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*Just an apology if I already posted this picture before, but I don’t ever remember uploading it, so oh well.* Anyways, my fiance adored this book so much. It was one of the ones that really had him in his feels. Normally, for series, he doesn’t really care about getting the second book because he’s generally happy with how the first ended, but he loved this one so much, there was no doubt in his mind that he wants the second book.

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so like how are u gonna say "poc are the authorities on whats racist and white people shouldnt talk over them" and then when poc actually call u out be like "nope ur wrong"???? just curious

Y'all. I misunderstood the purpose of her post, mostly because I think that I cede ownership of anything I put online, and also because my thought reading her post was, Wow, this is a big problem that I see a lot but I really don’t have a good answer for? I wonder if I can crowdsource some solutions so that white folks (like me) have other ways to figure out anti-racism that don’t rely on poc, particularly woc, doing that emotional labor (as her post describes)? I already apologized and said that I’d make my own new post so that the OP wouldn’t have to get any new notifications on this one. Cool your jets.

  • Reyna: No one calls Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano a liar.
  • Leo: No one's got the time!

Now that I’ve had some time to calm down and think about things, I wanna just briefly write down my thoughts in regard to the end of episode 11, which can be summarized in two words: I’m angry. 

Not pissed, not livid, but angry, and frankly that’s because I’m disappointed.

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Just learned Donnie has a tattoo of his wife’s name so…….imagine Baze and Chirrut with tattoos of each other’s names

Sorry I had to correct my original post. I’m not too savvy yet on TW and perfectpotts corrected me and said that Cait did not like this but was tagged by the tweeter. But this boy is so adorable that I’m wishing that he will come true someday for Sam snd Cait!

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Kill La Kill bloopers as shown from the 2015 AX Kill La Kill English Dub Panels!

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holy balls

a) taking the concept of imprinting foals (which is bullshit in the first place) and trying to generalize it to adult horses???

b) ‘they’re herbivores, and we’re carnivores’ ok so the horse has no concept of either of those things and we are omnivores at best my man

c) look at those shitty, choppy little strides

d) ‘you saw what we done to them, and how much time we spent with them’ no, we didn’t, because you cut out like 3 times

e) what the balls

@snapkyuu, I’m sorry if it looks like I stole your picture. I saw the photo on Facebook and I asked the poster if it was his original photo and if I could post it on tumblr. The Facebook user said yes. I didn’t know it was actually yours and I apologize for posting it. I already deleted the photo. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.

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Hello, I just wanted to start off by saying that I love your sims! They are beautiful! I want to know what hair is used in your Dallas Tuttle post? (I apologize if you have answered this already, I'm a little sick at the moment so I may have not seen it. :) Hope you have a great day!

Thank you so much, and it’s not a problem at all! I hope you feel better!

The hair is by Eirflower, and can be found right here!