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Adoribull prompt Sunday! Language lessons.

I apologize in advance for my minimal understanding of Qunlat lol. Hopefully it doesn’t detract from what I wanted to get across!

Warm, midday sunlight filtered in from the upper balcony of the main hall in Skyhold. Usually, one would find Vivienne surveying the courtyard or writing within the foyer. Today she was in the field, assisting the Inquisitor, and her plush chaise lounge had been commandeered by The Iron Bull and Dorian.

Dorian rested against Bull, nestled snuggly in the other man’s lap. A book with broken bits of Qunlat recorded within it sat open on Dorian’s leg. The mage stared at the crude letters with distaste. Bull watched as Dorian’s eyes darted back and forth, looking for connections that were not there.

“You’re trying too hard, Dorian. It’s not like Tevene. Not every word has a flourish and six other words that mean the same.”

“No, but one word in Qunlat has six meanings! Look what is this, what is this here?  This is so vague. How can this mean anything?”

Dorian leaned back, tipping the book above his nose so that Bull could read.

“It’s not vague, it’s very precise, actually. Think about it like a Qunari. Think about the purpose the words would serve, not what they mean.”

Dorian scoffed, pulling a spare slip of parchment and quill from the end table. He began scribbling, pulling apart the sentence into pieces. Bull placed his hand on Dorian’s, stilling his writing.

“So you focus on grammar? No. Look at the words. Look at them like a map. You’re trying to sift through the lies to the truth. What is there when you pull that away? Each sentence has one truth, one path.”

Dorian turned around, looking at Bull like he’d been told to walk barefoot through mud.

“You know I have a very difficult time following predetermined paths, Bull.” Dorian said with an eye roll. Bull adjusted them, sitting up straighter and grabbing at Dorian’s ass once as he did. Dorian backhanded him lightly without looking.

“Just look at the words and tell me what you think they mean.”

“Oh silly me, why didn’t you just say that before!”

Bull said nothing and leaned in to place his chin on Dorian’s head. He reached for the book and leafed to a random page and pointed to a sentence.

“What’s that say?”

Dorian stared at the words, feeling Bull’s warmth envelop him. He tried not to let the feeling distract him. The words seemed like nonsense, but he tried his hand at it anyway.

“All right… well… Something about the ‘bas’ who are going somewhere… no more like… ‘bas’ who don’t go somewhere, like walking in place I suppose? Yes okay, so ‘bas’ who walk in place, ah that word is clearly ‘Qun’ – shocking.”

Dorian paused then, his tongue licking at the curl of his mustache as he concentrated on the next bit. Bull leaned back some, a faint smile on his face.

“This next phrase, it feels like the first phrase, but they would simply write it twice if they’d wanted that. Simpletons… hmm, something about the world - ‘lok’ must not be literal though. Hmm okay, so perhaps they mean walking all over the world, yet somehow not moving.”

“All right now put it all together.”

“Well, it must say something like ‘Bas who walk everywhere are never Qunari. Yet are walking some ridiculous path to the Qun anyway. Yes? Something stoic and absolute like that?”

Bull gave a soft chuckle and wrapped an arm around Dorian. He should have known better than to expect Dorian to grasp Qunlat. He’d try to study it like history or math without realizing it was not something to learn, but simply the voice of the Qun.

“Not quite, kadan. Not bad though. You’re getting better.”

Dorian clicked his tongue at that and crossed his arms. He hated being wrong, especially when he actually tried. He felt foolish, even though he’d only begun to learn Qunlat a week ago.

“Tell me what it means then, since I’m so off the mark.”

“It means ‘Those who run from the Qun do not realize they run in circles.’ ”

“They don’t even say the word circle, nor any reference to it. How could you possibly get that from it?”

“I translated it pretty so you’d get the idea. Look, it’s different when you live it. It’s like you already know it, but speaking it makes it true.”

“Nonsense! What a ridiculous language. Might as well just grunt like animals if you all already think exactly the same thing.”

