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Hi! I'm curious how will you describe Jensen and Jared's personality? Both canon and headcanon is just fine, I absolutely love to read all your thoughts, please go crazy! Thanks, I hope you have a delightful day :)

Hello, dear anon!

I apologize for having your ask remain unanswered for so many days, but I knew that once I got around to it, it would take me a while to write my response down. *winks* I’ll be swimming in my sea of headcanons, since I don’t actually know how they are behind closed doors.


The ultimate alpha male that has people holding their breath when he arrives to the scene. Probably a little oblivious of the effect he has on people, but more than capable of utilizing his charms when they’re needed. Looks like a Greek god personified, but behaves mostly like the shy boy from next door. Is in fact far more complicated than he lets on!

Takes a while to warm up to new people, but if you get under his skin, he’ll let you stay there and will defend you vigorously. A fantastic friend. Very loyal to people he loves and doesn’t spare himself from trouble when his friends or lover are in question. Trustworthy as hell, but also a very funny person to be around!

A marvelous leader, but not offensive by default - others fall in step with him naturally and it requires no effort from his part. His air of silent self-confidence is enough to convince people to follow his lead willingly. Takes risks when he deems them to be for a worthwhile cause.

Tender to a fault. Hides his sweet nature and nurturing tendencies behind a shell, but drops the act when his care is needed. Feels deeply and tries to hide it, but is not as good at it as he might think. A terrible liar and a bit of a hot head. Goes from 0 to 100 in a few seconds when his beloved is threatened, but far more patient when he himself is the one taking the hits. Tries to hide his indignation to the best of his ability.


A real-life unicorn that makes people feel at ease in any situation. Doesn’t think much of himself despite all of the affirmation given by his peers, doesn’t know at all how wonderful of a person he is. A natural people person with a large heart and a larger-than-life personality.

A very giving guy in all senses of the word - surprises his friends and lover with presents, sweetness and affection. Makes everyone around him fall in love with his sunny personality and stunning appearance, but remains perhaps a little oblivious of his powerful charm. Has a joke for every occasion and lets his laughter run free.

Feels confident when he knows his company is in support of him, but isn’t very self-confident by default. Needs a strong support system and luckily has one. Submissive to a certain degree, but definitely not a doormat or a wallflower. The life and soul of the party, a natural centre of attention, but doesn’t steal anyone’s thunder.

A very supportive friend and an adoring lover. Playful, free-spirited, defiant, temperamental and very forgiving. Gets mad at unjust things he witnesses and doesn’t spare himself when trying to fix them to his best ability. Exhausts himself in the process of doing what he believes is right and tries hard to live up to people’s expectations of him. Loyal to all of his friends and to his lover, highly emotional and very sensitive.

Phew, there we go. I hope my headcanons please you, sweet anon! I must emphasize that all of this is what I think I see when I’m looking at the J’s, and should be treated as headcanon and nothing more. I don’t actually know them, so I have no choice but base my ideas of them on what I’ve seen in their interviews, convention panels, behind-the-scenes footage and the grapevine I’ve read. I could be terribly mistaken!

I hope your day treats you well, dear! I must again apologize for taking so long. Thank you so much for sending me your love!

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I just wanted to say your writing is astounding. You can tell every piece has a lot of thought put into it. Your Kojuro/Masamune fic is killing me and I have to know how it ends even though I've got my theories. Whatever it is it's going to break my heart and I don't think I'll ever be able to recover. Thank you for sharing your pieces. How do you decide wat to write next? sorry for the typos Im on mobile.

My dear anon, this blew my mind. I’m blushing. Seriously. Thank you so so much for your kind words. I really don’t know what to do or say. In fact, what can I say except a heartfelt thank you? So thank you, thank you, thank you. And apologies (like you have no idea) for taking so long to reply. When I answer mail I have to sit down properly and take it one word at a time, because serious wording is hard and I am weak! You are the astounding one. Never doubt that. 💕

You know, you’re not the only one who has been wondering about that fic. *COUGH @viridian99 COUGH* I’m so grateful for your interest. The final part is coming, I’m just a huge tight ass and won’t post it until I’m 100% ok with the chapter. Thank you to everyone who has read it and been so kind to let me know how you felt; I’m sorry I still have messages and replies to respond to. I’ve been really slow these days on that front. 

