Okay; full disclosure: my single, solitary, world-weary emotion has abandoned me for parts unknown, so I won’t lie and claim to have had much in the way of Feelings™ about the episode, but one thing really hit home. 

Most of the season, the show has ignored or skirted around the true horror of what the British Men of Letters do to maintain peace. Finally, in this episode, Sam started asking questions about whether they killed even the creatures who showed no inclination to harm others. (Thank goodness, too. Sam is always the first and loudest voice in defense of people who cannot defend themselves, and I’ve been waiting for that conversation for a long time now.) That was surprising enough, but then the whole plot of the episode hammered it home:

In attempting to eradicate all monsters, the BMoL have done the opposite. Alarmingly creepy wierd!wolf certainly wasn’t a pleasant character, but his story and his motivations made a sick sort of sense: Mick and his people took part in slaughtering a huge pack that never harmed humans, and the response of the survivor was to lash out and hurt people (something he implied his pack had never done) in a twisted attempt to “right” that wrong. The BMoL are, by way of their indiscriminate violence against the guilty and the innocent, creating the very thing they’re trying to stop.


I don’t understand why I have to feel this way all the time. I used to be really good at hiding how I felt, but now its coming out almost all the time and its pretty pathetic. People around me are always aware of my bad moods and I feel bad for bringing people down with me when this happens (like this rant for example). I don’t even know where this mood comes from, its just there. Almost all the time. And I feel terrible for dumping it on people who don’t deserve it.

So even though they won’t read this, I’m sorry to all my friends that I’ve ever dumped my crap on. And I’m sorry to those of you on here who listen to things like this that are, in the end, pointless. But thank you for listening and actually caring. Means more than you know.


 natalie dormer gif icons 

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Lesson learned: Drawings turn out different especially when sick.

Hey everyone! I’m sorta back from my sickness but my school load has doubled… Anyways, heres a bit of Matthew to brighten up you day! I wanted to draw him in clothes other than his usual outfit! Hence this! 
I do have to apologize for the off-ish proportions and delay of works.

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Maybe I should do the other boys next~ hehehe~

-adds this prompt in my notebook filled with stuff to draw-


 selena gomez gif icons 

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The boys wore exactly what they wore in the MV. Filmed 3-4 times for opening and 5 times as a group.


Hanbin was adjusting Bobby and junhoe’s jackets for them like a stylist and when they turned around and saw it was him they all smiled.


Bobby was wearing a thin white knit sweater under his jacket, which he took off every time he went to monitor the stage.


Bobby was plopped on the ground while monitoring with Yunhyeong next to him so he tugged on Yunhyeong’s arm to ask him to help him up. But then a staff member came behind Bobby and helped him up by the arms like you help a baby get up and Bobby’s eyes turned really round.


The stage for apology is very autumn-ish.


The wind from the helicopter cam was blowing the sheet on the floor away so the boys were all yelling and ran to step on it to keep it down.


Jinhwan was sitting on the stairs and Junhoe was chattering with him but Bobby came and pushed Jinhwan away to sit next to Junhoe.


The boys were rushing off the stage to monitor but got off at the wrong end so they were like a big stampede to the other side led by Bobby.


Junhoe slipped away in the middle of monitoring and then started practicing singing and practicing in front of a door.


An unfamiliar staff came out of the door and Junhoe awkwardly said hello and ran away.


There was a tall street lamp on the stage and Chanwoo started touching the top of it so all of the members were reaching too except Jinhwan.


While they were monitoring Hanbin was poking Bobby’s thigh and pants and Bobby was patting and poking Hanbin’s hand.


One of the staffs was explaining directions to ikon but she only came up to about Hanbin’s chin and he was pretending to smell her head. Fans were like “what are you doing, hanbin??” And he made a funny face.


In the middle of the stage double b were playing Rock Paper Scissors and hitting the loser, hitting each other when they tied.


One of the Kwon twins (back dancers) was wearing a headband and hanbin adjusted it for him before they went on stage.


Hot pack pants for ANTHEM………


Hanbin told the fans to be careful and then promptly proceeded to trip over his feet LOL.


Fans: fighting!!!

Hanbin: fighting!!!!!


Hanbin: fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hanbin: (whisper) fighting


Whenever Hanbin went to the back of the stage for Bobby’s part he kept staring at all the fans on the side and making eye contact.


Bobby kept telling everyone thanks for staying until so late and to suffer for just a little longer.


The members kept thanking the fans and telling them they worked hard to come to the Inkigayo prerecording.