“Yeah? Like us in bed?”

“You are a horrible man and I hate you.”

Dorian squirmed in Bull’s grasp, embarrassment willing him to flee. But Bull held him close, knowing exactly what his lover meant. He leaned in and whispered low in Dorian’s ear.

“Oh, I know that language. You want me to translate for you?”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“What you just said? That’s ‘Dorian’ speak. You say the opposite of what you mean, pretty easy cipher, honestly.”

Dorian stilled in Bull’s arms and felt his stomach drop at what was implied. His cheeks grew hot when he realized he couldn’t even deny the claim.

“Hm. Thought as much. So you do think I’m pretty fucking great and you lo-“

Dorian whipped around quickly, squashing the words with his hands against Bull’s mouth. Bull licked Dorian’s palm, laughing as Dorian wretched it away in disgust.

“Don’t say such things out loud!”

“Hm. Seems you get Qunlat more than you think.”

Dorian only looked at him bewildered. Bull drew him in close, kissing him before finally translating.

“It’s like we already know it, but speaking it makes it true.”

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Hello, I love the coloring in your gifs! :) would you consider making a tutorial about your process? specifically for the desaturated-but-for-1-color ones! Thank you<3

Good evening dear anon!

Thank you for saying that. *blushes* I have only made like one “tutorial” before (x) so I really am no expert on how to explain things. Meaning I apologize in advance if I fail to properly explain how I go about colouring of my gifs.

I guess you are referring to gifs like the ones from my SUPERNATURALREWATCH sets? Something like this? If not, please let me know and tell me the url of said post and I’ll try to explain again. So if this is what you are looking for, I will try and explain how I go from this

to this.

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                                 BAYLEE’S 300+ BIAS LIST

wow ━━  this blog is less than 3 days old and i already have more than 300 followers ?? this is a new record for me ! so to celebrate it, i’ve made my very first bias list. ♥

and since this is my first ever attempt at having a go with this sort of thing, i’ll most likely miss a handful of people to add to the list of mutuals on here, which i wholeheartedly apologize for in advance !

( i won’t be writing personal messages to people like how i see in most bias/follow forever lists cause i’m a lazy shit )

                            NOTE: THE URLS HERE ARE IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER.

. *  roboticmedic | noxerro | paleae-hat | rysntry magnanimousmonarch | hoshiyobu | luminiae | stabilitate | stubbornasstantei | koriandstar | horridtemper | uramii pridepact | faithoftitan | aaestus | wrathirae | victorybred sundraken | sunchucks | tovgheest | lighttningpanther | tsugunaii hclyrelic |  cagedmagpie | nanezganii | warveined | damnmarimo terraene | kankrou | ventuum | naivne | falsequerade wyntrveined | naru-uzumaki | aquatiics | medicre | cosmother | brideofsparda | fortunasua | astraearis | trxfalgar | illripyourthroat | viteaus | zimtec  * .

quite a few people here are close friends of mine, people who i just started talking to on skype, and the majority are those who i highly wish to roleplay with ( hence why some of you might be confused at first as to why you’re on here without us not having the pleasure of speaking/interacting with each other yet ). like i stated up above, i most likely missed a lot of people due to my mind being clustered with this being my first bias list and etc etc.

Apologies in advance, I’ve saved a lot of peter pan posts to my likes and I’ll probably be spamming the shit out of it for the next few hours….

Apologies in advance for rambling...

I texted her (stupid move). She told me that she thinks about me often and my absence has left a void that no one else can fill… but that she has moved on.

On one hand, I’m perplexed. If there was someone whose absence left a void in my life that no one else could fill, I’d try to get that person back into my life… But I’m not going to ever get an explanation that I’ll find to be satisfactory or that will make it “OK.” Frankly, she doesn’t owe me one, either. So as Mal Reynolds once said, “that’s a long wait for a train don’t come.”

