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Gaiden is sucking away my positivity. The Last and 700 made my day but Gaiden is just makin me sad. It's being slowly resolved but, do you think Karin is Sarada's bio mom? Sakura has been her REAL MOM by being there for her and taking care of her but I am sick of Sakura getting the shaft. She deserves happiness damn it. Sorry for bothering ya, but you are one of the few blogs that I follow that don't disable ask or give smartass answers for a question they could ignore or answer easily. Thanks

Thanks for the compliments. :)

I feel you to be honest. I really don’t think this makes certain characters look good at all. I’ll just read it and won’t be making in depth posts about it.

And of course Sakura is her biological mom. This is pointless drama.

Also some “jokes” I’ve seen regarding Sasuke, Sakura, and even Sarada aren’t funny at all.

Originally from this, which led to this, I had posted a WIP earlier, but finally took the time to finish up a rough first draft of all of it together.

Without further ado, and with thanks to its-heiress-actually​ for fueling this.

Working it Out

Word Count: 2800+

Warnings: none

Weiss frequents a gym, that Pyrrha uses as well, and a relationship develops between the two of them, when Weiss asks them to be her workout partner.

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Had a date with a girl named Yasmeen today. Saudi and Romanian parents are a great combination for looks, I must say. We both have incredibly similar personalities and she’s fun to talk to and she gets me.

While we were sitting on a park bench talking, she thought she saw her dad walking towards us. She freaked out and panicked for a second before telling me “Pretend you’re an old friend from high school.” She quickly realized it was only a guy who looks like her dad and apologized. I asked about it and she told me her parents aren’t cool with her talking to guys and her being interested in a romantic relationship. She’s home for the summer but spends most of the year away at college, I don’t understand why that’s still an issue. Talk about a major red flag and turn off, huh? 

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Since I know you like the Innies please imagine all of them(C.T included) having parties for everyone's birthdays. Especially imagine manly,birdie, and demoman presenting C.T and Pillman with a cake that said "congrats on the sex".

Okay but like imagine the morning after they get CT (we’ll make it some crazy all-the-Innies-and-Pirate’s-heart-survive scenario I guess) they wake Connie and Pillman up with said cake and Pillman facepalms and is about to apologize for how dumb his friends are but Connie just takes the cake and closes the door in their face and she and Pillman have cake for breakfast (it turns out to be a very good cake).

Later they go to apologize but when they get to Pillman’s door there’s a pause and they just hear Connie singing I JUST HAD SEX, AND IT FELT SO GOOD~

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I don't think any of us envy Misha and how celebrities like him are going to be put on blast for fucking up, cause hell we all fuck up and I know that at least I have said and done some really questionable shit. But the thing is, I would say sorry if I really crossed the line. And Misha was being kind of a d-bag about apologizing...

yeah but he didn’t cross the line. he didn’t apologize because he probably felt like he didn’t need to, and I agree.

he’s probably just sick and tired of not being allowed to say anything without getting bitched at for it.

I’m sorry but it’s true, and I have to say our personalities are one in the same when it comes to that. If I continuously make jokes or say shit that people keep yelling at me for I’d eventually be like “you know what I don’t even care fuck all of you” but of course he’s too nice to say that. he was literally just like “why the fuck am I in trouble I obviously deplore slavery”, which isn’t an apology, but I don’t even think it deserved one. people overreact too fucking much on this damn website. that’s what it comes down to honestly. people who don’t like misha fishing out yet another reason why he’s such a bad person. or people that do like misha overreacting to a comment that I’ve probably made before, or worse. but in all that time, I never supported slavery. I’ve made racist jokes, I’m not racist. people need to lighten up instead of nitpicking everything everyone says and does. 

I don’t think his comment warranted an apology.

and no, this is not a case of “misha is a god he can’t do anything wrong omg i love him so much he’s perfect wow i worship his utter perfection can i be him.” this isn’t “ur fave can do no wrong” bullshit. he’s not perfect. I don’t put him on a pedestal. in fact I don’t think anyone is perfect. but he’s a big boy, he knows when he’s crossed the line and realizes when he has gone too far. when he does, he gets called out on it and then he’s like “oh shit” and presents a nice apology. like when he made that comment that offended the LGBT community and tweeted an apology, and found the girl that wrote him that letter and apologized and what not. and then sometimes he gets called out on shit and he’s like “um guys it was a joke chill the fuck out” or “I didn’t mean it like that what it’s ok sorry” or something of that sort (major paraphrasing there, he doesn’t say it that rude).

basically sure he was a douchebag about apologizing because he didn’t need to. he’s probably annoyed about being constantly badgered for being himself, which I understand completely. he ain’t perfect and he makes mistakes, which he has owned up to. this small incident is really no big deal at all sooooo

yeah no mish is good

oh and I’m not like mad at you or anything, sorry if I sounded a little harsh but man I’m just so mad. not just about this, but about people not liking misha in general just for shit like this. i understand disliking a celebrity based on stupid shit they do, but only if it’s a legit reason yah know. ok i’m done here.

