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75 reader plz? How about a day after accidentally destroying riptire(she was interested in the thing and it blown up in her face) she walks into junkrats room while he is making anouther one and she placed a crown made of aluminum foil with fake jewels attached on to his head while saying "I present to you king Jamison the first" before walking to his bed and passing out before he could say a word cause she stayed up all night making the thing as a apology gift.

Platonic bc underage, I mean they’re kinda meant to explode, though

You were exhausted, having spent the last twelve hours of night awake. You tiredly walked into Junkrat’s lab, where he was working on a new riptire. The other one blowing up in your face the day before. You held a crumbled piece of tinfoil in your hand, fake jewels haphazardly glued on, before crowning Junkrat with it.

“I present to you, King Jamison the first,” you said before collapsing on a cot in the corner, falling asleep.

Junkrat touched the crown on his head something warm in his chest. 

I just can’t stop thinking about this. 

Vex knew she liked Percy(and Percy knew he liked Vex) for

  • The Rimefang fight(when Percy got knocked unconscious and Vex proceeded to unleash three kinds of hell on said dragon)
  •  “Oh we are so involved in this”
  • “Percival, how do you feel?” “…Cruel”
  • “Darling, take the mask off”
  • “Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, you will fight this evil inside you”
  • Trinket getting the HDYWTDT on Orthax
  • The Thing with the Raven Queen(ugh my HEART)
  • The Siege Arrow apology gift for The Thing with the Raven Queen
  • “Never forget you’re my favorite”
  • “I’ve known a lot of people with money and they are definitely not worth you”
  • Vex’s title aka Percy with the Biggest Mic Drop On The Show Thus Far(SUCK IT SYLDOR)
  • and so many other little moments between them the list is probably as long as my arm.

Thank you sunaddicted for the quote

Infatuation (Stages of NewTina drabble #3)

3- infatuation (الكلف) kalaf: the love begins to intensify and has a physical effect on its lover.

During the week he had stayed in New York after Grindlewald’s arrest, Newt Scamander resided in a hotel not far from MACUSA headquarters as an apology gift for all the arrests and attempted executions and whatnot from Madame Picquery (or, he suspected, a way for her to keep an eye on him and his beasts). He appreciated the gesture and tried to politely decline the offer only to trail off at the formidable president’s withering glare.

“What was that, Mr Scamander?”

“Erm- I said th-thank you very much, Madame Picquery, I appreciate your gift very much,” he stammered, trying to avoid being yelled at in front of the mysterious fedora-wearing aurors.  He couldn’t see much under said fedoras but he guessed they were trying not to crack up with laughter at his timidity.

“That’s what I thought.” Madame Picquery nodded, seemingly satisfied.

The room in itself wasn’t very bad. Sure, it was comfortable and had all the basics needed for typical survival, but he couldn’t help but feel a slight pang every time he looked out of the window into the busy lit streets at night and saw Tina and Queenie’s apartment complex.

He still saw them a couple of times since their adventure across the Big Apple, often across MACUSA meeting rooms, a knowing look passing between him and Queenie, or a lingering handshake that feels so wrongly formal between him and Tina.


Three days had already passed since that day, and every night, the same events rolled back like the wheels of a hot dog cart in his head.

The Cruciatus, his creatures, letting go of Jacob, Tina…

His conscience always seemed to dance around the thought of Tina, didn’t it? And was he to blame? How was he, when he fell for her so?

Newt shook his head and drank from the minute Gillywater bottle in his hotel room’s mini-fridge.  It wasn’t healthy for him to think about her so often and not do anything to mirror his thoughts into action. He saw her nearly every day, running around MACUSA with her determined look, laughing at her coworker’s jokes by the water dispenser, dreamily casting small charms with her wand when she thought no-one was looking… why wasn’t he following the feeling he had in his gut and speaking to her? She would have, no doubt. She did do a lot of things he wouldn’t.

But what was there to say? he thought as he unlocked his case.

