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Headcanon #20

Eren literally can`t say one damn word about Levi at all once his friends join him and Squad Levi in the castle because they all latch onto Jean`s taunt that Eren is in love with him. The worst part is they openly embarrass him whenever he offers to help out Levi or does his chores well, they all start hooting and catcalling him. Right. In. Front. Of. Everyone.

“OOOH Eren liiikes him!” Connie would scream,

“Eren and Levi sittin` in a tree~” Jean would whiny,

“Eren is in love with you Captain!” Reiner would yell.

Petra is trying to be supportive and hides her giggles, Gunther is smiling, which he hardly ever does, Eld has a straight face but you can see the amusement in his eyes and Oluo is outright guffawing like everyone else. And when Levi raises a thin brow at him he just wants to sink into the floor. He`d never have guessed Levi was all too pleased with his blushing cheeks and stuttered apologies.


EreJean Week Day 2: First Date

Look at these nerds! Falling asleep on their first date.

Hey guys! I am finally getting some good progress on these drawings for Erejean week though I am still posting them late but I am getting there!


Eremika modern AU where Mikasa was adopted from an environment where she never learned to read… 

Mikasa: why is this so hard? 
Eren: hey! Whacha up to? 
Mikasa: well…um…I can’t read! ^///^ 
Eren: *she can’t?!* 
Eren: move over?… 

(Hey heebster-blaze look who I started shipping because of you :3 )

The Stag in the Dark

Chapter 1 of The Stag in the Dark is up!

After a high school hazing prank goes awry, Eren is forced to work at local “witch” Levi’s knitting shop.

tw: homophobic slur

“What’re you, scared? Quit being a pussy, Jaeger.”

“I’m not, just…just give me a moment!” Eren said, whipping his head about anxiously trying to seek out Mikasa in the crowd.

“You know, I think I would be better as a lookout,” Jean said, trying to sneak around the corner. “The doctor says I have 20/20 vision and—“

“You too Kirstein,” a senior grabbed Jean’s collar.

“You two want to make varsity, don’t you?” Daz asked. “Then you gotta do this. It’s tradition.”

He gave them a shove and they tripped over to the door. Both gulped and then gave each other a silent nod.

Jean and Eren pushed into the small store, the bell tinkling behind them. The heavy whitewashed door swallowed up the marching band from the parade. Eren pulled his hat down over his eyes and tugged at the collar of his coat. Jean flipped his hoodie and pulled the strings tight. The shelves of the aisles aligned perfectly with the pattern on the tiles and the only sight of dust or dirt was the trail from Eren’s ratty jeans as he ducked his head down. The clinical white shelves seemed more at place in a hospital but their contents were like sunlight streaming through a prism. Walls towering with candy colored yarn that went on past Eren’s extended fingers, rolls of ribbons, some crinkly, some polka dotted, and slowly rotating pillars of buttons and beads surrounding the two of them like a clock. Eren felt he knew what Stonehenge must be like. He tapped two fingers against one and set it spinning without so much as a creak. The rhinestones on the beads caught and danced in the fall light streaming from the skylight and Eren grinned. Jean nudged him and nodded up at the picture over the brick fireplace. A pale woman with sleek black hair and a Madonna oval face she stared down at them with light eyes. And sitting on the mantle, below her picture was a wicker broom—their target.

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