The struggles of English not being your first language

When your native language is something other than English, you experience certain dilemmas and struggles (this sounds way more serious than I intended it to right now, haha), that may have never occured to people whose first language is English.

I apologize for the shoddy quality of both the sound and the video, I don’t currently have my camera or my mic with me, so this was filmed on a whim on my iPhone placed on top of a stack of DVD box sets. hehe

ps i know you love the brilliant outro and jingle which i did absolutely not create in 0.2 seconds with no effort at all.

a short lil process vid of me workin on the lines for my art! i apologize for the shoddy quality, yikes.

a lot of people ask me what i use for my lines - as you can see here, it’s just a simple HB pencil! i prefer ticonderoga wooden pencils over mechanical because a) they smell really nice and b) you can get ‘em reeeal sharp haha.

and then after i finish the lineart, i scan it in and color it digitally. here is a lil video of my coloring process :)