My dear lgbt+ kids, 

I want to apologize for the long(ish) inactivity. The reason behind it is simple: 

I traveled to Malmö (Sweden) to visit the Pride Parade! 

It was an amazing experience. While the journey there was overshadowed by something sad in my private life, Malmö Pride was wonderful and I have to admit that I almost cried happy tears when I saw some of the signs people hold up! 

It was amazing to see so many different identities represented and I had tears in my eyes when i saw “my” flags (Confession: I tear up too easily, I embarrass my family. I’m not a cool mom.) 

Now I’m back in my home country and (hopefully) back to posting regularly!  

Underneath the cut are a few pictures I took for you! <3 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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Okay; full disclosure: my single, solitary, world-weary emotion has abandoned me for parts unknown, so I won’t lie and claim to have had much in the way of Feelings™ about the episode, but one thing really hit home. 

Most of the season, the show has ignored or skirted around the true horror of what the British Men of Letters do to maintain peace. Finally, in this episode, Sam started asking questions about whether they killed even the creatures who showed no inclination to harm others. (Thank goodness, too. Sam is always the first and loudest voice in defense of people who cannot defend themselves, and I’ve been waiting for that conversation for a long time now.) That was surprising enough, but then the whole plot of the episode hammered it home:

In attempting to eradicate all monsters, the BMoL have done the opposite. Alarmingly creepy wierd!wolf certainly wasn’t a pleasant character, but his story and his motivations made a sick sort of sense: Mick and his people took part in slaughtering a huge pack that never harmed humans, and the response of the survivor was to lash out and hurt people (something he implied his pack had never done) in a twisted attempt to “right” that wrong. The BMoL are, by way of their indiscriminate violence against the guilty and the innocent, creating the very thing they’re trying to stop.

Dancing with The Chocobros

Based on this GIF request thing I did. Couldn’t help but write it out!


You would think that royalty such as the Prince of Lucis would have formal ballroom training, but King Regis had really gone out of his way in ensuring that Noctis was brought up as normal as possible and it shows in that this boy has two left feet. He’s only participated in dances that he had to, and although Noctis isn’t particularly interested in the activity at all, it’s these times that he wishes he knew what he was doing.

When you have a formal dance with Noctis, he’s visibly nervous and you can see that he’s just emulating other noblemen when he looks anywhere but you before bowing. During the dance, he makes an effort to at least keep his chin up straight, but any seasoned dancer would notice that his posture is lacking. Unsure eyes dart from you to the other people in the room, occasionally down to his lethargic and messy footing. Noctis is trying not to blush and he’s holding your hand very loosely. As long as you don’t mind that he’s not keeping up with the music and enjoy yourself for the both of you, Noctis will survive the night. It’s probably better if you know less than he does. Actually, he’ll really appreciate it if you don’t dance at all, if it can be helped.

It’s a little better in private, with no fancy old people to stare at your performance. However, Noctis is vocal about not being into the whole dancing thing so he’ll probably pout if you ask. If you want to take it slow and make it more about showing off your moves though, that’s fine. Or holding you while you rock slowly in place–anything that doesn’t require quick and precise movements. It’s actually pretty nice to slow dance alone with you. Noctis won’t admit it, but you can see that he’s relaxed and enjoying himself, letting his eyes fall shut as his chin comes down to rest against your shoulder. It’s a wonder he doesn’t fall asleep standing up.


Not much more skilled than Noctis, the only “practice” he’s had with dancing is when he’s jammed out to the radio in the privacy of his home. Prompto understands rhythm at least, as he’s always tapping away to music he enjoys with his fingers or feet, sometimes unconsciously.

It’s just that Prompto’s a nervous wreck when you go to have a couple’s dance. It hits him that he’s going to be holding you close and he’s just so worried about messing up that he almost doesn’t hear the music anymore. A fast-paced score has him jittery; movements quick and jerky, and he apologizes profusely after stepping on your foot once or twice. The sharp-toed shoes have him tripping, though it hardly hurts you. When a soft song comes on, it’s like high school prom all over again. Prompto’s lack of confidence shows in the distance he keeps between you in order to constantly watch his feet, so you have to convince him that he’s doing fine. When you get him close to you though, he never takes his eyes off of you. Prompto looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the room, and to him you are. He blushes heavily when you have to tell him that the song ended already.