So I have to try to go forth and do likewise… To move on. I need to treat myself better, and that includes no longer torturing myself over this. I’m going to do my best… and that includes trying to no longer whinge about it in this space.

She thinks we should wait a while before attempting to be friends. She’s right… but I fear I’ll never get to that point and thus she will just drop out of my life forever. That’s a scary bummer.

My best case scenario is this: My love for her fading to the same level her love for me has already faded to… God, that just sounds like shit :(

And yes, I know that I’m very lucky that I am dating 2 other wonderful people. I have got nothing but patience and support from them. As bad as I feel… without them, I would be inconsolable.

But I feel what I feel. And right now, two months after the break-up? I’m still waiting to feel like I’m “getting over it.” I don’t know when I will…


(I apologize in advance for the super long post!!)

Now that college is in full swing I want to put together a master-list of all my available commissions (including two new plushie options). As a student, commissions are going to be my main (possibly only) source of income, so I’d be super grateful for any signal boosting :)

Chibi Tf plushies (12in. Chibi style plush) will cost $40.This includes G1, MTMTE, RiD (comics), RiD (cartoon), TFP, Rescue Bots and TFA

  • Bayverse bots: +$10
  • Beast Wars/Machines: +$10
  • TFOCs: +$15

Complex Tf plushies (only 3 slots available): 24in full standing plushie (can be jointed if you’d like, no extra charge)

  • G1, MTMTE, RiD (comics), and Rescue Bots: $90
  • TFP, RiD (cartoon), and TFA: $100
  • Beast Wars/Machines and Bayverse: $110
  • TFOCs: $115

Cube-styled Bots: (any character from any series/continuity

  • 6″: $25
  • 12″:$40
  • 18″:$55
  • 24″: $70
  • Anything larger can be discussed

(Pics of tfoc must be available, if emailed to me with the order I may cut the cost down a bit)

Basically if it’s a robot, I can sew it :)They are all sewn with fleece, so they are super cuddly~! I will embroider certain features (ie the mouths and eye-lines like Red Alert’s), and hand sew the “kibble” pieces on to help anchor them down. However, while these plushies will be pretty sturdy, I would still recommend only hand-washing if the plush gets dirty, just to be on the safe-side.

This is not limited to Transformers. I can sew SU plushies as well, and this includes Gemsonas :) SU plushies are $60, $80 for a fusion (excluding Garnet and Stevonnie) (only available in the simple chibi style and the cube style)

For any other human/humanoid characters not from TF or SU, send me an email or ask and we can discuss it

Shipping usually costs $6 for US buyers for the smaller plushies, and $10 for the larger ones, but I will ship anywhere if you’re willing to pay the extra cost!

Check out my main post here


Dresses: (only 2 slots available, first come first serve, others will be added to a wait-list)

All characters from all continuities can be sewn as long as concept art can be made. This is also not limited to Transformers! Any character from any series is doable.


  • Dress: starting at $150 (max of 2 accessories included)
  • Corset/Blouse and Skirt combo: starting at $100 (max of 1 accessory included)
  • Jacket: additional $50

Accessory Prices (any accessories over the included 2):

  • Aprons: $25
  • Cuff Bracelets and Bows: $10
  • Themed Headbands: $25
  • Crowns: Start at $20 (the bulkier the crown the higher the cost)
  • Kibble Pieces:
    • Wings/Doorwings: $30
    • Helms (open face): $50
    • Helms (including faceplates): $60
    • Visors/battlemasks: $20
  • Plushies: $30 (special discount only for those ordering a cosplay outfit)

***Price will only increase depending on complexity of design (g1 vs tfp characters), desired fabric (for example satin costs more than cotton), and availability of fabric at my local fabric stores (fabric sometimes costs more online)***

US Shipping: $15-$20 (varies depending on what/how much is ordered)

I will ship international if you’re willing to pay the extra cost

Check out the main post here (includes size chart)


Fanfiction: (Limitless slots. I will take as many of these as I can handle)

