apothecary bottles

Apothecary Updates

We have been hard at work increasing the number of products we have to sell on our Etsy account.

Leggy the Adventurous Herbal Octopus

Leggy here is stuffed with peppermint. His peppermint scent, combined with his adorable smile and tiny little legs, is sure to soothe all your worries away.

Steampunk Herbal Love Charm

This cute copper necklace contains rosemary, lavender, and a sigil to help you bring happiness to those around you. This necklace is perfect for anyone trying to bring happiness, harmony, and love into their relationships.

Message in a Bottle Herb Charms

These adorable little bottles contain different herbs and sigils depending on their purpose. The Sleep Bottle uses thyme to protect against nightmares and lavender to help induce restful sleep. The Energy Bottle uses cinnamon and cloves to energize its owner, and the Relaxing Bottle uses rosemary and lavender to help relieve the owner’s anxiety and stress. The Protection Bottle contains bay and sage, both herbs dedicated to protection.