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I know it's probably stupid to send this to you but you're so nice (from what I've seen) and I just feel like your a person I can talk to. For a while I've felt really down and I always apologise for stuff I didn't do because I'm worried i've annoyed/I'll annoy people. I don't know what to do because it feels like I've been like this forever. I don't know if you been through anything similar but do you have any advice? (I love you work btw and it's one of the things I look forward to in life)

Don’t worry! I’m absolutely fine with messages like this and it’s not stupid at all! I know the feeling and often it’s a result of low self esteem or anxiety. What I believe might help is to get more aware of when you say it. Get more conscious about apologizing. Then try to think about why you plan to apologize in the first place. Does it make sense? Is it something you’re supposed to apologize for? Allow yourself to be selfish too. If you annoy people but they keep spending time with you they either enjoy spending this time with you or it’s their own fault for not telling you. Also try to smile a lot and walk straight, that lifts self esteem easily and can help you feel more comfortable. Also don’t brush of when you did things well. You’re proud of that thing you did? Awesome! Be proud! You’re great! Also don’t worry about liking stuff on yourself! I hope you get your problem solved, just give it time and try your best. It’s all you can do. I love you!

[[ Minutes after the breakup ]]

Lailah : “Wow. It’s resistant to my element! Water we going to do now?”

Sorey : “Lailah.”

Lailah : “If only you can sea what Mikleo is trying to shore you.”

Sorey : “Lailah. Pls.”

Lailah : “Do you have aquastion, Sorey? Your thirst for knowledge must not be ignored! ( like what you did to Mikleo )”

Sorey :

Lailah : “You two share the same passion, but what you did sure ruined your relationship.”

Sorey :

Sorey : ( breaks shepherd’s pact )

This isn’t an isolated incident. A year or so ago I noticed Franchesca reblogging from GodGazi (sp?) and gently messaged her explaining why he’s violently antisemitic and would she please not reblog from him anymore. She deleted her reblog, but never answered the ask, privately or publically. At the time I didn’t think much of it but as others have said, this isn’t the first time she’s used the Holocaust as a rhetorical device. It’s at the point where I’m not comfortable supporting her anymore, which is really disappointing for me, but I don’t feel like her circle is a safe environment for me and my mom’s family.

I looked up to her for a long time. Hell, I still have a special place in my heart for her video about apologies versus non-apologies. But if that advice suddenly doesn’t count when it comes to antisemitism, well…I feel like that speaks for itself.

People are still trying to pit Kung Fu Panda and Zootopia against each other? Really? Hey, guess what. Instead of trying to argue which one is better, consider that both films are:

–Colorful, whimsical, and beautifully animated

–Family/Children’s films that tastefully deal with difficult topics

–Full of lovable, complex, and memorable characters

–Proof that animated films are just as thoughtful as live-action films

Carry on.

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I want to know more about your ocs (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh MY god… This is the first question asking for my babies and Im so happy… I will start with some basic information of them! (I apologize about the broken english)

Name: Iluka (He doesn’t use his last name, family problems)

Age: 27

Height: 5′3′’

Distinguishing Features: His body has multiple biomechanical tattoos. The biggest ones are on his right arm, chest and lowerback. He has piercings, 3 in his left ear and a smaller one on the right side of his nose. 

Personality: Adventurous, ambitious, animal lover, artistic, charismatic, clumsy, easily impressed, kleptomaniac, risk taker.

Name: Noah Martins.

Age: 23

Height: 6′1′’

Distinguishing Features: He has piercings on his right ear, nose, and left side of his lips. He has a neck tattoo of a bird.

Personality: Artistic, brave, calm, introvert, loyal, neat, perceptive, perfectionist, proper.

Height chart with junkers cause why not

A bit of backstory: Iluka and Noah are step-brothers. They are from the same father but different mother. Iluka is the older brother, his mother was an Australian Aboriginal and she choose his name. His mother died when he was 2 years old. Shortly after his father found a new relationship with a woman, 2 years after that they had Noah, the young brother. Since Iluka wasnt in agreement with his father finding love “so soon” he stop using his last name, he still accept his younger brother.

 Now they live away from their parents (who knows if they are still alive anyway) and work on a tattoo shop founded by themselves in junkertown. Noah is better making piercings and old school tattoos while Iluka works with tattoos mainly.

Relationship with each other: They do have some minor fights, mostly about mess in the work area. They have quite contrasting personalities so while Iluka is very clumsy and messy, Noah likes to keep everything in its place. But despite all that, they get along quite well and manage to maintain some “harmony” in the work place.

Ryshia: She is a quoll and Iluka’s pet. She was rescued by him when her mother abandon her, he thought it was because the missing leg, but he didn’t care and took care of her since she was a baby. Even with a missing leg she can climb well, almost like a normal quoll would.

Noah didn’t accept her at first, he didn’t want animals in their home. But after a time he accept her, she was too cute to resist.

Relation with canon characters: The only canon characters they know about, or at least saw with their own eyes, are Junkrat and Roadhog. Iluka is responsible for the designs of tattoos, he made Junkrat tattoo, while Noah tattooed Roadhog. 

After that, Iluka found them again when he steal something that was of their property. Hopefully he manage to scape since it wasnt that important anyway.

I think thats all I have for now about them! Thank you for asking and thank you all for reading! 

