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i just have so many questions about this ad? why do they have ‘Sleep’ in scare quotes? why do they have the number ‘2′ in scare quotes? why is it captioned in the first person? why is whoever’s telling me this phrasing it so creepily? is it supposed to be insinuating they’re up to no good? why is one bottle labeled Lavender but the other is Motivation? why would they be taking Motivation if they’re just going to sleep? why is there a fucking bowl of oatmeal in the background? what the fuck???


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better


Septima’s head ached, and it was mainly due to the copy of Quintessence: A Quest, open on the library table in front of her. Charms was a subject that fell squarely in the middle for her, something that she naturally neither excelled or slugged behind in, meaning she couldn’t hold it in the same revered position Arithmancy permanently resided in, and she couldn’t grit her teeth and attempt to get stuck into it, like Defense Against the Stuck Arts. She didn’t like average things, and she had been stuck on the same two pages for the past two minutes, continuously attempting to write half-legible notes, that matched the rest of her neat scribbles from earlier on.

Maybe, an unwelcome thought croaked, maybe it isn’t just Charms. Maybe it had something to do with the boxed-in, suffocating feeling she’d had for precisely five days, from her most recent meltdown, due to an errant comment in the Gryffindor common room that hadn’t even been directed at her. It had set her on edge, and made her feel all caged-in. Part of her was itching to ignore her studies, rush down to the Quidditch pitch, Greer behind her, and let off steam in the only way she knew how. Whatever this feeling was, it seemed to be only be made worse by the library, its peace and order doing nothing to calm her ragged nerves. 

A jump, footsteps! Septima’s head rushed up right away, and she swung her hair around her shoulder, eyes bloodshot yet alert in that I’ve-barely-slept, don’t-test-me way. She blinked, calming herself upon seeing whoever was there simply searching for a book, eyeing her cautiously. “…Hello. Good to see you again,” she mumbled, nodding awkwardly. “What are you looking for over there?”

Review for this “game”. Pretty fun but I spent like 30 bucks(dollars) to play this game. The chapters are not free you have to give one ticket for each chapter. You get three free tickets after three hours. Until then you can spend .99¢ for (3?) tickets in advance. You also need “gems” which is how you buy outfits or do certain activities. They go very fast. It’s like 25 gems per outfit/activity. For .99¢ you get 10 gems. For $1.99 you get 22 gems. It is a very expensive game. From what I’ve seen you get 5 gems for every 5-10 chapters you complete. But you need gems to complete these chapters unless you wanna have ugly outfits and ice other characters out.

It’s a fun game nonetheless. You can also write your own story and upload the chapters. I’m not sure what you get from creating a story as I’m still learning, but it seems that you “may,” get some gems or tickets. (Hopefully. Lord knows I need em.)

Another thing is, assuming that creators get some kind of payment for their stories, there are a lot of ads the further in you go. Ads=“free content”

Bottom line,
It’s like wattpad in comic book form…

Buts it’s still one of the most addicting apps I’ve ever played.

I suggest keeping track of your REAL MONEY while playing. .99¢ adds up very fast.

#notforchildren #adultsupervision #addicting #ExpensiveAF!

had a dream where texting and messaging apps had ads. like how theres advs before youtube videos or between spotify songs, occasionally there would be ads before you could send or read a text. it fucking sucked