$5 for every 1K

This post is sfw, so to see what I will/will not write check out my main commission page

I only really write Transformers fanfic, but if you’d like me to write for another series, just let me know and I’ll do my best :)

Check out examples of my fics here


I also sell made-to-order custom charms on my etsy for Transformers, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe for $8 including shipping and handling. You can order any character(s) you’d like, again, from any series/continuity



  • You can either leave your order in my ask box, or email me at caitlin_gill83@yahoo.com
  • If the slots for larger items like dresses and 24″ plushies are full, I will have a waitlist if you’d like to be added :)
  • 50% must be paid up front to cover materials, the other 50% and shipping can be payed upon completion. For dresses, only %40 needs to paid upfront and I can set up a payment plan if necessary (so you can pay in intervals and not all at once)
  • All payments must be made to my paypal (caitlin_gill83@yahoo.com), as a custom order on my Etsy, or I can send an invoice if you’d rather pay %100
  • I will ship anywhere, but the cost will be higher for buyers outside of the US (shipping is always combined)
  • I may turn down certain requests that I am either uncomfortable with or too unskilled to make
  • The time to make certain items will vary depending on my personal schedule and other commissions. Most Plushies will only take 2-3 weeks to complete and ship, cosplay dresses closer to a month+, and everything else varies depending on length and quantity
  • All commissions are non-refundable unless you send the refund-request before I get started.
  • Prices can only be negotiated under certain circumstances
  • I can change the prices at any time, but if you already have an order placed I will not charge you the difference

Okay, next chapter of the pulp-writer!Bucky AU now up! In which there is classic pulp science-fiction, implied alien sex (hasn’t happened yet, but we know it will, not least because Bucky tells us so), and Steve trying to read while the author hovers over his shoulder.

Read at AO3 here! Teaser below. (Also I should point out that this is probably the last of the pre-war chapters unless I have a random idea. I apologize in advance about chapter six.)


“Their people have three sexes,” Bucky said. He was reading over Steve’s shoulder again, and this time not bothering to pretend he wasn’t. “And they like sex. In any combination.”

“It’s not just me,” Steve said, getting it. “This time.”

Bucky stopped hovering, shoved himself away without leaving the bed, fiddled with the cover of his book, said quietly, “Depends on what you—”

“I don’t mean you wrote yourself having sex with three aliens at once,” Steve clarified. “I mean you wrote yourself. You said—pansexual, you said. The word for it. The way you love people. Anyone. It’s not about shape. You told me.”

“…yeah,” Bucky said to the book. The flying machines on the cover did not answer.

“Now you’re telling everyone,” Steve said. “I know it’s a metaphor, okay, if you write about aliens it doesn’t look like you’re writing about people, but someone else’s going to read this and they’re going to figure out that they can love aliens with six arms or different-colored skin or any shape, anything, anyone, and that’s—” Words failed him for a second. Braver than I ever knew, he thought. Brave in a way that’s not starting fights in back alleys. In a way that’s reaching out, talking, holding a hand instead of punching a bully.

“My editor wasn’t too fond of the first draft,” Bucky put into the pause. “Too…alien, I guess.” His voice, his eyes avoiding Steve’s, said more, less happily.

“The same editor who owes you money?” Steve reached over, collected a hand, played with forlorn writer’s fingers. Bucky looked up, startled out of reflection.

Steve asked, “Want me to come along next time and punch him in the nose?” And Bucky laughed, improbable and sweet as imagined waters on Mars.

Hey gang, I’m on Periscope! ( @periscope_tv! )

For those that don’t know, it’s a live streaming app where I can record video live from the studio for those interested in the goings on and process of what I do.

Finally trying it out, I’ve recorded one broadcast but will do more in the future, fo sho. Find me at ncwinters. My first broadcast features a closer look at the “Overwhelm” prints available now through @1xrun , so check it out if you want to see how the prints look in person, as it were.
Apologies in advance for my voice- that’s unfortunately what I actually sound like. See you in the matrix!

