apologies for the retina burning

Majro is accustomed to living his life on the edge; that said, even he considers falling asleep on the anti-grav elevator a bad idea, and not one he would repeat if he could avoid it. The Helios is crowded even on a slow day, and some of his fellow employees might be interested in finding out how quick his reaction time is…


This is probably about as done as I think I can make it. I’m shamelessly jumping on @hkluterman ‘s amazing “What if aurin slept like cats” bandwagon and man this was fun. <3333 It’s a little busier than I usually would like, and I apologize for burning anyone’s retinas with that digital netting yikes. Repetitive symmetrical patterns like that are the bane of my existence

Time to go wash all that green out of my eyes lmao

I promised I would draw this outfit of @buttahlove and, after having the post open on my desktop for a couples days, I did it! I like the fries shirt but it was the super sweet lil’ burger bow that sealed the deal for me. Thanks to @gross.exe on IG for the text suggestion haha

(PS. I apologize in advance, mobile users, if the saturation on this burns your retinas … HAD TO GO INTENSE)