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Do you know any fics where John actually apologizes to Sherlock for the morgue scene? It's been bugging me that he never truly apologized for beating Sherlock bad enough that a *serial killer* had to stop him so that he didn't kill Sherlock before the serial killer did...I need resolution and therapy for that scene. Please?

I haven’t read any post s4 fics babe. I tried. But couldn’t complete. I have many issues with s4. And the beating scene is only one of those. I just can’t. Because it’s impossible for me to accept s4 as canon and take it in face value. I am so sorry I can’t help. If anyone can help, please do so.

You brush away the reasons of my sadness whenever I let them slip out of my mouth. You make me feel stupid for being sad and you make me feel foolish for letting you know it, but I can’t apologize for how I feel. I can’t apologize for my heart shattering with every damn unfair thing I see. I can’t apologize for wanting to die when I see the people I love in pain, when I see them giving up. I can’t apologize for something I can’t control, but I might need to apologize for the way I handle it. I might need to apologize for holding on to my cigarettes like they’re the only thing that can save me. I might need to apologize for thinking that the only thing that saves me is my killer. I might need to apologize for the way that every long, difficult breath I take, every cough I let out because my lungs couldn’t keep it in, every word I speak, every single damn little fragment of a thing I do, is a death note. I might need to apologize for so many things. I might need to apologize to someone, but not to you.

u know what women need to stop being embarrassed about their periods
need a tampon? ask your friend for one, even if there are boys around
replacing a pad? don’t bother hiding it on the way to the bathroom
u have cramps?? dont be afraid to tell your male teacher that you need to go to the nurse for a pain killer
you don’t have to apologize for talking about your period in front of men, if they’re uncomfortable they can go away but I have a feeling they’ll survive lol
can we just please stop making what almost every single woman goes through every single month as a way of ensuring the human race doesn’t go extinct into something taboo

Serial Killer Calum Part 7

AN So I apologize for being an absolute fucking walnut but my computer died and they said I could either pay for a new computer or use the same amount of money and fix my old one. I’m already getting a new computer as a gift when I graduate, so it’d be pointless, so I had to find something that could suffice for now. I’m using my sister’s old shitty computer, but at least it works. That’s all I really need. Anyway! So I’ll write Demon Luke tonight, just thought I’d post this for you guys since I’ve been gone for so long. I’ll post demon luke when I get off work tonight. And I’ll try to get my mikey fanfic started, I’ve got some good ideas :) Thanks for keeping up guys, I love ya [Also I’ll answer your asks when I get home I gotta head to work] Enjoy xx

Calum’s POV

After I got Y/N’s lingerie from the place, things weren’t as awkward as before. But my thoughts would travel to the wrong places. I couldn’t help but think how fucking sexy she looked in those cheekies, how damn wonderful her boobs were held up by the matching bra. I wanted her to wear that and only that for as long as possible. But my shirt was covering her up as well as the dime store sweatpants and I wanted to rip them off. I wanted to-

“Calum,” her voice broke through my thoughts.

“What?” I blinked several times to get the image I had in my head to go away. It didn’t.

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Gary Ridgway AKA The Green River Killer apology letter. Ridgway was responsible for some 49 deaths in the 80s and 90s. Police were so desperate to find and capture him that they turned to Ted Bundy to help them build up a profile of the killer. In a series of interviews conducted on death row, Bundy was able to give them some insight into the mind of a serial killer and point them in the right direction. Despite this, Ridgway was arrested many years later on November 30, 2001.