[Report] Ito Kashitaro "Waza" Live in Osaka, 23 May 2015

OK I’M SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG. I thought I would be able to type it all up in 3 days or so but I wrote one in Thai first and the English version just totally slipped my mind. I’M SORRY.

So in case anyone still wants to know what the live was like; here you go.

I’m not going to do the full report, just some points I think it’s interesting to share (id’d take too long otherwise and it’s gonna be just me s;ldgk;lfg'sd;’s;lf’;slf-ing anyway).

There might be a lot of grammatical mistake. Apologies in advance. 


2. Melancholic
3. Hoshi Ai
4. Popura no Oka ni Kaze ga Fuku
5. Sayonara no Kawari ni


6. rebirthday
7. Summer Time Record
8. Boku no Hoso Michi
9. Canaria Cinderella


10. Hero Mask
11. Sayonara dake ga Jinsei da
12. Everything’s gonna be alright


13. Yakusoku no Starry Night
14. Parabola ~Galileo no Yume~
15. I Can Stop Fall in Love
16. Boku dake no Rock Star


17. Yume Chizu
18. Share, We Are

- More under cut -

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Hey guys! So I never made an official post - but I’m officially going on Hiatus! I’ll still be reblogging things, but I won’t be as active as far as original content, answering asks, or responding to stuff but I’ll try my best!! I just started school so things are a bit hectic right now! If you have any asks though, you can keep sending them in and I’ll respond when I can - but I apologize in advance for the late replies!

See ya guys soon!

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You look really great in your cosplay! A lot like Guts himself. And you are buffer in person, I'm sure, but I don't think many people can be Guts buff. ((I apologize in advance to anyone who is, I've just never seen someone with muscley muscles like him.)) But you look awesome!

thanks!! yeah im supposed to be 15 y/o guts anyway haha he wasn’t as big when he was younger

alright so i’m seeing a lot of people claiming :re doesn’t give a fuck about kaneki/haise which kinda upsets me since, you know, after so many chapters it’s been pretty clear to me they do. this might be long so i apologize in advance for the mistakes i might make.

here’s the thing: everyone is really ignorant of what is actually going on. touka and nishiki have no idea of what treatment kaneki went through in CCG, although they may have some doubts. what they do know is that, from their point of view, haise is not alone and is like kaneki wished, out of the ghoul world. the world who ruined him and broke him entirely. they probably see this as a second chance for him. they’re giving him the time he needs.

tsukiyama has seen this in a different way, but he’s not so wrong. he understood the CCG was not the right place for him, but he doesn’t acknowledge the relationships haise has build with his team and superiors. what he doesn’t really realize is the risks of bringing kaneki back just like that. who can blame him? he spent those last years suffering from depression and missing his friend, and seeing him alive blinds him from those details.

now let’s make this clear: i’m not taking anyone’s side. like i said, none of them knows what is really going on. but what we as readers know is how fucked up kaneki is right now.

seriously, can’t you imagine what would happen if he gets his memories so suddenly? kaneki is still unstable, and seems very dangerous. he clearly needs time to take things slowly so that haise can coexist in peace with his past-self. because there is no way haise and kaneki can exist without each other.

also, i’ve seen this a lot too, but don’t blame touka for not caring much about tsukiyama. she doesn’t know what happened to him after kaneki “died”. she barely interact with him in part 2 of tokyo ghoul and never saw how much he changed and actually cared for kaneki. there was no way for her to know any of this. again, everyone is ignorant and i understand it might be frustrating but hating on characters, whoever it is, is not the solution.

so i love the italian!remus AU but u know whats also fucking cute????? remus being SPANISH

i apologize in advance for all the clichés and stereotypes and mistakes!!!!

