apologies that this is rather full of spoilers for the first part

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Hi could you rec some really nice fics that you loves with bottom Louis please? Thank you.

hi anon! i can indeed. i’m gonna rec you some of my fav smutty but sweet fics (and some just smutty, some with angst) with bl okay? these are in no particular order, and it’s a long one! 

BL fic rec

Love’s Truest Language by summerwine

The first part was meant as a joke. He didn’t really expect Harry to buy anything. It was just Louis’ way of softening the ‘get the fuck out’ blow.

“Where’s your order forms, then?”

“I don’t want your flowers.” Louis chided before directing all of his attention to the arrangement in front of him.

Harry laughed under his breath as he stood to his full height, “Who said anything about them being for you, love?”

rivers ‘til i reach you by embodied

Louis can’t begin to understand how he’s always this close and still can’t manage to make Harry his. He stands up and gets another beer.

AU. Louis studies astronomy; Harry studies Louis. They spend their summers on the water and it shouldn’t be complicated (spoiler: it is).

you drive me wild (you know you do) by missandrogyny 

Their management informs them that they have an interview right before the ARIAs, and it isn’t until he’s in a suit, seated on a couch between Liam and Zayn, that he gets the idea.

The interviewer, Angus, smiles at them, right before the cameras roll on, and a metaphorical light bulb goes off inside Louis’ head. He’s perfect. Well, not as perfect as Harry, but enough. He’s attractive, attractive enough to drive Harry crazy, and he doesn’t even think of the consequences of his actions, just decides right then. It’s all Harry’s fault anyway. Louis should be allowed to have a little fun.

(or: Louis flirts with the Australian interviewers and Harry gets possessive.)

My English Love Affair by isthatyoularry

The thing about sleeping with a member of a famous indie band is that the inevitability of having a song written about you is most likely a hundred percent. The second thing is that in the end, nobody’s supposed to find out it’s about you.

The one where Harry writes a song about his English love affair and Louis sleeps with someone in White Eskimo and all he gets is a stupid song written about him.

give me things to stay awake by embodied

It’s shitty and it’s counterproductive and it’s self-indulgent, but he lets it become a thing. On Saturday nights Harry goes out and gets so pissed he can’t stand, and when the bartender cuts him off he rings Louis and is in his car within an hour. It’s not a cycle he’s proud of, but it’s also something he can’t resist, and he keeps doing it as long as Louis keeps showing up.

AU. It’s been a year since Louis broke up with Harry.

Is This Seat Taken? by Lainy122

A borrowed suit from Zayn, a cigarette and the right attitude, and Louis went from security breach to misplaced celebrity instantly. He could practically see the wheels in the security guy’s head switch from ‘could be dangerous’ to ‘could get me fired’.

L.A was so predictable.

Louis makes a bet with Zayn that he can sneak into a music awards event without getting caught, and when he ends up posing as a seat-filling member of staff he runs into superstar Harry Styles and sparks fly. Que the music.

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Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 96 review (+ theories)

On with the pain train!

By pain train I mean Reiner’s life is filled with nothing but hard decisions where he has nothing to lose. The chapter as a whole covers the timeline from aftermath of Marcel’s death to the titan trio’s enrolling in the military and while that chapter was poignant, it was unfortunately the beginning of the descent to hell.

I suspect we’re going for a long series of flashbacks aiming to answers some plot holes here and there while answering questions in Marley in the past. Or at least that we’ll alternate between present time and the flashbacks. Everything is slowly starting to make sense at that point. Why didn’t anybody retrieve Ymir or why the warriors didn’t rush straight to the gates and a very important point, where Annie was by the time Reiner and Bertolt broke the gates.

The content, I think, is a bit less expanded than the content from the previous chapter, but some character finally got some spotlight after a huge lack of focus.

 Follow me under the cut. Thanks to @kaschy for the scans!

  1. The aftermath
  2. The fall of Wall Maria
  3. The settlements’ period
  4. What now?

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This is all he’ll ever know of Gemma’s life before she came to Andromeda: the contents of a footlocker and the memories she and her brother share.

Jaal’s been building bridges since the Initiative arrived in Andromeda, but this one may be the most vital. 

(Jaal and Scott friendship, background Jaal/Gemma; spoilers for Elaaden and the Family Secrets questline.)


Jaal is ten steps ahead before he realizes that Gemma has stopped walking.

“— then Sahuna said ‘That’s not actually edible,’ and Lathoul — Gemma?” He finds her staring up at Operations, wearing an expression far more suited to facing down three fiends at once than walking through the Nexus. “Is everything all right?”

“Yeah,” she says, though every inch of her body clearly says nothing is all right, and nothing will be all right ever again. “Just…not looking forward to Tann’s reaction to the whole Remnant drive core thing.”

Jaal squeezes her shoulders, and tries to offer a reassuring smile. He knows, too well, the particular kind of exhaustion Gemma carries out of these meetings — he’d carry some if he could, but Tann would eject him from the office the moment he walked in.

Politely, of course, because Tann is a politician above all else and the weight of his family name has reached the Nexus — but still ejected.

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KaraMel Fanfic #27

WARNING: Contains spoilers up to Supergirl 2x13

Title: Someone Who Reminds Her of Home

Prompt: My take on what might happen post-couch/kiss scene in Supergirl 2x13.

Word Count: 3439

Also posted on AO3.

Note: Sooooo guess what? I finished this TODAY, which was so not my plan. I thought it’d take way longer than that, since I was like out-of-this-world busy today. But, as it turns out, the last lesson yesterday and the first lesson today was geography, which gave me around 3 hours of writing time that ended up being…this. So yeah, you can totally thank my geography teacher for being absolutely boring and making me write fanfics on computer. 
Also, it’s like around 1:30 a.m. here, so I didn’t have time to check this for mistakes. I apologize beforehand for that!


Mon-El planned on waking up before Kara, getting out of the bed to make a breakfast for her—assuming he could pull off cooking, of course—and surprising her with it before she went to work. He really did, and he even thought about whether he should do pancakes and bacon, or eggs. He knew Kara loved pancakes, but if she didn’t have premade batter then he wasn’t sure if he could pull it off. Eggs were hard, and he burned a ton of them while Kara tried to teach him how to cook, but it was slightly easier than making the pancake batter.

That was what he thought the previous night, as he fell asleep next to Kara on the bed. And he did wake up early, not that he didn’t, but… He seemed unable to pull himself out of bed. He was…

He was entranced Kara’s beauty.

That wasn’t exactly his fault. How could he have known that there would be a slit between the curtains that would let the sun in? How could he have known that those rays of sunlight would illuminate Kara’s hair in just the right way, making it seem like liquid gold was dripping down her face? How could he have known that Kara would curl herself around the blanket and hold it like it was her favorite… What did they call it here? Stuffed animal?