Bobby kneeled on the floor saying sorry to the fans bc it was so cold and Hanbin sent hearts out of the car window.


iKON did a mini fanmeet after their prerecording and personally gave out signed slogan towels to the fans. So, the rest of the iKON members left after they finished Apology recording but Bobby and B.I stayed back to do Anthem & the mini fanmeet


Hanbin told the fans to be careful because the stage lights were hot.


Hanbin said that Junhoe will never be quiet bc he keeps singing. KEEPS! SINGING!!!


When monitoring the performance, Hanbin said “Oh! I made a mistake. I’m really sorry, I’ll do it the right way this time."   


While monitoring, Donghyuk was wearing a shirt but I think he was hot so he unbuttoned so many.


Tonight June turned on his ‘NIGHT-JUNE’ level, he was dancing and singing all the time. He looked really happy.


Jinhwan has a lot of sweat so whenever one ended, he had to go fix his makeup so he was late when going up on stage.


When they were monitoring the prerecording, Jinhwan sat down&Bobby took his jacket off.


End of Pre-Recording. Kim Hanbin told us to stay warm until we see them again. Kindheartedㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Translated by iKONOT7, _KONIC, Y94XJ97 and MYOMIKZ





anonymous asked:

They’re like throwing themselves at him left and right and he goes into the bathroom and says to his reflection, “GOD WILSON WHY ARE YOU SO BAD AT THIS?” every time. I want this exact story in the canon universe. Imagine Steve's increasing frustration!

Oh, man, if this was an actual characteristic of Sam’s in canon, they would NEVER GET ANYWHERE. This is, like, the perfect storm for stopping them ever banging. Because Steve would be throwing super respectful moves Sam’s way—invitations out that are completely non-pressuring and thusly super subtle, lots of flattery, seriously so much flattery, etc.—but Sam would just be like, “HOW NICE IS STEVE, HUH, THAT DUDE IS THE NICEST.”

Basically, Steve would turn into Sebastian Stan from the real world and Sam would for real be Anthony Mackie. You could just lift from the PR tour wholesale for such a fic:

“Can you tell us something about Captain America?” a reporter would ask. “What’s his best quality?”

And Sam would speak at length about Steve’s giving nature, about the faith he has in people’s innate goodness, about Steve being so good simply because he believed everyone could be. And Steve would be blushing and embarrassed and so he’d feel like he had to return the favor and tell the reporter something nice about Sam and what comes out of his mouth would totally be:

“He has a nice build.” And then he would make a face like, yeah, that was completely obvious, wasn’t it.

But, no, this Sam doesn’t get it. He just laughs and says, “yeah, it’s a nice shirt, shut up,” and Steve dies a little inside.


Drinking with Natasha always includes a certain level of inquisition because the drunker she gets, the more she wants to Get The Info (and the less she is particular about what Info she’s Getting, until she’s got Steve’s desk lamp pointed in his face and is slamming a fist on the table and shouting, “TELL ME WHERE THE NUTELLA IS OR I SWEAR TO GOD YOUR FACE IS TOAST”).

So she’s getting a bit more inclined towards asking pointed questions at this point in the evening and she says: “Hottest Avenger. Go.” And she points really pointedly–like she’s got extra pointiness in her pointing, it’s very her–at Steve.

And he says, “Falcon” at the same time Sam says, “Black Widow.” And Steve’s face starts at oh shit that was out loud right through wait did Sam say me he didn’t did he and ends at I should have said Widow, clearly I should have said Widow, that’s so much safer.


There’s a moment when Tony is guesstimating his net worth and Steve casually mentions the backpay he got including the hazard pay when he was frozen and Sam jokes that that means he’s paying for drinks at karaoke later.

And Steve gets super hopeful for a second, but, no, of course this version of Sam meant with everybody.

(And it’s super fun except for that part where there’s a couple clearly propositioning Sam for a threesome and Sam is all, “HUH GUESS I STRUCK OUT AGAIN” and buying them both drinks because he thinks he owes them an apology for almost-ish hitting on one of them at the bar before he saw they were together. Steve fumes a bit about that.)

Clearly the only way out of this situation is for Steve to become really, really frustrated and express himself in small words with a lot of active verbs. And Sam will be very surprised because he thought Steve and Bucky were, like, the Thing to end all Things, like bards-will-sing-of-their-love sort of Thing when actually Bucky has been laughing his ass off at Steve for a while and texting him very rude things and Steve isn’t talking to him right now, thank you very much.

