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word count: 16.4k

tags: smut, angst, serial killer Jungkook!AU

WARNING!!!! I understand that this fic may be very triggering as it contains mentions of murder, extreme violence and rape, so if you are sensitive to those topics I recommend you DO NOT read this. Thank you in advance.

Moving to a new town is hard, especially after the company you worked for went bankrupt and you’re left jobless and alone in the hot, summer weather. Thankfully, a close relative informed you about a new apartment near them that was insanely affordable. You didn’t even think twice about the possible living conditions before driving out to the secluded town. In all honestly, anything would’ve sufficed as long as you got out of your old apartment which was now too expensive for you to rent out (not to mention the air conditioning cut off a while back).

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So Killer Frost knows who Savitar is. If you follow me, you know I totally believe in the “Barry is Savitar” theory, so everything I say is based on the assumption that the theory is true

Caitlin Snow isn’t gone. I honestly believe she’s just a mentally ill and scared girl who doesn’t know what to do so she’s lashing at the people who she thinks failed her (ngl I don’t blame her, but she’s being a bit extra). But like most people who have tried to kill their friends, they find themselves completely alone at the end of the day, and if it’s revealed to her that one of her best friends was twisted evil by his powers too and is EVEN MORE psycho than she is, she’s gonna jump at the chance to have a fucked up version of her friend on her side

Barry’s selfishness turned Caitlin into Killer Frost and he hasn’t exactly been keeping up with her situation unless she’s actively trying to kill someone. He’s neglected his friend and Caitlin is probably still hurt by it. But Killer Frost wouldn’t be angry at a future version of Barry who is paying attention to her, who isn’t neglecting her, who is treating her like someone important rather than someone who’s just there to save his gf from the weakly bad guy. Of fucking COURSE she’d throw her loyalty behind Savitar

In conclusion: Killer Frost is pissed off at Barry, but Caitlin Snow misses him. And Barry should probably bring a karaoke machine to his standoffs with her from now on

Nine to Five (Part 7)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/n: This part was a killer to write, I apologize in advance. Not my gif. I changed the tenses in this part, I just feel more comfortable writing like this. Little smut in this.

Part 6 | Part 7  | Part 8

Your heart pounds against your chest as you stare into the eyes of Stiles who was hovering over your body, his tongue gliding across his bottom lip. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispers into your skin, kissing down your collarbone to your breasts.

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So I know Caitlin basically wasn’t in this. It was a few moments of Killer Frost being all mean and frosty. But you know what, I found it very interesting who talked about her, and how.

Because Barry addressed Killer Frost as if she were still Caitlin, and could hear and respond to his apologies. Basically, Killer Frost was Caitlin to him - different hairdo, bad attitude, but still Caitlin. Is this because he was able to get her back the first time by basically giving her puppy eyes? Does he think that might work again?

But Cisco separates Killer Frost from Caitlin, right from the first scene. (“Caitlin wasn’t the only thing Killer Frost took.” Oh my GOD that line.) The woman standing in front of him is not his friend. Caitlin’s not the one at the wheel (”how abut the next time you release my friend’s inner demon”). Caitlin’s not even in the front seat. She’s locked in the trunk, bound and gagged. Cisco is very clear on this: Caitlin is not Frost; Frost is not Caitlin. Is this because he has experience with doppelgangers, considering Reverb? Is this because he doesn’t want to believe Caitlin can be like this in any way?

And now for Killer Frost herself.

I was incredibly intrigued by the way she spoke of Caitlin. Before, she’s always mentioned Caitlin’s name with a curled lip - weak, soft little Caitlin who doesn’t want her powers. Ugh. Such a bore. Such a drag. You see what I have to put up with?

But that was always her speaking to the Star Labs crew. To Savitar, she spoke of Caitlin as if she feared her, as if her coming back would be more than a momentary distraction. She wants to keep that from happening. She wants it more than anything.

Which makes me hope (this show’s abysmal track record with female storylines aside) that they’re setting up Caitlin to take back the wheel at some point, and then hit the fucking gas.

Listen, I was in a year long relationship with a woman. When I told her I might take a course in Psychology at college, she laughed at me and said I should find a different course. When I said I was going to be a cop, she pretty much called me a “killer”. She apologized to me ONCE in our entire relationship, and for every fight, I had to be the bigger person and admit to my “"mistakes”“. We fought every. fucking. second. I made sure to understand that she’s got mental illness, but she never understood mine. As soon as we broke up, she’s dating a guy, but she’s still apparently "lesbian” so obviously shes using him.

