apologies if this one has been done before

assassin’s creed characters as @dril tweets

altaïr: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infants

malik: fuckin online fuckin idiots

ezio: if youre one of the guys who blocked me on here, i Forgive you, and im ready for you to unblock me now.

leonardo: THIngs other people like: being bastards, being Uniformly tasteless THINGS I Like: Being reasonably kind, and trying to help, when i can

haytham: i accept all your apologies you sad mother fuckers. YOu all have a lot of work to do when it comes to critiquing my meme style. Foul animals

connor: the conflicted supersoldier stares over the horizon as he smokes a cigarette. “war is the most fucked up thing ever.” he takes a sip of beer

edward: I will tell you this right now: I’m from hell. Im highly fucked up. Ive been known to say rude things and watch the carnage unfold brutally

adéwalé: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. you would think the other guys on here have one, but no

mary: “This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,” i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

aveline: THERAPIST: your problem is, that youre perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good posts, and that makes you rightfully upset. ME: I agree

shay: if a sniper shot me i owuld run over to where he is and kick the gun out of his hand and kill him because hes not specialized in meelee fight

arno: “Why should there be only one good friday. Let’s try our best to make all the Fridays good. Thank you” -a quote i invented which made me cry


evie: you know what. im dropping the subject and going outside to sip some cool lemonade. Enjoy your circle jerlk

Quick ‘Cluedo’ meta

Obviously there are similarities with these characters and the ones from the board game ‘Cluedo’. 

(Apologies if this has already been done before but I thought I would try make a quick list seeing who is who but for some people I’m not so sure :/)

G. Lestrade =Sergeant Grey ( a corrupt cop)

Mary Watson = Miss Scarlet ( she is the stock character for a ‘femme fatale’) or Mrs Peacock ( a widow who is hiding something)

John Watson= Colonel Mustard? (  “Rich military background. A bachelor, Colonel Mustard has been “smitten” by Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlet”)

Mrs. Hudson= Mrs. White ( takes her domestic duties very seriously)

Mycroft Holmes= Mr. Green ( If we take his description from the Clue the movie:  He is portrayed as a hapless homosexual who must keep his orientation a secret so he can keep his position in the State Department. lol) 

Sherlock Holmes=Professor Plum? ( “In the books, Professor Paul Plum is shown to have an abnormally high degree of knowledge, skill and power” )

Molly Hooper=Miss Peach? ( In the UK her character is a quiet,reserved matron)

Not sure this is anything significant though since these parallels are rather obvious! SO maybe someone could add an idea or two 

In any case Johnlock iS GO

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Pay to Play

Chapter Twenty Five



STORY GENRE: erotica/drama
STORY SUMMARY: Charlotte Green is a shy and studious medical student living in London struggling to pay the bills; she joins a ‘sugar daddy’ website and gets selected by none other than Tom Hiddleston, a notorious bachelor and extremely wealthy City solicitor, with a few little kinks.


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: This is it- the final chapter of Pay to Play! I won’t name any names for fear of leaving anyone out, but I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has liked, messaged or shown any type of support for this fic over the past year and 4 months- I couldn’t have done this without you, simple as that. I’ve never written such a long, complete story before, and knowing now that I’m capable of doing so (albeit slowly) is such a rush! So again, thanks to all for the much-needed support. I have a TomLotte epilogue/ one shot or two in the works, but it could take a while.

Scar x


I walked the whole way home from Tom’s office. It took me over an hour, and I could feel my feet beginning to blister before I’d even reached Borough High Street, but I kept on walking, dazed and confused, my mind a total jumble of thoughts.

‘How? How could he have hidden something like that for so long? That’s a hell of a gamble, carrying on for six months as if everything’s fine and dandy… I mean, he doesn’t wear a wedding ring, but then most men don’t, anyway… I’ve never seen any incriminating pictures…scratch that, I’ve barely seen any pictures of him or his family at all, save the mere handful he showed me on his phone every so often. There are no pictures in his house, almost no personal items at all…’

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Episode 3 is reaching completion

*insert Brace Yourself meme here*

Hello, everyone.  We know Episode 3’s production has been rather long in tooth, and we apologize.  We do have good news (very good news in fact.)  Not only is editing done, it passed quality assurance. The audio has been passed off to our wonderful composers/masters to inject a healthy dose of PTMs.  