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Pagan Min’s Calls: A Comprehensive List (In Progress)

I love getting those calls from Pagan Min while playing Far Cry 4, but I haven’t been able to find any kind of comprehensive list or videos. So I’ve decided to make one. I made up the titles pretty much. Anything title in italics needs the full transcript. I’ve linked clips I’ve found where possible because obviously you need to hear him say these things. Please send any transcripts and/or clips you have found!

It would also be really interesting to learn if there’s any specific order they typically come up in. I personally have heard each one up through “Yuma’s First Impressions”, in this order.

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2015, 6:00pm EST

“Again with the Crab Rangoon”

…I had him killed. Or was it his family? Either way, the spread will be better next time…That’s the last time I’m kidnapping a fucking TV celebrity chef…

“That’s It. That’s the Call.”

“Ajay? Ajay? Aaaaaaaaajaaaaay?”

“Uh? Yes?”

“Awesome! Oh, just making sure you’ve been listening.”

Our Little Family

I wish you could remember what it was like back then, Ajay. Your mother and I, with you on her hip, oh those were the days. She was never happier than she was back then, and I should say the same for myself. We had such plans, not just for our little family, but for Kyrat. It wasn’t always like this, I long for those days but then it’s too late. I tried, I really really did, this place is ruinous. Try not to let them drag you down, Ajay. Ishwari didn’t send you back here for that.


I’ve been thinking about my image, on the world stage, and I think what I lack is a celebrity endorsement, you know, a visit from Dennis Rodman type. Perhaps I could get Beckham to bring the Galaxy over for a game against my best 11? A bit cliché now I suppose. A pop star? If the dictator of Turkmenistan can get J-Lo to sing him “Happy Birthday” then who’s to say I can’t get my fading star of yesteryear? I wonder how much Kanye is going for. Do you follow him on Twitter? It is gold. I would love to shoot the breeze with that young man.

“No Homo” (7:57-8:32)

Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favorite nephew. So tell me, Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own, that’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumption some may make about my appearance. I am indeed batting for the other team. You, more than most, should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.

“Always Money in the Banana Stand Temples” (8:32-9:31)

Oh, I’d love to give you a tour of my vaults one day. Right now, I’m looking at all the wealth of Kyrat. Gold medallions, ivory statues, jade carvings, such delightful trinkets! The Golden Path says I stole its wealth, but I did no such thing! They robbed themselves for centuries instead of putting it to good use! I, on the other hand, have been selling off whatever I can to the West, and whatever I can’t, I melt it down and make something a little more…contemporary. There’s a lesson for you, Ajay. People are hypocrites, and they all want someone to blame for their shit-filled lives, they never want to accept their share of the responsibility. The next time they’re whining about building schools or clinics, remember they’ve been hiding away their fortune in dusty old monasteries for centuries!

“Fucking Candles”

Ajay, you’ve been out and about exploring Kyrat for a while now. Tell me who lights all of those fucking candles? The country is in the grips of a civil war, an apparently monstrous dictator has the country on it’s knees, and yet some industrious fool has put it upon himself to wake up every morning and go around lighting hundreds, and hundreds of candles. Oh I’m tempted to employ someone to blow them all out again. Actually I have a better idea—Gary. GARY! Put it down this is important. Listen, candles are now illegal. What? Yes all of them! Treason punishable by death, thank you—and thank you Ajay, you just made my week.

“Zippered Meat Pockets”

Ajay, I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you. If you are to lead Kyrat when this is all over, you’re going to need a sharper look than denims and fucking sneakers, my boy. And that jacket. Oh, don’t get me started. Why on Earth do you need so many zippered pockets? What do you keep in them all? Handfuls of meat? Huh, I suppose you do. I’ll make a note for my tailor: “Ajay’s jacket, zippered meat pockets.” Perfect. Well, don’t let me slow you down.


Did I ever tell you about Noore? This is one of my favorites. She used to be a doctor, quite a benevolent soul. She came to Kyrat on some aid mission in the early days of my reign. She had the audacity to write a report on the human right abuses perpetrated by my regime! So I reached out to her, invited her to come back, to see the improvements, how we’d acted on her recommendations. I extended the invite to her family. So she came, husband and kids. I put them up in the palace, I even put on a little meeting for her, made a PowerPoint, “A 12-Step Action Plan” to address Kyrat’s human rights violations *chuckles* Except each slide was about how I was going to ruin Noore’s life. *laughs* So Paul “De Pleur” kept her family hostage while I forced the great humanitarian, Dr. Najjar, to run the most terrible parts of my Kyrati empire. Oh, between you and I, I think she actually enjoys it now.

“Lancing Boils” (9:32-10:14)

A word to the wise, Ajay. The next time you need something lanced, employ the services of a professional, as scarce as those services may be around here. Did you know because of your mother I sponsored an entire class of students to study medicine in Singapore? And they never came back! Can you believe the depth of that ingratitude? Paul dealt with their families here in Kyrat, and I had my contacts in Singapore track them down and find a fitting end for each of them, yes. Oh, as satisfying as that was, I now find myself lancing my own boils. Gary! Bring me some gauze and some fucking antiseptic ointment!

Yuma’s First Impressions

I’ve spent a lot of my life apologizing for Yuma’s first impressions. She has a remarkable ability to make consistently terrible introductions. I’d love for you two to meet on better terms, she really has been the driving force behind most of my successes. She forges deals with my international buyers, she polices Noore and De Pleur, she even finds time to run my army. Well, that is until her recent obsession with Kyrati superstition took a hold of her. She thinks I don’t know about the expeditions she’s been sending up the mountains looking for magical paintings or whatever it is. I’m as open as the next fellow about negligible losses for the sake of employee morale, but only so many pens can go missing from the stationary cupboard before someone has to lose a hand!

“Piano Recital”

I was in America not so long ago. I looked up Ishwari, but I couldn’t bring myself to see her, not after all these years. You always regret those decisions when they die, don’t you? Anyway, I was there with De Pleur, or rather “Paul Harmon”. He invited me to his home to meet his family, to see the other side of him. It was incredible to see the man behind the man. Paul, the loving father and husband. I was as jealous as I was happy for him. We went to his daughter’s school to see a recital. There was his darling Ashley, the light of his life. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes, so proud, so much love. It really made me think, what if I had followed Ishwari? What if that were you clumsily stumbling through a piano recital as I looked on teary-eyed through a viewfinder, capturing every precious moment. It always hits you when it’s too late, Ajay, always when they’ve gone.

“Cocaine and Yak’s Blood”

After Ishwari left it was a very dark time for me. Oh I was a cruel and angry young man. It’s this time more than any that gives me the reputation I have today. Yes, yes, I murdered countless innocents, yes I outlawed religion, yes I changed the currency so everyone’s savings were meaningless. And yes, I may have gone through a period of bathing in yaks’ blood and slamming rails of coke. But…I’m reformed now, look at me, getting this country back on it’s feet again. Top shape, Ajay. *snorts a rail of coke* Top shape.