Tina, nice spellwork you’ve got there. Do you mind teaching me that charm? I’m quite terrible at charms, you know. Barely passed my OWL because of it.

Oh, AHAHAHA! Tina, you’re hilarious! No joke, you’re so funny!

Slow down there, Tina. I don’t want you slipping on the wet floor and getting hurt, because if you do then I’ll most likely go insane because I cannot handle seeing you in pain after all we’ve been through. Also, if I see Abernathy trying to do so much as come near you then so help me I will hex him into the hospital because although it may not look like it I am a very protective, jealous human being.

Yeah, maybe it was for the better that he didn’t speak to her honestly.

Even his beasts sensed something different around him, how he carried himself like a ghost. It was almost as though he was drifting away with his thoughts. There was just something about her that anchored him to reality; without it he was levitating with no particular destination in mind. He knew that if they could speak then they would’ve given him advice that can only be described as… raw.

The slap that woke him from his constant dreaming state was the during the last few minutes of his presence in New York.

“Does Leta Lestrange like to read?”

Newt blinked. It all came rushing back.

The sea wind washed through his unbrushed hair, the cold nipped at his nose. The sound of people in boots walking the wooden dock snapped at him.

They were finally through with the small talk, done with the meaningless chatter that they went through because it served as a worthy time-filler.

It was a shame he had less than a minute to leave her behind.

And oh, oh did he regret his beasts’ would-be advice.

Of course he should’ve told her a long time ago. What was he thinking? It was suddenly so real, so raw, so Tina.

Tears pooled at her lower eyelids, and Newt could’ve drowned in them.

“Wh-who?” he wanted to believe that she didn’t know her. He wanted to believe that he had forgotten her.

Tina looked at him in disbelief. “The girl whose picture you carry.”

Newt bit his lip at the ground. “I don’t really know what Leta likes these days.”

I don’t know anything about her these days, he wanted to scream. Leta Lestrange, WHO?

“Oh,” she gasped, almost relieved.

“As people change.”

Tina blinked, her expression one of awe. “Yes.”

“I’ve changed,” he announced, only to wince, realizing how outright he sounded. “I think… I-I'm… maybe a little?”

Newt wished to hide in a whole as Tina hid her tears by looking at the ground. Now, instead of small talk filling the gaps between them, there was only silence.

Her innocent query only opened the door to questions he wanted to answer but didn’t have time nor the emotional capacity to.

His boat roared in the distance, roared for him to hurry up and get it over with.

Nonetheless, he persisted. How could he dare leave her behind after all they’ve done together, all they clearly felt for each other?

He glanced desperately at the impatient beast of a boat, trying to seize every moment he had with Tina.

His Tina.

He tried to ignore the soft sound of her swallowing back her tears. If he were to acknowledge it then the boat would’ve left without him as he would’ve held her to him and never let her go.

He forced himself to stay civil, for her sake.

“I’ll send you a copy of my book, if I may,” he said, almost aggressively.

Tina gave him a watery grin. “I’d like that,” she consented.

Newt gazed upon her in a way that can only be described as the gaze of an infatuated schoolboy. He was besotted, awestruck, choking in her, in her realness.

And my, did he love every goddamned second of it.

Suddenly, he felt as though all feeling of his left arm went cold. To his internal horror/joy, it were moving of its own accord. He awkwardly tried to tuck a strand of Tina’s black coffee hair behind her ear but failed, letting the strand loose, all the while caressing her soft cheek with his callused fingertips.

Tina’s face betrayed her.

She was just the same as him: speechless yet bursting with millions of conflicting emotions that can be solved if he just came a bit closer, a bit nearer-

She gave another breathless gasp, as if she had nothing else to say.

Her face broke into a contended smile, her simple way of saying a sweet goodbye.

But… he couldn’t leave. Not now, when he had so much to say to her before he went on with his miserable life.

No. It was too late.

He wrenched himself away from her before he had the chance to do something stupider. He walked a few steps away before having an epiphany.

What if-?

He turned around, breathless, smiling as widely as he ever had before at the sight of Tina tenderly touching the place where his hand was.