  • so remus’ mother, hope lupin (or her full name Esperanza Maria Fernanda Martinez Lupin) met lyall lupin guess when?? When he was on his graduation trip to barcelona
  • (also side note ‘esperanza’ means ‘hope’ in spanish. Yes, i know, my spanish skills are awesome. maybe i used translater for this who knows)
  • anyways, esperanza and lyall’s love was great and they even had long distance relationahip for 2 years but one day lyall was like ENOUGH!! MOTHER, FATHER, IM MOVIN TO BARCELONA
  • he moved to barcelona
  • and he married Essie (they totaly gave each other dorky nicknames) and then they were like ‘wtf we are 20 years old u know what sounds like great idea??? Traveling the world!!
  • meanwhile in good old england, mr. and mrs. lupin are going crazy bc not only young married but now world trip??? Honestly teens these days
  • and they travel the world and remus is born and they are not v rich but they visit the wildest places like villages in tibet and amazon forest and they are the cutest lil family in the world
  • but what’s life without drama and just when they were visiting lyall’s parents, 7 years old remus is attacked by greyback and they cant travel anymore and god, their niñito is bitten and he is so so young
  • damn i didnt plan this to turn into lyall&hope post, focus lara focus
  • fast forward 4 years ~ remus is 11 and he is accepted to hogwarts and this is magnifico!
  • little remus getting howler from his grandparents from barcelona and they are basically screaming 'congratulations we dont know what the fuck does a griffin whore mean but we are glad you made it in there!!!!!’
  • but they are screaming talking in spanish so nobody else in the great hall understands what they are yelling about
  • everybody is like 'ah poor lupin kid, first week and he is already getting howlers’ but then remus starts laughing bc awww his grandparents are great and everybody else is like 'he is laughing at howler??? dis kid is hardcore’
  • little remus being so so sad for first 3 weeks bc what do you mean tv doesnt work in hogwarts?? how will i watch doña barbara then??????
  • marauders making fun of him for years bc 'how can you watch telenovelas oh my god’ but then in fifth year remus smuggles tv in school and it takes him two weeks to tune tv in with magic so it can work properly
  • and then he sits marauders infront of tv and makes them watch all 191 episodes of doña barbara
  • for first 10 episodes they are like wtf is this crap but it’s not long until you can hear sirius and peter having vicious fights in th great hall
  • in background you can hear remus cackling
  • esperanza lupin sending remus howlers and telling him about the latest telenovelas she’s been watching
  • james starts to obsessively watch said telenovelas and by the end of sixth year him and mrs. lupin are practically pen pals and 'did you knOW THAT LUCREZIA IS PEDRO’S MOTHER!!!!’
  • remus being awfully good dancer and all gryffindors being shocked by it
  • he is usually so clumsy so everybody kinda expected him to suck at dancing
  • but then there’s 5th year halloween ball and remus teaches all boys how to dance tango so gryffindors can swoon their ladies
  • frank longbottom being crazy talented tango dancer, and although he and alice looked cute dancing, there is nothing more spectacular than remus and frank dancing tango
  • james being crap at dancing and he is like 'tf this moves are so hard to get- pads are you even listening to me’ 'DID YOU SEE MOONY’S HIPS WHEN HE DANCES THIS IS PRACTICALLY PORN!!!!’
  • remus being white as milk during the whole year bc it’s a werewolf thing but every september he comes to school after summer in spain TANNED AF and everybody is so jealous
  • sirius cant even look at him bc those stupid freckles and that stupid curly hair and his chocolate dark hands. poor pads
  • remus swearing in spanish
  • marauders dont understand a single word he is saying but they know by his tone if he is talking nicely or talking crap
  • and then in 7th year (after becoming an expert in telenovelas, and therefore, in spanish) James asks remus if his hair is looking good and remus says in sweetest voice 'su cabello se ve como una mierda’ and james is already saying thanks but WAIT! DID HE JUST TELL HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE CRAP?????
  • turns out for 6 whole fucking years when remus was using his nice voice he was actually insulting them that little shit
  • after this sirius was like aww hell no remus gonna to insult them NO MORE
  • seventh year winter holidays, marauders are celebrating christmas with the lupins and to remus’ complete horror esperanza and lyall are teaching sirius, james and peter how to swear in spanish
  • lyall is making word cards, essie is grading marauders’ spanish-swear tests
  • essie: james im very disappointed, you only had 85.7% of answers correct. I guess we’ll have to do a rebelde marathon. *james being so happy bc yes rebelde marathon!! With mrs essie!!!!* peter the only thing you learned how to say is kiss my ass. *peter yelling 'vete e la mierda’ proudly* but what im absolutely shocked about is that SIRIUS BLACK GOT ALL ANSWERS COFRECT
  • essie giving sirius a SSS (spanish swear student) diplome and lyall filming it all and you can hear remus screaming 'MAMA WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS STOP PER FAVOR PER FAVOR’
  • essie whispers something in sirius ear and suddenly sirius is blushing red like a tomato
  • she gives him the look and sirius sighs dramatically and takes a deep breath and screams 'remus this is all your mum’s fault’
  • and then he grabs moony and they are kissing and everybody is going crazy because fucking finally
  • but lyall is so angry and he is glaring at essie
  • and things get kinda awkward and remus is like 'dad do you have problem with me and sirius being together’
  • and lyall roars 'YES I BLOODY DO and just for the record your mother is a CHEATER and now i owe her TEN GALLEONS and why couldnt you TWO KISS ON NEW YEARS EVE BUT NO NO ESSIE HAD TO WIN AND YOU JUST HAD TO KISS ON BLOODY CHRISTMAS’
  • it was the best christmas in ther lives
  • tbh spanish remus is all i need
Dear non-StarKid followers,