As to your question: …….. are you asking because maybe you’ve sent in a prompt I haven’t yet gotten to? 😭….. LOL. Nah, I’m teasing, sweet anon. 

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[Halloween] Wonho Scenario - ‘It isn’t over yet’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Dreamer

*Admin Note* Note to Anon: Dear, Anon. Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely apologize for this taking me so long to write. I really wanted to get this out before Halloween, but, long story short, college has taken over my life. This probably isn’t the scenario you had in mind when you read that prompt, but for whatever reason this is what I automatically thought of. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you!

“I can’t believe you talked me into this, Wonho.” You complained bitterly, wrapping both of your arms around your boyfriends bicep and pulling him to you tightly. This was the fourth haunted attraction that Wonho had dragged you to this Halloween, and you, being absolutely terrified of anything scary in general, were not looking forward to it.

“Hey, you agreed to come along!” Wonho protested, laughing lightly as your grip on him tightened. “Besides, you’re cute when you’re scared. I’d also like to mention the fact that I’m totally only doing this so that you’ll be super vulnerable and hold onto me all night. It’s like seducing 101.”

Even though you knew he was joking, you looked at Wonho angrily, narrowing your eyes at him as you swiftly removed your grip from his arm and began gesturing at the surrounding woods, hoping to get your point across. “Yeah, well, I must be sexy as hell then because this is terrifying!”

Wonho was an adrenaline junkie, especially during Halloween, and because of that you were used to attending the occasional haunted house here and there. But a haunted trail in the middle of the woods? You had never heard of such a thing, and for whatever reason, whether it was the fact that it was unfamiliar or the fact that it had a more realistic feel to it, this haunted trail was a thousand times scarier than any haunted house you had ever been to.

“Come on,” Wonho laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist gently, pulling you into a back hug as he attempted to lead you guys forward. “I got you.”

You and Wonho continued to walk through the haunted trail, jump scares and the loud sound of chainsaws coming from every corner. Wonho still had his arms wrapped around your waist and you couldn’t help but lean into him as he continuously lead you forward, barley giving you a second to breath after every time something came out and scared you. It was times like these that you really wished you had just an ounce of Wonho’s bravery and love for all things creepy.  

As you continued down the dark and foggy path, quickly following the other attendants in front of you, you randomly felt yourself go stiff, the feeling of being watched taking over your body. You looked around, hoping that whatever actor that was planning on scaring you next would just jump out and do it already, but they didn’t. It was silent. Completely and utterly silent.

“Just do it alre-” You started to scream, frustration taking over and your desire to leave getting bigger and bigger. That’s when, all of a sudden, a huge roar rang through the air, the sound of a chainsaw no further than 2 feet away from your ear, air blowing against the side of your head as it started to get to close for comfort. You looked up, your eyes widening and a scream immediately escaping your lips, the sight in front of you one of the scariest you’d ever seen.

There, no further than a foot away, was a man dressed in all black, fake innards protruding from various holes in the dark turtle neck displayed on his upper body. There was blood. Lot’s of it. It stained the clothes, it stained his face, it even ran down his arms from under his shirt and onto his hands. It was so simple, but it was so realistic. He looked like he had been mauled by a bear, tried to get away, fell into a bear trap, and then was mauled by an additional 3 bears before he got away. It was horrifying.

“Ahhh!” You screamed, immediately turning around and burying your face into Wonho’s chest. You could feel him shaking slightly from laughter, but you could also tell that he was just as surprised as you were, the rapid feel of his heartbeat pulsating against your skin.

“Go away!” You continued, your eyelashes brushing against the red material of Wonho’s shirt as you refused to look away from his chest, afraid of what you may end up seeing again.

Wonho laughed, taking a good 15 seconds to rub your back gently. “He’s gone, Y/N.”

You peeked open your eyes, slowly rotating your head to look beside you. When you finally convinced yourself that nothing was there other than pure darkness, you removed your head from Wonho’s chest, doing yet another double take on the perimeter around you.

“Let’s go home.” You stated blankly, completely done with everything about this haunted trail.

“It isn’t over, yet.” Wonho persisted, giving you a confused expression.

