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how about Levi with a mild concussion, really nauseous and ending up needing to throw up?

A/N: I wasn’t sure if you meant Lavi from DGM or Levy from FT - so I went with Levy ‘cause I never pass up an opportunity for Gajevy. And my god, the sappiness I’ve concocted here. Apologies in advance. 


Someone was calling for her. The voice sounded far away, drifting towards her like static peppering over wavelengths. She vaguely registered an acute pain throbbing in her forehead. The pulse was intensely concentrated, enough to blacken her vision.

A giant form was hovering over her, large hands gently lifting her off the ground. When had she fallen?

“Hey!” A guttural growl forced her heavy eyelids open. “Can you hear me?”

She felt cold. Icy prickles of numbness washing over her in frigid waves. A sudden warmth caressing both of her cheeks helped to clear away some of the fogginess. Levy blinked, vision swimming sickeningly as she tried to make sense of what was happening.

“Come on, shrimp,” the voice was unsteady, harsh with concern, and yet somehow she felt incredibly safe. “Answer me!”

Levy swallowed, wincing as the pulsing pain in her head flared.

“Gajeel?” The word was thick on her tongue, uncooperative like trying to work the syllables around a mouthful of molasses.

“Hey,” his voice caught on a strangled laugh. “There you are.”

Long, gloved fingers ran carefully through her hair, guiding the wild strands out of her face.

“Wha- …happened?”

She felt his muscles tense around her, coiling protectively as he pulled her closer to his chest.

“You were hit,” he ground out, jaw clenching furiously. “Knocked you out cold.”

She could hear the fear in his voice and didn’t have to wonder what his reaction had been to watching her go down.

“Bastard’s dead,” Gajeel confirmed unnecessarily. “I made fuckin’ sure of that.”

The intensity of his anger concerned her. She could feel his blood throbbing, body trembling with ferocious adrenaline he was just barely containing. She didn’t want to think about what he would’ve done if she hadn’t woken up.

“How bad did he scramble your eggs?” Gajeel was doing his best to triage without jostling her, but every movement still felt like a stab of lightening inside Levy’s skull.

She moaned and Gajeel paused his ministrations immediately, frozen in place as he glared intently down at her.


Mmm…head hurts,” Levy slurred, turning her face into his chest as the sunlight reappeared from behind the clouds. “Really dizzy…”

“Shit,” Gajeel muttered, moving his hand up to securely cup the base of her head. She nearly melted when he began absently rubbing his thumb in small circles over the nape of her neck. The movements were dulling the pain and Levy was perfectly content to stay curled up like this for a while.

“Lev, can you sit up?”

Levy groaned but gave a slight nod. She bit her lip and did her best not to cry out as Gajeel carefully lifted her into a sitting position. His hand never left the center of her back. But even with the support, Levy swayed dangerously as her vision flickered down to a pinpoint and her ears started buzzing.

Nausea roiled in her stomach as the world settled back into focus. Levy swallowed thickly, pushing up on her hands and knees, though she really wasn’t supporting her own weight. Gajeel’s hands encircled her waist, holding her up as he waited patiently for Levy to find her equilibrium.

“You’re doin’ good,” he encouraged, lifting her effortlessly to her feet when she told him she could take it.

She was wrong.

Levy moaned, shaking her head as she sunk back towards the ground, feeling her stomach contents lurch threateningly.

“Whoa, okay,” Gajeel eased her back onto the grass, resuming their former position as he crouched beside her, palm slowly rubbing up and down her back. “You’re okay, shorty. Maybe we should go slower, huh? You just tell me when you’re ready.”

“Gajeel…” Levy whispered, swallowing back a mouthful of saliva. Her mouth was watering and it was a struggle not to spit it out. But every time she gulped it back down her stomach seemed to crawl a little further up into her throat. “I think…I think I’m -“

Levy was cut off by a soft hiccup. Her hand flew to her lips as a sour taste flooded her mouth.

Gajeel’s eyes widened as he momentarily paused his rubbing. He cursed under his breath when he realized what Levy had been trying to tell him.

“Fuck, I’m sorry. I should’ve known.” Gajeel immediately adjusted his position so that Levy could lean over his arm without having to worry about holding herself up. Her head lolled against his bicep as she gripped his forearm, delicate fingers clutching desperately as she trembled through the nausea.

“I - I don’t want to,” she whimpered, shoulders hitching with a tiny gag.