Now, I’m in a relationship with another woman. When I told her I might take a Psych course in college, she gave me advice that maybe what suits me more is Sociology or Criminology. When I told her I wanted to be a cop, she told me “follow your dreams but make sure to always stay humble and always be kind” and that I was going to be a hero. She has apologized to me because she thought she hurt my feelings, and we both agree that even though we are right in an argument, it is always good to apologize. “Fights should be about learning your difference and moving through them; not changing one’s character just to make up”. She accepted my mental illness, and she is constantly asking questions about it. She hates rebounds and believes that emotions should be processed thoroughly before moving on.

Now… I need you to look at this and think about Kar*mel and Supercorp.

Do you get it now?

  • tumblr in 2018: tumblr user murderboi345 might have admitted to being a serial killer. but he apologized for it. i just can't believe how toxic this website is that they just keep bringing up this old discourse to attack murderboi345 who is actually a great person and i know this because i reblogged 3 of their posts. in fact they haven't even murdered anyone since 2017 and here you all are attacking them for the MISTAKES they committed when they were barely in their 20s. people change tumblr!
sapphic music videos

if anyone knows more that you would like to be added let me know 💞👭💓👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💞

Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko

Night Go Slow - Catey Shaw

Dove - Pillar Point

What’s It Gonna Be - Shura

Jenny - BETS

A Little Death - The Neighborhood

Against The Night - Child Actor

Sausage - Honebone

Fifteen - Goldbroom

Higher - OZMO

Cri - Chemin

Eyelids - Pvris

Kaleidoscope - Courtney Act

Horizon - Luna Blake

The Happy Mess - Backyard Girl

Cool For The Summer - Demi Lovato

SEE - Potions

Love Is Coal - To Kill A King

Wherever We Are - A Human Life

Pure - Radical Something

Only A Girl - Gia

She Keeps Me Warm - Mary Lambert

Wild - Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara

Move On - Garden City Movement

Ghost - Halsey

Cliff’s Edge - Hayley Kiyoko

Closer - Tegan and Sara

She Likes Girls - Metro Station

Girls - Beatrice Eli

Explosion - Zolita

Bestie - Sizzie Rocket

Her Lover - Ally & Stevie

Addicted To You - Avicii

She - OBandCoProductions

Warm On A Cold Night - Honne

BWU - Tegan and Sara

Fire Escape - Love, Robot

Dots And Dashes - Silversun Pickups

Gravel To Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko

Clair De lune - Flight Facilities

Jenny - The Studio Killers

Holy - Zolita

Apologize - Matilda ft. OMVR

Sick of Losing Soulmates - Dodie Clark

SLEEPOVER - Hayley Kiyoko

Gravel to Tempo - Hayley Kiyoko

Invincible - Borgeous

On Your Side - The Veronicas

Fast Car - Jonas Blue ft. Dakota

Not to be one of those weirdos who talks about serial killers but I hate that the media always depicts them either as ASPD aka Just Evil Because That’s Who They Are (which is harmful misrepresentation of ASPD obvs) or as having some special circumstance like horribly abusive parents.

Take Jack the Ripper for example. All anyone knows for sure about him is that he killed sex workers in a way that shamed them for having STI’s and that he was probably a medical professional. Yet fiction (and yes anything giving details about him is fiction) always depicts him as either the embodiment of Pure Evil or as someone who had a personal vendetta against sex workers for infecting him or someone he knew with a deadly disease.

No one ever posits that he was just a guy who saw sex workers as filthy sinful disease carriers and had the courage to do something about it. I mean, that’s how society as a whole sees sex workers to this day. We’re all Jack the Ripper, if not to sex workers than to some other oppressed group. It’s just most of us are cowards.

Edit: the use of the words “courage” and “cowards” while intended as bitter sarcasm, was poorly worded and ended up trivializing the murder of sex workers. The deaths of sex workers and members of other oppressed groups should never be trivialized to make a point about how society distances itself from its worst members, or for any other reason. I wholeheartedly apologize to the sex workers I have upset with this post.

Summary: The prank was for Tony. You swear, it was. (Request).
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 533

The thing with Tony Stark is that it’s so much fun to prank him. He’s always so caught up in what he’s doing, always busy with some complex calculations in his head that he’ll walk right into a setup – literally – and not even notice. The next best thing is his reaction, the noise he makes that’s almost definitely a scream (even though he’ll most definitely deny it), followed by the empty threats, and then finally, the sight of him, with either hair dyed bright pink or his facial hair completely gone from that time you replaced his shaving cream with hair removal cream.