“Pàng Xióng”

Ajay, did I ever tell you about my first body double? Not the one you wiped off the map, he’s number three or four now perhaps. Anyway, the first one, Jeong was his name, started brilliantly. He looked the part, diligent in his duty, but back then I didn’t realize what becoming me could do to a man. He went completely berserk! And it wasn’t the random beheadings or the blood-drinking that did him in in the end, no! It was a particularly embarrassing incident where in full costume, he was caught trying to sneak into Disneyland! Using a forged Dominican Republic passport–this is the best part–under a Chinese name that meant “Fat Bear”. Fucking imbecile!

Story-Relevant (spoilers!)

“Poor Eric” (15:06-15:53)

“Hello Ajay, did you miss me? Oh wait, yes, you did!”

“Pagan? I just killed you!”

“No, no, you just ruined a perfectly good body double with hair loss. Do you know how expensive he was to make? He wasn’t even Asian, for Christ’s sake, he was from Melbourne, I think. His only crime was being born with fabulous cheekbones. Whose picture do you think’s on the money? No matter, what’s done is done, I suppose next time it’ll just be you and me.

"Choices” (18:35-19:46)

“Oh Ajay, I can almost see your furrowed brow from here.”

“Pagan, what do you want.”

*tutting* "Tone! I’m merely calling to check up on you! I hear your little friends are having a bit of a spat. It must be hard, what with you in the middle of it all. Choices are difficult. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, you should be grateful for the choices I’ve made. Choices like Yuma. I went on live television to serve her up to you, and I loathe television. Radio is so much more my thing. And you, you jumped on the opportunity. Poor Yuma, she will be missed. It was a tough call to make, picking you over her. But it was the right call. You’ll see. Of course, you’re in a hurry. Places to go, shit to tear up. I’ll let you get back to it. But don’t forget, Ajay, choices have consequences.“

"Something More Contemporary” (20:07-20:37)

Really, Ajay? What do you have against my likeness? All those posters, Eric my double, and now this. Am I missing a hint? Should I start taking this personally? That statue was solid fucking gold. Literally! I’m not being metaphorical. Do you know how many artifacts I had to melt down to get it made? And poor Eric standing there for God knows how long just to pose for it! Well, what’s done is done. And dinner’s nearly ready.

Farewell Address

If you’re listening to this, I am no longer with you. At the time of this recording, Ajay Ghale has just ditched me at a dinner party, and I am admittedly a little ???. I have a plan for what should happen next, but the future is a fickle mistress. Regardless, I hope I leave Kyrat in better hands than my own. And to the Golden Path, oh ho! Fuck you. I’ve always hated the lot of you. Sincerely, Pagan Min.

Escape from Durgesh DLC

“That’s My Boy”

Well I had something important to say, but I suppose you just want to get out there and start shooting things. *chuckle* That’s my boy.


You know what I hate? Typos. You pay good money for propaganda posters, you expect them to be properly proofread! Ajay, be a good little errand boy and destroy the less than perfect propaganda in that center. While you’re at it, teach the people there a lesson. We’ll see if they’ll ever spell Pagan with an ‘e’ again! I’ll bet this is Yuma’s doing. She knows just how to piss me off.


I feel so much better knowing those terrible posters will never see the light of day. I’m giving you elephants. That’s right, elephants! I call the big one Hurley. He’s clumsy, but oh-so-adorable.

“Boom Boom”

Well, Daddy’s tower didn’t go boom-boom, so that means you must have succeeded. Excellent work, Ajay. You are, er, let’s see here, “capable and valued”, yes, those were the words for the day. I’m a believer in positive reinforcement in case you haven’t figured that out. Your reward! It will be made available to you when you head to your little landing zone. Thank you so much!

“Positive Reinforcement”

I still believe in you, and I still value you, Ajay. I’m a believer in positive reinforcement. I’m in control of my temper, even if you did just fuck up royally!


Let’s Be Outcasts (ch 14/?) (AR/Kankri)

Part 2 of cyber!bunny Apocalypse ‘verse (tumblr)

ch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

read on AO3

Summary: Divergent AU where AR and Li'l Seb get kicked into a new universe with some snazzy new cyborg bodies. They’re still working out the bugs.

In which AR discovers that kidnapping rarely solves more problems than it creates, Mituna breaks out of a lab (with some help), and Seb continues to take good care of his Bro.


You have this weird thing where you find him sort of offensive and charming and hilarious all at the same time and you can’t put your finger on the fascination.  Probably you’re going to die of it. 


Ch 13.

Cutting through the streets of a patchwork city, following the trail marked by a small robot bunny turned cyborg child, you attempt to explain your life to a troll you were thinking about murdering not 72 hours ago.

You don’t know how long it’ll take you to catch up with Seb, but you’ve got a looming mystery device de-activation to keep on schedule with, so you treat Kankri to the outline version of your backstory.  And by outline you mean you leave some things out entirely.  Wallowing in old memories is not on your emotional to-do list for the foreseeable future, and anyway, you’re hoping that the caffeinated cliffnotes rendition will make you sound less like a crazy person.

Alternate realities and reality altering games, check; watery sea Hitler dystopia, check; trolls and humans from previous game iterations, check.  Teenagers creating artificial intelligence brain-clones in their bedrooms… eh.  What are the odds of that being plot relevant, really?

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You Are Forgiven; You Are Loved

Optimus Prime X Reader


(S/N): Warning, Some Spoilers Ahead

  • -Author: Imababblekat
  • -Words: 3,203 (sorry!!)
  • -Alias/Code Name: Butterfly
  • -Mortem is your weapon; a scythe
  • -My first story on here you guys!! I’m so excited!!


  • The war against Quintessa and the Decepticons is over, but Optimus still has one more thing to face. You. Will you not forgive him for nearly killing your brother and all the danger he’s caused, finally deciding to leave him and move on? Or will you by some small sliver of hope in his Spark, stay with him and show him the affection you’ve both so dearly missed?

(story under cut)


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Hakumyu Saitō-hen - The Experiment

Here in lies my rather extensive thoughts on the first of the Hakumyu shows. I’m warning beforehand that this post IS NOT spoiler free! If you haven’t seen any of the shows yet and don’t want to be spoiled, keep on scrolling. Don’t worry, I won’t be offended. 😉  I’m sorry that this post is going to take up your dash. I attempted to add a cut, but it doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried every trick I found. Every time I clicked keep reading, it would send the reader to my blog but not open the post. I apologize!

Full Disclosure: I haven’t completed an entire playthrough of any route of any of the Hakuōki games (I’m working in it, I swear!). I have seen the entire anime several times as well as both movies, which means that most of my Hakuōki knowledge is really of Hijikata’s route. With that said, I’m not an expert on the individual routes, so I won’t be commentating on the accuracy of the story itself as it compares to the games.