“I don’t want to be here anymore, Wonho.” You whined, grabbing his hand tightly. “I know I get scared easy, but I always do these things with you, and they, admittedly, always end up being kind of fun. But this… this isn’t fun! That guy looked like he was mauled by a bear and he had a chainsaw way to close to my head for comfort. It may be fake and all, and I may sound like a complete and utter baby for saying this, but I’m sorry, I’m not cool with that.”

“I know you’re scared, Y/N, and I’m sorry, but there’s not really anything I can do.” Wonho said, a look of sadness and guilt washing over his features as he realized just how terrified you were.

“We signed a paper saying that we were aware of everything that would be happening during this trail, remember.” He continued, “Besides we can literally almost see the entire exit from here and even if we did turn back there’s going to be just as many scares going in that direction as there would be going the way we are now. Let’s just finish this. It will take 3 minutes tops.”

You looked at Wonho and breathed in deeply, knowing that what he was saying was right. You had already made it this far, and no matter what you do you’ll end up being scared. It’s not like a helicopter could just come down and pick you up on the spot. You might as well finish what you started.

“Fine…” You hissed, gripping Wonho’s arm tightly, keeping your eyes on the ground as you charged forward, refusing to look at anything but the dirt below you.

“But I swear to God, Wonho.” You continued, your nails slightly digging into the soft skin of his hand. “If another person comes at me with a chainsaw there will be no sex for 3 weeks. Minimum.”

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Hello! Excuse is it all right for you to take a picture of you and Clive in RL in the present? I have found one from 2016 but not so far for 2017, I would like to have a picture of you, as I am doing a little animation and I would like to draw you guys and animate you, though the animation will only be about 10-20 seconds long. If you don't want to take any pictures at this time and feel self conscious, I apologize for asking this and you can just delete this ask. Thank you and I'm sorry.

Here you go dear anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi,Sera,I really love your blog and you:) You’re so nice and your analyses are very logical, I enjoy your blog very much, thank you. I watched 2012 vancon J2 Sunday panel, a fan asked them what character they have empathy with more than they play, I noticed that when Jensen answered Cas, Jared’s face changed, that was very subtle, then Jensen noticed that he explained SAM is the first choice.

So I want to talk about Misha in Js relationship, I think Misha is a PR strategy to promo the show, Jen and M or Jay and M (or dexxxxl whatever) are to satisfy the different fans, but sometimes it’s too intentional and too much over, and that make me uncomfortable. I think J2 are also tired of that, maybe they get along with M not as well as we “KNOW”, even though I don’t have some proofs. And what do you think about this?

Finally, I feel a little sad, Jared could kiss M, Jensen could kiss M, but J2 cant kiss each other in public, fake relationships can be shown without strain, but the real relationship have to be hidden, even I know hiding maybe is protection. And thank you for reading my ask, and excuse my poor English. Have a good weekend bisoussss :)

Hello, dear anon!

Allow me to apologize for taking such a long time with responding to you. I’ve had to ponder on what to say on this subject, seeing as how mentioning Misha seems to always bring negative attention my way. Anyway, this is a relevant topic of conversation considering the nature of my blog, so let’s delve into it!

I think Misha is a PR strategy to promo the show 

Absolutely, my friend. I think this is the case. I don’t think he was brought on for the specific purpose, but the potential must’ve been seen early on. Misha’s ability to talk to the fandom probably affected the choice to keep him and his character as series regulars for so long. I was not a part of the fandom back in season 4, so I can’t say how successfully he drew attention away from the real life relationship of our J’s, but it seems to be working now.

Consider this: season 4 introduced Misha, G and Clif (got promoted) to the SPN family. All of them are distracting the fans from finding out the truth about the J’s. Misha is paired with Jensen in one part of the fandom (encouraged by Misha, probably endorsed by TPTB), Jared is (legally) paired with G and Clif polices (policed? not that much anymore) the fans and oversees that things don’t get too gay when the J’s are out and about together. The holy trinity of bearding, if you will.

I think J2 are also tired of that, maybe they get along with M not as well as we “KNOW”, even though I don’t have some proofs. And what do you think about this? 