This time is going to be perfect. The bucket of water overhead his door, attached to a string running to the doorknob – it’s the simplest prank in the book: a classic. All Tony has to do is open the door, and the rest is imaginable.

You and Wanda stand a fair distance away, far enough for him to not be able to see you, but close enough that you would be able to hear the string of profanities that would exit his mouth. When you see Tony walking towards his room, a pencil tucked behind his ear and his StarkPad in hand, you throw a wink towards Wanda. She bites her lip in response, a smile playing on her face.

Ten. Nine. Eight–

The best part? She’s counting down inside your head. Totally silent. Totally foolproof.

 –Seven. Six. Five. Four. 




“What the fuck!” Wanda’s eyes grow wide as she whips to face you. Your own expression matches hers, your panic-stricken face paling as you hear the voice. 

There’s a clamour of footsteps thudding towards Tony’s bedroom. “What happened?” Steve asks, and then the footsteps stop  and there’s a sharp intake of breath before – before laughter. Side-clutching, eye-watering laughter.

“What happened this time? My ol’ pal step–” you hear Sam stop talking as well, then, “Y'know gramps, when I said to chill, this isn’t exactly what I was going for." 

Steve and Sam walk into the living room, where you and Wanda stand watching, trying desperately to stop the smile fighting its way onto your faces. Behind the two men stands a dripping wet Bucky Barnes – sniper and best-class assassin, drenched head to toe. His dark hair is matted to his face, and his shirt clings to his chest. 

You hear Wanda in your head again, laughing internally. ”You’re on your own for this one.“ Then with a subtlety you didn’t know she could have, she leaves the room, leaving you in the middle of the living room to defend yourself.

Bucky doesn’t have to ask what who’s responsible – the deer-caught-in-headlights expression on your face is a dead giveaway. That, and the fact that Sam comes to you with his arm raised. "Up high, kid!” You swallow thickly, returning Sam’s high-five feebly as Bucky stares at you, clenching and unclenching his fists. 

“Y/N.” He’s never said your name before, but there’s an edge to his voice that’s dangerous, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t the slightest bit scared, because even in all his tall, drenched, t-shirt-sticking-to-abs glory, he’s still has a killer glare. You open your mouth to apologize, to tell him the prank was not for him and that it was clearly for Tony and what the hell was he doing in Tony’s room anyway, but he cuts you off before you can say a word. 

“You’re so fucking on.”

tags are open (and under cut).

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Translation: “Owari no Seraph: Glen Ichinose, the Fall at 16″ Chapter 01 - Translation Summary [Part 1 of 2] (Spoilers!!)

Since this chapter is 85 pages, this is turning out to be a LOOOOONG chapter summary.  So I’m splitting it up into two parts.  Here is part 1, part 2 will be out by tomorrow.  Spoilers, btw!

Glen is walking at night, thinking of how beautiful the moon is and how the ogres come out, when he runs across some beautiful women wearing masks.  One asks if he’s Glen Ichinose, and says she’s heard rumors of him.  He realizes that it’s a ‘shikigami’ (animated object) and asks who the user is.  The other woman asks if he’s interested in women, and if he wants to suck her breasts before he dies.  However, he puts a talisman on the girl and says “You shikigami are annoying” and it blows up.  The masked women start screaming that they will kill him, but he draws his sword and beheads them.  He holds the sword to one’s neck and says “the joke is over, tell me the name of your master or you die” but it replies “…damn you, “House of Ichinose”.  You think you’ll rule forever!  I curse you” and sort of disappears, but leaves the mask behind.  He replies that curses are his jurisdiction and he’s not given permission.  He puts another talisman on the mask, and says “You can’t escape me” and that he’ll bring it out into the open.  A little girl appears in the mask.  He says her face was seen, so it’s the end for her.  She says “I wonder if it’s that easy”.   She says that the Ichinose family don’t use their true power but just their name, and that he doesn’t realize her true power.  He says a weak fox shouldn’t bark so much.  He draws his sword and says that he’ll track her down.  She says she looks forward to getting revenge and disappears.

At school, we hear kids talking about a middle schooler that was killed in a love hotel by a serial killer (and rapist).  The make the comment that it seems like a case of student prostitution, and that she got was she deserved (really really disturbing conversation here, btw), but then a girl named Satomi wonders how much she was able to make, while her friend asks her if she’s thinking about trying it out for herself.