“I-I’m so sorry- how would you feel if I- if I gave you your copy in person?”

The surprised glint in her soulful black eyes, the giggle that escaped her was music that danced into his ears and made itself a home in his happiest memories.

To Newt, she shone. She was a beacon of hope amongst the dreary people on the dock in this grey city.

She was a promise he made, and a promise he intended to keep.

Her beam was what motivated him to finish his job once and for all.

“I’d like that, very much!” Tina declared happily.

She gave him another breathless laugh .

Oh, he was so deeply entrenched in her affection that he nodded like a fool to her sacred words. She gave him one last happy sound before he turned around to leave again.

His mind was so blank with want of return that he stopped in his tracks right in the middle of the boat’s platform.

He wanted to look back.

He wanted to return.

He wanted to tackle her, to spin her around like a trophy, to kiss her until their lips were numb and watch the boat leave without him together with her.

He shook his head sadly to himself, knowing that if he so much as lingered for another second, then there would be no return.

But she was his return.

Love now begins to intensify and have a physical affect on the lover.

Seven dakimakura notes

It’s been a while but now I got first round Seven Dakis!
Due to the lack of fabric supply, I can do shipping just about half of the orders right now. Some orders’ shipping date have to be put off till the end of November. However, I will send a giveaway bunch with daki to whom who bought it around Sep, 20th - Oct, 5th as the apologizing gift. You will receive tracking number e-mail after your order have been shipped out for 3-4 days.

■ 1st round shipping is in the early of November, which I’m doing packaging right now.

■ Approximate 2nd round shipping is the end of November, it may take about 13-21 days until the item arrives at your place. So it should be in time if you’re going to make it as Christmas gift

■ In case you’re in hurry to use the product (like, give it to someone as birthday present at the early December etc.), please e-mail to noahxica.prider@hotmail.com
If it’s possible, I will put your order in the 1st round shipping, but you won’t get the giveaway bunch.

Please e-mail to noahxica.prider@hotmail.com in case you need more information!

Puppy Love

for @actuallymollyweasley

Author Note: Merry Pynch Secret Santa! I hope you enjoy your gift. I apologize for any inaccuracies in what is described in the shelter, because I have no idea how shelters really work.

He felt like an asshole admitting it, but Adam really, really didn’t want to work at the animal shelter. It wasn’t the animals - he didn’t particularly think of himself as a pet-lover, but he understood the appeal of a furry companion. (And, hell, maybe one day when he had an established job and a comfortable, stable income, he’d think about getting a pet. Something small. Easy.)

Contrary to what Cheng said, it also didn’t matter that he wouldn’t be paid. Okay, true, at first he wasn’t exactly thrilled to find out that jobs would continue to expect he volunteer his free time to various organizations, but he’d found he kind of liked community service when his schedule wasn’t jam-packed with work, studying, working more, studying more, avoiding his father’s alcoholic outbursts, and yet more work.

The problem with working at the shelter was the owner.

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Merry Christmas @breannaoftarth! I’m your Secret Santa! – I apologize for your gift being three days late, things came up that forced this to take a back seat but I hope you like it just the same! Set in either canon or modern au however you decide to perceive it, here’s some mistletoe kisses!~

You know how when a character says “I need to do something I should’ve done a long time ago” it usually means they’re either gonna confess their love for someone or apologize to someone?

When Lin Beifong says it she means she needs to go kick her little sister’s ass and honestly that’s my favorite thing about her.

Defying Faith [Dean]

Artist: Dean | Word Count: 3. 275 | Soulmate!AU (4/?)

Soulmate!AU - You and your soul mate have a matching tattoo.

Heads up, this is angsty. I recommend to listen to his song “D (half moon)” while reading:) Hope you enjoy this one!


“Hyoseob, should I just propose to her?”

“You know the answer is in your heart, Hyuk.”

“But what if she says no? What if she leaves me?”

“Well, do you think she’s ready to take it to the next level or not?”