Okay, my method while I was viewing was pretty straight forward. I realized that not all of the musicals have been translated (and I’m nowhere close to being a fluent speaker/understander of Japanese), and obviously, my ability to understand the dialogue would sway my opinion of the show, so I decided to watch all of the musicals without subtitles. That way, all of the musicals are on equal footing when it comes to my ability to comprehend what is going on. I had to rely on my severely limited knowledge of Japanese and the acting. I also did not watch any behind the scenes footage or extras, so everything is based off of what I saw on stage. I’ll also use screenshots and an occasional gif to illustrate my point and to break up the walls of text I’m certain are going to happen.

Okay, so let’s get this show on the road!

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Hey guys!

So, I’d promised to give you a little review of the movie “Radius” after I went to the world premiere, and OMG!  Where do I even start?

First, as you can see, yes, I had the incredible pleasure and great privilege of meeting with Diego  Klattenhoff.  Actually, I had not been expecting how ridiculously relaxed the whole premiere would be.

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ennexo  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could explain why you think Sam Drake's an ISTP? ^-^ Thanks

Sure thing! I’ve seen a couple of people wondering about this choice actually. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I made this pos of MBTI choices for the Uncharted characters and I put a lot of thought into them - none so much as Sam Drake.

I’ll put a TLDR at the end of this post because I’m sure I’m going to go into a lot of detail in my explanation. Also, spoilers for UC4 but if you’re asking I’ll assume you’ve played.

He was a difficult one to pin down, particularly because his personality changes over the years, but that’s a huge part of why I love this game and Naughty Dog so much - it’s so human. Personalities do change. People fluctuate when they test and people change over time; I believe we are not born with a personality but rather shaped, and we are all the culmination of our experiences.

The breakdown of the ISTP personality type is Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. I would also add Turbulent (ISTP-T) to that for Sam, rather than Assertive (ISTP-A).

Okay, here goes.

Sam’s experiences in life have been extremely turbulent. When he was around 10 years old, his mother committed suicide. It wasn’t long before his father dumped him and his brother at an orphanage and skipped town. This is not the makings of an extroverted or emotionally open person. We see this in the game - Sam is not emotionally conflicted by his lies, his sensitivities do not prevent him from manipulating others to get what he wants, but he is also quiet, reserved, soft spoken. It was really hard to decide, but in the end I concluded that if Sam had been an extrovert at all, it was only before his time in prison. When we see him as a teenager, he seems more brash and confident - but confidence is not the same as being an extrovert and Nate is Sam’s comfort zone. Introverts aren’t shy - they’re just not as outwardly social as extroverts. Many introverts can socialize just as well as extroverts, even thrive (personally as an introvert, I am exceptionally good in social situations, but it drains me until I can barely function afterwards) but they recharge by spending time alone, or with people they are completely comfortable with. I can personally see teenage Sam (and post-game Sam) taking long motorbike rides alone to clear his head, breathing a sigh of relief when he was still at St Francis’ when Nate finally went to sleep and he didn’t have to extort himself entertaining him anymore. Sam is not a show-off, and when we see him at the Rossi estate, his social prowess (with the waitress and the guy Nate pickpockets) revolves around reserved, personal conversation.

The ISTP personality is made up of explorers - people who are curious to examine the world with their own hands. They enjoy interesting and unusual challenges and prefer to learn through trial and error than be educated. They’re happy to let others in on their projects and explorations - as long as those people do not interfere with their principles or their freedom. I hope you see why this is starting to sound like Sam.

ISTPs are also optimistic, energetic and good-natured. Sam’s optimism feels endless in UC4 even though reasonably, he has no idea how close they are to achieving their goal, if there is any chance of it at all. He’s always saying “we’re going to do this together”, “we’ll find it, just a little further”, “almost there”. He’s undeniably energetic, always first into a fight, but also I believe he is good-natured, despite his lies. He’s kind, always quick to leap to defend people he cares about, and friendly as hell when he’s not under pressure. He doesn’t want to make a big show of it, but I bet he doesn’t think twice about slipping Avery’s coins into Elena’s pockets.

Some of the other strengths of an ISTP - they are imaginative and creative, but best apply this to practical situations. They are both spontaneous and rational, meaning they are very flexible and versatile, easily able to adapt to cope with new situations. This comes with some unpredictability but they are able to prioritize, save their spontaneous bursts of energy for what’s most important. We see this throughout Sam’s life - he is a practical problem solver, but he only thinks well on his feet in the spur of the moment. This makes Sam great in a crisis, and ISTPs enjoy physical risk and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when they need to. Say, holding a gun to Nadine’s head, or hurling a fist at Gustavo’s gang of inmates when they threaten Nate. They are also not worried about the future - Sam definitely never seems to worry about the long term consequences of his actions - and prefer to live in the moment and take life as it comes.

Because Uncharted 4 is ultimately a story about trust, honesty and loyalty, it is the negative traits of an ISTP that really sealed the deal for me. We see Sam and Nate in this situation of extreme duress that tests them and their close bond mentally and physically, and it is times like this where the worst of people’s true colours show. ISTPs are stubborn and insensitive. They happily move in their own direction with little to no apology, and even when they try to meet others half way with emotional sensitivity, they fall short and nothing comes out right. They are notoriously hard to get to know, keeping their personal matters close to their heart, and easily become blunt and irritated when called out on their lifestyle or choices. 

They are also easily bored and hate commitment. Second time around when you know the story, it’s easier to look at Sam in an unbiased light - he is extremely impatient at times when Nate is piecing together the Avery clues, and on first playthrough I brushed this off as impatience to pay back Alcazar, that he was running out of time - but actually this is just a trait of his personality. He hates to wait, wants to achieve his end goal but hates to have to commit his full effort to it. It’s a somewhat childish “why can’t I have it now” sort of attitude that is typical of people who don’t like committing. I can’t imagine how hard this must have been for Sam in prison, locked down in an endless and unwanted situation with no light at the end of the tunnel. If anything, this would have made him more insular and more insensitive over the years.

Finally, ISTPs biggest flaw is their inclination towards risky behaviour. Their difficulty with other people’s emotions and focus on the moment with no interest in the future leads them to push boundaries and take unnecessary risks, escalating the conflict and danger for no real reason, which tends to have disastrous consequences when it gets out of hand.

The prime example of this off the top of my head without going back and looking for more is when they are on the edge of the cliff with Nadine and Rafe, before Nate falls. This is an intense scene and I’ve gone over it with a fine-tooth comb analysing how differently things could have turned out if Sam has not acted out like this. Obviously, he is defending himself and Nate here, and after two years with Rafe he probably knows more of what our precious angry villain is capable of than Nate does. He’s also been cornered because Rafe has called him out on the lies he’s told Nate, and his betrayal of Rafe’s trust.

