fast147 asked:

[NSFW] can you do a female companions react to M!SS not pulling out/male companions react to not pulling out of F!SS?

Sure thing! For this I use specific SS genders, I apologize if that offends anyone but that is the request. If it bothers you please don’t read and don’t attack the requester. Thank you!


Piper: Is at first angry, asking why’d he’d been so careless. It takes some time for her to calm down, but when she does they have a long talk about it. 

Preston: He intended to pull out, her really had, but she had felt so nice and…well, when he’s finished Sole stares at him in disbelief. He apologizes softly and Sole smiles, eyes soft and caring, she’d forgiven them. 

Cait: She doesn’t notice it at first, too deep in the pleasure herself. When she does figure it out she isn’t so much mad that he didn’t pull out than she is about getting pregnant. She couldn’t have children, not right now. 

Curie: Doesn’t really mind, finds that it feels much better that way and enjoys it much better that way when having sexual intercourse with Sole. 

Codsworth: He’s the one that freaks out while Sole watches with amusement. He speaks fast and slurred, trying to apologize, trying to explain himself and before he can finish his last sentence she jumps his bones. 

Danse: Is just as wide eyed as Sole and pulls out as fast as he can. He hadn’t been paying that much attention and nearly forgot to pull out. It seemed he didn’t leave quickly enough. He goes on a tangent but finds that she isn’t all that angry. Seemingly more pleased but not angry. 

Deacon: When he feels himself- well ejaculate inside her he doesn’t know how to react. He tries to laugh it off once they’re both done, hoping that maybe, just maybe she didn’t notice. Of course that was asking for too much. Instead Sole says he just has to make up for it in some other ways. 

Hancock: Isn’t sure if he could stay in without getting Sole pregnant. Can Ghouls impregnate humans? Was their a difference? Welp, they guess they’ll have to see in the later months. He isn’t that upset and Sole seems perfectly fine. 

MacCready: Nearly catches himself but is too late. He isn’t sure if Sole is angry or sad with how she’s looking at him. When she smiles relief pulls him under. 

Nick Valentine: Considering that he can’t exactly impregnate Sole he never pulls out. Ever. 

X6-88: Is frozen in place after he finds he hadn’t left her. Her heavy breathing only adds to the concern, not that it should. How had he forgotten to pull out? Sole doesn’t even mention it so he assumes he’s off the hook, that is until the next night Sole leaves him hanging after nearly an hour of teasing.