Valentine’s Day is a wine holiday if there ever was one, and, whether you’re celebrating with pals or your steady, might we suggest bringing Clare Vivier’s wine tags to the table? The cultish L.A. designer created these super-adorbs leather charms to I.D. your glasses—in V-day-appropriate colors—inspired by the cool, new-ish Cali wine Apothic. Here’s an idea: How good of a friend would you be if you gifted a set to all the single ladies in your life? So much love (and good karma) would be headed your way.


If you haven’t checked out the wine tags that Clare Vivier made for us in collaboration with the wine Apothic Red, well, get to it! And, no, we didn’t mess up the pics on this post: These little wonders, which are meant be wrapped around the stem of a wine glass to avoid any mix-ups, can also be used as accessories—see the leather bracelets and hair band above. Basically, they’re as high-functioning as you are. Scoop them up now and gift them to your holiday-party hosts this month. —erica