! You can download it from the iTunes App Store here or the Google Play App Store here.


Voltage Inc. News
Regarding Purchase Transfers to “100 Love Scenes” App

All new story releases from all stand alone apps will happen exclusive on the “100 Love Scenes” library beginning November 2017.

Transfer of all past purchases from stand alone apps to the “100 Love Scenes” library will begin December 4, 2017.

- All data transfer will happen only once to avoid errors. Details regarding transfer method will be announced closer to the deadline.
- Note that any hearts and points will not be able to be transferred. If you wish any remaining points to be transferred, we will carry out  refund procedures based on fund settlement methods. Details will be announced as soon as a decision is made.
- On November 7, 2017, all stories/routes will be transferred to “100 Love Scenes” app, please be careful not to purchase duplicate stories at that time.
- During the transfer period, be assured, data you already have in the “100 Love Scenes” app will not be erased.
- Special items such as double endings and events will be transferred in a separate procedure. We will announce that at a later date.
- Below is a list of apps scheduled to be transferred. Please check each app for further details.

These apps will start transfer on December 4, 2017:

Our Two Bedroom Story - OTBS
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder - KBTBB
Metro PD Close to you - MPDCTY
Her Love in the Force - HLITF
Scandal in the Spotlight - SITS
My Last First Kiss - MLFK
After School Affairs - ASA
Ear of Samurai Code of Love - EOSCOL
Irresistible Mistakes - IM

All other apps transfer are scheduled to happen February 5, 2018.

“100 Love Scenes” is an app released June 2017. It is an app that gather all stand alone Voltage romance titles in one app and will deliver the same content that the stand alone apps currently provide.

anonymous asked:

i wanna ask hehe bc this is my first festa ^^ where do bighit will post bts' festa? all of that contents? where do they post it?

i received a similar ask to this so i’ll answer it here too:

• videos (special choreography stage + kkul fm) are posted on youtube (bangtantv channel) and/or v app (i think exclusive cam focus will be posted on v app only)

• photos (family photo + photo collection + birthday drawing) + self-written profiles (probably the ‘what about me’ part because the hanja next to it means 'résumé’) are posted on facebook

• audios (songs) are posted on soundcloud and bts’ blog

about the “introducing bts” (방탄소년단을 소개합니다), i’m not sure if it’s part of “self-written profiles” (because last year the profile corner had “introducing our members”), which means it’s in image format, or if it’s a video. the best way to know when something’s out is to set notifications on bighit and bts_bighit twitter, they usually post these at 12am kst.

okay but... k: lost small world

- fushimi and yata dropped out of highschool together to live together
- yata was probably the first person fushimi laughed with
- yata looked out for him like a mother when fushimi was sick and skipped school
- not to mention he was extremely worried and said he’d come whenever fushimi called for him
- he also found out that fushimi was coding a messaging app exclusively for him and yata since he knew that messaging just through <jungle> or pdas could be publicly viewed
- they often talked about toppling the world together and once they did that they’d find a way to reach the sun
- yata constantly makes sure fushimi’s eating well and makes him food if not
- yata stood up for fushimi when he was being bullied even though he didn’t know him at the time
- yata wants to see fushimi laugh
- fushimi cut yata’s hair for him when it got too long
- fushimi let yata see his modified pda when he refused to show anyone else
- "i gotta say, saruhiko, if it’s you i feel like you can even take over the world!“
- i’m still trying to find more but u get the idea

if u still don’t ship sarumi fite me

article: “12 good LGBT dating apps”

8 apps: are solely for hookups/sex

5 apps: are exclusively for gay men

2 apps: have membership fees

3 apps: are just general dating apps that happen to have LGBT options

So 8Tracks is an ass

But I found a really cool replacement!

The app is InfiniTracks. It’s 8tracks’ cooler unrestricted brother.

Why is it a good replacement? It literally has a hookup to 8tracks, so it has all of 8tracks’ playlists without the ridiculous restrictions.

I’m not kidding about the playlists. I was able to rebuild all my collections entirely.

Of course, there are two main issues with this app.

1) It’s mobile exclusive. There’s no desktop access.

2)  You can’t delete playlists from collections.

But other than that it’s a great app and you should try it out if you want 8tracks without the hassle

Sunday's are for sugaring ...

I forgot to post yesterday, but here are a couple of sugar sites I’ve searched and looked up for your usage! Say thank u mom.

MissTravel.Com (7/10)
This site was mainly for the girl with a passport. Honestly they’re letting you know that if you’re cute enough, I’ll take you on a trip. Google and see the safety risks. Ppl were hitting me up within the hour of getting approved.

Tinder (3/10)
- Easy to find older guys.
- harder to find older guys who aren’t sleezeballs, HOWEVER not difficult.
- why do you have to use your Facebook?

Seeking Arrangements (2/10)
- Salt daddy’s

Arrangementfinder/ (5/10)
- I really don’t know how to take this site. I can’t remember if you pay or not but I do remember that there was a lot of creepers. Oh yeah you do pay to receive and answer messages. And a lot of messages do come in! (10/10)
- pay the $25

Luxe(mobile app)
- If you’re already popping you should download Luxe. They give you twenty four hours to be voted in by the other members based on status. It’s definitely an exclusive app and you may be declined. I had to try TWICE !

Hyperkin Brings the Game Boy To iPhone 6 Plus

Hyperkin, an independent video game hardware developer, has revealed their plans to release a Game Boy-compatible device for the iPhone 6 Plus (with more compatible smartphones to follow). Originally a planned April Fool’s Joke - now a full fledged project for consumer release - the currently named Smartboy will attach to the iPhone 6 Plus, turning the phone into a handheld gaming device compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges.

Although in early conceptual development stages the Smart Boy will come in the classic “80s Grey,” a staple of retro electronics, more colors may follow. It will also feature an eight-way D-pad; two action buttons; a start and select button; and an included battery that can be charged through the phone itself. The gameplay itself will output through the iPhone 6 Plus’ own screen. These features may change as the project develops.

The Smart Boy will be utilized by an app, exclusive to the Smart Boy. There will be noticeable upscaling, a cheat database, and save states as well.

WHAT DO YOU think of this? Planning on making ones for my main and exclusive apps but that’s it unless there comes a time where I need them elsewhere.

Under it will usually be the verse or general specifics of the starter call because I’m not making gifs for all of them. But yeah…what do you think? I know banners are more of a thing now. 

anonymous asked:

I'm going to use the app for the exclusive content from her but I'm not so big on getting a follow/noticed by her, so not a big stressful deal for me. But I do hope it can be integrated with Instagram, where you can share your IG photos on The Swift Life easily, because switching between apps to post on IG is what I could see being annoying for some users if they want to post the same content on all their SM. Or maybe I'm projecting lol.

hddksksj im sure there will be integrations

anonymous asked:

What are some good apps to get to know other lesbians?


I haven’t come across a single app that is exclusively for lesbians. Many of them are welcoming of heterosexual and bisexual males, and bisexual women, and sometimes even hetero couples looking for a threesome. Of course you could try and sort out those people to get to the lesbians, and in that case there’s the Her app. It’s basically a dating app but you can definitely find friends on there too. Keep in mind that it’s not just for lesbians, though. 

Does anyone else have any app suggestions?

/ Mod W