Knowing Rafe is dangerous and that they do not have the upper hand in any way at this point, this is not a situation to escalate. But Sam Drake cannot resist. He hates how Rafe is having so much fun exposing the truth and driving a wedge between him and Nate; and yet, I am convinced Rafe is coming to some sort of mutual agreement at this point. He has his fun, he has his rant - he tells Sam how angry he is and then he physically relaxes because he’s got that off his chest and he says “but that’s all behind us now.” Say what you want, but if Sam hadn’t butted in here, I think Rafe would have made them an offer. Help him find the treasure and leave with their lives. Nate’s right, Rafe is a businessman, and he knows he needs their help. But Sam has to go and raise the stakes and say the one thing guaranteed to get Rafe’s blood boiling.

“You don’t deserve it.”

Goddamn it, Sammy. There is no reason for him to say this other than to escalate the situation. He knows it is going make Rafe angry. He knows Rafe is unpredictable and violent. He does it anyway and then the situation gets out of control.

Luckily I don’t think most ISTPs get the opportunity to escalate a situation that is this dangerous.

Perhaps this isn’t the perfect personality diagnosis for Sam Drake, but it works for me. This is how I see him as a character and it explains (although doesn’t justify) many of the actions he takes through the game. I hope you see why I chose it - but if anyone thinks I’m wrong, I’d love to hear what you think!

TLDR; Here is the ISTP traits I believe Sam Drake exhibits:

  • Introverted and reserved
  • Energetic, cheerful and good-natured
  • Very imaginative when it comes to practical things
  • Spontaneous and rational, can switch mindset to fit new situations
  • Unpredictable but able to prioritize Naturals in crisis situation, enjoys physical risk
  • Stubborn and insensitive
  • Notoriously difficult to get to know
  • Easily bored Hates commitment
  • Risky behaviour, unhelpful boundary pushing and they are known to escalate conflict and danger just to see where it goes
Happy Endings~(707)

jkjk. or am I. Guess we’ll never know?
Anywhoooo~ as an apology for being a terrible blogger for so long, I wrote this little ficlet for you. Based on a request that I had gotten. 
Ahhhh I hope you enjoy :D 
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From the first time he had laid eyes on her, he knew that she was the one. Talking to her in the chat rooms only attracted him to her more.

He didn’t think of it too much, convincing him self that it was a fleeting emotion, nothing too deep. If anything it was simply lust, at the most a tiny crush because she understood his sense of humor and could dish it back to him just as easily.

He slowly found himself dialing your number, craving to hear the sound of your voice. He had your number memorized, but that was because he was a hacker, right? He had to be smart or else he would get any of his work done.

But how could he explain the ungodly amount of time he spent watching you. Surveillance, right? Then how could he explain how fast his heart raced when he was watching you, how he seemed captivated by every little thing you seemed to do. How he craved to see you smile and laugh.

How could he explain how his heart clenched, every time he saw Zen flirting with you or even little Yoosung. He felt so aggravated that he couldn’t help tease Yoosung, for trying to flirt with what was his.

His? No, that would be ridiculous, so it seemed he had a little crush, something that he had to get over immediately. Seven knew that you deserved so much better. You needed to be with someone that didn’t have three different alter egos, someone who didn’t have such a dark past, someone who could keep you safe, someone good.

You were quite persistent though, pushing your way into his heart. In fact, you may have already claimed part of it when he first laid eyes on you. You seemed to expand and completely take over his thoughts, all of his being.

He couldn’t have that. He pushed you away and it was for your own good. He couldn’t have you getting near him, especially now that you knew about Saeran. But you did.

You were always there for him, talking to him, making him feel better. In front of you, he could be himself, his façade falling away effortlessly. He found solace in your smile and a home in your embrace.  

Life was seemingly coming together for him. He had a girl that he loved and his brother was now living with him. The three of you often hung out together. Saeran was quite fond of you and it made his heart swell. He still hadn’t told you how he felt yet but he knew he would soon. It was like a dam, all the emotions were threatening to spill and he couldn’t be happier.

He had planned to surprise you that day when he had come home. He went out shopping, picked up some food, a bouquet of roses, classic cliché romantic moves that he saw in the movies.

His heart was pounding against his chest in anticipation. He was so excited to tell you how he felt, he had never loved someone so dearly before. He pulled out to text you when he notices that your shoes were already here by the door.

He felt a smile spread across his face, gleefully as he realized you would become his sooner than he expected. He truly was impatient.

He went to look for you, when he heard your laughter come out of Saeran’s room and he nervously made his way over. Hoping that his smile would not give him away, ruining the surprise for you.

The door was cracked and he was about to knock and walk in, when he saw the scene unfurl in front of him. It wasn’t like he was in his own body. It was like his spirit had flown out of his body and he was standing in the room witnessing everything happen before his very eyes.

You sitting on the bed in front of Saeran and were laughing, probably at something that Saeran said. His twin had a soft smile on his face one full of affection. He brushed some hair from your face and behind your ear.

Pink flushed your cheeks as you looked up to him, he leaned in to press his lips against yours. Expecting the kiss, you closed your eyes returning it gratefully. He grabbed you by the back of your neck, pulling you to him even more, deepening the kiss considerably.

You looked happy, in love. Unfortunately for Seven, you weren’t in love with him. He watched the scene, physically flinching as he saw his brother deepen the kiss.

He felt his heart shatter, utterly and completely. He was finding it difficult to breathe. He had never experienced this kind of pain before. He felt tears sting his eyes, as he roughly attempted to swipe them away.

He felt anger surge through him or rather jealously. Here he was, planning to profess the immeasurable amount of love that he had for you and you were here, with another man.

Not just another man, but his brother, his twin brother.

He wanted to break something,. He wanted to scream. How could the world be so cruel? He had never had wanted something so badly before and he still couldn’t obtain it.

You were in love with his brother.

He flinched once again. How could he choose? Between his brother and you. Saeran obviously had feelings for you, as clearly as you did for him. Luckily, you made that decision easy for him. You didn’t choose him.

He felt laughter beginning to bubble in the back of his throat. Perhaps this is his retribution for everything. Having the love of his life in love with his brother. He felt foolish for thinking that you were his happy ending. Perhaps, there were no happy endings in this world, especially not for Seven.

He gathered himself, putting on his 707 persona flawlessly. He couldn’t have you catching on this time, as he burst into Saeran’s room, embarrassing the newly made couple. You didn’t notice the façade, not when you were completely enamored with Saeran.  

You saw his smile and left it at that. Seven was grateful because if you hadn’t then you surely would have seen his heart breaking in his eyes.    

So on a scale of 1-dat bitch Rika, how much do you all hate me right now :D
Title is a bit misleading, no? IM GLAD IT WAS ALL PART OF MY PLAN MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA >:D Seriously tho, you are the greatest person ever for reading this. Keep bein amazing yo. Love you guys MUAH XOXO
Lemme know what you guys think of the fic in the comments or messages(;    Love you guys MUAH XOXO

A Season 3 Theory

Warning: Do NOT read this if you haven’t finished season two yet. It’s good to enjoy the show on your own and theorize on your own before reading other’s posts. If you want to read anyway, go ahead, I can’t stop you.

