zodiac signs // words
  • Aries:kairos; the best and most opportune moment to take action
  • Taurus:aphelion; the moment in which a celestial body is furthest from the sun
  • Gemini:prestidigitation; the performance of magic or witchcraft
  • Cancer:ataraxia; a state of freedom from emotional disturbance or anxiety
  • Leo:aureate; plated with gold
  • Virgo:arbitrary; done out of random choice or personal whim, rather than logic
  • Libra:omniscience; the state of having infinite knowledge and a complete understanding of the world
  • Scorpio:slecouth; something unusual yet intriguing
  • Sagittarius:aposiopesis; an unfinished thought
  • Capricorn:saudade; a desire for someone or something that is long gone
  • Aquarius:solipism; the belief that only thing you will every truly know exists is yourself
  • Pisces:apricity; the warmth of the sun during winter
Aren't You a Cute Librarian || aposiopesi-s

Alfred swore that he had gone down this damn aisle before. Apparently, the computer didn’t understand that the book he was looking for was clearly not here… How many times was he going to pace up and down before he found what he was looking for? Then again, that cute guy in the next aisle was a pretty good substitute for what he was looking for. Lucky for Alfred the shelf right at eye level seemed to be in the process of getting restocked.

Once the other moved down the aisle in the search for a book, so did Alfred. Although, he made sure to keep his eyes on the other. He didn’t want this opportunity to slip away, did he? Not to mention, finding someone who liked books these days was a struggle to find. Regardless, Alfred simply stared at the other, dazed by his attractiveness.

WORD OF THE DAY (part 2)
1. Rhetoric. a sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to proceed.

“ … It’s their job, when you come to think of it; but it’ll be jolly difficult to get them to take it on, whereas you and I ——” And he turned away with a shrug to point his admirable aposiopesis.
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Oh... That Wasn't What I Was Thinking || aposiopesi-s

Alfred groaned in frustration. “Why is this so hard.” What was sad was the sweat building on his brow due to all this energy putting in. His noises were borderline moans probably. Alfred had an issue with making things into unintentional innuendos. He turned to the person next to him in the aisle. “Can you help me open my applesauce jar?”