Oh gosh, this is where it gets hard. I do detect an annoyed vibe from them occasionally when someone mentions Misha, but I can’t really figure out the dynamics of their relationship. When you watch the Mishalecki panel from last year’s Jib con, everything looks fine, doesn’t it? And Jensen + Misha panels don’t look that bad either. But the things they say about each other can really throw me at times. Like how Misha basically called Jared talentless at this year’s Asylum, for the second time?

Human relationships are more complex than simple like and dislike, though. I’ve read and seen a good many things that speak for Misha being a supportive friend to the J’s and just as many things that speak against it. Perhaps their relationship fluctuates between getting along great and not getting along at all. Do you have that one friend that annoys the living hell out of you and makes you angry, but you forgive them after a while and give them a new chance? Perhaps that’s Misha to the J’s and Jared or Jensen to Misha, who knows? I hope they all get along - working in a friendly enviroment is so important.

And finally, yeah, it’s such a shame how we don’t get to witness the J’s giving each other little pecks on the cheek. Jared did say that he does it “all the time.” I guess they just don’t feel safe enough to show that to us, seeing as how it might be a little too real. I’m sure they could pull it off as a joke, but they don’t seem willing to risk it. I actually made a little post about this a long time ago, here.

Still, we don’t actually need them to kiss in public, do we? There are mountains of suspicious little puzzle pieces that suggest they are a couple, and them not kissing might as well be one of those. Their deep affection to each other is apparent in everything they do.

Oops, this got pretty long, I apologize. Thank you for sending me your support, sweet anon! It means the world to me to know that my words resonate with someone! I hope the rest of your week goes by smoothly!

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Hi Yasmeen! I just wanted to ask about you & your hubby, off anon, in case you want to reply privately. I saw an ask that you're staying in Jordan until January, and might move back there eventually...Have you all experienced any racism here personally? Has he ever been targeted by the police? It's crazy to think that it's almost 2015, 50 years since the Civil Rights Movement, yet people are still racist. Would life be safer for you all in Jordan? As a country, is it more open-minded? ❤ Alyssa

Alyssa my dear I have to apologize first for taking so long to respond. I was contemplating how to answer this because there’s just so much to say about this matter. But I eventually came to the conclusion that the best way to respond is to let my husband take this one. So this is him answering: 

I can say this, the police in Jordan, at least from my own personal perspective and experience, do not profile me because of my ethnicity, nationality, or even creed.  Although, during this trip there has been a much larger police presence in the area than it was years prior during my visits. But with the recent influx of ISIS activity in the Middle East, it is very well known within the Jordanian community that these police are simply doing their jobs correctly and cautiously to the fullest extent of the law.  Their priorities are not clouded by any racial bias or class that I know of.  If they are profiling anyone, it is to locate potential terrorist cell groups planted here, not to murder innocent civilians.  Aside from this, I have also experienced very selfless acts of kindness from many of the police here.  For instance, I was riding with my mother-in-law one summer here and the car had overheated and broke down.  An officer spotted us and pulled over.  My conditioning of constant police brutality in the states already had my defenses up when I saw his lights, so I immediately pulled out my I.D. (as is standard protocol in my experience for cops, whether I am waiting on triple A or a traffic stop).  Not only did the cop not bother to ask for identification, he merely assessed that we were stranded and offered to help.  What happened next was unbelievable to me.  Instead of calling for side road assistance or a tow truck, he instead took off his badge, put his gun back in his car, rolled up his sleeves and for over half an hour he helped fixed the car himself!  Every encounter I have had with cops in the states during a road side emergency, always involved unnecessary interrogation of who I was/where I was headed, checking license and tags to find some violation (my car was even unlawfully searched once when I had a flat on the road), and then abandonment after a tow truck is called.  So this act of kindness from law enforcement was very foreign to me.  My mother-in-law told me that this type of character is instilled in all of their police, because they value life and the overall well being of their community.  Something that I cannot even remotely say about cops in my own neighborhoods within the U.S. 

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As one of the biggest and most famous blogs in the Carmilla fandom (along with CarmillaFeelsHQ) who would you say are the go to blogs for new Carmilla fans to follow? I'd like to follow blogs that write good fics, headcanons and some good carmilla fan art or music would be great too thanks!

