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the new taz ep was really fucking good and emotional I almost cried and this is what I’ve decided to draw to express that

HOOO BOY I didn’t think I would have to do this in this nearly 3 years down the line, but my inbox has become a hellish wasteland due to misinformation so I’m gonna be as blunt as possible here: I don’t ship Makorra and I haven’t since the show ended.  Personally it’s just… not My Jam anymore. It hasn’t been for a while. But that’s not the point of this post.

An old post of mine started going around claiming that my opinion regarding fandom toxicity is invalid because “I’m a 24 year old makorra shipper who’s still bitter about korrasami”. I touched base with the person who left the comment asap to try to figure out what was going on & they told me they had me confused with another blogger. They retracted the statement immediately

but the damage had already been done. The version of the post with the “callout” is still circulating.

Look, if this was true and if on top of that I was in fact spreading any kind of hatred or making shitty posts that offended people, I would take this criticism to heart and work to actively change what I was doing. I want and have always wanted this blog to be a safe and comfortable space for anyone and everyone. 

But. Honestly. I refuse to go down because of a case of mistaken identity. This is ridiculous, guys.

If you have to call someone out, please try to do a little research. Misinformation can be harmful.

ok so we’ve seen how slytherin traits so easily can lend themselves to evil, and we’ve also seen how your house doesn’t guarantee anything (peter pettigrew wasn’t brave in the end)

but what would be really cool to see is how the other houses actually lend themselves to evil too

so what I mean is like, imagine a hufflepuff supporter of Voldemort. They’re a hufflepuff, so they’re super loyal…to Voldemort. They’ll do anything for him: die for him, kill for him, anything he wants because they’ll never ever betray him. Imagine Hufflepuffs who have lost loved ones because of crimes from muggles, and being so ‘loyal’ to the memory of their loved one, so obsessed, they desire justice (another hufflepuff trait). Voldemort provides them that

Ravenclaw death eaters who are masterminds of battle strategy. Ravenclaw death eaters who plan their next move. Ravenclaw death eaters who know exactly which spell will cause the most pain to a muggle, or any of their enemies. Ravenclaws who have done the calculations, and realised, ‘logically’ it makes perfect sense for the wizards to rule. Ravenclaws who think from a ‘practical’ standpoint and think it makes no sense that wizards should be hiding, when it’s only efficient that they’re in charge

Gryffindor death eaters who will do anything for their cause. Gryffindor death eaters who are brave, but their bravery manifests itself in suicidal missions to hurt as many people as possible. Gryffindors who try and prove themselves by becoming death eaters, Gryffindors who think they’re brave enough to fight next to the Dark Lord himself. Gryffindors who feel so passionate about Voldemort’s cause. Gryffindors who feel stifled by muggles, who feel that wizards deserve to be able to do what they want 

Like, I just think that all the houses have traits that could so easily manifest themselves in dark forms. I mean, that’s just human. And I think it would have been really, really cool if that had been explored more

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  • Reyna: No one calls Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano a liar.
  • Leo: No one's got the time!

steven universe would be a million times better with the a:tla story format of showing the viewer the perspective of both the protagonist and the antagonist(s).

could you imagine an episode following peridot when she landed on earth after escaping in jailbreak? what about an episode or two that followed jasper and lapis while they were fused? we would have learned more of what happened there. or hell, even episodes tossed in between the filler beach city eps to show what happened to jasper in between super watermelon island and alone at sea, similar to how star vs did with ludo and showed how ludo rebounded and got back on his feet following defeat. and of course, in between message received and that will be all, what the hell were the diamonds doing? surely blue diamond wasnt only crying about pink diamond. it would have been interesting to see yellow diamond call for the rubies to head to earth to find jasper as well. i could think of more but regardless, i truly think the show would be more interesting if it wasnt only told from stevens perspective.

i want to work on not apologizing for feeling intensely sexual toward women and i want to diminish the guilt i always feel for even mentioning my sexual feelings for women, especially because bi women’s sexual feelings for women are always interpreted as fake, experimental, or fetishistic. In the spirit of that, I’d like to say that i’m absolutely a slut for women, and that i can’t wait to top the fuck out of a woman one day, and maybe get fucked in return, before making love sweetly and gently. 


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Q: In honor of Mother’s Day, what is the best thing your mom cooks?

Jeremy: My mom cooks everything the best… Even if it isn’t, mom cooks everything the best.