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Samael: Evil Angel

Samael has an interesting reputation, to say the least. Although he associates and is associated with demons, unlike most of the otherworldlies I’ve covered, Samael is not technically a demon. Most texts refer to him either a fallen angel or a malevolent heavenly resident, but one that is still very much in service of God. Samael is said to perform the same acts as other angels, such as protection, although some of the people he has protected are considered to be wicked. According to the Grimoire of Armadel, his powers toe the line of good and evil, and he is capable of aligning one with either Heaven or Hell. Samael is also said to be able to teach magic, necromancy, the occult sciences, and for some reason, law.

Sources: Names of the Damned, Grimoire of Armadel (electronic version, also the image source)

More Information: Heptameron, Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, Demonology and Devil-Lore

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Dean loves Cas

I just saw this post by @doomsdayy where Dean apologized to Cas twice (9x06 and 9x10). The whole thing inspired me to write this post about the first half of season 9 and why I’m sure Cas was set as Dean’s love interest at the time.

In 9x03, we could actually see the pain in Dean’s face when he told Cas that he couldn’t stay.

In 9x04, Dean told Sam that nobody wanted Cas in the Bunker more than he did. 

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In 9x06, Dean took the first excuse to go find Cas.

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He apologized to him even though he still couldn’t tell him the truth and take him home with him. 

In 9x07, we saw teen!Dean choosing Sam and his well-being over Robin, Dean’s love interest, exactly one episode after we saw Dean choosing (for the second time) Sam and his well-being over Cas, his… friend

In 9x08, Dean said sometimes sex just makes you feel sad because in the morning it’s “always the adios” a couple of episodes after the fanfiction gap in 9x06 where he had to say goodbye to Cas for a second time.  

In 9x09, Dean told Cas that he had to do anything for Sam (his well-being again?) even if that meant keeping his distance from Cas (choosing Sam over Cas for a third time? Isn’t three times a pattern? Just saying!). However, Dean made sure to tell Cas he didn’t feel good about it; he just didn’t have a choice. 

In 9x10, Dean could finally come clean to Cas and apologize again, this time in a more meaningful way because there were no more lies. 

So… tell me again why season 9 ruined Destiel, according to some people. The whole Dean/Cas dynamic prior to the Mark of Cain was everything you do for star-crossed lovers. People talk about Cas loving Dean and his feeling being totally unrequited, but these people forget that in season 8 and half of season 9 we could say the same thing about Dean having unrequited feelings for Cas. As I explained here, I think that “the Carver era has put both Dean and Cas at the far ends of a story of unrequited love” at one point or the other. The joke is on us because we, as the audience, know that their love is NOT one-sided. But they, Dean and Cas, don’t know it yet. 

Next time somebody tells me there’s no proof of Dean’s feelings, I’ll show them this and remind them that Dean was literally told that what he felt was unrequited. 

“I admire your loyalty. I only wish he felt the same way.” (Naomi to Dean in 8x19).

Dear the person who dares to shame me for liking kpop:

First of all, how dare you. Second of all, just stop. You snicker and laugh at me for listening to a song in a language other than English. You have the audacity to say they’re lame because they’re a supposed boy or girl band. You wrinkled your nose and call them gay. You state that they’re cookie cutter people, being handed jobs, and acting as puppets to make money off of us. 


Korean is a wonderful language, and just as equal to English. Boy bands and girl bands are amazing- so stop; Gay? It’s 2016 and you’re still using that as an excuse to belittle these people? You’re a piece of shit. Cookie cutter people? Being handed jobs? Puppets? They’re pretty- yes. They’re perfect- yes. But don’t you crush them for their flawlessness, and beauty. Also handed jobs? THIS IS THEIR JOB.They perform, sing, and dance. They write their songs, they pour their hearts into this and you’re still nitpicking? Wtf is your problem?!

Now, onto another thing. It’s because of you,that I’m afraid to openly say that I like kpop. It’s because of people like you that I apologize for freaking out over an album, or a song. It’s because if you, I feel judged by everyone. It’s because of you that I feel ashamed for enjoying something. So you know what?

Fuck. You.

Fuck you and your nasty comments that makes me somewhat ashamed of what I love. Fuck you and your idea that an english song with basic verses and tunes is somewhat better than a my favorite kpop song. So next time you laugh and tease me- I will shut you down. I am not going to stare down at the floor and kick myself for liking something. I will not let you take something I love and twist it into a weapon to use against me. You need to get your head out of your arse, because it’s not a fucking hat. You need to learn to accept things that aren’t normal to you. Sure you may not like it-but the are you the sun? NO!  The world doesn’t fucking revolve around you.

These kpop members have worked hard to get to where they are, and they have TALENT. They spend hours practicing and working, so yes- they might do it for money- don’t we all do something for money? You can exchange money for goods and services! But, that bit of sarcasm aside, a majority of these idols also do what they do for the fans. Because we love them for what they do and what they say. I for one like them because their songs may have changed my views on something, or made me feel something.

So next time you make fun of a EXO-L, an ARMY member, or a *insert kpop group fan name* kpop fan; and you get decked or burned or slapped or whatever the hell. I’m not going to feel sorry for you. Because you deserved every bit of that burn. You do not get to decide what is cool and what is not. Your opinion is not needed. The door is that way so please show yourself out.

So now- to end on a positive note. Shoutout to every kpop fan out there, shout out to the fans that don’t speak the language, shout out to the fans that learn the dances and the lyrics for talent shows, shout out to the fans who draw and design beautiful fanart stuff, shout out to the fans who buy little plushies for the idols, shout out to the fans who freak out and like everything other ppl do when it come to their favs, and shout out to the people who can’t really drawn or make things but still pour their hearts into kpop. You deserve love and appreciation. Not hate.

You all are amazing, beautiful, and wonderful!

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