As it all depends upon on the setting and how comfortable he is with you, you’ll eventually see a recognizable level of energy in Prompto’s movements. He loves to grab your hands at home and just shake it to the stereo. It’s all for fun with no regards to skill… and may or may not include some singing along.


Ignis knows very well how to dance to tunes both mild and upbeat. As a royal advisor, it’s much to his disappointment–and amusement, that the king did not have him pass these skills on to his heir. But this does give Ignis a chance to nitpick any flaws he finds in his form. His ballroom dancing is top-notch, and no one is aware of his hidden skill at the cha-cha, or his appreciation for ballet. Whatever dance Ignis partakes in, he does it with finesse. He’s a natural!

If you’re pretty good with your feet, you don’t have to worry about him not being able to keep up with you. Even if admit that you’re not that good at dancing, Ignis is patient and will adjust his pace to suit you all while teaching you the basics. Rest assured that if you trip up, Ignis has got you in his arms. Once you’re not half bad, dancing together becomes a blast. You have a routine that’ll turn heads for sure because your chemistry with Ignis really shows. When you get to the slow dances, things are very relaxed. He looks at you with a gentle smile, holding you firmly as you waltz around the room.

It’s not uncommon for Ignis to turn on some smooth music during a private dinner date and ask you to dance afterwards. Nothing high-energy, just a simple dance where you can lean against one another and enjoy each other’s company. Ignis enjoys the feeling of your head resting against his shoulder, and you’ll often feel his breath close to your ear while you dance. Complete with candlelight, it’s the perfect conclusion to an evening date.


The shield has attended a few balls, and although he’s not a fantastic dancer like Ignis, he’s used to sharing a dance with his little sister. Not bad but nothing special, though he occasionally takes it upon himself to embarrass Iris with a few overzealous moves. But mostly he does what he can to keep up appearances at formal events. Unrefined, but he has potential.

When you’re Gladio’s dance partner at some sort of event, he starts off by going with what he knows and dances with you like he does with his sister. It’s impersonal; being held loosely and kept at a distance until you’ve warmed up a bit. Eventually, you’ll find a strong arm snaking around your waist. Gladio’s not a big fan of the classical music, so if you want to have a slow dance you’ll find him making idle chatter with you. Invite him for a more upbeat dance (especially salsa) and you’ll catch him grinning and taking a swig of alcohol before sweeping you off your feet–literally, this man will pick you up, spin you around and dip you so many times that you feel dizzy. It’s not real fancy, but Gladio knows how to show you a fun time on the dancefloor.

It doesn’t really cross Gladio’s mind to dance in his free time, but if you’ve got something spicy to play, he’d love to take you for a spin again (it can be a good workout too!). He’s touchier in private, letting his hands wander around your body and maybe even drawing you in for a kiss in the middle of things.

RFA + Saeran || sleeping positions

SAERAN’S CAME FIRST TO ME! out! of ! the! blue! so apOLOGIES for hte nsfw-ish tidbit OTL  seven’s got angsty againnn QAQ

aahhH!! so cuuteee!! both sleep curled up and facing each other, their limbs entwined carefully, all secure and warm. that is jaehee’s favorite position now, because she gets to fall asleep while watching her mc .

on his back! always! unless they’re cuddling, then that’s another story! but! for sleeping, it’s like a ritual that he lays on his back and mc half on top of him. works for mc because they get to fall asleep to the beeting of saeyoung’s heart 

falls asleep on the couch a lot because he’s a god damn LOLOL addict . mc ends up fixing his posture as well as they can in the middle of the night and sleep in the unoccupied space 

has a tendency to watch over mc as they fall asleep. he has a weird habit now. reading to mc as he strokes their hair. usually wakes up to mc having thrown their leg around his middle in their sleep

spoons! definitely loves mc tucked up beside him as the little spoon . he can cuddle them and hold them protectively at the same time. 

on his back with mc cuddled up to his side (mc may have bites littered about their top body??) he likes feeling mc wrapped around him. the feeling of being wanted, not just needed, is really comforting to him now

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Sooo, what's Jared like when hes Hungover/Sick? does he try to be all manly bout it or become more of a Man-Baby?