Cut to the Hotel Aphrodite (love hotel) of a very busty girl showering naked while her friend talks to a man out in the room.  He asks if they do this kind of thing often, and she replies it’s their first time.  He says that they must be nervous and that he’ll take it easy.  Then he asks her name, and she replies “Shigure Yukimi”.  He asks the name of the girl in the shower, and she says her name is “Sayuri Hanayori”.  He says she has an ‘amazing chest’ and that Yukimi looks like an ‘elementary school girl’ in comparison.  She asks if he dislikes her, and he says that he prefers it, and that’s why he spends more money for middle school girls.  She asks if he does this often, and he says sometimes…and to get undressed.  She doesn’t, and he asks her if she wants the money and if she’s a virgin.  She doesn’t reply and he gets even more excited (yeah, this guys’s a creep) and offers her more money.  Then he demands that she get undressed, which she does…then Sayuri comes out and he demands that she get undressed, too.  They start talking about getting undressed and Sayuri mentions that she doesn’t want anyone other than Lord Glen to see her naked, and he cuts them off saying “What are you chattering about, get undressed!” and grabs Shigure…but she grabs him and pushed him face first on the floor.  Sayuri receives a call, and she says “No way, really?”  Shigure asks what’s going on, and Sayuri replies that another middle schooler was raped and killed at a neighboring love hotel.

We see the police looking at a dead girl wearing a mask strapped up on the wall in the middle of a pentagram with talismans at each point.  The newbie, Aoyama, throws up, and they tell him not to mess up the crime scene.  He apologizes and asks if this is the work of the serial rapist and killer.  The detective asks how many that makes, and one of the officers replies “20”…this shocks Aoyama, because only 6 have been announced…but he’s told to shut up.  They determine that it’s a magic incident and therefore they should call out the ‘onmyouji’ (diviner or sorcerer)…the person in charge of “Mikado no Tsuki”.  Toyama is shocked that they would bring up such a suspicious religious organization, and then accuses them of being “Mikado no Tsuki” believers and of concealing the fact that the crime is related to religion.  They bring him down, and he says “don’t think you can erase an incident this large!  I’ll write about it on the internet!  And sell it to the media!”  That’s when Glen enters and says he’s being noisy.  Aoyama asks why a kid is there, and another officer asks “Are you the onmyouji from ‘Mikado no Tsuki’?”  Aoyama gets out of their grasp, and grabs Glen’s arm. Glen gives him a look and he immediately lets go.  Glen says “Get out, civilian”.  Aoyama says “I’m a police officer”, but Glen just says “And?”

He looks at the body and says “Another ancient technique”.  He notes that the locations of the murder scenes form a pentagram and that when it’s complete, it will spread a curse.  Aoyama asks the inspector why he’s letting a kid inside a crime scene and Shigure interrupts and says “…a kid?  That’s a statement I can’t overlook”.  She asks “Do you not know who this person is?”  Glen says she talks a lot for someone who is late, and she drops to her knees and apologizes.  Sayuri comes in and says they are late because they bought a cola and asks if Glen is already there.  Sayuri sees that he’s there and says that they bought a cola and failed their mission.  The inspector says “Glen…the son of the House Ichinose?” and the other cops start wondering why someone so important is there.  Glen starts inspecting the body but Aoyama tells him not to touch it…the other officers grab him ad drag him out while Sayuri says “The civilians please go home and leave everything to Lord Glen” but Aoyama is not happy about it.  Aoyama accuses Glen of being the culprit and wanting to cover up his crime, but Glen asks “And if I am, what will you do?”  Aoyama says he’ll capture him as he’s dragged off and Sayuri waves goodbye.  When everyone is gone, Glen says “…now then, let’s begin our suspicious religious activities”.

Continued in part 2

Gary Ridgway, The Green River Killer

  • by far the most well known American who appears the top ten serial killers list,he almost exclusively targeted sex workers from Seattle and sometimes had sex with their corpses.
  • Proven victims: 49
  • Possible victims: 71 - 90+
  • He operated in Washington state and favored prostitutes as his victims. After five of his earliest victims were found in the Green River, the press would name him the Green River Killer. Gary’s murders occurred over two decades and he was long a suspect but it was not until 2001 following his son providing a DNA sample that authorities would have enough evidence to link him to the crimes.