Bakers Dozen week 10 sneak peek, rated R-ish

(Apologies for this not being under a cut, but I’m on mobile and unfortunately mobile doesn’t let you do that)


The boys are long put to bed, Henry in his room and Roland in his usual place on the papasan. Robin is in Regina’s room for the night, in Regina at just this moment. Elbows sinking into the pillow on either side of her head, cock sinking into her and back out, at a lazy, measured pace that has her gasping softly into their open-mouthed kisses. It’s a slow burn sort of pleasure, an enjoyment of each other, their foreheads pressing when they break for ease of breathing, when they want a moment without the distraction of kissing.

She won’t come this way, not easily anyway, even with the way he’s grinding against her at the end of every push inside, the firm, dragging friction against her clit sending shivers through her. She won’t come, but she’ll sure as hell enjoy it, will get wetter and wetter, will burn for him, and then when she’s close, they’ll switch to something sharper, something that’ll stoke her from ember to flame.

For now, this keeps the bed from squeaking, keeps either of them from moaning loudly enough they might be heard, and it’s exquisitely intimate. Being pressed all up against him this way, her belly sweaty where it slides against his, her pajama top rucked up into her armpits, and he’s kissing her and kissing her, her hands clutching at his sides, sliding over his back, winding around his neck.

Her thigh slides against his hip, changes the angle of his thrusts, her back arching at the new pleasure, and then they hear, “Daddy?” from the doorway, and freeze.


Regina feels mortification and panic crawl under her skin in a wave, and thanks whatever higher power might be up there that they had the good sense to do this with the lights off and the covers up.

She hears Robin swallow hard before he asks, “Roland, my boy? What are you doing up?”

She tries as subtly as possible to tug her shirt back down between them, and once she’s decent Robin rolls off of her. Regina is trying to slyly find her underwear and pajama pants, both lost somewhere in the covers, searching with her toes as Roland tells them that he’s scared out in the living room, and can he come sleep in there with them instead?

Oh, lovely.

Robin says, “Just a minute, son,” and disappears under the covers for a moment as Regina finally locates her pants. Her underwear seems to be hopelessly lost, but she wriggles surreptitiously into the flannel just before Robin gets out of bed - he’s found his pants as well, it seems.

He kneels in front of Roland, whose silhouette is just barely visible in the dark room, and asks,

“Are you sure you don’t want to sleep in your chair? I could come lay with you for a little bit, perhaps tell you another bedtime story?”

“No, with you, Daddy,” Roland insists, and Regina finally feels the texture of lace against her toes, pushes the panties toward the end of the bed where the sheets are still mostly tucked in, because she can’t very well sneak into them now.

“What if we turned on the tree?” Robin suggests, drawing the boy into his arms, and Regina can’t see much now, but she noticed that Roland doesn’t answer, and has spent enough time with the boy that she can imagine the face he’d be making. Considering the offer. “You could look at all the colorful lights, and they could keep you company while you sleep?”

“Okay,” Roland agrees, and then he asks, “Will you sleep there, too?” and Regina knows what the answer will be even before Robin agrees. Her exhale of disappointment is soft enough that she’s pretty sure neither of them hear it.

“Of course, my boy. Just let me say goodnight to Regina.”

“Me, too,” Roland insists, leading his father back to the bed, and surprising Regina by climbing right up onto the mattress and flopping down onto her chest. She **oof**s softly, then chuckles and gives him a squeeze as he attempts to wrap little arms around her from his awkward position. “‘Night, Regina,” he says, in his sweet little voice.

“Goodnight, sweetheart,” Regina returns, smirking when Roland lands a wet kiss on her cheek, nearly hitting her eye in the dark. Robin tells Roland he’ll meet him in the living room, and once the boy is gone he swoops down and takes Regina’s lips in a kiss that is wet in a whole other way, all heated tongues and fingers tangling into her her. Heat and promise and frustration. When it breaks, she hums softly, and assures him, “We’ll take a raincheck on this one.”

“We’d better,” he murmurs, pressing his lips to hers one last time before leaving her to join his son.

He shuts the door behind him, and thank goodness for it, because Regina is still damp and warm, her arousal making itself known again now that the imminent burn of mortification has faded. Her hand slips down into her pajamas, fingers pressing and sliding over herself, slipping inside. She thinks of Robin, imagines her fingers are his, and comes a few minutes later with a near-silent gasp of his name.

Cas' First 4th of July

((Not my best work, apologies. Destiel-ish bunker!fic))

*Boom* A loud sound shook the bunker, causing Cas to jump from where he was sitting in the Men of Letters’ library. Sam and Dean both glanced up at the angel.