Gajeel continued stroking her back with his free hand, occasionally reaching up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

He leaned down to kiss the top of her head, “Let’s just get this over with, Lev. I’ve got you. You’re gonna be fine, baby.”

Levy wasn’t so sure. Every suppressed gag sent electric bolts of agony ricocheting through her head. Getting sick would surely make everything that much worse.

She was about to tell him so when her body went on autopilot, overruling her willpower and launching her breakfast up her throat.

Levy sputtered and gasped as acid burned her esophagus, whining as the pain ratcheted up to an entirely new level of horrible. She felt Gajeel’s large hand pressing firmly against her back, holding her steady through the bout of vomiting.

“That’s it,” he soothed. “It’ll be over in a minute, okay?”

Levy nearly sobbed when the next heave brought up a gush of liquid that didn’t quite make it into the grass. Some of the mess dribbled over Gajeel’s forearm and she figured if the pain didn’t kill her, the embarrassment would do the job instead. He didn’t say anything about it, just continued coaxing her through the sickness.

“Ow,” Levy coughed weakly as the retching tapered off, panting towards the grass as she tried to get her body under control. She felt the absence of Gajeel’s hand on her back for only a moment before something soft began dabbing at the corners of her lips. She saw a flash of red and realized that he’d untied his bandana to clean her up.

“You feelin’ any better?”  

“M’sorry,” she slurred, burying her face in the crook of his elbow.

“Not your fault, shrimp. You gonna be okay if I pick you up now?”

She hesitated for a moment before nodding, feeling a swell of vertigo as he scooped her up in his arms, taking extreme care to rest her head as comfortably as possible against his chest.

Levy felt the gentle sway of his torso as he began carrying her out of those stupid woods. Then her eyes popped open as she remembered something that made her giggle rather drunkenly into his shirt.

“What’s wrong?” Gajeel asked, anxiety spiking in his voice as he glanced down at her.

“You called me baby,” Levy snorted, giving his shirt a playful tug and ignoring the throb of pain at the abrupt movement.

“You’re delirious,” he scoffed incredulously. “I did not.”

“Did too,” she teased in a sing-song voice.

Levy decided the crimson flush blossoming across his cheekbones was all the answer she needed. She settled back contentedly against him, tightening her grip around his neck.

“That’s the concussion talking,” Gajeel insisted, glaring straight ahead.

“You’re cute when you’re flustered,” Levy sighed, noting that she probably was in fact a bit delirious.

“And you’re annoying as hell,” he shot back, stumbling over a step as his foot barely missed a rock.

Levy whimpered at the jostling movement, mushing her face hard into his chest as her head screamed in protest. She hiccuped against his shirt as her stomach clenched forebodingly.

“Oh, jesus,” Gajeel stammered, pausing to adjust his grip around her. “I’m sorry.”

“You did that on purpose,” Levy pouted, keeping her voice low so as not to aggravate her headache or stomach any further.

“I didn’t, I swear. Damn rock popped out of nowhere!”

Oww,” she groaned, fingers involuntarily digging into his neck. “Please don’t yell, Gajeel.”

“Sorry.” He started walking. “Tell me if you need me to stop.”

Levy hummed, eyes slipping shut as she concentrated on controlling her breathing.

“And don’t scare me like that again, shrimp,” he grumbled, so low she barely heard him.

Levy smiled weakly, kissing the skin peeking out from the slit in his tattered shirt. 

“Stupid Gajeel,” she whispered. 

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I like what you said about this coming full circle. Killian and Emma have now both done the wrong thing for the right reasons. Tho I wish they'd stop making the wrong decisions all the time.

I apologize in advance, nonnie, but I’m going to use this ask to talk about the idea of “doing the wrong thing.” What is with the need to assign blame and sit in judgement about every damn thing?

Sufficed to say, I am not inline with much of fandom in condemning both their actions and never have been. If Emma hadn’t done what she did in 5A, Killian would be dead. Full stop. She did what had to be done to save him. She went to extraordinary lengths, and there were consequences that they faced, but personally I roll by eyes at the hand-wringing and the judgement over the decisions she made. You think “she was wrong” fine, that’s your opinion, but my opinion is that it’s a fairy tale, and it’s much more fun to watch if you take the stick out of your ass and go with the flow.