- Hung over Jared is a GRUMP
- so sulky
- “you’re being loud” “I’m reading” “loudly.”
- you end up looking after him in a very passively-sweet way
- “heres a bacon sandwich” “why?” “You’re an ass when you’re hungover. Feel better. Quick.”
- just give him water and aspirin
- he’ll be fine.
- he’ll apologies if he’s been really asshole-ish
- the apology will usually be going down on you (if you’re ok with that)

- Sick Jared is a different story though
- what a baby
- Jesus
- He won’t admit it but he’s a CHILD
- “I don’t need a blanket.” “Ok.” “Wow are you actually NOT going to give me a blanket?” “J A R E D.”
- there’s a lot of cuddling
- he wants you close
- “I’ll get sick, Jared.” “I don’t care please come here.”
- and then as soon as you do he panics,
- “but I mean! Don’t! You’ll get sick.”
- you cuddle him anyway
- he looks after you when you INEVITABLY get sick after him

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  • Mephisto loves it when you’re affectionate with with
  • he returns the gestures by always holding your hand
  • he lets you know if you’re going too overboard but tells you nicely
  • he likes how cuddly you are in bed
  • Lucifer doesn’t have a problem with it
  • he loves when you show your love for him even if it’s just the two of you
  • he likes showing affection back to in public so people know that you two are together
  • if either of you had a bad day, you’re both equally clingy to the other

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  • Amaimon will let you know if it’s too much for you
  • usually says it with a harsh tone or very bluntly
  • it makes you upset how mean he can be but you know that’s just how he is
  • he later apologizes to you for being mean but it’s not really a sincere apology
  • “you’re too clingy all the time, I don’t like it.. Y/N”

The Antique Roman aesthetic board, Part 1

 ((Y'all should really, really check it out!! It’s waaaaay better than anything based off of something I wrote has any right to be, and you can find it here. Apologies for the amateur-ish quality, but I just really wanted to do something for this. Yes there is a part 2 😂))

 natalie dormer gif icons 

♚ Under the cut you’ll find a total of #220+, both small and medium HQ Gifs of Natalie Dormer [ Recent-ish ] ! Apologies for duplicates! Full credit goes to the original makers, I only cropped these. If you made these gifs or would love credit for them please message me and I’ll happily add your name here! Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way!

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Lesson learned: Drawings turn out different especially when sick.

Hey everyone! I’m sorta back from my sickness but my school load has doubled… Anyways, heres a bit of Matthew to brighten up you day! I wanted to draw him in clothes other than his usual outfit! Hence this! 
I do have to apologize for the off-ish proportions and delay of works.

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Maybe I should do the other boys next~ hehehe~

-adds this prompt in my notebook filled with stuff to draw-


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Hey I'm not really on instagram, what did Sebastian do?

Sebastian posted a “take a knee” meme on Instagram to promote his movie and then when everyone got mad he didn’t really apologize he made it sound more like a “get over it” type of response. He couldn’t have posted it at a worse time. But it’s now deleted and he made another “apology” ish thing

 selena gomez gif icons 

♚ Under the cut you’ll find a total of #70+, both small and medium HQ Gifs of Selena Gomez [ Recent-ish ] ! Apologies for duplicates! Full credit goes to the original makers, I only cropped these. If you made these gifs or would love credit for them please message me and I’ll happily add your name here! Please like and/or reblog if this helped you in any way!

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Bellum. apologies for being away so long ? ? XD

idk if I’ll be back more regularly, but, I’m sorta here for a bit

I’ve been spending a lot of time on @crystallum-sternumenta, so if you wanna talk, that’s your best bet for finding me lol

so, few pieces of news ?

  • due to something that happened at work, I quit my job, and I’m looking for work that does not involve retail
  • I’ll be buying myself a new computer this weekend once I get the second-to-last paycheck from my last job
  • I’ve been playing Boyfriend to Death and I think I’m gonna add Lawrence Oleander to the blog because fuck it, I’m in love with the plant man