Dating tips

People have been asking me how I ask a girls out and how to make a relationship work. Here are a few tips.

1. Show some balls. It might be very scary to ask someone out, but you have to do it. The other person might be too scared too, so step up and ask them out! The worst thing that could happen is that they reject you, but at least you tried and will never regret not asking them out. 

2. Be straight up. If you like someone, tell them. Be honest about your feelings, tell them if you don’t have any feelings for them. It might hurt their feelings, but at least you’re not playing with someones heart. 

3. Invest in your relationship. Dating someone isn’t always fun and games. There will be rough times, but it is up to you to make it work out. So invest your time in them, show attention, do nice unexpected things like date nights or buy them some flowers when you know they had a bad day. It might seem like it is nothing to you, but it might be everything to them. 

To ask someone out or date someone, you need someone you like. This app might help you finding a cute girl to like and do fun things with :) 

Since I am single myself, you could also hit me up on my HER profile!


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Hey guys!!!! I wanted you tell you all about this new app that I’m obsessed with! It’s called “Her” and you can use it to meet local LGBTQ members. I use it to meet friends in the community but it’s a great dating app as well for those who aren’t in relationships. I know using tinder I got a lot of straight girls asking me for threesomes with their boyfriends … Not on here!!! You guys should check it out and add me as a friend! Click link below!!

For all of you who haven’t downloaded the HER app yet, this is why you should download it asap

The app makes it super easy to get to know other lesbians in your direct area. Recently I got in touch again with someone I hadn’t talked to in a few years. When I knew her a few years ago she was dating some guy, but I always kinda knew or expected her to be gay… So it wasn’t that big of a surprise when I came across her profile on the HER app! We talked a bit on the app, exchanged phone numbers and went on a few dates. We are still pretty good friends today!

Another cool thing is that the app notifies you of cool events near you. The awesome thing is that there are A LOT OF LESBIANS at these events!! *wink wink*

Sooo if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, go download it right now with this link (iOS and Android).
You can find my profile and send me a message through by clicking here. Hit me up you beautiful people

Download the HER app and meet girls who like girls near you

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Pokémon Go changed this boy with autism’s life

Whether you love it, hate it or are apathetic about it, Pokémon Go is changing lives. Like Ralphie Koppelman: a 6-year-old boy who has autism spectrum disorder and hyperlexia. Individuals on the autism spectrum and with hyperlexia struggle in social interactions. But now thanks to Pokémon Go, Ralphie was interacting with neighbors, friends and strangers. And he isn’t an anomaly.

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The Smartphone App Cops Don't Want You To Have
One user described it as “a revolutionary tool for change in our society.” Another called it “badass” and Barry Cooper from who is a former decorated police detective called it “the new 911 but safer.” Other users described it as “straight out of some cyberpunk fiction” and one user said “I would definitely use this before calling a cop!”

The accolades keep coming and the police hate it:

“It’s just what i’ve been waiting for”

“It is a great app for people who live in areas where the citizens and police don’t work well together”

“It’s like UBER for 911!”

“Soon, 911 will be a thing of the past…”

This new mobile app has been taking the world of activism by storm and cops hate it. It’s calledCell 411 and it’s an app created by activists for activists, but also for anyone who may find himself or herself in an emergency and wanting to call on a group of trusted friends rather than the police.

The app, which is available both on the Android and iOS platforms, allows users to issue various alerts to trusted groups of family members, neighbors and friends. The issue of addressing emergencies without police involvement has come to the forefront of the police brutality debate as many cases have shown police responding to emergencies and shooting dogs, killing suicidal individuals and often not helping those calling for help, but rather harming them or even killing them.

The smartphone app will allow you to create private or public groups in your geographic area and use them as a method to dispatch help in case of emergencies. You can notify your friends when you get a flat tire, get pulled over, have a medical issue or when police are harassing you. You can even stream live video to all your friends and avoid the possibility of the video being deleted by police or evidence being destroyed by a malicious individual.

Once requesting help, your friends will receive your GPS coordinates and turn-by-turn directions to your exact locations; you will be notified of an ETA and how far your friends are.

There is even a “patrol mode” available which even allows you to send what are called “global alerts” meaning that anyone using the app in your area will receive notifications and be able to come and help, should they feel like a Good Samaritan that day.

The best thing about this app is that it is completely free, and the option of allowing users to create “public groups” that anyone could join is very powerful and offers communities the option to self-police. Here are some other examples of the fantastic possibilities this app offers:

For example, a neighborhood watch group of neighbors could create a group and use the app to notify each other in case of emergencies.

  • Elderly people could use the app to notify all their family members if they are in a particular need.
  • Activists observing police activity or police abuse could notify all activists in an area and stream video to all their friends.
  • Volunteer fire fighter departments could encourage their communities to use the app as a free “dispatch” option.
  • School children could send alerts if they are being bullied or abused in school.
  • Family members could send alerts when vehicles break down and need urgent help.

There are countless other possibilities for this app, and the creators are clearly aiming the app at users who desire to be self-reliant and not depend on government services and government employees to respond to emergencies.

You can download Cell 411 from

The short video below explains the basic features of the app.