Happiest birthday wishes go out to COLEEN!

Coleen - You’re one of my closest friends, not just on tumblr, but basically in the whole entire world. I want you to know just how amazing you are and how you’ve literally changed my life so much. I’m not super great with words but I just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me and how absolutely awesome you are. And now that we’re both moving on to huge parts of our lives, I want our friendship to stay as strong as it is now. You’re going to do such amazing things and I’m so excited to hear about every detail. I love you a lot. Stay awesome and let’s bro-fist it out.

You are all such amazing people, and even if we never talk, I just want you to know how much you all mean to me. Whatever your religious beliefs may be, or whichever celebrations you take part in over the holidays, I wish you all the best, and I hope you all had an amazing year. 

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List of the best things about the Rizzles fandom include:
  • Dorothy Snarker recaps
  • All the pretty that come out of the “brotp family” (aposse, givemerizzlesorgivemedeath, frizzoli, and morgue-legs) [i think that’s all of ‘em]
  • “Calamity Jane Meets Dr. Isles, Medicine Woman” by jobethmegamy
  • “Hear Me” by normal-is-overratedx now dontgetmade
  • “Tribute” by crackinois
  • “playing house in the ruins of us” by frizzoli
  • all of snuffnyc’s works (thanks to seanajames for reminding me)

Did I miss anything?