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the point is… the point is that I loved you. Wholeheartedly, vein deep, I felt it in my cells. And that’s okay. My blood stream will forget what it was like to feel you. my skin will have new scars that you won’t know and that you won’t have caused. The skin by my eyes will have new lines from laughing at jokes that you won’t know. My hands will hold new people that you won’t recognize. Life is going to go on.
I want to apologize to my heart, wholeheartedly and vein deep, for putting it through something as terrible and toxic and amazing as you. I want to tell my heart that we’re gonna get through this. I’m loving in new ways, now.

Top 10 KJK & SJH Moments

It’s been a rough couple days. We all deserve something to make us happy. Here’s my top 10 moments starring Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo.

1. Episode 21.

The first encounter of the “Spartace” couple. The two formed a team and faced the other guests and members. Ji Hyo in an earlier episode requested to not be on the hiding team anymore, and wanted to join up with Jong Kook. In the end they defeated the 8 members (cast and guests) to win the episode. 

2. Episode 182.

Kim Jong Kook protecting Ji Hyo from 3 members of the opposite team. He was doing such a good job that Gary got a little jealous. 

3. Episode 48.

The objective of the game was to guess each members face while being blindfolded. Ji Hyo took this once in a lifetime opportunity to pull on Jong Kook’s hair without being punished. 

4. Episode 163.

Are they getting married?

5. Episode 34.

Blindfolded once again. This time it was to pour water into a glass up until the fill line. I think he might be drowning. 

6. Episode 40.

The final mission was for them to compose a song using toy instruments. Ji Hyo was asked to do a high “cuckoo” on her recorder, but (purposely?) played low note after low note. Which led to this comment.

7. Episode 93. 

Votes are casted the beginning of each round to see who would be targeted. First round everybody voted Jong Kook but failed to rip off his name tag in the allotted time. Which gave Jong Kook an extra vote. The two teamed up and voted for HaHa (Ji Suk Jin also voted for HaHa, 4-4 split between him and KJK) and to no surprise he was eliminated. 

8. Episode 170.

The Wizard of Oz, Running Man Edition. Both Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are cowardly lions, and to get over their fear they are asked to chop wood….. Yeah RM gets kinda weird sometimes. 

9. Episode 291.

While Ji Hyo and Gary are on their very first date. She mentions that she doesn’t meet up with the other cast members outside the show as much. Only Kwang Soo for a meal or two and tanning with Jong Kook…. Wait what?

10. Episode 261.

The cast members enjoy a nice day at a carnival before entering a scary haunted mansion. They had rides, free food, games, prizes and other stuff found at a carnival. Jong Kook tried some fried octopus and fed it to Ji Hyo. 

Cursetale Fanfiction? Not Quite...

Author’s Note: I should apologize for this, but I won’t.

Day 1:

Discovered an amazing new AU (cursetale), with an amazing new skele to admire (Dre). I must look into this further.

Day 9:

His feet… are so tiny… and therefore… his socks… also… so. very. smol. Investigation underway. (What is this madness?)

Day 15:

Are they baby socks? Are they doll socks? Why doesn’t he wear shoes? Why does he only have one sock in this picture? Where is the other sock?!

Day 22:

Dre’s tiny feet and subsequently tiny socks have become my life now, and I am ok with this. Haunt my dreams, tiny socks. I welcome you.

Day 35:

Replaced all furniture with tiny socks. In an unrelated incident (alleged incident), I may or may not have bitten a baby at the store today. I needed those socks more than he did…

Day 48:

Shrine completed! Tiny Dre-feet pictures printed out and taped to closet wall? Check. Pile of tiny socks to live in? Check. Regrets? None.

Day 90:

What is therapy?

Day 91:


Day 167:

My dreams are haunted by fantasies by a tiny-footed skele making it rain an array of the smallest socks. I no longer wish for the waking world.

Day 201:

Managed to climb onto the roof. Spelled out “Notice me sockpai” in baby socks. Maybe someone will send help…

Day 204:

Don’t send help. I live here now.

Day 332:

I am ok with this.

Dre by @cursetale / Shady not-enough-sleep ramblings by me / Apologies by no one

The Horrors Of Spring | Chapter Three

Summary: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The four courts that serve as the pillars of the fae realm, united in peace, and yet their words could not be further apart. Natsu Dragneel, Prince of Summer, feels as though the weight of royalty will be his undoing. But when the Courts begin to gather, he soon discovers there are those far more trapped than he.

