apothecary sign

Interpreting V E N U S

♀ V E N U S ♀

  • Your aesthetic values are______________
  • You seek balance by ________________
  • Your tendencies of affection are ____________
  • Your social disposition is ______________________


  • Your aesthetic values are REFINED AND CONSERVATIVE
    • Capricorn values Top of the Line in any subject they take pleasure in
  • You seek balance by being CALM AND INITIATING PROGRESS
    • Capricorn is a Quiet Storm and is always looking to improve their relationships.
  • Your tendencies of affection are LIMITED  but SINCERE
    • Capricornn can feel vulnerable which leads to infrequent yet very warm dedications of affection.
  • Your social disposition is RESERVED AND CONSCIOUS
    • Capricorns will rarely display themselves freely in order to preserve control of their reputation and what they are trying to accomplish. 

Mann Co. ID badges I made for cons. Hopefully we’ll get to use them soon.

Interpreting M A R S

♂ M A R S ♂

  • Your expression of energy is_________
  • You assert your desires by_________
  • Your are motivated by/to________
  • Your temper is triggered when____________
  • You express your anger by___________


  • Your expression of energy is RESTLESS BUT SELF-CONTAINED
    • Virgo is Earth ruled by Mercury. This gives them high brain activity and restlessness but contained by Earth and grounded.
  • You assert your desires by GENTLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY
    • Virgo values peace and will not push to get what they want. Instead they find systematically find solutions around the obstacle.
  • Your are motivated by/to SERVE AND IMPROVE
    • Virgo is the sign of Service and Perfection. They seek to improve efficiency and provide care for those they connect with.
  • Your temper is triggered when you are OVERSTIMULATED AND OVERWHELMED. 
    • Because of the intense mental aspect of Virgo they are prone to mental exhaustion and irritability when they become overwhelmed.
  • You express your anger by NITPICKING and CRITICISM
    • The Virgo does not like confrontation and instead is prone to passive-aggression and fault-finding when their temper is triggered.