Dean and Crush were enjoying the night by eating friend chicken combined with the soju that Dean bought, as an apology gift for barging into Crush’s dorm late at night. He couldn’t find himself sleeping tonight, and maybe getting himself drunk could calm the storm that was winding up his heart.

“Why do you want to propose to her all of a sudden anyways?” Crush asked as he bit into another chicken, with his eyes locked with the troubled guy sitting across him.

“She’s been hinting about it all week, I’m not that dumb to not notice,” Dean chuckled, “And besides, we both are in our ideal year of marriage anyways! And we have stable jobs too.” The black haired man poured himself another glass of soju and gulped it all in one shot.

“You’re not only doing this just because you felt bad for her, right?”

“What? No! Of course I’m doing this because I love her.”

“But you don’t even know what true love is, Hyuk.”

“Please don’t talk about that tonight, Hyoseob-ah.”

“Are you sure the both of you are going to be happy if you take it to marriage?” Crush’s voice was sharp despite his tipsy state, “I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling about this, Hyuk.”

The headache in Dean’s head was getting stronger, the pounding made him feel sick. He knew well to come for advice to Crush, someone who’s actually experienced in the topic they were talking about. But it seemed like his friend couldn’t help him tonight, and the only friend he had tonight was his bottle of soju, as it was able to knock him out of his disturbing thoughts.

“Screw this, I’ll just leave this matter for the morning,” Dean mumbled, “Let me crash at your place for tonight, okay?” Crush lets out a sigh and nodded at his friend.

“I’ll go to bed first. Just wake me up when you need anything, alright?”

“I got it.”

As Crush made his way to his room, Dean moved from the dining table to the sofa in the living room, plopping himself down, the bottle of soju and his glass held tightly in his hand. He closed his eyes and took a deep breathe, releasing them slowly as his chest fell down in sync. When daylight comes, it was going to be hell, Dean knew. But he decided to just drink the night away, just for tonight, he thought.

“Congratulations, unnie! You two are a really good match!”

“Look at that, aren’t the two of them really cute?”

You heard the commotion from the bathroom, and when you got out, the crowd was forming a circle, and a senior of yours was in the middle of it. Everyone was saying congratulations to her, while she was replying all of them with her happiest smile you’ve ever seen on her face. But what were they congratulating for? You questioned in your mind.

“Hey, Hyejong-ah, what happened to senior Kim?” You asked your friend, Hyejong, who was standing near you, quietly observing the circle from afar.

“Senior Kim just met her soul mate yesterday,” Hyejong whispered, “One of the girls saw the wallpaper of her phone, and it was a picture of her kissing a guy. All of them went crazy and Senior Kim said that’s her soul mate.”

“Ah, so that’s what they were congratulating about.” You mumbled, your eyes slowly moving from the crowd to your left hand.

There was a tattoo of a half-full moon on your wrist, something you got ever since you were born. Your right hand went over it and your fingers caressed the tattoo softly, and your mind was sucked back into thinking about the biggest dilemma of your life. It was your soul mate.

Hyejong seemed to notice your sudden silence, and she saw how your thumb would trace over the tattoo over and over again, and knew that you were wondering about your soul mate’s existence again. After all, among the workers who work in this shop, you were the only one who hasn’t met your soul mate yet.

“Cheer up, I’m sure he’ll show up one day,” Hyejong gave you a strong pat at the back, “Faith will bring you two together, you just need to wait.”

Right, the wait would be worth it when you meet him, that’s what everyone in this room had told you. You couldn’t help but agree too, because all of them seemed to change in some ways when they meet their soul mate. Hyejong, who was cold to everyone, seemed to always come to work with a huge smile ever since she met her soul mate. While the senior standing a few meters in front of you seemed happier now, everyone can clearly see it.

You wondered where the hell could your soul mate is. Was he always travelling around so he doesn’t have the chance to search for her? Or did he live in the Artic? Or was he in the outer space, where he will be back years later?