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My friends don't wanna hang out with me anymore. I sit with them at lunch because I have no other place to go, but they don't talk to me at all. They avoid me whenever they can and don't talk to me in class. However they'll all hang out with each other, never letting me join in, and when I asked them what's up? They said nothing was wrong and they didn't know what I was talking about, they apologized for making me feel that way but they still do it :( what do I do? I don't have any other friends

maybe try making some other friends ? i mean when they treat you like that, its not what you want around you, when they only make you feel bad, they are not worth the time and the effort :c i’m sure you can meet someone that will appreciate your friendship

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I even did the apple-hair thingy but you can’t see it ‘cause I’m so pro at taking pictures._______.

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what do you think their first date would have been if Jemma wasn't eaten alive by the alien thing-y?

I know they would have gone somewhere nice, but “nice” to Fitz is probably olive garden level. I have no idea what restaurant they would have picked, I only know that it wouldn’t have mattered to the audience or to them. Fitz probably wouldn’t have even been able to taste the food, while Simmons would prattle on about how good it was because she wouldn’t know what else to say. I don’t even see them having their conversation during that dinner. They would probably be too awkward, knowing that this was their first date together.

But I do imagine them taking a walk afterwards in some park. And gazing up at the stars together. And at some point Fitz would start apologizing about the last few months and Simmons would start apologizing over him, and there wouldn’t be a need to discuss it more after that because they would both understand. Honestly, with these two, I’d imagine them exchanging the fewest amount of words possible and still coming to an understanding that they’re dating now and that they both have feelings for each other. Because these two do not know how to talk about their feelings. (and that’s why when our dear director interrupted their first conversation about their feelings, I wanted to smack him and ground him from lola for a month.) 

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Don't act like you still wouldn't still take the side of a pedophile as long it's for solidarity and as long as it's against cafab people. The fact that you did it, that you still sided with an adult who sexually harassed CHILDREN makes everyone see you as a csa apologist. What else would you do? That woman also said she wanted to line up those kids and shoot them too. And you were okay with it.

my partner and a bunch of my friends called me out and helped me understand why what i did and said was wrong, i stopped doing it and made both personal and public apologies about it

i am sorry, i do not know where elayne is now, and i dont wanna know, because elayne is a horrible human being and i regret meeting her bc of all the damage that she and i have caused the people around me

Music is one of those things you need to feel in your soul. It’s one of those things where you need to lay in bed or on the floor in the dark and turn your volume up as loud as you can take for. Nothing feels better than drum kicks in your heartbeat, a bass line in your veins, or lyrics to set your soul on fire. Music is an experience we live and an experience we feel.

advice for when u feeling off your game
  • keep that chin up and ya shoulders back. imagine your spine is a steel rod that, if needed, you can use to beat enemies up with
  • if ya wanna avoid eye contact, find the horizon: a far wall, an exit sign, etc. keep your eyes focused on it, and ignore ppl in ya peripherals
  • strut briskly with ya hands held in loose fists, relaxed at your sides. if ya wanna look bomb af put a lil swing in your hips
  • need to get past someone or interrupt a conversation? don’t fidget off to the side: say “excuse me” right when you walk up
  • if you make eye contact w/ someone, give a close-mouthed smile and try to make ur eyes crinkle. retain eye contact for a count of 2, then move on. 
  • if ur nervous about being underdressed or overdressed, arriving too late or too early, etc.- you don’t need to advertise or apologize about it to everyone you meet unless u wanna discuss it
  • rock that small talk. compliments are easiest + fool proof. praise some dude’s shirt, some lady’s earrings. by having micro-conversations with ppl, you avoid lengthier conversations OR standing off in the corner by urself
  • if ya feel overwhelmed, give urself a breather. u can easily excuse urself with a polite “it’s been a pleasure speaking with you! please excuse me, and i do hope you have a lovely night/morning/afternoon.”
  • keep hydrated and make sure u have snacks. granola bars are good things to keep in pockets/purses. alcohol does NOT help in these situations, go for good ol’ H2 of 0
  • remind urself that u have survived every day of ur life up until this point, and u will absolutely make it through this one
  • go get ‘em tiger

BONES | Work It from “The Woman in the Whirlpool” | FOX BROADCASTING

(Article at TVLine)

A Final Battle

Freja smiled sinisterly when she heard the half bringer. “So you came. How nice of you. Why don’t you come out and play?”

