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Discourse Terms That Need To Exist

Because, I’ve seen a fair few ideas pop up here and there in political Discourse that I think could be better used if they actually had names, Apologies if there are already terms in existence fro these, tell me if I missed them in the comments.

  • Point-Buy Fallacy- The idea that being of a marginalized group is the same as an extrordinary trait on a character sheet instead of simply a thing people are; and thusly that a character being of a marginaized group (or heaven forbid multiple marginalized groups) makes them automatically “special snowflake-y” and fears that too much diveri\sity would make a character “overstuffed”. Named after point-buy qualities in Tabletop RPGs and the jackass nerds that talk about a “Trans disabled black muslim lesbian” the same way they would a “Half demon half dragon half demon psychic with pink hair” in one of those games.
  • Ad Platonii- The fallacy in debate where one ignores such thing as societal power dynamics and history for some abstract “purity” of logic, IE those whole “How is X saying they hate Y different from Y saying they hate X” things. Named for Plato’s Theory of Forms, which posited the ludicrous notion that there mus be pure “forms” of ideas out there somewhere for them to mean anything.
  • Shrub/Shrubbery- A basic idea that is vital to the conversation going on and which both sides implicitly know is such but is never explicitly addressed, often purposefully obfuscated by reactionaries to get onlookers on their side. Named for the term “beating around the bush: and because “shrub/shrubbery” is a funnier synonym for bush.
  • Janu/Janus- A singular part of a work of fiction that whose problematic and non-problematic (Read: Fight Club, a lot of parts of drawn porn) aspects come from being read from different sides, as opposed to where the problematic/non-problematic parts tend to be more unambiguously separate (Read: Forbidden Zone, a whooooole lot of nerd-cutlure sacred cows), and which I think popular critique would more benefit from a distinction thereof. Named after Janus, the two-faced god of liminality.
  • Pulling a JonTron- When a privileged-demographic is accused of doing/saying something shitty, instead of apologizing; trying to do better, and moving the fuck on, instead getting into a hissy fit about how you did nothing wrong ; how you;re being persecuted; calling your opponents overly sensitive and usually something about free speech. Named after JonTron for the incident that lead to him pissing a good deal of his goodwill away.
  • Holy Divering- The shifting of one’s moral Overton window to darker and darker places via a combination of generalized exposure and the series of moral decisions to ignore/deny that shift and keep going. Named after the Dio song about just that.
  • Encrossing- The act of acting as if innocent lives being destroyed are an acceptable consequence of The Future, usually used by the neoliberal center-”left” in the US to justify the awful shit all around from globalization. Named for Noah Cross (N. Cross, geddit?) the villain of the film Chinatown, who used that as justification for his wicked deeds.
  • Brainclouds- The social circumstances that make false ideas seem true, often ignored in snobbish ad platoni “debunkings” of “false” facts” going around with marginalized people with no understanding of why they find it plausible in the first palce. Named after brainstorms and rainclouds.
  • Idoleen- An idea/argument that is technically accurate but not at all useful in the current moment and often being used by the relatively priveleged to derail criticisms. Examples include saying “Fully automated luxury Communism won’t work, somebody has to fix the machines” to people stuck in service industry hell whose ability to work in manufacturing has been shipped off to China or to disabled people starving in a land of plenty because of that “Omelas” view of labor.
  • The Savage Valley- The social justice equivalent to the uncanny-valley where an individual is seemingly more progressive than the norm but holding just enough bigoted/hegemonic views to make them feel more viscerally unpleasant than the norm. Named for Dan Savage who falls right at the bottom. The bi/trans-phobic jerk.
  • Argument from Arrogance: “If you cannot withstand my continuous stream of pretentious arguments and veiled mockery without going so far as to get angry or insult me directly, you are illogical and unintelligent (which I’ll make a point to say directly).” (Thanks to @spideraptor for givin this one!)

So, which ones seem useful, which ones seem misguided, and which ones seem overly mansplain-y (Which I have been guilty of falling into in the past)? Talk about it in the reblogs folks!