“Alright guys, it’s nearing 8 AM, I want you girls to get ready to greet the customers!” Senior Kim’s voice boomed throughout the hallway, snapping you out of your thoughts, “And don’t forget to smile and be kind.”

“Let’s work hard everyone!”

Crush had left him alone in his apartment, only leaving him aspirins and a glass of water behind. There was a note on the fridge reminding Dean to lock the doors when he went out, and that was exactly something he himself wanted to do. He made himself coffee, taking it without any creamer, because he needed something to sober himself up. And he took a nice cold bath and changed into Crush’s clothes, grabbed his bag he brought last night, and went out of the apartment, locking the door securely.

He didn’t have any destination today, nor have anything important to do today. So Dean decided to spend the afternoon walking around Myeongdong, finding a place to chill, maybe a cake shop would do. As he strolled down the street, his phone started buzzing, and the name that was flashed on his screen brought a frown into his face.

Now isn’t the right time, sorry.

Dean pushed his phone back to his pocket, and his eyes stopped at a white shop that stood out because the design of the shop was classy. The name brought up the interest in his mind, and without hesitance, he went inside.

“Hello!” You greeted the customer that walked inside the shop, “Welcome to KN Jewelry Shop! How may I help you, sir?”

“I’m looking for a wedding ring, please.” The man asked shyly, scratching the back of his neck in nervousness.

“Do you have any preferences or detail you wanted, sir?”

“I want to just… keep it simple. She doesn’t like anything too extravagant.”

“Well, maybe you would like to check our newest catalogue that was released this May. In this catalogue we are heading for a simple look, yet it still looks chick and classy.” You handed the customer a booklet, and he opened the book carefully, his eyes moving slowly, analyzing every ring in the newest catalogue.

Your eyes silently watched the man in front of you, who was probably in his twenties. He was only wearing a white t-shirt with a black jacket, paired up with ripped jeans and white adidas shoes. His hair was black, and it was kind of messy, like he didn’t put any effort into making himself look presentable. But he seemed serious about buying a ring, despite his shy attitude earlier.

“I’ll take this one,” The man said, pointing out at one of the designs, “What sizes that you have in here?”

“A perfect choice you made, sir,” You gave him a small smile, “You would have to preorder this one, though, because the stock is empty for now.”

“Then, can I see the rings you have in here? I want to see the sizes because I want to make sure it fits perfectly.”

“Sure, please wait a moment.”

That one, Dean knew that she would love that one. Now, he only needs to see the size of the rings, just to make sure it’s perfect. As he waited for the employee to come back with the rings, he took his jacket off because it was starting to feel hot.

“Here are the rings, sir,” You came back with a tray that had normal looking rings on top of it, “Please take your time in choosing.” Dean gave you a nod and started looking through the rings, focused on finding the exact size.

While you waited for the customer, your eyes trailed back to him again. He was intriguing, something about him unknowingly made you curious about him. He was cute, just the way he moves is cute to you. He was shy, but it seemed like it’s his natural reaction to strangers. He’s handsome too, and he looked like an idol even. Or was he? You didn’t know, since you were busy with work, and barely had time to follow news about idols on the internet.

Your eyes secretly moved to his right wrist, checking his tattoo. You felt like you had a heart attack right there and then, you gasped in surprise at what you’ve seen.

His tattoo was still there, when it’s supposed to disappear when he met his soul mate. But what’s important is that he had the same tattoo as you. The same half-full moon tattoo you had, but on his left wrist. How could he?

“Is something wrong?”

“Ah, I’m so sorry! Nothing is wrong, just that…” You were hesitant to point it out, but his eyes were silently telling you to just spit it out, “You’re buying a ring for proposing, but your soul mate tattoo hadn’t disappeared.”

“Oh, that…”

“I’m so sorry for my rudeness! I shouldn’t have pointed that out in the first place, I’m so sorry sir.”

“That’s okay really, I’m used to it,” He brushed you off with a chuckle, “It’s just that… I fell in love with someone who wasn’t my soul mate. And she makes me the happiest man in the world, and I want to make her feel the same way as I feel do. We both defy this soul mate system, and I’d like it if I can spend the rest of my life with her.”