Play? You know I love a game Freja but right now… I’d love more than just to play ” she appeared in the midst of the flames as she grinned , her front leg crystallized and stiff

“My what a lovely jewel you have there. Makes your eyes POP.” Freja said as she shot a moonblast at Dimona.

Dimona snarled as her tendrils protected her from the attack “ really ?? Is that the best you got?”

“I was afraid that if I did not start we would blabber for hours."Freja shrugged and signaled her elites to start shooting Fairy typed technoblasts towards Dimona.

The demon snarled and avoided and with little of her troops they spread out as much as they could to distract them ” awhh but don’t you want to have a nice long chat Freja dear ?“

"Those are MY troop you know.” Freja said and teleported near Dimona trying to cut her with her spear.

She yelped as she was stabbed by the spear before the tendrils relentlessly tried to attack her “Hehe~? And so?? ” She quickly used fireblast at the Gardevoir

Freja got hit on her side and teleported back to her starting point. “VOICE COMMAND: ALL DIRECTIONS.”

Dimona could feel the little bits try to restrict her movements. Snarling as the tendrils linked together to create a form over herself “Freja… These little bots won’t keep me still for long…~ ” she said as she grinned before the tendrils attacked at her.

“But they will for long enough.” Freja jumped away. “Ine, Daisuke. would you two be dears and help me?” she said as the elites fought Dimona’s forces

Both  nodded as they got ready, Ine flying up to the air as Daisuke prepared an aura sphere. Dimona merely smirked before slowly but surely moving her front paws “Ohhhh won’t he be pleased that you joined? ” She giggled before smirking

Freja shot a psychic at Dimona while she touched an unknown button on her screen. Meanwhile a group of first evolution pokemon who ran from the fires dashed towards Dimona.

Dimona had quickly sorted it out in her head.. up until Freja decided to throw a psychic shot at her. “Playing fair? No? Oh well .”  The idle Tendrils grabbed Ine by her wings which made her flinch before she was thrown towards Freja’s attack. Daisuke’s aura sphere was easily avoided however she found herself swarmed with weaker ‘mons as she huffed and snarled plucking them with her tendrils before throwing them towards Freja. Holding onto a few giving them a grin as she stabbed them hard, letting their blood soak the tendrils “Is this the best you can do dear sweet Freja? ”

Freja who got hit by a flying eevee hurled backwards. Luckily her surprise weapon attacked Dimona. those rattatas, sentrets and bidoofs were planted by Freja in the poke-village after she discovered Dimona spied on her and found out her plan. each of those vermins carried a special purity weapon strapped under their chest with only one attack progremed into them which would activate once they reached Dimona. Explosion.

One by one they went off. Dimona who was unaware of the trap happened to get caught within the now many explosions that happens once after the other,  Covering her general area in smoke

Freja who got back on her feet watched the smoke, and even though she hoped Dimona sufferred greatly from the attack (not caring much if the kamikaza rats survived) she held the purity weapon in her hand, ready to fire.

Silence engulfed the fields before black slick tendrils erupted from the smoke as it dispersed . Dimona was surrounded by the writhing tendrils that wrapped around her. Dimona herself was hurt and bleeding though she stood still before laughing maniacally “ as the tendrils grow , her eyes narrowed at the Queen ”My Turn queenie~

Freja’s eyes widened as the bringer survived the explosions. That was dissapointing, she though that plan was clever. "So you survived?” Freja asked as she shot a water technoblast at her.

“Ahaha!!~ You amuse me Freja dear~! Did you really think a bunch of explosions would KILL me?!! Your lack of knowledge about my kind is laughable… Although I should admit… It’s not my kind that kept me alive through that. ” She grinned before using protect. The tendrils now wrapped around her limbs, as of recreating a version of herself from the shadows , the edges sharp and deadly “I said… it’s my turn dear queen…” the tendrils went past Freja to grab both Ine and Daisuke, stabbing Ine through her wings before tightening her grip on the two “ her gaze now fell to the queen as she used her paws to swipe at her, the tendrils that formed into her paw did the same.