Rating: M                                      Words: 2980

Prologue / Chapter One / Chapter Two

A/N: So long time no update. Life is so busy lately and I am so stressed I am barely online at all these days and unfortunately I haven’t had the chance or the motivation to write any more of this but I thought since it had been a while since the last update I should at least post something.So here’s chapter three! I hope you enjoy it and that you let me know what you think! 

The Pinioned Princess

      “All that blood was never once beautiful. It was just red.” – Kait Rokowski

Natsu squirmed in his royal finery. Igneel had instructed him to dress in his best clothes for the Gathering of the Courts, but his best was not his most comfortable. His coat was tailored to fit him, but the red fabric felt heavy on his shoulders, another reminder of the burden of royalty. The high collar grazed his jaw every time he turned his head, and he didn’t even bother trying to fasten all the golden buttons. He’d rolled his black pants up to just below his knee and departed without any shoes, causing Igneel to frown at him when they had left for The Shared Plains, the place of the Gathering. Or as its centre was more commonly called, The Crossroads.

Igneel and Erza chatted idly in front of him as they crossed into neutral territory, but Natsu’s own thoughts were too occupied to offer much in the way of conversation. He noticed the way they both carried themselves with an air that requested respect, and he knew they both got it. It made him grimace to himself slightly. Natsu didn’t know how to give that sort of impression, but he was realising now that his dishevelled appearance wouldn’t help him much. The other fae gathered at The Crossroads would regard Igneel and Erza’s entrance in admiration, he was sure of it.

He did not know what kind of reaction he would get.

Gods, he really hated these gatherings. He would have fled for the day if not for the combined wrath of his father and his most trusted guard; and the desire to make a good impression on the Spring Court royals in order to find Lucy again.

“Something on your mind Natsu?” Igneel questioned.

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Batman wasn’t good with words. As his Greatest Enemy, Joker should have known that by now.

A short silly little piece of self-indulgent crap that I apologise for profusely! Kind of based on this drawing

The Inevitable

Newt Scamander x Reader

Originally posted by secretly-a-wizard

“Simply gorgeous, isn’t she?”

You peered over Newt’s shoulder. “If I didn’t know better, I would think you were cheating on me,” you teased, kissing his cheek.

Newt chuckled, smiling that innocent smile of his. “Never, darling, never.” He reached out and stroked the newborn creature’s sleeping face before moving away as the mother sent him a daring look. “Terribly sorry, milady,” Newt apologized, holding up his hands defensively.

You giggled at him. “Let’s go, before you anger anymore women,” you said, dragging him away by the hand.

You were in a flirty mood today, he could tell. He could especially tell when you pushed him down against a rock with moss growing over it.

You kissed him, gently at first. He cupped your cheek with one hand, gladly meeting your mouth. His other hand held your waist.

“[Y/n],” he said in between kisses, “you’re being awfully affectionate today.”

You shrugged. “Do you not want me to be?”

Newt shook his head. “No, no, I quite like it. It was just something I noticed.”

You both climbed out of the case an hour later, Newt wildly running a comb through his hair to tame it. 

“Your hair looks even worse,” he said when you teased him. “It’s not like no one knows.”

“Yes, anymore,” Newt said, recalling the moment when he thought about you just a tad too loud. Queenie squealed and told everyone over dinner that night. 

You frowned. “Did you not want anyone to know?” you asked. His eyes softened. “[Y/n], of course that’s not what I meant.” He held your hand. “It was inevitable that they were too find out eventually, I just mean that it was a tad…well, embarrassing, the way they did.”

You chuckled. “Alright, alright, I believe you,” you said, kissing him softly. He groaned against your lips. “You really shouldn’t have kissed me again,” he mumbled. 

“Why is that?”

“Because it’s only inevitable that I will bed you once more.”

You produced your wand, flicking it and the lock on the doorknob turned. “If it’s inevitable, who am I to stop it?” you smirked. 

Queenie, down stairs, hummed to herself as she washed dishes, preparing to cook food for everyone. 

“Hey, Queenie,” Tina said, strolling in. “Can you-”

Her sister cut her off by suddenly shrieking. “Queenie, what’s wrong?!” Tina exclaimed, reaching for her wand. 

“[Y/n] and Newt are having sex!” she said shrilly. 

Jacob choked on his tea.