“Huh? PTMs? Are you drugging my ears?!  OH CELESTIA!  CARESS MY EARS WITH YOUR MORGAN FREEPONY VOICE!!!**” you ask?  Well, much like the effects of Party Time Mentals, our masters turn normal into amazing through technical doohickeys and magic.  One day, we might release a comparison of the before and after audio.  Until then, know that you will become addicted, the crash will suck, and availability is limited in “the wasteland” that is otherwise known as our tumblr feed. 

Do we have an idea of when it will launch?  Yes… internally.  We’d rather avoid announcing our planned launch until we are certain nothing will interfere with it (like Murphy’s Law). We’ll start the hype train after it gets back from mastering.  At that time, we’ll be checking it again, scheduling a premier, packaging it up for a Youtube release, working with our streaming and pony media partners to advertise and prepare their stations for the onslaught.  

Footnote:  Level Up!

HOMAGE’S LIL’ DDOSSER:  You take the largest and most capable internet streaming radio network in the fandom’s history and bring it to it’s knees.  

Thank you for continuing to support us.  In fact, because we love you guys, here’s a spoiler… 

The episode is significantly longer than the last episode.  By my calculations it’s about 30% cool-I mean “longer”.  That’s not including music.

Until next time, ciao.   
- Aggie

P.S. Despite my best efforts to find the original artist of the meme used above, Google has failed me.  If you want to tweet me directly (@the4thaggie) the artist, I should be able to get it corrected rather quickly.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow us on Twitter.  You’ll get the episode as soon as it launches on Youtube, and we tweet small stuff that would otherwise be too spammy for tumblr.

** I could have gone full Littlepip cursing, but we’re trying to keep it relatively kid friendly… I kid I kid…

I feel like this may have been done before but what if one time at the world meeting arthur as problems clearing his throat (he has a bit of a cold or something) and says “apologies, I’ve got a frog in my throat” and francis giggles and says: “oh but arthur were not even in the bedroom”

No Regrets (Felicity in 3x09 vs 3x20)

I cannot get last night’s episode out of my head. If I wasn’t working today I’d likely spend all day writing thoughts and specularion and fic about it. I will likely post a single post tonight exploring more of my thoughts. There is so much to work through. But on the drive into work this morning I was stuck by a parallel I didn’t immediately see last night, involving Felicity.

In 3x09, Ray comes and apologizes to Felicity for how he ran after their kiss. He assures her no man could regret kissing her. She replies that she can think of one, referring to Oliver. As far as she knows, that’s the case. He’s done nothing but push her away since they kissed in the hospital in 3x01. She doesn’t know that Oliver has been holding on to that kiss, and that it becomes his last thought before he dies.

Flash forward to 3x20. Felicity does what she does best: she gives Oliver one of her trademark, “I know you better than you know yourself, I believe in you, you big dumb hero” speeches. She tells him she doesn’t regret one bit of what’s happened–and that he shouldn’t either. Then she takes a big risk. She bares her heart to him. And it breaks that last wall between them.

Then there was that beautiful “morning after” moment. Oliver is brooding on the balcony. Felicity comes up and offers her lighthearted “So….that happened” comment. Here’s the thing. She didn’t know what Oliver was going to do next. She might have been bracing herself for Oliver pushing her away again. Oliver showing any sign he regretted what happened. Just a year ago, Felicity thought the two of them, that Oliver meaning “I love you”, was unthinkable. Oliver has pushed her away –regretted her, In her mind – at every opportunity. Why wouldn’t he again now?

But that’s not what happened.

He turned, he lit up like Christmas, and he told her he was glad it did. She managed to get in a smile and an agreement before Oliver was tenderly kissing her. He wasn’t regretting her. Not one bit. When she asked what there was to toast a few moments later, Oliver Queen, a man who hasn’t had a mature romantic relationship in his life, tenderly said, “There’s us.” (He looked at her with such hope and happiness that I’m still flailing over it.)

And if she had any lingering doubts, Oliver spent the rest of the episode rather firmly showing her that he regretted nothing of them getting together. She drugged him to get him the hell away from the league of psychotic murderers? “Thank you for trying. I love you all the more for it.” Forced to part ways again? “Let’s not say goodbye this time.”

Oliver always takes Felicity’s words to heart. Even though their separation now seems impossible for them, now Felicity knows –as she didn’t before – that Oliver doesn’t regret her. That he loves her all the more. That he’s not saying goodbye.

You better believe she’s going to hold onto that in the coming weeks.