Oh no, no please no.

You gulped hearing his explanation, and forced a smile on your face although you were sure it looked strained. Your eyes started to water too, and you started to blink fast to make it look like you weren’t in tears. How you wanted to push your long sleeved uniform up and reveal your tattoo to him, but you had to be professional. This is work time, a time where you must set your emotions aside, you thought.

“If the two of you are happy, that’s all that matters. I hope the proposal goes smoothly.”

“Thanks, I’ll take this size.” The black haired man said, giving the ring size of choice to your hand.

The tips of your fingers brushed gently for a moment, only for a second though. But something, just a mere touch for a second, felt so strong. And you didn’t know if you can stand in front of him, acting normal, when the man in front of you was your soul mate, wanting to marry someone else, which is certainly not you.

“I will need your name to write the bills, sir.”

“It’s Kwon Hyuk.” What a beautiful name, you thought.

“Alright, the ring will be ready in two weeks. Thank you very much for your purchase, sir.”

“You’re welcome.”

That evening, you took an early leave. You couldn’t hold the feelings anymore, and you were as good as dead anyway, since you weren’t able to work productively. How can you, after what you had gone through? Today was hell to you. On your way back, you decided to swing by the minimarket and bought some beers to knock yourself out. You didn’t think you could sleep in peace tonight anyways.

But your body never arrived at home. You crashed by at a nearby park, in a place that was quiet secluded from public, sitting yourself at one of the empty benches. Setting the plastic bag full of beer down, you let your head fall down and your eyes was met with the stars and a half-full moon, slowly showing itself to the world.

What did I do wrong to deserve this, to be honest?

You had many questions running in your mind, because meeting your soul mate was something you’ve always dreamed about. But it was crushed in one day, knowing how Kwon Hyuk decided to go against faith. You fell in love with him in an instant, the moment you saw the half-full moon tattoo on his left wrist. Something about him drew you in, and ever since he left the shop, he invaded your thoughts so much even until now.

You were happy, really, that you get to meet your soul mate, although he doesn’t acknowledge you at all. But tonight, all that was left was sadness in your heart, a feeling of emptiness that ate you up, drowning yourself in your own pool of anguish. Knowing that you wouldn’t be able to life a complete life, always feeling like a half-full moon, uncompleted without it’s other half.

Maybe you should just let him go, you thought. Hyuk seemed really happy when he talked about her, can you really break his heart just so that he’ll be with you? It was like the lucky girl was his soul mate, not you. Yeah, the thought of letting him go seemed just right. If he’s happy, you’ll be happy, right?

“In the place where you used to be, I can see the night sky! The half-full moon looks just like me right now!”

The voice that screamed the song out of nowhere made you cringe, because it was so off note. You wanted the night to be calming, but someone that’s drunk came by, and he was dancing off in glee while holding his soju bottle up. With the street lights dimly lighting the vicinity, you couldn’t make out who the person was. But when he got close enough, you got the second heart attack today, and you were beyond shocked seeing him in this kind of state.

“Nothing comes even close to half of you-“

“Hyuk, please be quiet!” You decided to start the conversation, even though he was already too far drunk.

“Oh, who are you? You know me?”

“Yes, I do. Now sit, I’ll share my beer with you if you keep it down.” Hyuk, who seemed to lighten up, slumping down next to you and gave you a very big smile, one that is like a kid when he’s receiving his gift.

Taking out the beers that you’ve bought, you slid it carefully to him, and Hyuk accepted it in happiness and drank it all in one go, which is crazy. From how drunk he was just by consuming half bottle of soju, you guessed that he couldn’t take his drinks well. Or he already drank more, and decided to wander off with the soju bottle instead.

“Why are you already drinking tonight? It’s only six in the evening now.”

“I’m just… really stressed out, stranger,” Hyuk lets out a raspy laugh, “I’ve been thinking too much, I feel like I’m back at college again. I never think as much as when I’m in college.”