Personally, I prefer my favorite characters alive. I LOVE that my OTP would do ANYTHING to save each other. I LOVE that the other’s well-being and safety is always paramount. I love that while her parents, son and Regina just nodded along with Emma’s plan to face the consequences of being a Savior, Killian did NOT. He is not okay with her “paying the price” for the magic. I love that he is PRESERVING her options, by keeping the scissors (whether it works out that way or not.) AND I love that they made a point that his only concern is her heart’s desire.

Killian did what he felt he had to in the moment. He is worried out of his mind about her and knows that she is not necessarily thinking clearly. So he made a snap decision not to allow Emma to make a snap decision that could mean her life. Sue me, I don’t have a problem with it.

So you sit in judgement over “wrong decisions” if it pleases you. I’m going to be over here basking in the EPIC lengths my OPT will go to to save the other. It’s a pretty good place.

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Haori gave the man a quick glance before looking back down at her writing. He didn’t look like he was from around here. Which means he likely had no immediate family around. No one to look for the body. Then again… 

A delicate hand moved to pull her skull mask up over the bottom half of her face just in case. Leaving her notebook behind, the dark haired woman stood up and pointedly walked towards him, her glazed slate eyes looking past him as though he weren’t her target.

Siel: Part Nine


Authors Note: I’m apologizing in advance…

Sam woke up to his arms tied between two posts. His shirt was on the ground. He looked around. He was in a cave high up in the mountains.

“Hello princeling,” said a female voice.


Gavriel was stationed near Endovier to oversee the collapse of the salt mines. He had been here for the past few months.

His quarters had been breached. He unsheathed two hunting knives and opened the door.

Inside was Lyria and Ciel. They were standing, waiting, their arms crossed.

Lyria looked at him, her eyes bright and hard, “We need your help.”


Ciel looked between Lyria and Gavriel. There was a connection between them. Were they mates?

Gavriel sheathed his blades, and said, “Whatever you need, Princess. I’m yours.”

Ciel wondered if he there was a double meaning behind his words, but right now they needed to get to Sam.

“Sam has been taken captive by a legion of witches and taken to the Frozen Wastes.” Ciel said.

Alert shaded Gavriel’s tawny eyes. “Lets go get him.”

“Abraxos will be here within minutes. He will fly us to the edge of the wastes and we’ll go on foot from there.”

“It sound like a plan.”

Ciel nodded, “Let’s go.”


Sam looked at the witch and tried to burn himself free. It didn’t work.

“Your magic won’t work in this cave. There are wyrdmarks that are stifling your magic.” Taking a step up to him, “You and I are going to have a talk. And you are going to talk, or else it will get very painful for you.” A witch came out of the shadows, trailing a braided whip that had nine bards at the end, sweat started trailing down his spine.

He spat at the witch, “Fuck you, you rutting bitch. I won’t talk.”

The witch smiled, iron teeth shimmering, “Oh I was hoping you’d say that.”


In the clearing, Ciel let out a sharp whistle. Abraxos appeared, fully healed. Ready to fly the distance, hard and fast.

He looked over at lyria, “Will you be able to ride him?”

Her face was drained of color but her green eyes were vibrant, “I’ll do whatever I need to to get to my twin.”

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Hi! I always get so happy when you open your requests😅💕 Anyway, could you do Huedhaut (or if you've already done this for him than Scorpio) having a nightmare (maybe about mc getting hurt?) and mc wakes up and finds him scared/sweating? Sorry I this was worded strangely, I apologize 😅 Thanks in advanced! <3

I would choose Scorpio instead.

“STOP IT! I don’t want to kill her.” Scorpio muttered and suddenly sat up on the bed.

You waked up and found him panting for air. There is fear in his face and you are getting worried. He never looked like this before.

“Are you okay? Did you just have a bad dream?” You asked gently, moving to his front.

He looked at you briefly and looked back down again. He grabbed your hands and sighed. “I dream of my old self. I was told to kill you.” Scorpio muttered loud enough for you to hear.

“You said so yourself. That was your old self and it was a dream. You are now a god.” You tried to comfort him and wrapped your hands around his neck.

“The dream was so real.” Scorpio muttered. “I never had such dream before. What is it trying to tell me?” He continued.

“Think nothing about it. It was just a dream. No matter what happen, you had me and the rest of the gods are with you as well. I believe that you won’t hurt me.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.

He is finally smiling and pulled you close to him. He then flopped back down on the bed holding you in his arms. “You are right! I had you now.” Scorpio whispered. “Can we stay like that a little longer?” He asked.