Next season is going to be a shit-storm of angst.

Let’s look at the evidence:

- Just figured out he’s Galra
- Just lost Shiro, the only person close to family in his life.
- Is more than likely going to be taking the place of the black paladin, and piloting the Black Lion.
- Is stressed as hell.

Keith, next season, is going to be under a huge load of pressure, and I’m not completely sure he’s going to be able to handle it.

- Will most certainly NOT be okay with Keith piloting the Black Lion.
- Might have to pilot Red while Keith is in Shiro’s place, because Coran isn’t impulsive enough to be accepted by Red. (Red completely ignores him when he tried this season, and instead goes ‘where’s my son’ mode.)
- If so, he is going to feel like Keith’s shadow, once again.
- He’s going to be beyond upset that Allura is piloting Blue (if she does end up doing that.)
- He is definitely going to doubt himself.
- He is definitely going to take this insecurity out by arguing and challenging Keith.

- Every single time we’ve seen Klance have an actual argument, Keith has gotten angry.
- This is going to completely throw Keith off, if we add all the stress he already has.
- Lance might use Keith’s Galran blood against him, in an argument, “How do we know you aren’t going to go power-hungry like Zarkon? How can we trust you to be our leader?”
- Keith and Lance are going to have full blown arguments- maybe even an actual fight?
- Tension between the two is going to build and the team is going to try to help, and they can’t do much anything about it.

What will Lance do when it gets to be too much?


Let’s look at the evidence:
- Lance is insecure and feels useless to the team.
- Lance isn’t even piloting his own lion- he feels like Keith’s shadow in Red.
- Lance is way too emotional to focus during battles and gets into arguments constantly.
- Lance is extremely homesick.

Where does a homesick boy go when he decides to leave?


How is he going to get there?

With a lion.

Lance is going to take Blue and go to Earth, and right when Lance leaves, Shiro is going to come back. (Maybe- it would make for a cool plot tho, in my opinion. And we can’t survive more than one season without Space Dad- I live for Space Dad qwq)

Whether it’s from them finding him, or him showing back up or whatever dramatic space dad action scene they want it to be, Shiro is going to come back.

Small Bonus theory:
- Zarkon piloted the Black Lion- He’s Galra.
- He was corrupted with power from the Black Lion.
- Keith is going to pilot the Black Lion- He’s Galra.
- How is Allura going to react?

She is definitely not going to ignore this, especially since she only just started warming up to that side of Keith. Opinions don’t change that quickly, and I’m sure she’s still at least a little wary of him being Galra.

All of this, I hope, is going to be spread out over a whole season, throughout missions and what little relaxation the team gets. I honestly would love an angst season. I want to see Lance and Keith cry and fight and tear eachother’s hearts in half– BUT only if the season after that, Keith going to earth to get Lance and apologize and have many bonding moments, maybe meet his family, then convince him to leave. (Or maybe Lance doesn’t want to leave, and maybe the Galra show up at Earth, but that’s another theory mwahahah)

Keith is going to be overwhelmed with stress, and unable to lead the team.

Lance is going to leave.

I have a whole other part to this theory, but it includes that Prince Lotor guy, and focuses more on Allura, rather than Lance and Keith– I’ll only post it if anyone seems interested. :3

This theory is just that, a theory. If you don’t agree with it, then that’s fine with me! No hate comments though, please. Feel free to add anything, if you’d like.

Alex and Emilio Benedetto: Superhuman normals?

So, I’m guessing I’m not the first one trying to put the pieces together but since I’m relatively new in the fandom, I apologize if there is already one complete post about it (feel free to send me a link in that case).

Obviously spoilers for the most recent arcs of Gangsta (anime and manga).

-> First of all, about the Hunters from the 3rd Destroyer Emilio is a part of:

When you see how they treat Connie (outside of her bond to Marco), they despise and make fun of her for being a Normal… 

So would they even agree to one of them being a Normal in the first place? I doubt it. They look down on Normals, the way Normals look down on Twilights.

Which means either Emilio is indeed a Superhuman normal or he’s lying about it (not that I know how Corsica or Monroe would manage to see through that kind of lies).

-> Now about Alex:

I believe hints are more likely to come from her side since we saw more of her so far than of her brother, even if she still remains very mysterious for one of the main characters. 

First, just for the sake of symbolism, since Alex is now part of Benriya, which was founded by our duo Twilight + Normal (even if Worick has this brain condition which makes him special), it could be that the author wanted her to represent a third kind of people by being something different from a Normal and a Twilight, which so far would only leave her to be a Superhuman normal.

However as I said, that’s only if you like symbolism. 

Next you have this scene from chapter 11:

In the anime, what Alex says is translated by “I’m sorry, I have a hard head, so…!” while the manga translator went with “I’m a stubborn one.” I don’t speak Japanese unfortunately, but one of the two definitely is wrong, even if the mistake seems easy to make considering the two expressions are the same, except one translator used the literal sense and the other didn’t.

Anyway, what’s important here is that Worick hurt himself by butting his head against hers while she’s rather fine. Confused yes, but unhurt (btw with what I just said, I’m guessing the anime sentence is the correct translation, seeing as Worick physically hurt his head while she’s fine, which means she must have “a hard head” indeed).

I haven’t reread the manga so much yet, but technically Superhuman normals have more resistance and strength than Normals, so in case Alex indeed is a Superhuman normal, it would make sense that Worick hurt himself by headbutting her rather than the other way around.

Once again, everyone can choose to believe whether it’s a hint or not, I’m just stating possibilities.

Finally, I believe the very first time she’s introduced is the more blatant hint.
Alex was a prostitude and Barry used to give her TB pills…

…Because that’s what pimps do to keep their girls “more obedient/submissive”, and seeing the strong hallucinations caused by the dependency that Alex experimented afterwards, we can be sure she took those pills. 

However I don’t know if the Alex introduced in chapter 1/episode 1 can really be called submissive/obedient: oh sure, she had that distant look in her eyes, but it was said she didn’t have so many customers (which is why Barry was angry, because she didn’t bring a lot of money) and yet she bit that one guy next to Joelle’s shop immediately after. 

I mean, Barry just threatened her, maybe an hour before, and she’s supposed to be “more obedient” because of the TB pills, but she still went and bit her next customer. Sounds fishy.
If you even compare her attitude to the girls we saw at Barry’s hideout in ep 1, there seemed to be behavior differences. Also, even under the pills’ effect, Alex still took the gun of her own will and shot Barry several times.

Barry scared her and she didn’t want to be hurt by him beating her, but were the pills having a full effect on her? I’m tempted to say she had a better resistance to them than most girls, maybe because of that possibility that she is a Superhuman normal, even though she still suffered from the weaning afterwards.