After listening for more than two hours as his victims’ loved ones told him how he’d devastated their lives, Green River Killer Gary Leon Ridgway apologized.
“I’m sorry for killing all those young ladies,”
said the 54-year-old truck painter, who pleaded guilty to 48 murders from 1982 to 1998. “I have tried to remember as much as I could to help the detectives find and recover the ladies. I’m sorry for the scare I put in the community.”

He wiped his eyes and nose as King County prosecutors read the sentence he faced for killing each woman - life in prison with no possibility of release.
And tears rolled down his cheeks when some family members said they’d found room in their hearts, with God’s help, to forgive him.

I have tried a long time to get these things out of my mind,” Ridgway said, slowly. “I tried for a long time to keep from killing any more ladies.”

“I’m sorry that I’ve put my wife, my son, my brothers and my family through this hell,” he said, pausing, near tears. “I’m sorry I caused so much pain to so many families.

anonymous asked:

oh my god... headcanons of the supernovas in love+how they blush... just imagine the subtle Hawkins blush, sib

I’m sorry this took so long, but it’s a request with eleven characters and I hope you understand °-°
Also: This took up eleven pages in my notebook and I had to shorten it a bit ^^”

Monkey D. Luffy - In love & blushing:

  • He doesn’t even know that he is in love until Nami explains it to him.
  • Tries to get his crush to join the crew without even hesitating.
  • Constantly hangs around his s/o and tries to touch them. Very touchy.
  • Asks them blunt questions:
    “Dou you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”
    “Hey, s/o! Do you like me?”
    “Do you like like me?” (Nami used that phrase!)

  • He blushes and grins when his s/o smiles at him or laughs!
  • Blushes when they wear his hat.
  • Blushes whenever his s/o is exremely cute/cool/strong/badass… You get it…
  • He loves hugs. And hugs from his s/o mean blushing.

Trafalgar D. Water Law - In love & blushing:

  • Falls in love very slowly and behaves totally normal around his crush, so nobody even know he’s in love at first.
  • He would smile more often around his crush. (Because he knows it is something other people like. He read that in one of his books.)
  • Cute mocking remarks to make his s/o blush.
  • “Your heart is going to be mine, s/o-ya~”
  • Such a smooth motherf*cker!!!

  • Blushes when his s/o does something cute or adorable.
  • He lowers his head so his hat shields his red facefrom being seen!
  • Blushes whenever his s/o calls him their boyfriend or partner.
  • His blush fades extremely fast.
  • Thinking about his s/o doing NSFW stuff makes him blush too.

Eustass “Captain” Kid - In love & blushing:

  • This guy doesn’t really fall for anybody that easily, but apruptly!
  • Doesn’t know how to emotion. 
  • Tries to be smooth but fails.
  • Killer has to help him. (Just like Nami with Luffy)
  • Would never confess first.
  • As soon as his s/o confesses he’s like “Yeah, I knew that!”

  • He blushes when his s/o is totally badass and kicks ass. 
    “Jup, that hot mess over there is mine.”
  • Other than that he only blushes when Killer has to tell him how to boyfriend. 

Scratchmen Apoo - In love & blushing:

  • Apoo would start with an easy flirt, and then BAM: “Shit… Am I in… Love?!”
  • Acts super cool around them and fails…
  • Tries to find out what kind of music they like so he could play for them!
  • Totally looses it when they are a musician as well.
  • He loves PDA!

  • As soon as his s/o compliments him or states that they are impressed by something he did, he blushes like a child!
  • Other than that he has a deep blush while doing the NSFW~

Basil Hawkins - In love & blushing:

  • Seriously doupts his cards at first.
  • It later is love at first sight because of his s/o’s aura or something…
  • Offers a reading to get to know them better. (Sly bastard.)
  • He’s a perfect gentleman around his s/o.
  • Apologizes without having done anything wrong… yet xD
  • He acts very normal and isn’t into PDA.

  • Slight blush when his s/o tries to initiate PDA.
  • Stronger blush when he sees a lot of his s/o’s skin. (This man can’t handle swimwear let, me tell ya…)
  • Total blushing mess when his s/o wears lingerie!

Roronoa Zoro - In love & blushing:

  • (lol Zoro only loves himself)
  • He acts like an angry child at first.
  • No PDA. No Romantic stuff. All of the jealousy though.
  • Tries to impress his s/o.
  • Fails because he overdoes it and ends up acting like a total arrogant douche. (Don’t get me wrong, I love him xD)
  • Hates it, but end up asking Nami or Robin for advice. And there we would have immense blush number one.