You tighten your hold around him and stayed with him. You can feel him slowly getting relaxed. There will be time when he needs you and you want to be sure that you are always here for him.

way too much

hi lovelies! so, I’ve disabled the asks for this blog temporarily because I have way too many of them ^^; I’ll enable them once I’m done answering all of these, because for every one I finish I get five more asks XD (I’ll cheat with some so my apologies in advance)
I’ll let you know when things get back to normal.

side ramble: I like answering these because they keep me from being too lazy, they make me draw at least once everyday and that’s very important to me. and I know they’re requests, somewhat, but because I still pretty much do what I want with them, they don’t get bothersome to me. don’t get discouraged if I take too long, like I said, I have a lot of them and my new job is physically killing me. also I’d still like to dedicate some of my free time to the little things I enjoy doing for myself.
so the point of this is just to tell you all that things are gonna go a bit slower. thank you for your support ^3^

God every time I hear/read Killian saying

“Your heart’s desire Swan. I promise that’s all I want you to have.” 

I think about it more and it’s like he’s apologizing in advance, explaining that he only wants her to be happy. Without telling her he’s lying he’s explaining himself and his reasons. He wants her to stay with her family, to stay with Henry and have that white picket fence life. He’s keeping the sheers to make sure he has a way to save her and to ensure that she will have that no matter what. Even if they don’t find another way he will make sure she gets her hearts desires-which was always to love and be loved, to find her parents and to have a home. He’s bypassing her want to help others by being the savior and putting her hearts desires ahead of all of that. 

He sees her as more than just the savior, and maybe she doesn’t yet. Like when she said in Archie’s office that she wasn’t sure who she was if she didn’t help people. She cannot separate herself from the savior part of her. But Killian see’s Emma, not Emma the savior. To him she’s no more or less without that part of her, all he wants is for her to have what she’s always wanted, savior or no savior. 


I’m just going to apologize in advance for this one shot. 

It’s based on the song Daisy by Halfway to Hazard.


The rain fell steadily against the window of the bookstore. My hand ached from writing the thesis I was currently working on. I took a moment and tore my eyes away from the pages and looked up. My neck cracked and it felt good to move. I hadn’t realized I had been sitting there for so long until now.

My eyes wandered. Everyone was typing away on their computers. I was one of the few students who still wrote out their papers first. I guess it was old thinking, but I liked to write my thoughts on paper first.

I almost started writing again when I saw her. Her dress was a deep green color, there were flowers lining the bottom. Daisies. My heart sped up as I watched her sit down at a table by herself. She had a bag on her shoulder. I watched as she pulled a book out and started reading.

She was beautiful. Her skin looked like it was kissed by sun. Her blonde hair was braided over shoulder, it fell to her chest. I couldn’t stop staring as she twirled a stray strand around her finger.

I picked my pen back up. I couldn’t concentrate anymore. There was something about her that pulled me. I just wanted to know her name, to hear the sound of her voice. I wanted to see her smile, to hear what she thought of the book she read.

I squinted. It looked like an interesting book, throne of something. She kept her eyes on the page, reading faster than anyone I had ever seen.

This wasn’t me. I never chased the girl, I always let them chase me. And yet I couldn’t stop glancing in her direction, I couldn’t stop wishing she would fall out of the story and look back at me. I wanted to know her name. I wanted to make her laugh.

Was this what it felt like when fate intervened in your life? Did you suddenly forget the person you once were, because you wanted to be whoever they wanted you to be?

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Yo are the symbols on kravitz's forearm glowing in the last piece of art you posted?? (which is v cute btw, I really hope we get to see another date on taz) and if so what's the story behind that (if there is one)??

(thank u omg i also hope we get to see another date or at least hear about one!!)

yeah they are!!! oh god okay this is the most cheesy, self-indulgent ridiculous thing ever and i apologize in advance

um, so Sage (@sobriquet-widget) and I were talking about Kravitz headcanons and we figured he’s probably not, like, as proficient in magic as your average sorcerer since, to our knowledge at least, he spent most of his mortal life engrossed in music? (could be very wrong on this, probably am, just building on the little we know!) 

so Sage figured Krav probably has some kind of “organic enchantments” (read: magic tattoos) that allow him to cast the kind of super powerful spells he has to be able to do without burning spell slots constantly and without wearing himself out. they’re probably not as necessary now that he’s been the reaper for… a while. but they were probably important at the start of his career path? 

i imagine it’s something like: grinding material components into a fine powder and thereby enchanting the ink that you mix them with, and then if you tattoo either a. the name of a spell or b. the concept of a spell, you can cast that spell more easily as you sort of… entirely embody the spell. you are the spell.