I would like to apologize in advance for the overload of StarKid and AVPSY (A Very Potter Senior Year) that will be on my blog in the coming days and weeks. I just can’t help it, it’s the overexcited StarKid in me that is running this blog right now.

And if you get bored or annoyed by the overload of StarKid on your dash, think how you would feel if

  • You’re a Sherlockian and season 3 would finally be released
  • You’re a Potterhead and JK Rowling decided to write another book about the wizarding world
  • You’re a Klainer and they finally get back together
  • You’re a Whovian and Steven Moffat decided to not turn the Doctor in a dark, probably slightly suicidal, lonely guy who has no interest in life.

Because that, my friends, is what us StarKids are feeling right now. So don’t be annoyed, bear with us, cause we have been anticipating this for a long time. And don’t worry, this too will pass.

Please and Thank You!

Love always,


So I know people ship Stucky and Stony and that’s rad, but I don’t because I headcanon them all as straight (which is not a knock to people that headcanon them differently, ship and let ship).  THAT SAID, if it pleases the court, I would like to present…bisexual Howard Stark.

  • Bisexual Howard Stark never telling anyone that he sometimes found men attractive too, because it’s the 40s and he has a reputation to maintain.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark never really acting on those feelings…for the same reasons.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark being stunned by really falling in love for the first time…with Steve Rogers.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark knowing Steve doesn’t roll that way, so he never makes any sort of advances even though he kind of wants to do gooey things like hold his hand because he’s got great hands (we all feel you Howard).
  • Bisexual Howard Stark giving Steve advice and encouragement with wooing Peggy Carter, because he genuinely just wants Steve to be happy.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark taking it almost as hard as Peggy when Steve’s plane goes down.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark keeping Steve’s blood safe…and then not really minding when Jarvis steals it, because he knows it’s going to the right hands.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark being the victim of head voodoo, and his happy place is bringing Steve home to Peggy, because he doesn’t need Steve to be his, he just needs Steve to be.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark searching for Steve for years.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark eventually getting married to a nice lady and having a child of his own, but guess what? He’s still bisexual.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark being found out by a few people over the years (namely Peggy and maybe Jarvis) but never having his sexuality used as a punchline.
  • Bisexual Howard Stark.

