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So I think my favorite war table example of Advisors Being Extra so far has to be the Mourning Halla operation where the Dalish are like “hey so since you found out some of the events precipitating the Exalted March on the Dales were part of a big Romeo and Juliet misunderstanding, we would like to gift this human village our ancestors attacked an Apology Deer but we’re worried they won’t accept it” 

and your options are like 

Cullen: March it into the village with troops, RED CROSSING WILL TAKE THIS APOLOGY DEER AND THEY’LL FUCKING LIKE IT 

Leliana: I can convince them it’s actually a trophy of their victory over the Dalish, it will work JUST FINE as long as the humans never find out the truth and the Dalish never find out what we told them 

and I’m like Andraste’s tits you two, Josie please tell me you have some sensible diplomatic solution like you know the mayor of Red Crossing so you can personally explain the situation to him or–

“I can twist the noble who controls red crossing into accepting this, but it will end two marriages and lead to at least one duel.”



@deer-head-xiris gave me some good suggestions for drawings~


It can’t be that hard to believe Andrei likes you both.  xD  You’re both Grumpy to a fault.

So what if she’s Childish and you are so very not.

He lets you both get away with murder.  … that way.  xD

… goddammit Agnes.

So what Andrei is attempting to do was for science and I learned something.  Unfortunately I will have to revisit it but the conditions must be perfect, which they are currently not.

I learned that the hard way, which is why they sat in this alley in a back and forth, with my poor sim eating so much crow he did not have to eat and me feeling bad.

Double unfortunate is the fact that the thing I need to do with the perfect storm circumstances requires that Andrei’s pride remain bruised and for him to NOT slam Peter’s head into that dumpster, as would be protocol for this much needless apologizing.

… that is not how you leg.

Things I loved about Traince



Did I mention Ganji????

Lol jk…but only sorta

That cutie stole the show

But for real

Ot6 being precious

Daehyun singing in a classical style while Himchan played piano

Youngjae riding that thing

Zelo riding that thing….but making it look really wrong

Ganji peeing on the carpet and Dae having to clean after his baby(I’m assuming this actually happens later tho lol)

Ganji bugging Jongup for a walk and Jongup showing us that he’s def a cat person

Yongguk being soft af with Ganji cause he’s just a softy when it comes to dogs and children

Daehyun bringing Ganji to the table and them doing the self cam together

Their cute nuzzle (dawwww father and son)

The way Ganji watches Dae!

Daehyun making Ganji dance and the pup just being so chill with it! He loves his Dad lol

Youngjae and Zelo working out

Well Zelo worked out anyway

Daehyun screaming at the VR games

Youngjae’s matrix moves

Yongguk hitting the VR deer and apologizing

Ganji following Dae around when he was in the kitchen

Everything….I need subs for episode one…but also like the rest of the episodes

chub-deer  asked:

🎃? I would love to see what kind of monster I am :)! (Ps, this is swell-and-snaazzy's main blog, tis nice to see other Kevin's:) )

(Oh it’s an absolute delight, I jump for joy seeing others!!) And I’d say we’re the same monster! But, I’d be lying. You’re not my monster, you… you’re a selkie. Not delicate, per se, but as far the world goes, too easily trapped.  Powerful, and free, when you’re in your element.  Your cloak hangs heavy around your shoulders; you let no one behind you, to touch it, never again. You can balance on the stormiest of seas, trawl through the warm waters of the equator and the rich, cold waters toward the poles; you have tasted every kind of fish and man.  You know being trapped is a fate worse than death. The water is your friend, even if it has sharks; you know the land has sharks too.

the valiant never taste of death but once

(act i.)

act ii.

They ventured out, in that first month, only a few hundred yards onto the Ice. People were going to die – Findekáno knew it, Nolofinwë knew it, the host now dug in on the shores of Araman knew it very well. But no one has died yet, and in a way it paralyzed them, waiting for it. They inched along the sheer ice faces and rolled logs across to test where it can bear the weight and were painstakingly, excruciatingly, careful. 

Climbing the ice was not in fact particularly difficult – not as difficult as Findekáno had imagined it, certainly. They had broken down the wagons into thick ice picks. You lit a fire at the bottom of a cliff and left the ice picks in it, to absorb the heat, so later they would slide like butter into their positions on the cliff. You stood there and held them, heat eating its way through your mittens and hand, and waited for the ice to freeze again around your new addition. And then you climbed down, grabbed another, climbed up, did it again. They were testing the best pick shapes and the best distances; the cliffs on the lip of Araman were studded with climbing holds, and with climbers.

“At this rate -” Findekáno said to his father -

“It would take us ten Years,” his father said grimly. “We won’t proceed at this rate, we learn more every day.”

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