Freja got scratched, and the dark typed attack did it’s damage while she quickly moved back as she held her bleeding chest. "Ah. That’s nice. I see your chaos is growing stronger. Though it’s no matter. You are not a REAL bringer after all. If you were I would have been scared.” Freja said with a condecending smile.

Dimona snarled at her , bearing her fangs as her eyes narrowed “You little bitch! How dare you speak to me that way!” She seethed as she got closer to lash at her once more

Freja teleported to some distance behind Dimona and shot a moonblast at the tendtil that held Daisuke. “I met a bringer once. Kaos I think. She was much more impressive then you I have to admit. She has power in her own right and the respect of her family. But your arrangement is also good. Scrounging for scraps of chaos in a useless attempt to impress someone.”

Daisuke yelped as he fell to the ground l. Quickly getting up before moving away from the demon. This only made their grip against Ine tight in which she tried to repel the tendrils with her attack.

Freja could almost see her twitch at the name before turning to look at her “She does not have the respect of all her family..” She snarled before more of the tendrils appeared , agitated and pulsing with their master’s rage and the Chaos around them. They quickly made their way towards the two , lashing and attacking  them. “I AM NOT SCROUNGING FOR SCRAPS AND YOU WILL NOT MENTION HER NAME IN MY PRESENCE !

Freja used a fairy typed technoblast against the incoming tendrils in hope of reppelling them. She succeeded in angering Dimona. Now she needs to wait until the ether is activated by the anger. “I mean. I heard Kaos is the strongest one out there. Niv was scared of Kaos and the whole point of our deal was to give her an edge against her. I never heard her mention you though. But maybe she forgot. Who knows.”

The tendrils backed up a bit before trying to grab at her this time. Dimona was now fueled with rage “I don’t need to be popular "she snarled as she uses a dark looking fireblast at them

The tendrils got Freja’s torso, but she teleported away quickly. only scorching the end of her dress. Freja reappeared at the other end of the field smiling though she got a bit tired. and as she waited for the crystals to grow inside Dimona in reaction with her rage.

Seething with Rage, She was about to move before realizing that she barely could. looking at her body, it seemes as if the crystals were spreading faster than they should. She frowned , of course this was all part of her plan….part of the bitchy queen’s plan. She should have seen it coming. It was far to late now. She had better make due with her deal “Hey grim! Here’s part one of the deal!” She growled letting out some of her rage at the broken winged Eevee before throwing her towards the shadows. As soon as she did that nother pair of tendrils latched at Daisuke as it threw him towards Ine as well. 

Daisuke groaned and quickly got up before growling “And how is throwing us away going to help you?!”




I think some of you know that I already apologize about what I’ve drawn to be such a sensitive artwork. So, I’m sorry to what I’ve done everything in this problem. Take my words, if I apologize, I meant it. I’m not a kind of person of apologizing it in fake way. Also, I know some of you tries to tell me its not my fault or I shouldn’t apologize about it, but that’s alright, whether its my fault or not I’ll still apologize to everyone.

I know I make mistakes, I’m no perfect, and I’m glad to say I’m pretty aware to what I’ve done. I’m still young to learn what is right or wrong as an artist, and since I’m thankful I learned something for today, I know now what to avoid.

But anyway, I know its all about ‘I can draw what I like’, the freedom of my desires to draw what I want, and to what I’m about to say, I have no intentions to dig myself to draw more of that said of sensitive theme, even if I apologize or not. I have lots of ideas of my own to draw, why should I even stick to that only and to come out it was actually a sensitive thing too? 

I will leave the mistaken drawing just a form of my gift for kokoko-sir, but if anyone of you wanted me to remove it from my blog, feel free to ask me to! 

For now, I’ll still continue my journey as TF fanartist, my usual thing to draw about robots and my OTPs and everything. And for an exchange, I want to ask a favor to everyone else… As a consideration of my apology, if you would please not to drag my name anymore in this issue. To be honest, I am a silent stalker to myself, I have seen all of you who mentions my name, who makes comments about me even on twitter.

Let me leave alone and just continue on drawing what I like. I am no longer going to talk or argue about this issue after this post, I’m not going to put myself on which side I was, I’ll just be here drawing quietly. 

I send my thanks to you all for making me realize things.

Thank you.

At some point this stopped being a joke and became an actual thing.  Hold on to your pants tumblr, I present to you: The Kirkmall.

If you don’t know wtf this is, please refer to bettydice and Cafe Au Love (f!hawke/fenris) fic series:



Hot Coffee Shop/Video Game Girl AU

What could possibly go wrong.