apologies if these are terrible

So I was thinking about Star Wars, and then I was thinking about Poldark, and then I was thinking about men in uniform, and then I was thinking about Ben in uniform…

So here’s 18th-century British Army Captain Kenobi!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Okay so uuuhhh several people asked me for a part 2 of this comic and I??? tried??? Had to lose another night’s sleep to do this so I apologize for the terrible sketchy and not really great drawings and handwriting?? I’m not even thinking properly rn so I actually have absolutely no idea if this is good or not lmao fuck, but this is most likely getting a part 3 if you guys enjoy it so????? yeah LOL


mary bolkonsky is an abuse victim.

this is obvious in the original cast recording of “the private and intimate life of the house”

shes frightened of her father, calls herself disgusting when she dares to judge him for how he acts, he threatens her, she says that if he beats her, that would just be how it is.

yes, prince bolkonsky is old, but do you think that’s an excuse for how he treats mary? he tells her twice to shut her mouth, calls her insolent, yells at her when shes just trying to protect him, and does other things the audience can assume.

but she still loves him. her father basically separated her from the outside world, and shes abandoned hope of ever getting married or having friends.

just thought i should point that out.