apothecary bottles

“-and I told Izzy that we maybe should restock the crossbows and the seraph blades now that the new trainees from Idris have arrived, don’t you think?”

Magnus snapped out of his thoughts, eyes trailing over how the fabric of the dress shirt Alec was currently adorning emphasized his body in the best way possible. It was tight, a huge contrast to the loose, baggy shirts he usually wore, the collar open and a few buttons undone that gave him a sophisticated yet flirtatious look. The blazer on top added to this classiness, and the full exposure of the deflect rune on his neck, most of the time cut off by his leather jackets of sweaters, was almost too much Magnus to handle. The shirt’s diamond pattern also added a flair to the whole outfit that Alec usually didn’t partake in.

Alec looked like he was waiting for an answer, a small smile that was morphing into a smirk for catching Magnus in the act. They stood in the apothecary, surrounded by bottles and ingredients, the atmosphere comfortable and carefree.

“Sorry, I got distracted.” Magnus teased, putting down the bottle he was holding and giving Alec’s hand a comforting squeeze. Alec laughed, pleased with a hint of a lovely pink coloring his cheeks.

“Distracted, huh?” Alec raised an eyebrow, still smiling, running his thumb along the top of Magnus’ hand. “I’m flattered, Magnus, truly.”

Magnus rolled his eyes with a laugh. “Don’t get cocky. I could have been thinking about my next meeting or some client I have.”

“Must be some client, should I be jealous?” Alec leaned against the table, confident and coy and so unlike himself. And yet, he was so himself.

Magnus shrugged casually, pretending to brush it off. “You should see him in a tight dress shirt, then you would understand how hard it is to focus on the task at hand.” He said pointedly, taking his hand out of Alec’s and turning back to the bottles he put down to pick them up again.

The moment of silence that followed caused Magnus to look back at Alec, who was still leaning against the table and smiling soflty, one corner of his mouth hiked up. Magnus smiled back, sweet and tender. “What?”

“I love you.” Alec stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world and Magnus froze, never ceased to be amazed by Alec Lightwood. He cupped Alec’s face with his hands and Alec closed his eyes softly, leaning into his touch.

“I love you too, Alexander.” Magnus replied, bringing their lips into a short but meaningful kiss, smiling against Alec’s mouth when he felt the other man’s hands flatten along his waist.

Magnus pulled away, kissing Alec’s nose for extra measure. “You should dress like this more often, if you want. It suits you.”

Alec nodded, his hands still on Magnus’ waist. “I plan too. I feel more confident, grounded, like I can be myself. I don’t know if that makes sense.”

“Trust me, it makes perfect sense,” Magnus stroked Alec’s face adoringly. “It’s quite lovely to see this side of you. The flirting is certainly enjoyable.” He added, smiling at how happy Alec looked.

“Well, you inspired me,” Alec responds, kissing Magnus’ forehead. “Come on, let’s finish what we started.”

They moved away to continue their work, sneaking glances at each other every few seconds and laughing quietly.