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Hi Butterfly! Now that we've seen proof of the existence of the Old gods and R'hllor, is it possible that the Seven and the Drowned God also really exist? Apologies if you've already addressed this; I couldn't find it on your blog. Thank you! 💕

I’ve got quite a few posts about the “reality” of the gods in my #asoiaf religions tag, and a bunch about the Faith in #the faith of the seven tag, but it’s kind of scattered, so no worries. I just want to note that per GRRM, the truth of the religions is not really the point:

GRRM: Well, the readers are certainly free to wonder about the validity of these religions, the truth of these religions, and the teachings of these religions. I’m a little leery of the word “true” — whether any of these religions are more true than others. I mean, look at the analogue of our real world. We have many religions too. Are some of them more true than others? I don’t think any gods are likely to be showing up in Westeros, any more than they already do. We’re not going to have one appearing, deus ex machina, to affect the outcomes of things, no matter how hard anyone prays. So the relation between the religions and the various magics that some people have here is something that the reader can try to puzzle out. 

Magic is real, that’s a given. Some of the gods that people worship appear to be connected with magic. But, for example, is R’hllor truly a “god”, or is it a fundamental power that sometimes magically answers people who follow certain ceremonies? I think there’s a distinction there. Just because there is some kind of fire entity or energy that is powering people (bringing Beric back to life, giving Melisandre visions, etc), it doesn’t mean that this being actually has any of the characteristics that its followers believe it has. That is, it isn’t necessarily merciful (or vengeful, or whatever) nor does it consider all other gods to be demons, it just Is. That’s GRRM’s distinction between a religion – the beliefs people have about the gods – and magic – the things “gods” can do.

The being worshipped as the Drowned God is also very likely a powerful entity, this one related to water magic. It may be that it is powering Patchface’s visions. It may be that it did other magical things in the past. (Though note that drowned men are not really returned to life by the power of the Drowned God, but by CPR performed correctly.) But is the Drowned God actually a paternal figure who lives beneath the waves and welcomes the glorious dead to an underwater Valhalla? Almost certainly not. Is it actually a Lovecraftian tentacle monster who will be summoned by a ceremony of blood and destruction? Mmm… probably not that either. Mind you, an epic kraken or Lovecraftian tentacle monster might respond to such a ceremony, and maybe some will name it the Drowned God (maybe characters, maybe readers), but I very much doubt that GRRM will make it explicitly clear that it is truly one thing or the other.

Now, the Old Gods may appear to be an exception here, but they really aren’t. They aren’t “gods” as such; rather what is called “the Old Gods” is actually a network of ancient unconscious greenseers bound to weirwoods. This network is semi-omniscient in the sense that if you tap into it you can see past and present and maybe future, especially where weirwoods stand. And it is probable that the psychic/magic potential of all those in the network could once have done great things (like the Hammer of the Waters that broke the landbridge of Dorne into the Stepstones, and drowned the Neck). But do the Old Gods actually care about those humans who kneel in vigil before the weirwoods? Well, other than those networked greenseers (for example, Bran) who have a connection to those people… probably not, alas. But there’s still a lot of potential there, for power or magic when needed.

And as for the Seven… it may be that there was once a seven-in-one entity that gave visions to the Andals way back when. (I doubt there was ever an actual Hugor of the Hill.) And maybe it actually let some people perform miracles, once. But over time people believed less in the Seven and more in the structures of the Faith – in the statues, in the septs, in the books, in the crystals – believing more in the shell that grew up around the gods than in the gods themselves. (And the Faith has a more complex structure/shell than just about any other religion we know of in ASOIAF.) So maybe there was once true power to the Seven, powered by its believers… but if so, it’s probably non-existent now, or nearly so. Maybe it can still do small things – a spark of belief to motivate a man who might die otherwise, or answer a breathless prayer – but I doubt that the Seven will ever do any grand magic like the other entities that answer to the names of the various gods. Does that make the Seven less “real”? I don’t think it really matters.

