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6 out of 7 of the pictures center around a fight scene in Edinburgh, Scotland; Black Widow, Falcon, Cap and Scarlet Witch presumably protecting Vision (and the Mind Stone) from one of Thanos’ children, Proxima Midnight. The other shot is of Drax, Star-Lord and Gamora, seemingly aboard their ship.

HD screenshots means the actual trailer will be out VERY SOON, seeing as though someone has had access to these pictures. Also, apologies for the obstructive watermarks. I guess you know who to thank for the pictures at least.


I FINALLY figured out how to make thumbnails!  XD  (shutupitwashardokay??)

Fan art of @thelastpilot ‘s fan fiction, “Rainy Days,” which was one of the first ML fics I ever read.  I’m definitely a bit late to the party since it was written a few months back, but I’m a new fan so it’s still new to me.  ;)  And at least I don’t have to tag it with a spoiler alert.  XD

I drew this while I was on vacation, so it was drawn in my sketchbook instead of digitally like I’m used to.

(Apologies again for the giant watermarks)

Edit: Someone asked for a link, here it is.


I’m seriously considering making this a Cuphead Fanart blog…

Anywho, look who’s here! Baby cups! 83.

I fell in love with @nerd-breached-containment’s Beppi, and never looked back. As for Beppi’s dynamite ‘fro, for some reason I thought the clouds behind his second stage was his hair, thus…that. His family is also French, and nobody can talk me out of it.

And apologies for the shifting watermark. I’m trying to find something that works.

BONUS: Hardstop Lucas in Inkwell Isle! :D

You know the drill. Swan for copyright purposes. Use picture only with my permission and give me credit. Do not edit, steal, or sell in any way without my permission. I also thank God for my art.

so I was gonna make some 2″/2.5″ charms of these, but that’s kinda expensive, so I’m a lil bit wondering if anyone’s interested in em before I go try it? if not I’ll prob just go with stickers instead

I apologize for the watermarks and small size, but on the bright side if I actually do go through with this there’s a decent chance I’ll be making some of kass and sidon as well


Welcome Back | Painted Faces

Happy month of Halloween, everybody! Time to start celebrating, and I’ve made some gifs from my favorite FNAF animations to help set the mood! Please go check them both out!

Also I’d like to apologize for the watermarks covering the animators’ names in the corners, I didn’t know the website I was using did that until it was too late. Please enjoy regardless!