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Ohh, when CN announced they were partnering with Abrams Books for SU merchandise, I hoped they’d be doing an Art of Steven Universe book (since they did the AT art book) but I didn’t dare assume. But they are! Aahh! (source)

The Art of Steven Universe is the first book to take fans behind the scenes of the groundbreaking and boundlessly creative Cartoon Network animated series Steven Universe. The eponymous Steven is a boy who—alongside his mentors, the Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl)—must learn to use his inherited powers to protect his home, Beach City, from the forces of evil. Bursting with concept art, production samples, early sketches, storyboards, and exclusive commentary, this lavishly illustrated companion book offers a meticulous written and visual history of the show, as well as an all-access tour of the creative team’s process. The Art of Steven Universe reveals how creator Rebecca Sugar, the writers, the animators, and the voice actors work in tandem to bring this adventure-packed television series to life.

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for the five word prompt: "just… come back alive, okay?"

thank u !!! u didn’t send a ship so,,, im just gonna go with andreil i hope that’s ok im trash im sorry

(tw; proust mention, baltimore mention + burns)

five word prompts: “just… come back alive, okay?” + andreil 

Andrew knew something was wrong when Neil’s phone rang at 4am.

The bed dipped before Neil stood up, answering the phone and stepping outside the room. He stepped out as if he were going to wake Andrew by staying in the room, but with Andrew already awake, there was no point in it. He did it anyway, only closing the door over before saying a quiet, tired ‘Hello?’ down the phone. Trying to listen in on the conversation, Andrew sat up with his back against the headboard and Sir Fat Cat laying on his lap. Neil was clearly pacing, with his voice getting louder and quieter every time he walked past their bedroom door. Andrew decided at the second strained ‘what?’ that Neil uttered to join him in the hallway.

There was a few things it could be, and Andrew definitely didn’t favour any of them over the next. Something could’ve happened to Wymack, or one of the other original foxes, it could’ve been the FBI having figured out Neil lied about the Moriyamas and didn’t include them in his statements, it could’ve been to do with anything from Nathan Wesninski to Neil Josten himself. There were a lot of possibilities, and Andrew could be certain that none of them were positive.

It took Neil six minutes and twenty seconds to finish the phone call, and he looked fucking terrified when he put the phone down to face Andrew. 

“What was that?” Andrew snapped, too tired and not in the mood to deal with more bullshit to do with Neil.

“It,” Neil turned his whole body to face Andrew, and his hands were trembling by his sides. Andrew took a slow step forward, his eyes flickering from the look on Neil’s face to the heaving rise and fall of his chest. “I don’t- I need to-”

“Coherent sentences, Josten.” Andrew flicked on the light, and looked at Neil with full view of his face. “Take a deep breath and tell me what the fuck is going on.”

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Marcus Kane in every episode | 1x05 Twilight’s Last Gleaming 

“One decision does not define a man. Jake Griffin is gone. You’re here. Our survival depends on having a leader who can inspire people to self-sacrifice. You’re that man. Not me.”

The “fandom” doesn’t need to apologize

I already posted about Lauren, but there’s one more thing I need to touch on. No, our fandom does not need to apologize to Lauren. Most of us didn’t DO anything. Most fans are innocent here. Unless you personally gave Lauren shit, you don’t need to apologize. Don’t perpetuate this “SU fandom is toxic” bullshit, because we ARENT toxic. People are toxic, and sometimes, people are in a fandom. They don’t define us. We’re better than people like them. 

Learn from these dumbasses mistakes, and don’t be an asshole to people providing us content out of the passion of their hearts - in fact, just don’t be assholes period. An apology from an innocent person only perpetuates the idea that we’re all guilty, when only some people are. Amedot shippers aren’t guilty. SU fans aren’t guilty. The people who harassed her are guilty, and unless we call out those people individually instead of as part of our group, we’ll only be portraying ourselves as worthy of disdain. 

Be proud of the fandom you’re in. Because we’re not all bad. Instead of saying “sorry for my fandom,” find the people causing problems and outcast them. Call them out for being toxic specifically. Because someone has to do it. 

If you guys disappointed with me there is only way I can give you : please unfollow me. I’m a just ‘one’ stupid trash, but not you guys. these days I have so many question about ‘can i repost your stuffs?’.. Actually, i don’’t understand why you didn’t let my stuffs belong to my blog? you guys always seeing my trash in my blog anytime you want… I don’t know.. i’m so tired all of this. And Yes.. it’s my bad. using word ’jerk’ is really not good. I’m apologize about this. it’s true… And then, i like someone using my stuffs as their icon rather than not. I’m so proud and can’t believe someone is like my art. this is happy things to me. But ‘please do not use my art as your header or icon’ is just that suit pic. That’s all. I spend many times and drawing hard for that ‘5 suit pic’. that picture is meaningful to me. I’m always appreciate all your feedback. But.. please. mine is mine. I don’t want someone repost my stuffs..Am i wrong

And sorry about my bad english. i’m not english user u already know

Man, during all this craziness Neech was holding it down in the London bedroom. Michelle was basically apologizing for talking shit about Natalie and saying she doesn’t deserve a friend like Natalie. Natalie told her that everybody in that house has talked shit about each other (herself included) and that Michelle actually gave Natalie the time of day to get to know her. And Natalie kept telling Michelle that she deserved to be there as much as anyone else, and that she could win the game too, giving her a pep talk. Michelle was about to start coaching Natalie on her f2 speech when the camera switched and I’m so angry.