“Um, Cas, you okay?” Sam asked.

“What was that?” Cas asked frantically. His eyes darted around the room in terror. Another boom sounded from outside and this time, the angel was on his feet and his angel blade was drawn.

Dean exchanged a look with his brother and they both fought to hold back their laughter at the fact that the angel didn’t know about fireworks. “It’s okay, buddy,” Dean reassured Cas as he stood and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Wanna check it out? Think that’ll make you feel better.”

Castiel squinted his eyes at the hunter. “Dean, we could be under attack. The angels must have finally located me and now we’re all endangered.”

“Trust me, everything’s okay,” Dean responded. “C'mon,” he instructed as he began pulling Cas to the door. Sam trailed behind them, stifling his laughter at the comedic sight.

Dean opened the bunker door and lead his companions outside. Another loud sound echoed around them and Cas positioned himself in a defensive stance. “It’s okay, man, look,” Dean said as he pointed to the sky.

Against the dark canvas of night, colours exploded everywhere. A red light flew up into the sky, then popped and made flickering lines streak down. A white light sizzled and expanded into the shape of a star. Dean glanced over to his angel and his brother, both of them had looks of pure awe on their faces. A thought occurred to the hunter then, he grabbed Cas’ hand, and began running up the hill of the bunker. The angel’s trenchcoat flapped in the warm July air as he chased after his human. 

Sam followed them in long strides, finally stopping and gasping, “Dean, what the hell are you doing?”

“Fireworks, Sammy! We needed a better view of Independence Day,” he grinned happily. The last time he’d gotten to enjoy fireworks was in 1996, a really long time ago in his book. Flicking his eyes to the angel next to him, Dean saw delight and confusion mix on his face. A green firework lit Cas’ face and highlighted the stubble on his jaw. The next one, a blue one, brought out Cas’ eyes that were shaded in the dark of the night. ‘Fuck, he’s beautiful,’ Dean thought as he dropped Cas’ hand when he became painfully conscious that he was still holding it. He shuffled his feet awkwardly and looked at Sam. His kid brother was smiling wide as the explosions made his face glow. Even his ridiculously long hair flowing in the wind made Dean happy– Sammy seemed happy for once in a long ass time.

Sam could see the blush on his brother’s face, even in the light of the fireworks. He nudged Dean, “Just kiss him already, idiot.”

Dean’s eyes widened. “Dude, no.”

“Dude, yes,” Sam rolled his eyes. “I’m sick of the eye fucking,” he added. Dean looked mortified and Sam couldn’t help but laugh that he’d finally been the one to put that expression on his brother’s face rather than vise versa.

Dean glared at Sam, mentally killing him repeatedly. Honestly, he’d rather the geek find out about Rhonda Hurley before he found out about how Dean felt for Cas. Sam smirked at something and Dean went in the defensive when a voice intruded on his thoughts, 'So it’s true, what all the angels and demons agreed on. You love me.’

Dean blanched when he recognized the voice: it came from the angel behind him. Shit. He’d forgotten that Cas was a fricking angel and could get in his head. That’s probably what Sam was laughing at now, the tall fucker probably invited Cas into their conversation.

'Wrong. I’m an angel, you ass, I have good hearing,’ came the voice again.

“Sonovabitch,” Dean growled. Sam looked beyond amused and the older hunter couldn’t bring himself to turn around and face his angel.

“Do it,” Sam whispered, then turned away. “I’m gonna go get some beers. I think we’ve all earned it,” he announced and began trudging down the hill. 

'Look at me, Dean.’

“Dammit, Cas,” Dean muttered when he met the angel’s eyes, “I’m sorry you heard that.”

Castiel shook his head slightly. 'Don’t apologize for your feeling, Dean.’

“You’re a damn angel of The Lord, man. I shouldn’t have feeling like that for you,” he dropped his gaze to the ground. “I understand if you’re weirded out or something.”


“No what?” Dean lifted his eyes questioningly. 

Then Castiel’s hand was cupped under Dean’s chin, pulling the hunters lips to his own. Dean hesitantly brought his own calloused hand up to the angel’s cheek and brushed it softly against his stubble. Their lips melded together in a perfect fit of chapped lips and stubble against stubble.

Sam walked back out of the bunker, beers in hand, and was climbing the hill again when he saw his brother and the angel finally kissing each other. Sure it was awkward, but at least now they had it in the open. Behind them, a red firework exploded in the shape of a heart and Sam couldn’t help but laugh at the cliche, cheesy coincidence.