See, the point is not whether religions are valid, if the gods are real, or even if people can perform magic with the help of “gods”. What matters is what people do with their belief, with the power they can access, and why they do it. That’s the point of GRRM saying there won’t be any deus ex machina, gods on stage answering prayers – it’s people that are the most important thing in ASOIAF. Always were, always will be. People and their choices, the human heart in conflict with itself. “Here and now, we are alive.”

ok so I was focused on trying to find our pic from splash mountain and I absentmindedly grabbed what I thought was my bf’s arm and like hugged it and held it for like 10 seconds? And then I hear “chigau chigau!!” (which means wrong, false, no; or whatever) and it was a different guy’s arm I was holding :)) he was with a girl too. I apologized, took this pic real quick and sprinted away. my already non-existent pride still hasn’t recovered

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My apologies if a post like this already exists, but do you have a compilation or masterpost of winter/holiday related Labyrinth stories, in light of how December is quickly approaching? Thank you for your time.

Actually, last week, someone asked about Christmas themed fics, and I drew up a short list here.

Now, I’ll throw in a few other wintery fics:

Forbidden Fruit by Lady Belegwen Lightningblade

Power Play by UndergroundDaydreams

What You Wish For by KnifeEdge

If on a Winters Night  by Fourhumors

Erlkönig by Subtilior (This one contains dark themes.)

Also, keep an eye on Labyfic in January, as Winterfest will be going on from January 5th-24th, and there will be a whole slew of new wintery fics popping up then. Here is a list of stories written during the last Winterfest in 2010.

Also, if anyone has additional winter/holiday themed Labyrinth fics they would like to highlight, please add them when you reblog this post!

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I was creeping way back on your older comics, and you should really make a coffee mug with the "I'm coffee's bitch" one. The second one you posted with the brown background. I would buy that in a heartbeat. And if that already exists (I apologize, I have not checked) please direct me to where I can purchase one! (:

Hey, that’s actually a really good idea!

I feel kinda silly for not offering that before…

I’ll try and make that happen this week. :)

45 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Is A God Among Men

1. Let me just start out by reminding you that this photo exists.

2. I apologize if you’re already having trouble functioning.

3. You may know him as ‘Sons Of Anarchy’s’ Jax Teller.

4. A man who FEELS things.

5. I can’t. I just. I can’t even. This man should not feel pain.

6. Jax Teller: a character responsible for libido spikes all across America.

7. His facial hair deserves awards.

8. As do his luxurious blonde locks.

9. That is how he touches other hair, even though it is clearly inferior to his.

10. No one does serious like Charlie.

11. Sorry this made me faint. I’m not even sure what day it is.

12. You can see why ‘50 Shades Of Grey’ wanted him.

13. But then he did an awesome drop the mic and said no way to doing that stupid movie.

14. Man’s face says it all.

15. And let’s not forget his adorable stint on ‘Queer As Folk.’

16. I mean just let this all sink in for a moment.


18. On a more serious note, he’s taken numerous roles that defend gay rights and that’s awesome.

19. And he totally carried this weird movie I watched on Netflix starring Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson. He plays a staunch gay rights advocate.

20. This man loves taking his clothes off.


22. I feel like I got pregnant from googling him.

23. I don’t even know anymore.

24. What I would give to be that lamp right now.

25. I will sell an organ on the black market if it means I can meet him.

26. His ability to wear a suit is second to none.

27. XKCskvjdkvjsdkgjiosdgsov

28. Though this ensemble might be preferable.

29. This man makes me believe in marriage.

30. How do I get in that car?!

31. He will always protect you.

32. And, I mean, just the THOUGHT of him on a motorcycle…

33. That’s him holding a baby. I am not legally responsible for what happens to you after you take a look.

34. This is him being breathtaking in prison.

35. I would commit a crime to share a cell with him.

36. (sings Bonnie Raitt’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ to self)

37. Ugh, and just the way he says ‘babe.’

38. I’m starting to feel like the internet is trying to kill me…


40. Oh to be that makeup sponge thing.

41. See, someone else understands. We’re not alone.

42. He’s such a lovely gentleman to his fans.

43. No but seriously, he’s an amazing actor.

44. And a super sweet dude.

45. All hail the Prince of Charming.