  • Slight blush when his s/o calls him Zoro-san or compareable.
  • Also when they move in a sexy manner (e.g. wiggling hips or boobs)
  • He tends to blush when he directly talks to them. Even more when it’s just the two of them!
  • Hardest blush ever when Sanji finds out and mocks him about it.

Capone Bege - In love & blushing:

  • Very classy gentleman.
  • Kisses on the hand and charming little presents.
  • Very stubborn and strict when his s/o doesn’t behave classy.
  • Romantic dinners to make that up.

  • He hardly ever blushes, like the fewest of them all….
  • Typical blush during NSFW-stuff, but that’s basically it, really.

X Drake - In love & blushing:

  • Gentleman No. 3, everybody…
  • Tries to get to know them better before he acknoleges them as a real “crush” or even more.
  • He thinks a lot before he does anything around them, Very considerate.
  • The only PDA he likes is holding his s/o’s hand.
  • He lets flowers speak. Basically another bouquet every other day. Nothing too flashy, rather cute little ones.

  • Slight blush during cuddles or watching his s/o sleep.
  • He also blushes when he and his s/o fight. (he never shouts at them when they shout at him, dawww)
  • Deepest blush while apologizing~

Killer - In love & blushing:

  • And another gentleman!
  • People are afraid of him kinda often, so it’s hard for him to start an easy conversation.
  • Listenes to his s/o all the time and tries to help them in every possible way.
  • Takes off his mask for his s/o.
  • Loves to kuddle. No PDA though.
  • Loves to ruffle his s/o’s hair~

  • He randomly blushes and doesn’t even know why. He’s just happy that nobody sees it due to his mask. (Only his s/o)

Jewelry Bonney - In love & blushing:

  • Is simply herself because she thinks it works.
  • It works.
  • Totally into PDA to show off that her s/o is hers and hers only!
  • Her s/o has to sit next to her while eating, parties, basically all the time.
  • Is bugging in a cute and loving kind of way…
  • Maybe she won’t steal her s/o’s food.

  • The has a very slight constant blush around her s/o.
  • She prefers to make her s/o blush though.

Urouge - In love & blushing:

  • Crushes randomly when he met his s/o.
  • He later on falls deeper and deeper for them and can’t even help it.
  • That bugs him a bit.
  • He still has the biggest grin around his s/o.
  • Medium PDA type, depends on his mood and suroundings.
  • He calls his s/o “angel”.

  • Blushes the first time he sees them, the first time he hears their voice, their laugh and so on…
  • Instant blush when they call him their partner!
  • He actually likes blushing, for him it’s a way of telling his s/o that he loves them.
The Argument

Luke Hemmings Imagine

A/N: Just a little request I found some time to whip up. Hope you enjoy! 


“You’re acting like a child Luke, you don’t just get to decide this for the both of us!” You screamed at him. 

“You know why it needs to be this way, don’t act like you don’t understand because I know you do.”

“Understand what? That your family is apparently more important than mine?”

“Stop twisting my words! I just mean that you get to see your family all the time and I see mine only on breaks and holidays. I just want to spend Thanksgiving with my family, why are you making this so difficult?”

“Luke I understand that’s what you want, but we’ve spent every single holiday with your parents since we’ve been together. I’ve missed out on every Christmas, every Thanksgiving, and every Easter since we started dating five years ago! Can’t you let me bring my boyfriend over for Thanksgiving to meet my family?” You shouted at him.

“I’ve already met your family!” He shouted right back, throwing his arms up in exasperation.

“Yeah, four years ago! And we’ve never been back. Besides, you met my mom and dad, not my aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins and everyone else that’s dying to meet my long term boyfriend. You’re a big part of my life Luke, but so are they. Can’t you compromise this one time?”

“Stop making me feel bad Y/N, you know I’m busy. You signed up for this lifestyle too you know! Don’t pretend I’m the only one making things difficult. And it’s not even my fault I’m busy all the time so don’t make me feel like it is!” You could see the vein in his neck popping out, but you were too worked up to care.

“Oh please don’t act like you have no choice Luke, you can fly your family out to see you any time you want! Can’t you just compromise for once and have Thanksgiving with my family?”

“No! They hate me anyways.” He spoke shortly.

“Yeah, because they don’t know any better. They know the rockstar Luke Hemmings from the tabloids, not the Luke my sweet, dedicated boyfriend. They met you one time when you picked me up to go on a date, that’s all they know. For all they know, you’re the playboy the press makes you out to be, seeing as though you never come around enough for them to know any better.” You spoke with malice, holding the tears back the only way you knew how; by shouting even louder.