There are a few other scenes like these that you could take as hints as well but I’ve written what seemed to be more blatant in my opinion (if the scene with Worick was meant to be as I explained above though, then one can wonder if the fact her hand didn’t get crushed by Nico’s in ch 34 isn’t a hint as well, outside of the nice impression that he let her go when he realized it was her hand he was crushing I mean). 

-> So, just in case Alex and Emilio are Superhuman normals, one of their parents has to be special too:

And I think it’s their mother.

According to her father’s words, it’s like Twilights as a whole killed their mom and the 3 Laws are supposed to protect Normals from Twilights, so one can wonder if their mom really was a Normal. The different fights between Hunters and Twilights however could provide an explanation to the father’s words, because strong Twilights can kill Hunters/Superhuman normals.
Unfortunately that’s all we have on their mother so far.

I also wonder about why Barry went to the East Gate, how he met her and how he knew about her mom and who killed her. Who knows, if Alex indeed was a Superhuman normal, maybe that’s why Barry went out of Ergastulum to recruit her…? If he knew about it, of course…

Then again, Alex is more mysterious than Worick and Nico for now, who at least had a part of their past explained.
So with all the possible hints above, I’d say there is a good possibility that Emilio and Alex are Superhuman normals and in that case, that could definitely lead to an even more badass development for her.


Make sure to tell me if I got any part wrong, I’m always open for civilized discussion. :) Thanks for reading.

Hakuouki Shinkai: Kaze no Shou - Souma Kazue Route Summary [Full]

No, the main reason I have to stand up to you… is a promise between men! I promised them. I promised my comrades who chose a different path that… I would protect Yukimura-senpai, even if it means my life!

**Warning: This is going to be long and spoiler-ridden. Read under the cut at your own risk!**

Souma Kazue is a brash, head-strong young man who is forthright and opinionated. He’s a little like Saitou, Heisuke, and Harada combined but with his own unique spirit. While strongly opposed to the Shinsengumi at first, the more he interacts with the squad and its members the more he comes to admire them. Born into an actual samurai family Souma finds himself disenchanted with much of the “legitimate” samurai class and struggles to find a place to belong until he joins the Shinsengumi and finds out what it truly means to be “samurai”.

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Book!Stephen Black vs Show!Stephen Black, a crazy long essay

This is a little lengthy though I have broken it up into paragraphs because I too find a wall of text a bit daunting even when I am the generator of said wall. I just wanted to add my thoughts to the discussion about Stephen Black in the show versus in the book. I have not placed book pages but I, well, I may have crazily flagged my copy at all of the Stephen bits to refresh my memory even though I just re-read it a month ago. So I do know where to find this stuff if I missed something.  I tried like heck not to meander and where I did, I think it was relevant. Can’t you tell that I have read many prefaces to books? They always apologize effusively for not getting to the point in their attempt to distill the the forthcoming book for you. See? Digressing.

Stephen was my favorite character in the book. He is elegant, ludicrously competent, patient, intelligent, cunning, thoughtful, loyal, discerning, and gentle. I was appalled that he was forced into potential acts of violence, assaulted, yelled at, thrown in a cell, and chastised in the show, and a lot of that by characters not the Gentleman, though the latter’s actions toward Stephen are altered significantly in places as well for the adaptation.  (Oh, and, why on earth is he shot in the show? Is it to provide an opportunity for the Gentleman to have an emotional meltdown in the middle of Lost Hope?)

I felt that, as much as I loved it stylistically, Episode 5 (Arabella) was the most bloated in terms of deviating from the book in a way that was inefficient as well as being the most damning for Stephen. Thirty minutes revolve around activity that *never occurred in the book* and about which I am baffled. Why spend all of that time focusing on Strange tortuously, obsessively attempting to resurrect Arabella only to be wound up to a fever pitch forcing him to throw himself at Norrell and to later break out of jail using Puddle Magics, a thing which never occurs in the book as well written and moving as it was to watch when it serves to a) implicate Stephen in the mental and emotional torment of other characters in a way that is completely out of character and b) occupies valuable time that would have better served other characters and their development. *coughs* We know which one(s). If you are going to alter Stephen for the show, at least give us more of his development on screen and show us why. Make him the agent of his own story.  

Much as I do not want to harp on events within the book (I so do), they are necessary in order to attain a full picture of the changes and their effects. If you have not read it and happen to be passing by and reading this PLEASE DO NOT READ FURTHER SO AS TO AVOID BOOK SPOILERS SHOULD THAT BE A CONCERN. But do read the book, if you have not, it really adds complexity to Stephen. <3

All right, moving on, some JSMN BOOK SPOILERS AHOY (and of course there spoilers for the entire show),so if you mind:

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Come Back

*sighs* I haven’t written in so long… It may suck. Idk. It still broke me out of my writer’s block. I’ll consider posting it on Fanfiction.

Set sometime after ch 58.

Pairing: Touken

Description: The cafe officially accepts customers past the closing hour… but only if they’re Kaneki Ken and only if you’re having a cup of coffee alongside Kirishima Touka.

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Detective Comics and costumes

So I was talking to a friend of mine who doesn’t read comics, and was just kinda ranting about costume designs from Rebirth I dislike, when I realized something. (Also I’m on mobile and can’t put in pictures so my apologies)

Now, in New52, DC retconned Tim Drake so he was never Robin, Cassandra Cain so she was never Batgirl, and Stephanie Brown so she had half of a mask instead of a full one (which is minor, but it’s important for the pattern being established). All of their original designs were rendered non canon.

In Detective Comics Rebirth, one of the very first things that was established is Tim’s new costume. Bruce gave him a red/black/green/yellow costume that’s almost identical to his first Robin costume. In universe, Bruce did it as a way to let Tim know he always considered him a Robin. So, Tynion managed to bring back Tim’s first design in his arc.

Then, in The Victim Syndicate, Stephanie gets a new mask from Batwing, one that offers her extra protection with a force field. And when she turns on Bruce and strikes out on her own, this is the mask she wears. It’s also the mask she wore when she appeared as Spoiler before New52.

And the next big arc focuses on Cassie. Like Tim and Steph, DC retconned her history and got rid of her Batgirl costume, the first real costume she had. She’s gotten her mask back, but without the ears. Meanwhile, Tim and Steph have much more accurate recreations of their first costumes.

Now, I’ve spoken before about how certain I am that Cass will be adopted by Bruce (again) at the end of her arc. But, just as a refresher, I’m 99.99999999% certain it’s going to happen. Tynion has been hinting at it in the comic and on twitter, so it’s pretty obviously going to happen by the end of her big arc.

