Imagine Dean being unable to kill you... (Vacation Drabble #1)

Warnings: Suicide/sacrifice from the married reader (SUICIDE IS NOT BEING PROMOTED! IT’S JUST A DRABBLE I WROTE WHILE BORED! PLEASE SEEK HELP IF YOU’RE FEELING SUICIDAL! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!). No editing. Written on a phone with a whacky autocorrect, so I apologize in advance for any weird mistakes. Written in like five minutes tops, so some could come from that as well…

“Just do it!” You hissed out, holding out the knife. Fighting back the tears that threatened as you looked at Dean.

“I can’t!” He returned, not able to quite contain his tears. “It’s bad enough to have to lose you. But to be the one who does it?” He swallowed tightly. “I can’t…” He sounded more pained the second time. As if it were literally tearing him apart.

“Only one of us is making it out of this, Dean…” You pointed out, taking a deep breath to steady yourself. “And it has to be you.”

“Why?” He demanded angrily. “I’m no good. I don’t deserve to live. I have done so much…” It broke your heart that you knew without a doubt that he wasn’t lying. He truly believed it. “So, why does it have to be you?”

“Because,” You whispered softly, reaching up to his neck to pull his forehead down to rest against yours, “you can save the world. And, I can’t.” A single tear slipped down your cheek.

“This isn’t fair.” He croaked out brokenly, reaching up to stroke your soft cheek with his rough hand. “You deserve better.”

“So do you.” Your voice cracked in pain. Dean Winchester deserved the world. There was no doubt about it. And the one thing he truly wanted- you- was being taken away. It was wrong. But, there was no other option. “I love you, Dean…” The knife twisted in your hand. Well…there is one, you thought darkly. It would save him a little pain. A little guilt.

“I love you, too.”

“I didn’t doubt that for a second.” He had said the words first. Had been the one to seek you out. Had been the one hesitant to go too fast. He had been perfect. No, you truly had never doubted the sincerity of those words.

The knife plunged into your rib cage. You knew where the heart was. You knew exactly how to angle it without a second thought. Before Dean even understood what happened, your body crumbled. You were gone, leaving him to shout your name into the emptiness. To cling to your corpse. To beg for it all to be just a dream.

When Sam found him, his eyes were red and puffy. Water danced in them, but had stopped spilling over the edge. His cheeks were stained with the trail of pain that had been unleashed.

“Dean?” He saw the body on the ground, and he froze in shock.

“Don’t, Sammy.” The tears leaked over again. He wiped them gruffly away. The silver band flashing in the light. “My wife just killed herself…” He looked down at your damaged form. “She killed herself because the entrapment spell called for blood to escape. A lot of it.” There was a dirt pattern dug into the ground filled with coagulated blood. He’d had to drain your body. The only thing that kept it from being a waste. “We’re bringing her back…we have to, Sam. And then we’re killing Rowena.” His voice broke again. “She went too far this time…” A steely resolve settled over him even as more tears slipped down. This wouldn’t go unanswered. The witch would pay, and nothing in the world could save her. Not even her magic…

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Luke Cage is as good as you could have expected and even better. Bless Netflix and Marvel they are doing the best shows. 

I love Claire Temple with all my heart, but damn Misty is such a sassy baby and I love her too. 

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I'm 99.9% sure u have already answered this (im not sure) so I apologize in advance. Realistically, how do you think babygate is going to end? If you have answered this already, can you link the answer? Thank you soooo much. xxx

Considering their goals of coming out, as well as how Simon used this story to hurt Louis, I think there’s going to be a very careful, implicit, and intense blame game. I didn’t think they were willing to end babygate until they could time it closely with announcing new management and label–which in and of itself would send a message.

A lot depends on a lot of things, including how closely or how far apart they want to space ending the baby story with a coming out. And they may use the custody story up in the air to temporarily end babygate until they move on to more fully demolishing the story, or it may be a psych out. I think both Simon Cowell and Irving Azoff are good at the head games stuff.


“Naruto… Hinata-sama is willing to die for you. So… You hold more… than one… life in your hands. And it seems… that my life too… may have been… one of them." 



↳  Isabel’s first encounter with Levi & Farlan in ACWNR OVA 1