“Y/N you always do this, don’t be a fucking bitch. We’re going to Australia for Thanksgiving and that’s final.” He crossed his arms, chest heaving and throat aching from all the yelling. You two hadn’t fought like this in a long time and Luke didn’t think he had ever seen you as angry as you were when he uttered that ultimatum.

“You know I don’t even know why I bother being in this relationship, because it seems pretty one sided to me. You know ever since the band took off, it’s like all of my needs come second to you and your rockstar universe and I’m sick of it. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving without a girlfriend.” You spat before turning on your heel and exiting the apartment, slamming the door shut behind you.

“Fine!” He yelled after you, but he doubt you heard him. Luke let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding before releasing a cry of frustration he was sure the whole building could hear, tearing at his hair and kicking a dining chair across the room. He hated fighting with you. You always knew just how to make him feel guilty and he always ended up saying things he didn’t mean. Though suddenly, Luke’s eyes widened at the realization that you had just left him. Neither of you had ever walked out of an argument before. Usually you just yelled at each other about something stupid until one of your apologized and you ended the night with killer make up sex.But now, the only thought running through his mind was the question as to whether you left him for Thanksgiving, or for forever. He prayed to God it wasn’t the latter. You were to precious to him to allow you to walk out.

Anxiously, Luke picked up his phone and dialed your number. It rang once before going straight to voicemail. He called again and this time it rang twice before he heard your sweet voice telling him to leave a message. Clearly, you were ignoring him. He called a third time, only this time it went straight to voicemail. Great, you had turned your phone off. Sighing, he hung up before opening the message ap and shooting you a text.

I’m so sorry :-(. Pls come home.

He groaned in frustration before he began dialing the number of your best friend. He knew that’s where you had to be.

“Um, hello?” Her high pitched voice rang through the speaker and Luke breathed a sigh of relief that she had actually picked up.

“Mary, hi, uh, it’s Luke.” He gasped into the phone.

“Hey Luke.” She noticeably sighed on the other end and he heard a voice in the background whispering something.

“Is Y/N there?” He heard some scuffling in the background before he picked out a voice that could only belong to you.

“I don’t want to see him.”

Her dismissal of him hurt a lot more than he thought it would and Luke hung his head, pressing the phone closer to his ear. “Please, I need to speak with her.”

“Just a second Luke.” Mary snapped, before whispering back to you. “He sounds so sad Y/N, c’mon just give him a chance.” She whispered to you, holding her hand over the phone so Luke wouldn’t be able to hear. 

“You didn’t hear the things he said or how he said them.” He heard you mumble and his heart broke at your melancholy tone. There was more mumbling and scuffling coming from the other line before Mary came back on the line, her voice barely above a whisper.

“She doesn’t want to talk right now, but between you and me I’m taking her out to the club tonight around eight okay?”

“Oh my god, thanks so much Mary.”

“Yeah, yeah just don’t screw this up.” She scowled before hanging up on him. Luke chuckled before hanging up the phone and rushing upstairs to put on some nicer clothes. He was going to win you back if it was the last thing he ever did.


The pounding beat of the club remix pounded through his ears as Luke scoured the floor for you. He hadn’t had any luck so far, but he wasn’t giving up hope quite yet.

Just as he was taking another sip of his drink, he saw Mary’s familiar curly head of hair dragging another figure dressed all in black behind her. Even from here, Luke could tell you just didn’t look the same. You didn’t look excited to be here like you usually were when Luke took you out, but instead like this was the last place on earth you wanted to be. Mary pulled you through the crowd and Luke watched, getting up from his seat and making his way over to you. But as soon as your eyes locked with his hopeful baby blues, a scowl appeared on your face and you yanked your hand out of Mary’s grip.

“You told him we were coming?” You growled fresh anger coursing through your veins.

“Y/N please don’t be mad. I just want you guys to talk.”

“That was not your decision to make.” You hissed, shooting a glare towards Luke.

“Baby come on I-” Luke started, but you cut him off.

“I don’t want to hear it.” You snapped, rendering Luke silent. “I’m leaving.” You turned on your heel and began marching out of the club. Mary shot him a sympathetic glance before he took off running after you.

You had already gone out the back door of the club by the time he got to you, the fast click of your stilettos the only sound reverberating through the darkness. Luke couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle. He hated that you were still angry with him, but damn you were cute when you were mad.