Okay dear anon I apologize that this took so long but I wanted to get input from the other mods too. I hope you’re still around to see this.

Keep in mind this is not a complete list by any means and there are so many amazing blogs out there just take a stroll through the Carmilla tag.

I was going to try to separate these into fics, arts, headcanons, etc but everyone has just an awesome well rounded blog that I couldn’t:

Again, this is just a teeny tiny list of people and of course there’s tons of other and if you’re looking for a specific specialty I would suggest going through the fic tag or the art tag and picking the ones that show up regularly that you like


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What exactly is the Great British Bake Off? It's like a funny show to watch? xD

Dear Anon,

Many apologies for taking so long to get back to you – work and life and whatever you have it – Great British Bake Off is indeed a funny show to watch, but more precisely, it is a reality television programme of the cooking variety. Twelve amateur bakers bake their socks off in a white tent, competing for the title of Britain’s best amateur baker.* Each week, they complete three themed challenges, one person goes home, and one person is crowned Star Baker (which involves all the glory but no other perks). We are currently on series six, there are three bakers left, who will battle it out in the finale this (Wednesday) evening! Aaah!

The challenges involved are:

1. The Signature Challenge. The challenge can be something like, “make a family-sized custard tart”. There will always be tiny flourishes in this one despite sometimes deceptively simple challenge titles. The judges often seem to pounce on flavour combinations in this one, regardless of whether it’s pastry, bread, cake, etc. Can be practised for at home beforehand.

Commonly overheard phrase: “It’s inspired by my grandmother.” Or…

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(”one of the top two”)
2. The Technical Challenge. Judged blind. Bakers are given a pared down recipe and have to fill in the gaps using their baking knowledge. Sometimes the recipe is pared to the degree of “make custard”, “make jam” for a bake, with no instructions on how to make either of those, because they are basics in the world of fancy amateur baking. This is often something posh, European, hard to pronounce, and extremely stressful. Cannot be practised beforehand as unknown until the day. 

Commonly overheard phrase: “I’ve never heard of it before.”

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3. The Showstopper Challenge. In its essence, not that much different from the Signature Challenge, but as the name suggests, is often twelve times more complicated and involves a fifteenfold variety of skills. People like to decorate these profusely, e.g. they are asked to bake a three-tiered chocolate cake, so ofc it is natural to decorate one tier with a chocolate collar, another with champagne truffles and caramelised hazelnut spikes, and top it all off with profiteroles.

Commonly overheard phrase: None. Everybody is too busy furiously peering into their ovens/piping decorative borders/making sure everything is set. (They are always peering into their ovens or drinking tea while waiting for something to rise or bake though.)

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And it is awesome for a number of reasons. (Subjective, of course.)

1. The judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, really know their stuff. Mary will stare you down with her icy blues when she’s disappointed and you feel like somebody punched a grandma. She’s partial to a bit of booze in bakes. Paul likes to poke people’s baked goods and will gloat and tell you that it’s raw inside (if that’s the case).

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2. The presenters, Mel (Giedroyc) and Sue (Perkins), are pretty trigger happy with the baking puns and innuendoes. The bakers also say, every year, how supportive these two are behind the scenes, which doesn’t exactly make my like them any less. (Mel and Sue are actually a comedy duo who… do comedy, and have copious presenting/panel game show experiences between them.)

3. The bakers. People will have their favourites, but they mostly support and help each other out. Makes for a nice atmosphere in the tent. On a social note, a newspaper pundit mentioned at the beginning of the series that the representation in the tent is a much better match for the British population overall than our government (with respect to the whole “an elected government represents the people’s interests”-idea).

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4. It’s a BBC production. Since the 70s (I can’t remember exactly and am a bit too tired right this moment to fact-check – I will get back to you when I have the right numbers) the BBC stipulated that all of their (factual?) programming must be educational to some degree, so you get explanations about the science behind the bakes, and why you would do XYZ in order to make ABC better. You learn a lot from the programme as a hobby-baker.

5. The random shots of animals and scenery around the set. Or you know, rain. Hello British summer. (NB, British summers aren’t always rainy.)

6. The endless obsessive peering into ovens.

7. Soggy bottoms.

That’s all I got for now. I hope this long-winded answer is useful enough, dear Anon.