but yeah! that’s what those symbols are. they’re English phrases conceptualizing spells transliterated into Ogham script. the one on his arm in that pic is the one i imagine he uses to open rifts and cross planes? so like… i half-assed it in that pic but ideally they’d say “open a door and allow passage between the astral and prime material planes” but transliterated into Ogham. i don’t actually know how to speak/write irish (yet!) so i couldn’t actually translate any of the phrasing into irish (though i’d love to be able to!!) so english spells written in a medieval irish script is the best i got haha

i just. didn’t want to use nordic runes because 1. i’m not nordic 2. i don’t hc Krav as fantasy-nordic

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Grant doesn't like to promote ships but when Barry was with Patty, Grant promoted WA and called Iris "bae" and then apologized to us because the scene was cut and after that he promoted WA again and apologized in advance in case the scene is cut too.


And like I said, we are only 3 episodes in the season, it’s waaaay too soon for this comparison. Last year, he didn’t start live-tweeting till 2x04

Boston Tea Party

** Hey there!  Quick note - my first one shot yay!  What fun this was.  It was really hard to stop.  I feel like I could write chapter after chapter.  Maybe one day I will haha.  Anyway, I played around with first person and POV shit - I really hope it’s not confusing.  Also, I did it relatively quickly so apologies in advance for typos and stuff.  I really, really hope you like it.  Oh, and it’s only a tiny bit nsfw … hope somebody still reads it hahaha! <3 **

“Be careful what you ask for, my dear.  You know I don’t spare the details.”  I studied my daughter as she took in the warning.  She’d wanted to hear my stories for years. They weren’t Disney material, though, and I needed to be sure that she was ready.  “Not for young ears.  Not that yours are particularly young.  Are you sure about this?”

Lanie nodded.  Ever since she could remember, she’d begged to hear her mom’s tales.  She knew she’d had exploits in the sixties and seventies around Boston in the music scene.  Everybody played at the Tea Party, and she’d lived essentially next door.  “I can handle it.  Don’t spare anything.  Spill it all.”

“Fair enough.  Let me bum a cig.”  I smiled at the wave of surprise on her face.  Of course, I knew about her smoking, and it amused me a great deal that she thought I didn’t.

Lanie froze, having no idea that her mother was aware of her habit.  And no idea that she had one of her own.  “Wait, you don’t smoke.”

“Just like you don’t?  They’re in your purse, side pocket.”  

I lit the cigarette, curling my legs underneath me.  “Get comfortable.  It’s long.”  I took a deep drag, relishing the influx of smoke.  They still gave me a buzz.  

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Obi Wan and Cody

(Note: I’m going off of a small knowledge of Cody’s personality here, so if I water him down to a few traits or just make up my own, I apologize in advance)

  • who steals french fries off the other’s plate: Cody, totally Cody
  • who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple: Obi-Wan, the ultimate flirt
  • who has to bust or bail the other out of jail: Cody has had to bust Obi-Wan out more times than he can count
  • who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues: Obi-Wan gives Cody advice that’s good in practice, but Cody reminds him that he never follows his own advice, which leads to Cody comforting Obi-Wan
  • who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes: Cody; he argues that he needs the handicap since Obi-Wan has the Force
  • who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk: Obi-Wan. Cody could not care less about being on the bottom, and likes that he doesn’t have to climb to get up. Makes him feel like a cadet again.
  • who starts and who wins the pillow fights: Obi-Wan starts and wins them, but Cody fights hard
  • who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush: Obi-Wan would totally do this for Cody *

Thanks for the ask!

Send me over some more brotps for neverending silliness 

*but in the case of rexobi, Cody 100% does this to Obi-Wan

Bet On It (Kim Youngbin)

Originally posted by hwiyoungs

Request: Hiii~ can i get a Youngbin request. I’m gonna leave the main plot in your hands but could it maybe do something with the fact that you’re better than him in basketball and he doesn’t know it until you bet on a game and win. ♡♡

Thank you for being the first request! I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge on basketball. Enjoy! ~W

“Are you busy today?”

“Actually, no. Inseong, Jaeyoon and I were just going to go to the park to play some ball. You wanna meet us there?”

“Of course!”

It had been a while since you had seen any of the boys after their debut. Every offer to hang out had rejected or put off to another time. When you called Youngbin just moments earlier, you hadn’t even expected him to say yes and you all too eager to get to the park to see him.