“Baby where are you going?” Luke exhaled.

“Away from you.” You spoke soundly, wrapping your arms around yourself for warmth. Your little black dress may be cute, but it wasn’t warm enough for this cold October weather.

“C’mon baby I said I was sorry.” He whined, but you only walked faster.

“No actually you didn’t say anything.” You huffed.

“Well maybe if you would give me a chance to say it then we could both go home.” He was beginning to tire of your refusal to forgive him.

“Don’t pretend like it’s going to be that easy Lucas.”

Oh shit. You only ever called him Lucas once before and that was the angriest you had ever been at him. There’s no way he wanted to repeat that incident, so he figured it was time to start groveling.

A clap of thunder jolted the both of you, echoing through the quiet night. Luke suddenly felt a raindrop hit his cheek and within three seconds the skies opened and rain fell like a hurricane around you two.

“Motherfucker!” You shouted. It had also been awhile since he heard you swear. “Is this how the day is going to go!?” You shouted to no one. As if the universe had taken the challenge, Luke heard the a sharp snap and watched as you went down to the pavement. The heel of your shoe had just broken and so you sat in a puddle of water, hair clinging to your face and mascara running down your cheeks. You struggled to get up, standing with a broken fervor.

Luke took this opportunity to shrug off his jacket and gingerly place it around your shoulders, scared as to how you would react to his peace offering. Frowning, you molded your body into the fur lined jacket and Luke, taking this as a sign of your tolerance of him for the time being, scooped you into his arms and held you close, shielding you from the wind and rain allowing himself to take the brunt of it instead.

After about ten minutes of walking in complete silence, Luke was able to hail the two of you a cab. An even quieter taxi drive and elevator ride later, the two of you were back in your apartment and you still hadn’t spoken a single word to him. Your expression was unreadable as you stripped yourself of the soaked dress. Changing into a pair of sweatpants and hoodie, you tromped downstairs, leaving Luke alone in the bedroom. He had to think of a really great way to apologize before you left him for real.

Tentatively, Luke made his way downstairs after you where he found you sitting on the couch, mindlessly flipping through channels on the TV. The sound of your sneeze, followed by the saddest little sniffle he had ever heard. As quiet as he could, Luke made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a can of soup to heat over the stove. He also began brewing a cup of tea, making it just how he knew you liked it. After they were all warm, he placed them on a tray along with a small flower you kept in a vase next to the sink. He carried the tray into the living room snagging a blanket off the back of a chair before he snuck over to you and placed the tray on the table and spread the blanket over you.

“What are you doing?” You halfheartedly mumbled, almost too tired and too sick to be mad anymore.

“What I should have done earlier.” Luke knelt down in front of you, taking your hand in his before taking a deep breath. “Baby I am so sorry that I acted like a selfish prick and called you names. I didn’t mean anything I said and you’re completely right it was selfish of me to always put my needs in front of your own and I promise to listen to you more from now on. Darling, please forgive me? Oh and I’ve decided to fly my family up here so we can all have Thanksgiving at your house together. That is, if you’ll still have me.” He rambled, his soft blue eyes begging for you to take him back.

You couldn’t help but to offer up a soft smile at your boyfriend, so desperately and literally begging on his knees for your forgiveness. What could you say? You loved the boy, now matter how big of a dick he could be sometimes.

“You really mean it?” Your face lit up at his suggestion and Luke beamed.

“Of course I do baby. I’d do anything for you sweetheart.”

You sighed, throwing your arms around him and pulling him towards you, his head hitting your chest since he was still on his knees.

“And I’m sorry for being petty and ignoring your calls and blowing everything out of proportion. But thank you for apologizing and of course I forgive you. And don’t be silly I definitely still want you there for Thanksgiving. I was just mad so I said what I knew would hurt you.” You frowned, guilt taking over you now that you realized he had thought you had broken up with him.

“I love you sweetheart.” Luke placed a warm kiss on your lips before plopping down on the couch next to you and pulling to tray on to his lap. “I know you’re catching cold, and I can’t help but feel a little guilty about it so I made you some soup and tea with honey.”

“Ugh you’re so good to me.”

“Only because you deserve it babe.” He leaned down to kiss your temple before wrapping his arm around you and pulling you into him as you slurped the soup, humming in content.
Perhaps you and Luke weren’t the perfect hollywood couple and maybe sometimes you argued over petty things, but goddamn were the two of you in love.