One of the things that Tynion has said about Cass in interviews is that he wants to reestablish parts of her past that New52 wiped away, and rebuild her relationships. I think he’s going to hit two birds with one stone when Bruce adopts Cassie. Like when he offered Tim a chance to be his deputy on the team, and gave him his Robin costume, I think we’ll see Bruce give Cassie a similar gift when he adopts her. She has no bat symbol, she has no connection to the bat at all in her design, despite being his daughter. So I think he’s going to offer her a modified version of her Orphan costume, one with bat ears, a cape, and the yellow outline of a bat. Just like Bruce has on his Rebirth costume. Rather than a modified Batgirl costume, as it was before Flashpoint, I think it’s going to be a way for Bruce to show Cassie that he considers her his child, and that she’s worthy of wearing his symbol. And in the process, we’ll get Cassie’s original design back in continuity.

Ahahahaha fun AU where Tadashi is alive and part of Big Hero 6 and everything’s all good and happy and NO ONE DIES. Just a drabble inspired by my annoying yet wonderful moirail/twin/sister. The temptation to make a full AU however…it intrigues me.

This is also my first BH6 story, yay! Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie, of course.



Hiro Hamada was a fourteen-year-old robotics genius who could build just about anything he put his mind to, whether it be revolutionary microbots, or superhero suits for him and his friends. He was a quick learner when it came to most subjects, mostly math and science related, and could even pick up a good portion of a language once exposed. He still remembered Honey Lemon’s startled expression when he had greeted her in flawless Spanish.

There was little that Hiro Hamada was unable to accomplish, and that included getting his overworked older brother to just take a few minutes out of his crazed work schedule, and rest. Hiro was all for sleepless nights and caffeine buzzes that ended up making you awake enough to work, but dazed enough to make you accept the fact you were building cat paw rocket boots instead of that new battle bot in mind. Seriously though, there was a limit.

And if Hiro knew the limit before Tadashi, then there was a problem.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Since I absolutely love how you write Solas and your Solasmance (and Isii, she's just so perfect!), and I have seen a lot of criticism (that verges on hate) I would like to ask you about what you think of his flaws? Also, do you think he gets better and is less racist towards elves during the progression of the romance (I want to romance him but I don't want him to continue treating elves like that)?

First off, thank you so much for the compliments. They are truly appreciated. Also, this post ended up a lot longer than I expected. Then again, Solas does have a lot of flaws. 

And this is absolutely riddled with spoilers, btw.

First, I want to address the idea of him being racist against elves (and the other races of Thedas). It’s undeniable that he can be incredibly prejudicial, particularly in terms of race and culture - though I think people attribute hatred where there is none. For example, his comments about the Qunari are definitely harsh (“Qunari are savage creatures, their ferocity held in check only by the teachings of the Qun.”) but not unlike what Bull believes about himself and his own people. (“Most Tal-Vashoth are nothing more than savages. Killing’s all they know. The Ben-Hassrath are trying to lose fewer people to that sickness.” The sickness, in this case, being brought-on by separating from the Qun.)

In terms of the elves - I think it’s important to consider who he is. He’s the god who the Dalish believe is truly evil. Not just a trickster. Not just a rebel. They believe that he despises wisdom and kindness above all else (according to Merrill) and would openly attack someone simply for having those qualities. Not only do they hate him, but the Dalish believe that they are the only true elves left in the world - that they are the experts on their history and culture - something that would be rather frustrating/infuriating for someone who knows for a fact that they are wrong. (In comparison, Felassan from Masked Empire has absolutely zero respect for the Dalish.) While each clan is different, a Dalish elf would likely be very hostile and dismissive towards any elf who is not “pure” - especially if they came claiming knowledge of their heritage that conflicted with what they believed to be true. And the city elves like Sera are barely elves at all in his mind. They share a common bloodline, but culturally they are nothing like the elves he left behind when he entered uthenera. 

Even so, he is dedicated to helping the People. (It should be noted that it is canon that the elves are referred to as The People - so his statement in the epilogue that The People need him is not a vague reference to some unspecified group. Whatever his plans are, he is doing it for the sake of the Elven). He is so dedicated, in fact, that he would risk giving his orb to Corypheus in order to unlock its power (a terrible, high-risk plan that blows up in his face). So dedicated that he would “kill” his oldest friend in order to fulfill his mission for the People. His supposed racism and hatred toward the elves is rather a reflection of his disappointment for what they have become. I believe that is in-part what he’s talking about when he says that “there are fewer regrets sharper than watching fools squander what you sacrificed to achieve” (the same conversation in which you can get him to talk about waking up to find the future that you shaped being worse than what was). The elves were supposed to prove that what he did for them in the past was worth it - and they failed utterly to do so. I don’t think his opinions of the modern elves change much over the course of the game, but they do soften in certain circumstances. Meeting a Dalish Inquisitor does cause him to actively question his judgment of them as a people, as he would not have expected them to be capable of producing someone like Lavellan. In the end, he does admit that for all their flaws, the Dalish are commendable for creating the Lavellan he falls in love with.

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11x04 “Baby”

“Father, Son and the Holy Ghost” - On Visions and Framing in 11x04 “Baby”

Two men - father and son - behind the steering wheel of a 67 Impala. Not just any car, but pretty much “the most important object in the entire universe”. The small toy soldier crammed in the ashtray, the legos in the vents, the initials “D.W.” and “S.W.” carved into the hat rack - as Chuck Shurley, creator of the Winchester Gospel, once wrote, “all these little blemishes are what make her beautiful”, make this car truly the Winchesters’ and much more than that: a home when they truly didn’t have anything else but the open road and the stars as their guide. He did not just write that though, but also mentioned that the “devil doesn’t know or care about what car the boys drive”. And as we know this was his undoing. Five season later we start of into an episode with exactly these little blemishes, because the devil’s in the details. And in this case maybe quite literally.

Not only do these little things provide a cue for the audience to remember what exactly was so important about these objects and the car itself, they also subtly introduce a character back into the narrative without even needing to mention his name (though it was done in the episodes prior): Lucifer.

This season has introduced the two main characters receiving visions as a structuring element and with that not only picks up the thread about perception, but also poses the question whether these visions are relating to the past, the present or the future. Dean’s talk with the woman in the eye of the storm more and more shapes up to have been a vision of the future. Possibly of the end of the season with Dean heading into battle against the Darkness, reuniting with it and ending up locking himself away with it in the Empty - much like Dorothy didn’t find any other way to overpower the wicked witch than to seal her soul with the soul of the witch away, for eternity. Since Dean and the Darkness are bound, much like Charlie and Dark!Charlie, it’s only logical to assume that whatever harms the Darkness will also affect Dean, which is why they “help one another”. Sam’s visions too, seem to be visions of the future rather than flashbacks to the past and his time in the cage and with that possibly indicative how the season may end for him.

In terms of framing, this episode certainly set up or rather emphasized a couple of possibilities in the way it showed Sam and Dean. Especially in the scene leading up to and leading out of Sam’s dream.

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