Thank goodness for the “read more” feature on this site. I am 7 pages, single spaced, into my Timberman recap, approx 3500 words so far, and just started the “Run” portion.

Didn’t realize so much happened during the race…

I feel like I’m pretty good at keeping the reader’s attention, but this is going to be a stretch, haha.

masala-bitch asked:

hey sorry to bother you but i just saw a post where you said that you didn't support the push for constitutional recognition, and i was just curious as to why? anyways, you're doing an amazing job with this blog and this blog has taught me many things about Indigenous Australians :)

Hey! So I don’t think I’ve addressed this yet so this post is going go up in my FAQ about why I don’t support constitutional recognition. A lot of people have been asking me this question. This is also gonna be a long post so get ready everyone. I only claim to speak for myself and to reflect upon the opinions and views of those of us in the Indigenous community who do not support/are against constitutional recognition. I apologize in advance for any spelling errors!

The way I see it, the Recognise campaign is a government funded and operated campaign. It is not a grassroots movement by Indigenous peoples and for Indigenous peoples. It serves to distract away from the real issues and is only a tokenistic gesture that will amount to no positive change for our people.

If we are recognised in the constitution, we will still be living as second-class citizens, racism will still exist and essentially we will still be treated as we are now. Being recognised will change nothing. We don’t need to be included in the constitution and be told by white people that they recognise that we are the true owners and custodians of this continent. We know this. We’ve always known this.

Although, I can see why some Indigenous peoples are for this change. We all want to feel and be accepted and included. We want to be treated with respect. All of this is valid and I can honestly see why, but I encourage Indigenous peoples who are for it to look deeper and figure out for yourself if this is something that you and your community want and need. Discuss with your community and elders. I stress the important of doing this because successive governments in this country’s history have never really acted with our best interests in mind. There has never been one policy geared towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples that hasn’t been carried out in a paternalistic and racist way. Can we really trust the government to do the right thing by our mob when it comes to constitutional recognition?

More-so, the Recognise campaign itself does not make room for discussion about constitutional recognition and actively shuts down anti-Recognise voices. Sure, they’ve been traveling around the country doing community consultations… but does that really mean anything when our people are told by the campaign that its all rainbows and sunshine and every other Blackfella out there wants it? A large chunk of us don’t want this and until we can discuss that in a constructive and inclusive way, I don’t think that the push for constitutional recognition should be rammed down our throats.

Also, this is an issue that concerns the Indigenous community. I feel really uncomfortable about the fact that this campaign is being presented to ALL Australians, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, for them to have a chance to have their say and speak up. This doesn’t affect the lives of non-Indigenous peoples what-so-ever. So it is my belief that at no stage of this campaign should non-Indigenous people weigh in with their opinions and thoughts. I’m a firm believer in self-determination and taking control of our own lives and futures. It’s not for non-Indigenous peoples to have a say in issues and discussions that are specifically Indigenous peoples and about the internal workings of our community.

White people and the governments for so long have controlled our lives and told us what we can and can’t do and acted for us because they think they know best. I personally favour treaty/treaties over this. I favor recognition of Indigenous sovereignty and the handing back of power to our people. I support initiatives that come from the Indigenous community and have a focus on community leadership and preserving culture and language and talking about real land rights and substantial change to combat poverty, domestic violence, Indigenous health and education etc.

I say, let Indigenous peoples lead this discussion about constitutional recognition. I’m over non-Indigenous people and government bodies trying to speak for us and over us. I don’t think we’re ready for a referendum on this issue when our people are still suffering at the hands of racist government policies and actions. A tokenistic gesture will not address the systemic and institutional factors at play here that affect Indigenous peoples. 

I recommend reading the following material on the debate against constitutional recognition to give some more context and visibility to Black voices out there who are doing great things:

Also I recommend just following the discussions around constitutional recognition and listening to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices on this issue. Just generally be aware and open. :)