“What are you thinking about?”

“Take a guess, my friend.”

“Is it your lover?”

“Bingo! 100 points for the correct answer,” Hyuk grinned sheepishly, “I brought a ring at a jewelry shop today, but I don’t have any plans at all on how to propose her.”

“Well, you said she doesn’t like anything extravagant, right?” The guy nodded at you, “Just take it simple, Hyuk. Bring her a bouquet of flowers, and kneel down on your knee.”

“Isn’t that kind of classic though?” He grabbed another can, taking a big gulp from it.

Your eyes eyed him with concern, but you guess the problem on taking him home can wait until later. You wanted to enjoy this, the last moments you had with him, even though he’s drunk and he won’t even remember this later in the morning. Before he got his deal sealed with another girl, you decided to cherish the few minutes you had with him.

But you were more than confused at yourself, because you were helping him out on proposing. You were supposed to do the opposite! To tell him to marry you instead, but you didn’t have the heart to do so. Not when he looked so confused and lost in his drunken state.

“Well, just propose in the bed. Wake up in the morning and give her the ring. Is it simple enough for her?” You mind started to work, imagining the scene where Hyuk proposes to the lucky girl, and you regretted even thinking about it, your heart hurts now.

“Yeah, maybe that would do,” Hyuk’s held his chin in his right hand, thinking hard, “Say, but who are you, stranger? How do I know you in the first place?”

The voice in you seemed to disappear in an instant, and your heart started beating faster in nervousness. Should you just tell him, or let it slide instead? You had a battle in your mind right now.

He’s dead drunk, might as well tell him everything.

“I’m your soul mate, Hyuk.” You let out a bitter chuckle, avoiding his eyes.

“Is that so?” You didn’t miss the sound of disappointment in Hyuk’s voice, “Well, you might need to find yourself another man, I already found someone that I loved.”

Yes, you’re right. Letting you go is hard, but everything will be fine.

“Yeah, that’s what I plan to do,” Tears started brimming in your eyes, “Maybe if faith brought us together earlier, we could complete each other, and be a full moon. But I was too late, because someone already filled the other half of your heart, Hyuk.”

Being careful, your hands went over to his right ones, softly gripping at it. Pulling up the sleeves of his jacket, you saw it, the half-full moon tattoo on his wrist. And you brought your left wrist up, resting it next to his left ones. Then, the magic happened, as the tattoo started to disappear, and that was the moment you broke into tears. You couldn’t contain it any longer, and everything was done. You’ve finished everything that you needed to do.

This is all you needed, for him to know that he’s met his soul mate, even if he barely conscious to remember. You rested your head on his wrist and cried your heart out, while Hyuk was staring at you in panic, his right hand shaking your shoulders over and over.

“Soul mate, why are you crying all of a sudden?” Hyuk screamed in panic, and the response he got was a laugh from you, a chocked up laughter dripping with bitterness, a different cry from your heart that was broken into pieces.

“It’s okay for me to cry in happiness for you, right?!”

Many things at once by me, dedicated to @blowbowie

OMG! here i am, a bit late but safe! i forgot to answer the last ask but the thing you should know is that i’m your blurred friend!! <33

it was a pleasure have met you a little more, being talking and have the chance to make this present for you! this is like a conceptual drawing, it’s full of subliminal messages that i hope you get it HAHAha, but i tried to consider all the things we talked and maybe are most related to you, anyway if you want to know more just ask me and i’ll tell in what consist (i laughed so much with the drunk part). I hope you enjoy it and have a really nice evening <3 and happy san valentine’s day!! it’s wonderful to be your new friend :DD a big hug and a lot of love to you!

F**k i watched San Junipero and i’m still mind wrecked from everything. Like thats how you can do it! Its not that hard! @everywriterofmediaever 

Perfect sci-fi + perfect wlwoc story. I have to just sit down for half an hour now, ‘cause i cryed, laughed ecc more in 60 min than my whole life.

heaven is a place we’ll make on earth..”