It was nice day out. The sun was shining magnificently on the lush park as you made your way to the basketball courts. From a distance, you could see the two eldest boys playing a one-on-one game while the third sat on a bench on the sidelines. As you drew nearer and nearer to Jaeyoon, you began to notice how the game was going between the two and it seemed that Inseong was struggling to keep a close game.

“You’re not playing?” You asked, sitting beside Jaeyoon.

His eyes widened slightly as he quickly shook his head. “Against Youngbin? No way. That’s a death wish.”

“And you still let Inseong play?”

“I tried to stop him I swear.”

You laughed, wondering how serious Youngbin could be about basketball if it meant that playing him needed a warning. Watching the game, you decided it was entirely Inseong’s fault for struggling to score. His reaction time was lacking and his shooting lacked both direction and power; it was frustrating to endure. At one point during the game, you jumped up and shouted at the athletes.

“You could have totally made that!” You shouted as Inseong completely messed up a layup that Youngbin had let him set up.

Inseong stopped, elbows resting to his knees and panting as he looked at you in disbelief. His skin glistened with sweat. He didn’t speak until Youngbin was almost back from fetching the ball.

“You think you could do better?”

“Definitely,” you gloated.

“Is that a challenge Y/N?” Youngbin questioned. His face was smug, as if he were intentionally trying to mock you. It just made you want to prove it to him. “Wanna bet?”

“I sure do,” you said, taking the ball from him. Inseong and Jaeyoon gaped at the two of you in awe. “First to twenty points takes the win. If I win, you have to buy the four of us lunch afterwards.”

“And if I win, you owe me kiss.”

Your stomach immediately filled with butterflies, but you couldn’t back down now. “On the cheek.”

Youngbin swiped the ball back from you, grinning. “No. When I win, I want you to kiss me on the lips. You scared of losing?”

“I’m scared,” Inseong muttered, only to be elbowed by Jaeyoon. “What? I don’t want to see them kiss. I’m hungry.”

You ignored them. “Definitely not.”

Only a minute into the game did Youngbin realize how not afraid you were. At first, he would go easy on you just as he had for Inseong. He’d leave layups open or weak and pretended to miss his second shot for your sake. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. You made every shot you attempted. Even after Youngbin decided to tighten his game, he had no chance of catching up with the defense you brought with you. By the end of it, the score was twenty to eleven in your favor.

“That’s twenty!” Jaeyoon cheered! “Hyung has to buy us lunch!”

Youngbin sipped his water, looking dejected and worn out. “Yeah, yeah. We’ll get something from the stand by the street. You guys go ahead.”

The younger two ran off in the search for food. Youngbin just stood, watching you in awe as you drank your water. You quirked your eyebrow at him.

“Where did you learn to play so well?”

“I always played in school,” you shrugged. “Maybe next time you should know that about your opponent before you try to go easy of them.”

He laughed at his own stupidity. “Fair enough. Then next time I’ll finally get that kiss.”

“Keep dreaming,” you teased.

At that, Youngbin pouted. You rolled your eyes before stepping up close to him and kissing him on the cheek. His hand reached for where your lips had been instinctively.

“What was-”

“Your punishment for losing,” you said simply. “But if you tell anyone else, you have to buy me extra chicken.”

You began to walk away, hoping that that was the end of it.

“Will you do it again if I don’t tell them?” He questioned, catching up to you to sling his arm around your shoulders.

Your face became warm and your legs became just a little weaker. Deep down, you knew it wasn’t just from playing basketball.


You guys!!! ❤️

Thank you, to each and every single one of you that follows me and reads my stories. Just wow.

Now for a short little update…

To those still waiting for requests, they are coming. I have about 15 waiting to be written…so please be patient, I was going through a rough few days and have been struggling, but should be back in the swing of things now :)

There were a few of you who requested like family based ones where Joe and reader have kids…I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to fill those ones, because I don’t really enjoy those types of stories. Sorry..I don’t want to write a shit story for you! (Please don’t hate me.)

As for those requesting a part 2 of Last Walk Through, it is coming. Be prepared. I apologize in advance. Because this one may not have the happy ending you were looking for, but that’s just where the story went. Once part 2 is posted, it is highly doubtful there will be a part 3, because to me, the story is done.

Anyways, I have to go grocery shopping (stupid adulting), and then come back and start writing ALL the requests, because I need to catch up!

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